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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / Philipp L. unconvential methods to get to their clients hard earned cash on: January 08, 2021, 05:12:08 PM

This article refers to Mr. Philipp L. We will not write the whole last name of the respective person because we don’t want to harm his reputation long term. We want to give him a chance to change to a better.

This person gives income claims and guarantees to his students for 5 figure income opportunities but the vendor does 100% know that the income proof cannot be delivered within the money back guarantee. I have 2 family members who got themselves into a debt trap since they invested their last life savings for the offers provided and endorsed by click funnels and Mr. Rüssel Branson.

After the trial period a in German so called DEBT COLLECTING AGENCY (INKASSO OFFICE) starts to take care of the case and puts an overhead cost of +30%… This is pure SCAM.

The courses are providing high value but the implementation is not as easy for beginners as advertised.

We issued complaints to FTC, CFTC, BAFIN and other financial regulators.

Disclaimer: This article is describing a personal opinion of a real person and cannot be interpreted as official statement.

2  Other / Archival / DELETE on: January 07, 2021, 07:01:12 PM
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Online payment processing setup on: December 18, 2020, 09:04:03 PM
One big challenge that forex traders face online is how to get a reliable payment processor to enable them to withdraw their earnings to their banks. Unfortunately, several of the processors that promise to be the messiah lack regulation and expose traders to credit risks, exchange rate risk, liquid risk, leverage risk, and interest rate risk. However, one payment processor that you can trust to get you out these quagmires is iPayTotal.

With iPayTotal, withdrawal your earnings to your bank account are safe and effortless. Besides, iPayTotal offers you a forex merchant account capable of accepting up to 100 different currencies in over 196 countries but charges a starting rate as low as 2.5%. So, it is the best online payment processing setup!
4  Other / Off-topic / Learning is Important on: December 17, 2020, 11:50:23 PM
I have been doing forex for a long time. This is the market of most talented people in the world. Forex Copier is a software that helps me to control my emotions and offers thousands of real-time trading analyses from top traders with a minimum fee. One thing It taught me that everyone gets what he wants because the market is fair.

As the saying says: “On bullish trends bulls make money; on bearish trends bears make money; in flats both lose”. Though Forex Copier is open for anyone but it tells me that be patient, I don’t have to play all the time, wait for a great deal.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / VaultSwap Announces Its Token Sales and Exchange Listings on: December 04, 2020, 07:33:41 PM
VaultSwap Revolutionizing The Crypto-swapping Ecosystem – Token Sale Active!

Creating a trading account, verifying your identity, and making your first deposit on a traditional crypto trading exchange can be a hassle. It is not only time-consuming, but you would also need to create multiple accounts to be involved in different cryptocurrency deals. This can result in a headache and increase security risks.

Using a crypto swap service that partners with reputable crypto exchanges is a better way for you to trade coins instantly at the best possible prices. While some crypto swap services require users to create a digital wallet before accessing their services, others do not have such a policy in place. One of such services is VaultSwap Exchange.

We will be highlighting the activities or operations of VaultSwap Exchange, and also highlight their unique selling propositions that made them outstanding.

But before we go too far, let's find out what VaultSwap is.

What Is VaultSwap?

VaultSwap is a decentralized crypto-to-crypto swap exchange service. On the VaultSwap platform, you can swap your coin to another coin instantly. VaultSwap also offers high-paying investment schemes such as crypto staking, crypto lending, and crypto farming. As a force to reckon with in the crypto-swapping space, the safety of your personal data is guaranteed.

How To Swap Crypto Instantly

Swapping your cryptos to another coin can be done instantly on their VaultSwap Exchange. Simply follow the instructions below:

●   Create a free account via this link -
●   Complete the personal verify process and also verify your email
●   Select the coin you want to swap
●   Specify the amount you wish to swap
●   Select the new coin you want to receive
●   Review your transaction and confirm the swap.
●   You would immediately see the new coin reflecting on your dashboard.

