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1  Other / Beginners & Help / How to avoid bitcoin scams (for newbies) on: August 13, 2018, 05:57:58 PM
Bitcoin is a unique and trendy topic when it comes to mind especially when it comes to profits and earnings that many of us can get. Therefore many
newbies get interested and becomes prone to scammers. So here are some of the tips I learned from my friend that I wish to share:

Tip #1 Fake and imitation wallets and exchanges
To start with, as someone who is new to bitcoin you will have to deposit your money, right? Therefore you must exchange your $$$ to BTCBTCBTC. But how do we deposit w/out being scammed or hacked? Well, for me it's best to use the well-known exchanger. Here are some w/ their own pros and cons:

 + easy to use and set up, gdax is a friendly interface
 + seem to be fewer problems withdrawing money than other exchanges
 - tends to go down during traffic spikes
 - limited to BTC/ETH/LTC
 - randomly shutting down accounts/customer service

 + highest volume for many coin pairs
 - lots of complaints about withdrawing money
 - goes down periodically (went down for 3 days in August)

 + lots of currency pairs
 + reliable, never goes down
 - clunky interface

 + seem to be fewer problems withdrawing
 - slow to get verified
 - very slow during peak traffic

 + nice interface
 - seem to be withdrawing problems
 - customer service
 - no support for USA customers after October 2017

 + low fees
 + available in more locations (Washington state, New York)
 - takes long time to register

 + easy to use
 - can't withdraw fiat currency
 - seem to be problems withdrawing currency sometimes

 + good customer service
 + low transfer fees
 + gives gas for neo
 - slow under heavy load

Source: Reddit user lepuma.

Tip #2 Never trust anyone
Someone would probably chat you through various social media. Well, don't trust anyone, it's best to block them ASAP especially when they will teach you how to earn a lot easily. There's no easy money here. And lastly, don’t send money or bitcoin anywhere unless you know exactly who you’re sending it to.

Tip #3 Virus and malware downloads
This is the most common and the most easy way of hacking today when we download applications that contain malware and virus. As always, you shouldn’t click on unknown email attachments or potentially dangerous links.

But there are ways to secure your security even if you have downloaded malware/virus in your PC or phones.
-Use two-factor authentication
-Use a “cold” offline wallet. A “hot” wallet is one that’s connected to the Internet, while a “cold” wallet is one that’s held offline.

you should be able to know about these two ways if you want to secure your bitcoin wallets.

Tip #4 Common sense
This is probably the best tip I can give, always use your common sense before making your decision. If you buy, then know what or how you should be able to buy it safely, or even trading money. Never believe on too-good-to-be-true opportunities and lastly, always do a research about everything you haven't known yet. Bitcoin is very complex and requires you to keep on learning, avoiding to get scammed is part of it.

If you have any addition to these common tips i gave please let us know .Let's help each other especially those who are still new to this environment.
2  Economy / Speculation / Bitcoin price will hit $250,000 in 2022? on: June 16, 2018, 04:05:00 PM
First of all this thread is open for discussions or insights are welcome as this topic is just a speculation or prediction by a man named Tim Draper.

So basically, Tim is a Billionaire venture capitalist and investor and has been one of cryptocurrency’s biggest bulls, technically he earned a lot of profit already from bitcoin. He said that bitcoin price will rise up to $250,000 each BTC! But we all know that the bitcoin price has sunk more than 67 percent from its all-time high. So, for you as an investor or a fan of bitcoin, would you believe in this statement?

We are talking about the future here, we all know that BTC started very cheap from the beginning, but look at it now. Can it really rise again on 2022?
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