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1  Economy / Games and rounds / Earn 0.007 BTC on: May 26, 2015, 09:44:58 AM
Earn 0.007 Bitcoin promoting this book at this link: Treasure Islands

"Treasure Islands" is a very interesting book by famous English journalist Nicholas Shaxson, about offshore banking and tax havens, as Jersey, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Panama and many more!
2  Economy / Digital goods / The Circle Of Profit on: May 19, 2015, 03:16:28 PM
I'm selling the book " The Circle of Profit ( How to turn your passion into $1 million ) " by famous American businessman and film producer Anik Singal, Founder and CEO of Lurn Inc.

Price: 0.01 BTC ( PDF Version )

If you want it, just send me a PM  Smiley

3  Economy / Digital goods / Tax Havens Book on: May 19, 2015, 02:43:38 PM
I'm selling " Treasure Islands " , a very interesting book by famous English journalist Nicholas Shaxson, about offshore banking and tax havens, as Jersey, Luxembourg, Hong Kong, Panama and many more!

This is the link where you can buy it:
4  Local / Off-Topic (Italiano) / Bitcoin e Graffiti on: May 14, 2015, 03:17:07 PM
A NY sono comparsi dei graffiti dedicati al Bitcoin ed alla filosofia della "decentralizzazione" in generale:

L'ho appena riportato nella sezione internazionale ma voglio riportarlo anche qui, pure per segnalarvi il blog di Kristov Atlas che se solo venisse aggiornato più frequentemente sarebbe molto interessante!
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin Graffiti on: May 14, 2015, 03:11:27 PM
Nice Bitcoin-related graffiti in Brooklyn, by "Gadse"  Wink

And very nice blog! Maybe the blogger is on this forum  Smiley
6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Strange transaction... what is it? on: April 26, 2015, 09:18:54 AM
I've just received a transaction of 0.0001 BTC to my address.
This is the transaction:

As you can see, there is a public note from, but I never heard about that site before and never used it... so I think it's just a marketing technique to promote that website, right? What do you think? Anyone of you knows that website?

( Basing on its name, I guess it could be a Ponzi, anyway...  Shocked )
7  Other / Off-topic / A Bitcoin Poem on: April 25, 2015, 10:15:46 AM
Recently I wrote a short poem dedicated to the coin we all love  Wink

The poem is called " A Bit of Money " and here is its text:

Two thousand and nine
It's the Historic date
Of a changeover sign
At a very fearful rate
In fact money was traced
In so many many ways
Just in that dark age
In those lethal days
Taste of bitter pills
Everythin' went creepier
Of your coins 'n' bills
You weren't the owner
Banks were very happy
Of this lousy situation
Went always more crappy
People came to desolation
Politicians made merries
With money of taxes
People lived with worries
Gettin' more 'n' more boxes

But out of nowhere he came
By S and N starts his name
Of this genius from Far East
Who wiped away our tears
Without boasting too much
He just changed everything
With his revolutionary touch
And the mastery of coding
His coin brings democracy
Works on every device
Guarantees the best privacy
Using a good mixing service
Now I'm the only owner
Thanks to this revolution
My money is really mine
If I got a bit of coin!

The poem can be also found here >>>

If you like my poem feel free to share it on social networks, copy and paste, modify or do whatever you want with it... the "copyleft" of this poem is mine and I allow everyone to re-use this poem in every way he/she wants  Smiley

Donation address:
8  Other / Off-topic / What do you think about Sig Campaigns? on: April 24, 2015, 09:07:10 PM
For several months I used to join signature campaigns in order to earn money with them; anyway since this week I decided to stop joining sig campaigns, and this for several reasons:

1. Altough I tried to always write useful posts, anyway I think that if someone earns posting on a forum there is the risk that this user sometimes could write unuseful posts just to increase his counting. In order to avoid this possibility I think it's better to stop joining them.
2. I don't want to stay bound to sig campaign's terms ( like the number of posts or other things ).

But, above all:
3. I don't want to publicize sites I don't use.
4. I don't want to publicize sites I don't like.
5. I don't want to publicize sites I don't trust.

So I decided not to completely remove a signature in my profile, but I surely changed my policy: from now on I'll always put into my signature space a link to a company or a website which I regularly use and I completely trust. 
I start with The Rock Trading, which is the first exchange I used and I think it's a very good and reliable company. Later I could also publicize other websites I like, for example Directbet or CoinURL.

In general what do you think about sig campaigns? Are you okay to publicize sites which you don't use just to earn some satoshis?
9  Local / Servizi / [ Vendo ] Account Cyberghost on: March 21, 2015, 08:52:11 PM
Vendo account di CyberGhost con un abbonamento Premium dal costo standard di 5€ al mese che scade il 20 giugno.

Per maggiori info su questo abbonamento cliccare qui:

Prezzo: : 0.01 BTC

Invio le credenziali di accesso per primo solo a Senior+ e con feedback non negativo.

10  Other / MultiBit / How Multibit choose input ( and output ) address? on: March 07, 2015, 09:17:12 PM
I've  used Multibit for a while and know that there isn't the possibility to choose the input and output addresses in a transaction, because Multibit itself choose the addresses on its own.

But I've not understood yet why Multibit choose one address instead of another... what's the concept involved? Or it chooses addresses randomly?
11  Local / Alt-Currencies (Italiano) / Glowshares Faucet on: February 14, 2015, 10:13:40 AM
L'annuncio ufficiale di questa moneta si trova qui:

Io voglio segnalarvi il faucet, che si trova qui:

Questo è un faucet che regala glowshares in 2 modi principali:

- Svelando delle carte, sotto cui vi è una ricompensa ( max 3 volte al giorno).
- Invitando altre persone: per ogni persona che si iscrive tramite il nostro ref link entrambi otteniamo delle monete (... anche se ancora non ho capito quante  Huh ).