Why Should I Join VaultSwap?

Thousands of traders have decided to stick with VaultSwap Exchange for the following reasons:

●   As a registered user of the VaultSwap platform, you can lend your coins to those in need and get rewarded. The reward is up to 26% of your deposit.
●   You can also stake your cryptos, instead of storing them in a wallet. Staking your cryptocurrencies attract a reward of over 30% in APR.
●   VaultSwap has a dedicated customer support team that understands the needs of investors. Whether you want to participate in the ongoing token sale or you want to invest in Yield Farming, the team would help you every step of the way.
●   While other platforms charge users a token to swap cryptos, VaultSwap doesn't charge a dime.

Point To Note:

VaultSwap is just listed on P2pb2b, and more listing are expected to follow in next 1 week!

Token Sales

VaultSwap has a native currency that users can use to access the platform. The symbol of the token is VAULT. The sale of VAULT is currently ongoing. The minimum amount of VAULT that you can purchase is 2 VAULT. The token sale started on November 20 and would round by on December 20.

Are you passionate about swapping your coins for another? Then why not visit the official website of VaultSwap Exchange via to get started. 

VaultSwap Exchange - The Fastest Way To Swap Your Cryptos!
6  Economy / Service Announcements / SkyDesks: A Next Generation Cloud on: November 18, 2020, 11:53:59 PM

SkyDesks is a company that provides a cloud replacement for a Windows 10 PC. The replacement, a virtual machine (VM), lives at a remote station reachable through an internet portal. You might say: “Why would I want to do that. There are many reasons. SkyDesks is one of them. Watch the video in the end.

At its highest level a SkyDesks portal works to deliver remote connectivity to affiliate groups, like Zoom does. For true collaboration to work in a jointly chosen application is a better choice, in a real-time connectivity is critical. SkyDesks portal approach solves this problem intuitively. This happens since any member can choose to give temporary portal access to anyone. Revocation is instant.

SkyDesks currently offers several subscription:

    • MT4 ,MT5.  Full EA applications in a web browser   $10/month.

    • MT4, MT5  Full EA applications with CopyTrader.   $15/month

    • Traditional RDP Vertual Machine (Windows RDP).   $15/month

    • Premium  Windows Server 2012 replacement           $30 month        
    • LibreOffice, Open Source Desktop Office.      

We have seen tremendous development in the area of application both in Windows and Linux. These developments have contributed to making life easier and flexible. However, the challenge of running a single application on different platforms has been a constant issue without any solution.

For instance, those in the cryptocurrency and forex industry use various platforms to trade the market. It means for you to use MT4 or MT4, you need to install the MT4 or MT5 version of that particular window environment. In other words, to use MT4 on your iPhone, you need to download and install the iPhone version. The same applies to your PC, android, and Linux system.

MetaTrader is a popular platform that brokers offer to traders to download to their computer. However, for a forex or cryptocurrency trader, the platform is the key to unlock their trading adventure. Nevertheless, you stand the risk of losing connectivity to your broker when in a trade. Imagine the inability to close a trade when the market has changed trend because of loss of connectivity.

The outcome of this “simple” issue can be very costly. There are a lot of things that may lead to this situation, such as network outages or ISP disconnections. While it might be beyond your power to do anything, you have access to what can change this situation. What if you had to download MetaTrader for your iPhone, Android, and PC? For a forex company, the process of recoding each platform to suit your user is stressful, expensive, and time-consuming. Imagine, you don’t have to recode any application to be platform dependent.

Think of the possibility of running your forex VPS on a web browser, which is accessible to anyone without the limitation of downloading. All you need is to get access to the internet with your browser. The reality of this innovative concept is possible only through SkyDesks Cloud technology for forex traders.

What is SkyDesks?

