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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / iCoin - The only coin going up in price on on: February 18, 2014, 01:30:15 AM
Do you guys think this is a pump or does this baby have a lot more legs to fly, price is up a lot since it launched on the exchanges?

The coin is continually getting better as the devs keep adding more, it's doing a slow build up instead of a flashy entrance that a lot of coins had. I think the name
will also have a lot to do with it's success esp in the mainstream.

I Could be wrong though, only time will tell.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Scammed by User Protato for iCoin DEAL! You have been warned on: January 15, 2014, 02:19:40 PM
Please be careful when trading with forum users, I had a few great trades for buying iCoin earlier and got a bit too confident on my last purchase.

This scumbag seems be doing the rounds and I am guessing has multiple accounts.

For Future iCoin purchases I will have to wait for it to go on the Exchange.

Please could the iCoin community get behind getting this coin on the exchange so people who don't mine can reliably purchase them!!!
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Marketplace (Altcoins) / WTB more iCoins for 0.00002 per IC on: January 15, 2014, 09:42:06 AM
Please PM me if interested.

That is 0.02 btc for 1k, .2 btc for 10k

The coin might be worth more or it might never get onto the exchanges which is why I am asking for a discount. Please don't negotiate a better price.

.2 btc can buy you loads of Doge, Coinye, NXT , Mooncoins, EarthCoins etc etc.

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / XFX 7850 2GB Black Edition OC for sale. WANT iCoins ONLY! SOLD!! on: January 14, 2014, 01:57:10 PM

Hi Bitcointalk Community,

I want to sell my graphics card for iCoins now that I will be upgrading it for something bigger and better.

I only want iCoins and I felt this was a great way to get some before it goes on the Live exchanges (I Don't do the exchange spreadsheet thing). It has served me well
and XFX is a stable brand. Infact the new XFX cards come with a lifetime warranty.

The card itself uses very little power consumption for the performance it delivers. For Miners it will does over 350 KH/s


Item: XFX R7850 Black Edition OC
Age: +- 18 months
Warranty: Remainder
Packaging: Yes, original
Condition: Perfect
Reason: Upgraded
Shipping: Buyers cost and risk, also want iCoins for shipping amount
Price: Best Offer Wins
Offer Ends: Sunday 19th Jan - Best offer wins!  --> Was made a offer I couldn't refuse sorry!

Photos, I can send more on request.

Please don't mess me around , only Serious buyers!
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Will be selling 2nd hand XFX 7850 Black Edition OC edition for iCoin's ONLY! on: January 13, 2014, 09:30:27 PM

For those people interested I will be selling this graphics card in a weeks time once my x280 arrives.

I will be putting it up on the main Alt Coins thread when my account allows me too.

Please can you confirm what the going rate is for iCoins, I know it's not on the exchanges yet but really want to get my hands on some!!

Postage will be discussed depending on who buys the card and where you stay, also want the amount in iCoins.

6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Please tell the Icoin Team Well done. on: January 12, 2014, 05:41:29 AM
Since I am a new member, can't post on the alternative currency section yet. Pls can you pass on the following message in the link below.

ICoin team keep up the great work, you guys/gals have come back so well after the launch.

My friends and I will be buying some iCoin up when it hits the exchanges so please keep the momentum going and who knows maybe Apple will use your currency for
online purchases one day!

Now to post some more messages so I can post in the giveaway thread!!!!!! sigh
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