Inoltre vi è anche un sistema di livelli basati sulle attività interne al faucet, che permette di aumentare le volte in cui si possono girare le carte e quindi di guadagnare di più.

La monetina è relativamente nuova e sembra abbastanza interessante; attualmente è scambiata su Bittrex a circa 0.003 BTC,  ma magari in futuro aumenterà ancora di valore.
Io un po' di tempo ce lo sto perdendo  Smiley
12  Local / Italiano (Italian) / [ CLOSED ] ( Discussione, opinioni e problemi ) on: January 30, 2015, 04:26:53 PM
Purtroppo il tasto "search" è stato disabilitato su questo forum, quindi non so sinceramente se già c'è qualche topic dedicato a GreenAddress nella sezione italiana... tuttavia spulciando tra le prime pagine di tutte le sottosezioni italiane ho trovato solamente questo topic di Hostfat che riguarda in parte greenaddress:, mentre il thread ufficiale nella sezione internazionale è questo qui:

Ad ogni modo, se già esiste qualche topic dedicato a GreenAddress nella sezione italiana prego HostFat di cancellare questo mio; così come nel caso i fondatori di GreenAddress vogliano aprire un loro thread ufficiale in questa sezione possono comunicarlo, così che io cancelli questo mio.

Attendo comunicazioni a riguardo.  Smiley
13  Economy / Games and rounds / Fairy Faucet - Up to 500 satoshi every 5 minutes! on: December 31, 2014, 09:40:45 AM
Fairy faucet is a progressive faucet with different levels for rewards:

Level yellow: 200 satoshi every hour. Duration: 6 hours.
Level blue: 200 satoshi every 30 minutes. Duration: 3 hours.
Level green: 200 satoshi every 15 minutes. Duration: 2 hours.
Level red: 200 satoshi every 5 minutes. Duration: 1 hour.

The levels are chosen automatically by the site.

As you can see this is one highest paying faucets.

The referral bonus is 20%.

If you want this is my ref link:
Otherwise this is a clean link:
14  Local / Alt-Currencies (Italiano) / [GIVEAWAY] Findcoin on: December 28, 2014, 09:17:55 PM
Per altri 8 giorni i DEV di Findcoin hanno deciso di distribuire una percentuale delle monete a coloro i quali scaricano il nuovo wallet:

Questo è il thread ufficiale sul forum: dedicato a questa distribuzione.

Se volete questo è il mio indirizzo findcoin per le donazioni: Fj4FxzR2GAsTdKq4GBXyo4uRZfr1YwKkmx

Magari avranno un bel pump!  Wink
15  Local / Alt-Currencies (Italiano) / Regalo 10000 PyramidsCoin on: December 27, 2014, 08:29:37 PM
Tempo fa acquistai 10000 PYRA su Bittrex nell' attesa di un pump purtroppo mai avvenuto...  Cry

Chi è iscritto su c-cex puoi scambiarle lì a 6 satoshi:

In cambio potete darmi se volete qualche altra alt anche di valore inferiore da cui volete liberarvene, oppure se non ne avete non fa niente e ve le regalo senza nulla in cambio Cheesy
16  Economy / Games and rounds / Tittiecoin Giveaway on: December 20, 2014, 09:56:50 AM
Tittiecoin devs are giving away some coin, in many ways:

- If you like and share their facebook page ( ) they send you 1000 TTC.   [ valid 'til Dec 31st ]
- If you follow their official twitter account ( ) they send you 500 TTC.       [ valid 'til Dec 31st ]
- There's also a giveaway on this exchange:

This coin has recently added on Cryptsy and is gradually rising its volumes.

This is Tittiecoin official thread:

Disclaimer: I don't work with TTC devs, I'm promoting this simply because I love titties  Wink
17  Local / Mercato valute / Chi usa Ukash o Paysafecard? on: December 13, 2014, 10:41:53 AM
Chi vende Bitcoin in cambio di Ukash o Paysafecard?
Inviatemi le vostre offerte tramite PM oppure in risposta a questo topic Wink
18  Local / Off-Topic (Italiano) / Chi ricorda a memoria il proprio indirizzo? on: November 29, 2014, 09:30:54 PM
Posto lo stesso quesito che ho già postato nella sezione internazionale.

Qualcuno di voi ricorda a memoria il proprio indirizzo Bitcoin?
A questa domanda collego anche un'altra riflessione: sarebbe possibile tecnicamente prima "accorciare" un indirizzo Bitcoin e poi magari utilizzare un servizio tipo vanitygen per renderlo ancora più semplice da ricordare, visto che così come sono è molto difficile ricordarli?
19  Other / Off-topic / Who remembers his complete Bitcoin address? on: November 29, 2014, 09:10:15 PM
I wonder if someone keeps in mind all the alphanumeric of his wallet address...
20  Economy / Games and rounds / New Amazing Faucet - 10000 satoshis every 10 minutes !!! on: November 28, 2014, 05:20:50 PM
Weekend Bitcoin is a different faucet experience - they only pay out at the weekend, but they are - at the moment - the world's highest paying faucet!

They pay out 10,000 satoshi (yes, ten thousand satoshi), on every claim. No random chance, just a guaranteed, 100% chance of receiving a 10,000 satoshi payout - every weekend.

If you want this is my ref link:

This is not ref link:

Enjoy  Wink
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