SkyDesks is a revolutionary cloud Forex virtual private server (VPS) service provider that offers full web browser version of all your trading platforms. Importantly, you don’t have to download, install, or deal with issues such as PC crashes because the SkyDesks platform comes with a pre-configured MT4/MT5 platform. With cloud trading, you can have access to trading through your web browser.

The system is intuitive, user-friendly, and highly reliable without any risk of the deadly “blue screen of death.” Unlike your normal Windows, the SkyDesks VPS natively connects MT4 and MT5 to your broker using your web browser.

How does SkyDesks work?

The SkyDesks system takes your trading application, which may be in any platform (Window or Linux) and create a custom cloud for your application. Furthermore, the system then creates a server automation script, which helps to execute your application on the Sky Desk cloud. Finally, custom tiles and dashboard interface with MT4/MT5 are created. Each application comes with a unique URL; the newly created application is then deployed online. To access the application, you have to use the unique URL through their browser.

The SkyDesks dashboard is similar to your Windows desktop. You can include applications to the dashboard like you can on the desktop Window. Instead of icons, the SkyDesks platform uses tiles, which represent a running instance of the SkyDesks virtual machine.

The benefit of SkyDesks Cloud Technology

The unique SkyDesks cloud technology offers a lot of benefits for forex traders, brokers, expert advisors and signal providers. For forex traders, it is easy to use, with an option to choose your server location while allowing you to install EAs and signals.

However, brokers can leverage the SkyDesk Cloud technology to boost their services to clients since it comes with white label, volume subscription discounts, and proprietary expert advisors and signals hosting. Furthermore, EA and signal providers can improve on their services due to the built-in EA protection, and create lead generation.

SkyDesk Cloud Technology Subscription

The SkyDesk cloud technology comes with a subscription fee, which is inclusive of a pre-configured hosting environment. The environment allows subscribers to upload any signal or expert advisor they want to use on the platform.

The uploads don’t take time, and within minutes you have your pre-configured MT4/MT5. This takes the hassle of downloading, installing, PC crashes, and connectivity issues. With SkyDesks could trading, your web browser is the key to your trading platform.

The subscription comes in three packages – the cloud MT4/MT5, traditional VM, and premium VM. Each package has its unique with interesting features. However, the price for the cloud MT4/MT5 goes for a discounted price of $9.99 per month. Nevertheless, the traditional and premium VM goes for $14.99 and $29.99, respectively. SkyDesks also offers a forex signal provider subscription from a dropdown menu at $14.99.


SkyDesks is the answer to the traditional trading system. The SkyDesks cloud technology takes your trading to the next level. Importantly, it offers MT4/MT4 trading – including cryptocurrency auto trading on a web browser.

Furthermore, the platform doesn’t act as a broker or offer trading services but empowers traders to run their trading platforms at any broker of their choice.

Further Information at:

Guidance at:

7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Earn Royalty From Your Ethereum With Tecnieum on: November 10, 2020, 07:39:22 PM

One of the holy grails of money-making is passive income, and it's one difficult thing most investors cannot achieve easily. Whether it is blogging, selling an eBook, or owning a real estate firm, these passive income methods are not all that passive in the real sense of it. They require your time, energy, and resources, only for a small reward.

One money-making strategy that is truly passive is earning from a royalty program. If you are looking to increase your Ethereum cryptocurrencies, then the Tecnieum's Royal Investment Program was designed with you in mind. This post will tell you everything you need to know about Tecnieum - from how it works to how you can start earning rewards, and much more.

Before we go too far, let's find out what Tecnieum is all about.

What is Tecnieum?

Tecnieum is a blockchain-powered application built for Ethereum investors on Ethereum Smart Contract. If you are an Ethereum investor, the best way to earn royalty from the underlying technology is through Tecnieum. The minimum and maximum amounts anyone can invest are 0.1ETH and 200ETH, respectively.

Tecnieum has three investment plans:

If you choose plan 1, you would be rewarded with 3% of your invested amount daily for one week. As for plan 2, you would be rewarded with 5% of your invested amount daily for one month. Conversely, plan 3 will fetch you 10% of your invested amount daily for one month. For all these plans, your invested capital would be refunded at the end of the royalty program.

