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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Know Your Developer (KYD) Bridging trust between community and developer! on: July 01, 2018, 12:55:48 PM

KYD Website                        Wallet

Discord                        Explorer

Twitter                        Whitepaper

Github                        YouTube

KYD Review Website                        CoinGecko

StakeCube Exchange                        Midas Exchange

Northern Exchange                        Bisq Exchange

Txbit Exchange                        Birake Exchange

Teambudget KYD: Yh4jfjP78nm9bGAQNbGP1uwR2pS7AvF2T8
Teambudget BTC: 1HPNbbM1svHrHDCoVyjVv8jDxiXzMXdi6A


KYD Team Review Application Form:

Official partners:


Coin Monitoring Sites:

KYD Verification FAQ
KYD has been gaining momentum everyday and we’ve been growing at a fast pace. As more verifications are submitted we will run a higher chance of one of these projects failing or simply completely losing on the exchange. We have been receiving a lot of questions both public and private about what will occur when this happens to one of the verified coins. We wanted to take a moment to first go over the details of the verification process and what will happen if one of these verified coins goes south.

Verification Process
KYD is just beginning and currently the verification process is the most basic option the platform will offer. In the future, we are expanding to a much broader verification and coin escrow service. This platform is currently being developed. The current process involves the team/coin lead submitting his state-issued ID along with a selfie – this will at least confirm who is behind the coin. THIS IS NOT A GUARANTEE or ENDORSEMENT of a coin. PLEASE DO NOT buy a coin based on our verification alone. We never recommend buying a coin on one factor alone such as a Twitter shill or even a KYD verification. Any crypto purchase should be DYOR (Do Your Own Research).

What happens when a verified coin fails?
In the event of a KYD verified coin either failing or not delivering on their promises, we will remove their listing on our website and will let the community know. Please submit any tips or reasons you think a current coin should not be listed. We are open to advice or information (might be best to submit in private). We are not planning on publishing their private ID all over the internet for multiple legal reasons. However, if they outright steal BTC and a criminal investigation is underway will be happy to provide all the information requested by authorities.

Does verification mean you like the coin or their project?
We want to be very clear that verification only means we've verified their state issued ID as stated above. The project may still be an idea that people won't buy or will fail based on being just a plain bad coin idea. They may have the best intentions but their idea never catches on. There is a big difference from a scam coin that only has the plan of stealing BTC versus a coin that just doesn't succeed. Please understand the risk in crypto and investing. KYD is not responsible for any loss to one of our verified coins.

The ID verification in no way guarantees your funds are safe. KYD has a verification process that includes a state issued ID and selfie. We only verify the main developer or project lead at this time. KYD will be expanding verification levels in the coming updates, but at this time this is solely a beta product and should be used as a reference only. This is not financial advice
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / PRE ANN -Know your developer (KYD) - Short POW/Staking/MN on: June 24, 2018, 05:09:41 PM


Know Your Developer (KYD). KYD, a bridge of trust between a community and a developer or team.

Know Your Developer tries to minimize the chances of you getting scammed. Developers can apply on our website, write a biography, link to projects they are working on, but also get a rating on their developer abilities and reviews from community members.
In addition, KYD offers a list of verified projects, accompanied by a score. This score has been checked on: Team identity, financial stability (premine), transparency and communication. The listing section provides more information on listing your coin, which is a free service, listing as developer is only free for the first three months.
We are in talks with the Reden platform about doing an API service. This gives us a chance to interact with their speciality, namely receive their team reports.
KYD, a platform for hiring developers of numerous fields.
With the KYD platform you, as a user, will be able to hire a developer for your project, coin or token. The range of fields will include:
     -UX & UI
     -Chain building
     -Bot building
     -Services like shared Masternode
     -Hire influencers with large followers for promotion
Developers can get listed with basic verification via Skype. Through passport verification, we verify both face and name with their ID. Short biography will be listed check whitepaper for what exactly. Developers can be paid through bitcoins, or with a discounted price, through KYD.

Being a basic member is free! With a basic membership, you can see everyone in the ecosystem. In this ecosystem you can hold a web wallet, and get a chance to view developers and their:
-   Ratings
-   Short biographies
-   Basic information
-   Coins they have built, or worked on

Premium members need to run a Masternode or hold that amount on the website wallet, if you don’t want to run one. Being a premium member will give you basic features in addition to:
-   Direct contact to a developer
-   Easy and securely paying developers in KYD for the building of a coin, making an explorer, developing a pool etc.
-   All in one service – coin building -  Get a coin developed for and get everything you need (pool,explorer,graphics, social media accounts etc) Furthermore, you get a security stamp of approval (once having been listed as a developer)

IPFS interplanetary file sharing
All in one service – coin listings - paying a fixed amount of KYD to get your coin listed on 1 exchange, Masternode.Online etc.

In our first 3 months of existence, we want to offer developers to get listed for free, after these 3 months the getting listed price will go up to 1000 KYD (adjusted to inflation). KYD has two options for developers to be listed, namely
Fully verified or Privately verified. For what they mean please read the whitepaper

For more information please read our Whitepaper

Additional specs
Algorithm - Neoscrypt
POW phase - 1 week
POS phase - 8 years
Decreasing block reward

Timetable for launch
24 June - Announcement of Coin, White Paper release
27 June   Start of MN Auction
2nd July - Official launch, we release the wallets on website and make mining available

Masternode Auction

We will sell 10 MN each for 0,5 btc. with 10 MN on the network ROI time is 3,8 days. We will use this money to pay for lisitings, development, and marketing.

MN1 - reserved
MN2 - reserved
MN3 - reserved
MN4 - reserved
MN5 - reserved
MN6 - reserved
MN7 - open
MN8 - open
MN9 - open
MN10 - open
those that have reserved a MN will get a message which MN numbers are reserved for them
We still have four masternode left for sale

Operation funds

70,000 coins for bounties and further development
30,000 coins (10,000 for each team member)
100,000 Auction Masternodes at 0.5 BTC each

70 % goes to development of the coin and marketing
30 % goes to the team



The Team view us and our linkedin on our website

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