In addition, the only currency accepted on the Tecnieum ecosystem for both Royalty payment and Investment is Ethereum (ETH). Please note that no fiat currency is accepted.

How Does It Work?

Tecnieum is a platform that rewards you for investing your Ethereum cryptocurrency in their Royalty program. You can earn a daily bonus when you invest as low as 0.1ETH. Tecnieum has a sophisticated trading system that would invest or trade your cryptos for profits. You can earn a profit margin of between 3% and 20% daily. However, this does not include weekends.

The latest withdrawals are displayed on the website for everybody to see, to lend credence to how Tecnieum works. Similarly, all deposits made on the site are also displayed for intending investors to see.

Referral Bonus

Tecnieum gives investors the opportunity to earn passive income through their referral program. With the referral program, you can invite your friends or family members with your unique referral link to join the Tecnieum ecosystem.

Once the person you referred makes a payment, you would be rewarded with 5% of the total amount involved in the transaction. To get your referral link, check your dashboard and navigate to the referral program option.

How To Sign Up On Tecnieum

If you are ready to join the Tecnieum ecosystem, here is how to go about it:

●   Click here to open the registration page to create a free account.
●   Complete the registration form and confirm your email address
●   Make use of your username and password in logging to your dashboard.
●   Navigate to the "Deposit" tab and select "Royalty Plan."
●   Enter the amount of Ethereum you wish to invest
●   Click on invest and confirm your transaction.

Increase your cryptos by investing your Ethereum in Tecnieum's Tech Royalty program!

Further Info Below:

Official Site:

8  Economy / Service Announcements / – Providing a new Shopping experience on: November 09, 2020, 11:02:18 PM

Today, our lives revolve online and hardly can you find someone who doesn’t buy things online. Providing a seamless online shopping experience for customers is a necessity; however, the hassle of opening account in each major online store can be a time consuming and stressful process.

Besides this, paying for the items you want to purchase can be a mountain hill. For instance, buying a product in the United States when you reside in Russian would require you to convert your currency to the US dollar. Furthermore, it can come with increase cost since you have to exchange the currency and pay for the shipping fee. is providing a platform that will revolutionize your shopping experience as a way to minimize your increasing cost. With our platform, you can order for items from famous online shopping platforms such as eBay, Walmart, and Amazon without creating an account.

Additionally, our process can help avert challenges such as non-acceptance of cryptocurrency and exchange of fiat currencies. Yes, is providing a one-stop shopping experience for everyone that loves shopping. Shopping should be fun and exciting, and that is what we want to help you achieve.

Why shop with Cryptocurrency?

Using your cryptocurrency to shop online has different benefits. Cryptocurrency is a decentralized digital currency, which is neither regulated nor controlled by another authority. It gives online shoppers a seamless opportunity to escape the bottleneck of exchanging from one fiat currency to another.

Furthermore, it allows you to spend your money as you will without any interference from any bank or government issuing body. The issue of discretion is another important benefit of shopping with cryptocurrency. gives you access to shop online without any paper trail to your shopping history, unlike tradition banks that log your purchase online.

If you love shopping online but have a bad experience with transactions fees, then you need to join the platform that offers shoppers a worthwhile experience by reducing transaction fees. We offer low shipping fees to International addresses and free for USA addresses from platforms such as eBay and Amazon as long as you are a token holder of the platform.

How to buy Amazon, Walmart, and eBay Products on platform

Buying your favorite products from stores such as Amazon, Walmart, and eBay using cryptocurrency is easier than you can imagine. Access the product by searching for it through our platform and make payment there. We accept over 100 different cryptocurrencies. There are plans to include other famous shopping platforms.

What next?

Currently, we are working on launching our unique token that will make your shopping experience valuable. Furthermore, token holders will have 15% discount on items bought with free USA shipping.

Currently, we have a free pricing system that allows you to buy items from Walmart, Amazon, and eBay. This package comes with free shipping and no sales tax. Finally, making mobile payment using cryptocurrency is easier than you ever imagine. Shop whatever you want and pay from the comfort of your home using coins.

Become a token hold with today.
9  Economy / Service Announcements / Primary Exchange Launches New Crypto Coin September 1 on: August 08, 2020, 08:12:46 AM
Primary Exchange is hitting global headlines in the world of cryptocurrencies as they formally announce the launch of their PRI Coin on the 1st of September, 2020. Determined to become the world’s most user-friendly and straightforward cryptocurrency there is, Primary Exchange is offering customer support in Chinese, English and Dutch. With a supply of 21,000,000 PRI on offer, investors can access it at a modest price of USD 0.10 per token; which should excite any trader.

Primary Exchange is a China-based company whose founding members have requisite industry experience ranging from expertise in blockchain technology to the Financial industry.

One reason why many investors are afraid of investing in cryptocurrency is not because of volatility associated with it but the fear of losing their funds on account of not being secure. Primary Exchange is not unaware of this concern nursed by investors and has gone ahead to enable 2FA security in the yet to be launched crypto coin. So the investors have nothing to be afraid.

Various benefits come with investing in Primary Exchange. For instance, in what may seem hard to believe, Primary Exchange is offering attractive airdrops to potential investors. People who are not familiar with how things work in the cryptocurrency ecosystem may consider this a scam. Still, the fact is that the use of airdrops in the cryptocurrency business is not new. It is a marketing stunt where free coins or tokens are sent to wallet addresses in a bid to create awareness of a new digital currency.

To benefit from this unique offer, all you need to do is to you use the referral link that is generated by the exchange website and voila you have 100 FREE PRI coins in your wallet for every newly registered person! Work it out, and you have 100 PRI x 0,10 USD = 10 USD


You could also proceed having got the $10 in your account to also try out your luck by using our SPIN game.

Here, you stand the chance of winning the following prizes in the SPIN game:

Wheel: 1X, 5X, Lose, 1K, 10K, Lose

 1X = No win or Lose

 5X = 500 PRI Win

 Lose = 100 PRI lost

 1K = 1000 PRI Win

 10K = 10.000 PRI Win

RNG: 10K is harder to get. Other options are the same RNG rate.

One other huge benefit that accrues from this investment is the massive discounts on offer. It is basically to attract more people to the fold; the more, the merrier.

From the discount plan below, you could see that it is an unbeatable deal:

Discount Coin Offers (DCO):

AMPL: Static price: 0,50 USD

LINK: Static price: 4 USD

DOT: Static price: 100 USD


Bitcoin 50% Off until First September 2020

It is noteworthy to state that Primary Exchange is offering 80 BTC; enough balances to be an official exchange.

A deliberate purchase limit of 3 BTC for each person is strictly enforced with close monitoring to ensure that no one scams the system using phoney accounts.

Further info at:
10  Other / Off-topic / How Tradera Is Revolutionizing The Financial Services Industry on: April 13, 2020, 04:05:12 PM
Are you looking to make passive income to add to your 9-5? Then you're lucky to have stumbled on this post. The financial services industry is a huge market with a potential of transforming your financial situation if you tap into the market.

While there are several financial services providers that guarantee high returns on investment, one outstanding platform you can reckon with is Tradera. Let's take a look at what Tradera is and how the company is Revolutionizing the industry.

What Is Tradera?

Established in 2018 by ambitious traders and headquartered in Texas, US, Tradera is a platform dedicated to raising forex trading awareness and network marketing. The company's mission is to educate the public on the gains of the Financial market and empower them to achieve financial freedom.

Tradera offers different financial services including the following:

●   Trading education: You remember the old adage of buying low and selling high right? It is still valid today's financial market. But how do you know when to buy low and sell high? Tradera can tell you when to buy, sell and when to not. Plus, you will learn A-Z of the forex market with any hassles
●   Trade Alerts: Expert traders on Tradera usually send out trade Alerts for newbie traders to copy and paste. With that arrangement in place, you will learn and earn at the same time. You don't need to do any hard work, leave the hard work for the expert traders that handle
●   Live sessions: Again, Tradera organises live sessions every Sunday to Thursday by 8pm EST. The sessions are handled by top traders of the Tradera community.
●   Market forecasts: In case you miss out of the live session, market forecast has got you covered. The forecasts are usually posted by expert traders every Sunday by 6pm EST. The forecasts are stored in the Tradera community.
●   Trade community: This is a community where expert traders ensure newbies are taught the nitty gritty of the financial market.

Business Opportunity

If you are tired of making active income and you're looking to add a new stream of income to your income sources, Tradera presents an opportunity to do that. With 100$ a month, you will earn a weekly bonus just by referring your friends to join the platform.

Tradera has a ranking system to reward members of the platform. The ranking system is from "Free membership" to "Legend". When you refer 3 persons, you will be moved to the next rank.

The following are the first 5 ranks on the Tradera business platform:

●   Knight - 10 team members - $125 weekly bonus
●   Noble - 25 team members - $250 weekly bonus
●   Bishop - 75 team members - $500 weekly bonus
●   Duke/Duchess - 250 team members - $1250 weekly bonus
●   Prince/Princess - 500 team members - $2500 weekly bonus

Legend is the highest rank. To be a legend, you must have 5,000 team members and you will be earning $25,000 as your weekly bonus.

There are a lot of benefits joining Tradera, from robust customer service, receiving trade alerts, participating in live sessions to enjoying financial market forecasts free of charge, the benefits are just so overwhelming. As a matter of fact, joining early will even fetch you more benefits than those that will join later.

So what are you waiting for? Visit for more information.
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / Chartoken – The Investment Direction with FREE 500 CHAR TOKEN on: September 10, 2019, 04:20:42 PM

It is certainly human nature to save money for rainy days. We must all plan and save some money for any emergency which might arise in the coming days. The future is uncertain; thus, it is important for you to make a wise investment decision to avoid a financial crisis that would make you go bankrupt.
So what is an investment? For the benefit of those that may not know; an investment is any goods or commodities you buy today to be used in the future or whenever there is an emergency. Spending all the money that you make and saving nothing may spell doom for you in the future.

What is Financial Investment?

Simply put; financial investment means setting aside a fixed amount of money in a project and expecting appreciable gains after a stipulated time frame. Apart from the ones mentioned above, there are so many reasons to make a financial investment. The financial investment will enable you to enjoy life to its fullest without worrying yourself about what the future holds. Plus, your spending pattern would be controlled.

If you are seeking a financial investment project to invest your hard-earned money and earn mouth watery profits, look no further, the Chartoken project is where you should put your money. There are so many investment projects on the market, but many of them are not what they claim to be. Plus, they are subjected to regulatory authorities. Chartoken is a blockchain-powered investment project; the founders of this project focus on digital assets to bring mouth watery profits to their investors.

Chartoken’s mission is to ensure that investors smile to the bank in their respective locations. They also aim to empower investors so that they can enrich themselves and in-turn supports their immediate community. As a registered user of the Chartoken community, you are sure of earning profit up to 1000 times the value of your assets through a referral program and token ownership.

How does Chartoken work?

It is pretty simple; Chartoken provides investment packages between $100 to $1,000,000 for all their investors to leverage. They also make it possible for investors to own Char token. Whether you are a newbie or professional investor, there is an investment package that would suit your needs. Once you pick any of the investment packages, you would then have the opportunity to participate in their referral program, where you can refer your friends or family members to receive more Char token or profits.

Now, let’s see other benefits of investing in the Charton project;

Benefit of Chartoken

•   High profit: As a registered user of the Chartoken platform, you have the chance to receive up to 35% interest rate via the referral program.
•   Transparency: Remember, Chartoken is a blockchain-based project; therefore, all your transactions would be transparent and highly secure.
•   High Liquidity: They support the conversion of the Char token to ETH or BTC right on their website. This means you can withdraw your earnings with just a few clicks.

Immediately you register on their platform and confirm your email, you would receive 500 Char token. This is only applicable to the first 10,000 new customers. To enjoy this bonus, use this code “UBK9939999361” when registering.

Visit for more information on how to get started!
12  Economy / Trading Discussion / TOKENAI: The Digital Currency Contract Trading Site on: September 03, 2019, 12:32:16 PM
We are in a world of rapidly increasing innovations, and as new inventions unfold every day, there is a need to keep in mind that more discoveries are still to be made. It is an utmost necessity for you to stay updated and also keep up with the latest trend so that you don't become obsolete.

Now that the world itself has shifted from what it was some centuries back to a new level, virtually everything is currently going digital. It seemed impossible some years back, but as of today, the digital currency has come into existence. Everyone is familiar with the physical currency, which is in constant circulation worldwide. But now, those currencies have evolved to the digital phase, where you don't have to see them physically, but then they exist, and you can spend them just like the physical ones.

Cryptocurrency reduces cost of transactions
Digital currency (popularly known as cryptocurrency), has brought so much convenience and particularly it ensures that transactions are kept discreet - by making it easy to carry out financial transactions without a broker. It has also solved the problem of inter-mediation cost. Ordinarily, when you perform online transactions, you get to pay a compulsory processing fee to the financial institution that you use. This makes transactions a little more expensive.

Everyone wants convenience, and that is why there is a continuous rise in the level of usage of Cryptos. And by 'usage,' I mean trading. Relative to when it came into existence, there is now increasing use of cryptocurrency, and as such, crypto trading is on the rise, and it continues to evolve every day.

Crypto is gaining wide acceptance

Crypto Trading has a lot of benefits, and it has the potential to change the whole financial environment. One of the most in-use cryptocurrency is Bitcoin. As of today, there is approximately 18 million Bitcoin in circulation all around the world, so imagine how many more are in circulation (taking into account other Cryptocurrencies).

Those who invested and started trading with cryptocurrency as soon as it came into circulation have reaped the rewards and are still reaping it up till today. The same is going to happen for those who start cryptocurrency today. The whole digital currency atmosphere can become overwhelming and too cumbersome to handle. Well, that is just as a beginner. Once you have familiarized yourself with the basics and how the whole thing works, your next step is to decide now which trading site you will be using.

Tokenai is a digital currency contract trading site. With Tokenai, trading has gotten even more straightforward. You can perform all your crypto trading on this platform because it has an excellent interface, which also makes it easy for new traders to understand. Asides simplicity and ease-of-use, security is also critical. Digital currencies are not physically visible, so you need a platform where there is an unwavering level of security; which is what Tokenai offers.

Getting started on Tokenai

So 'how do I get started?' You may ask, well, it is as simple as you have imagined it. Preferably, on your mobile, open the BFA app (Blockchain Financial Application), and you will see two call-to-action buttons pop up. You will click on 'Signup' and it will take you to a page to fill out a simple sign up form.

Fill the form with the right information, and you will have to input your mobile number, as a verification code will be sent to it. After getting the verification SMS, click on the 'Sign up' button that is displayed below.

You will get a 'Registration success' message, and it will take you to your account page. Easy just like that!

On Tokenai, there is also a demo account for users through which users can go there to see how different cryptocurrencies are fairing in the market. This gives the users an insight into how the trading will look like. One exciting thing about Tokanai is that you don't only get to trade. They also provide regular news and updates on every happening in the cryptocurrency space.

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, you need a platform that offers simplicity, ease-of-use, and more importantly, safety and security. Tokenai encompasses all these attributes on their platform, and it is one of the very best to go with, you will not regret that choice.

All further information at:
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / NetCurrencyIndex – IEO at P2PB2B Exchange on 15th August 2019 on: August 14, 2019, 09:14:29 AM
NetCurrencyIndex is a creative and innovative platform in the digital asset sphere with plenty of financial benefits. It is the benchmark in analysis and index for the digital asset and blockchain-oriented industry. If there is anything innovative and beneficial that struck the crypto world unaware, then it must be NetCurrencyIndex.

The platform helps you harness new features such as NCI 500, NCI 100, NCI 30, VoliDex volatility indices, forecast, trend analysis and much more. As the leading platform in the crypto investment world, NCI operates with a plethora of unique tools to help set the new standard for the market.

The date to remember for NCI users!

15 August 2019 is the set date when the NCI benchmark token sale will start on P2PB2B Exchange. Investors that can sign up, buy, and complete their KYC validation process will get a 12% bonus.

Another point to look at is that it has over 120,000 users at the moment already. The best investment project of 2019 award has gone to NetCurrencyIndex because of its NCIgo application that helps people to trade and earn.

Many professionals now agree that NetCurrencyIndex is among the top ten best investment companies in the crypto world. Reaching your financial goals is one of the objectives of the NCI platform. It operates with the NCIgo app that will enable you to trade and make money at the same time. Using copy trading and PAMM will not pose any threat to the NetCurrencyIndex platform. Apart from its active and beneficial NCIgo app, the platform also provides you with futures exchange up to 100 times. The NCIbot AI-oriented automatic trading will help boost your chances of earning more on the platform. If you want to increase your success on this crypto platform, invest from the start.

NetCurrencyIndex is the right place to visit when looking for a reliable, trustworthy, and dependable crypto investment platform. As the benchmark for the crypto market, investors will find a gamut of items when investing their money.

It is also better to take advantage of the upcoming token sale that happens via IEO at P2PB2B Exchange, it kicks off on 15th August 2019.  

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14  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Is this really better than Bitcoin? on: May 03, 2019, 08:27:30 PM
Is this really better than Bitcoin?

I just saw this thread of Mayapreferred and this
They are better than Bitcoin? Is it good to invest with them? I want to know if anyone invested already?
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [BOUNTY] 🔥🔥🔥 FantasyGold 🔥🔥🔥 💲💲💲 Rewards in ETH/LTC/XRP 💲💲💲 on: June 28, 2018, 10:21:40 PM

Fantasy Gold is a peer to peer cryptocurrency and blockchain serving the $7Billion fantasy sports industry in both the B2B and B2C spaces as well as the $1.5 billion competitive eSports industry. Fantasy Gold acts as in-game currency used to enter contests and pay prizes as well as a payment processing network.

Everyone is invited to join on the Bounty Contest with following simple steps below:


1.   Join
2.   Make a positive comment about FantasyGold project
3.   Follow
4.   Tweet positive about FantasyGold project.
5.   Reply on this thread with username of Discord and Link to the Twitter's tweet.


1st Prize: 1 Ethereum
2nd Prize: 1 Litecoin
3rd Prize: 50 Ripple

Prize Distribution:

The Bounty Contest will run for 15 days starting from today (29th June till 13th July 2018). The contest will end in on 13th July 2018 at midnight. Once the entries are closed on 13th July, checking of all the applications will be made in next 2 days. Once we verify the users, the list of such users will be published on the thread and there will be 3 users picked from the verified list and will be declared as winners to receive the prizes mentioned.

The winner will be picked by using a random generator ( from all the entries till date and final names will be announced on 16th July, 2018.

General Rules:

Your Twitter account must have at least 500 followers.
A negative tweet will result in automatic disqualification.
Accounts with no content and only shares/tweets will be disqualified.
Only one Twitter/Discord account per person is allowed.
You must stay connected to the group/page for 15 days.

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