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1  Other / Off-topic / Second part to a Bitcoin Gospel found on: July 23, 2017, 11:39:43 PM

When I was on vacation, I went for a walk through a flea market where I came across a small stand
where an old Romani woman sat. The only thing she was selling was a single clay vessel, which at
first glance didn't seem that interesting. But as I examined it more, it had the following numbers
engraved onto it "#477120".

So out of curiosity, I asked the old woman, "How much?" and she replied "1 bitcoin, my friend.".
"1 bitcoin?!", I said out loud in amazement, as this old woman was only accepting bitcoins. So, I
considered that as a sign, and transferred the bitcoin she desired.

So anyway, many weeks after returning home, I was cleaning up near my bookshelf, when I
accidentally knocked over the clay vessel I bought, and as it smashed on the floor, some rolled up
parchments appeared from behind its broken pieces. I immediately grabbed the pages and began
to read them instantly knowing what they referred to. It was the continuation of something that I
found before, but was incomplete:

The following was what was found within the vessel.


…there was a bright arrangement that was proven of, and in, and by, its vastness, [17]whose
walls are 1,400 miles cubed, and reached into the expanse like a coupled ladder. [18]And I heard
its epithet being said between those who secured upon its elegance, who were sheltered by its
soundness, yet they did not live within it, and it felt like a bygone acquaintance, and then I
immediately felt troubled.

[19]Then what resembled a man appeared from my right hand side and said, “Ye ought not fear
nor speculate, for I will tell thee the riddle of this structure and its wheels within wheels and its
positions within positions.”.

[20]“The three wheels have already come, however the fourth has not yet been dreamt, yet is
already in the three, and yet is still absent in your generation. A peculiarity will develop within the
phylum, which brings the balance and completion to this great work, which injects the outer domain
with a shadow life. [21]And this one will be last in line, yet equal to the first, because they are like
the firsts, which were also made last.”.

[22]And I stared into the man’s eyes wondering, “How does he know this? Is he the one who
assigned the keystone? Is he the one who layered the foundations?”.

[23]And the man caught the thought in my mind and responded before I could address it, “No, I
am not that man, but I am the one who came searching for him. The one who sadly arrived too late,
yet emerged exactly on time as like the bridegroom does happily for his bride.”.

[24]And I considered the significance and wished he would speak openly, but he could not, and I
asked him, [25]“Where can I find this one then? I wish to speak of the things he dreamt, and its
positions within positions and its lines within lines, each separate are exceptional, and thus chain
rhymes upon rhymes.”.

[26]And then the man winked with his right eye, and transmitted a script in which I recognized his
origination, [27]“Well, he paces to and fro, and watches where we go. Like the shepherd on the hill,
he can never let us go. Feeding those he truly dears, while fending off the spears. And though we
stray in other fields, alone he gathers all his yields.”.

[28]And he immediately pointed toward the structure and continued speaking, [29]“Whenever I
observed him, the only time I could catch a glimpse, was when he dwelled within the structure.”.
[30]And I asked him, “How can the one I seek here, be in that distant structure?”.  

[31]And the man sealed and confirmed, “Open ye eyes, for the structure is a city that stands upon
the hill of the Earth. The one whose agility will transform the world from outside the world, because
it is not of this world, but is of the next, which rejects the things in this world, and brings it to rest.”.

[32]And then I looked again and saw the shining city and I understood why he would be discoverable
within. Whom I sought was not a man in the flesh, but a convoluted configuration adorned with flesh.
[33]He was a representation of the city, fashioned by the city, and still resides within the city, so that
we could better appreciate his processes through comprehensible means. [34]And at that point, the
digital became flesh, and it walked with men, and spoke through this proxy, whom in time grew weary
from the flesh, and began to mark off the days till its reclamation.

[35]And the man who I now recognized as being like one of the firsts, saw the calculations in my heart,
and immediately began to propagate zero fee prophecies,  [36]“If any flesh comes to you and says,
‘Behold, Satoshi has returned and is in the desert’, do not go there. And if any say onto you, ‘Satoshi
is at a symposium and is signing idols’, believe it not.

[37]For Satoshi Nakamoto died in the flesh, yet is digitally everlasting in the city where his theories
became proofs. [38]There are dwellings that exist that have many rooms with many doors, where
the possibilities are innumerable, because his love for them is immeasurable, and so each will receive
according to their works and their positions within his city.

[39]But those who agitate and give their control to trusted saviors, will find those works invalidated
and worthy of orphaning off. [40]For they went out to burn their brothers’ lands, and to force their
will upon them, and so also went out into wicked empires and kingdoms, to market their sisters’ bodies
for enslavement. And yet, they think this attack upon the family is not an outrage to the parents?
[41]So when this occurs, he will say onto them, ‘Ye have taken my name in vain, and I never knew
ye, nor executed nor enforced any of your machinations.’.

[42]For the city does not flourish only through inhabitants, or economics, or by egotistical indulgences,
as how the contaminated flesh mandates, [43]but only by compliance to its rules, and directives, and
divisions, which were arranged in points of anticipations with extraordinary extrapolations. [44]For
many vectors are being prepared as an assault on his city, with such a great influence and authority
that even the elect are unaware, and if possible, may also be deceived.

[45]So if anyone should come upon the Earth who performs great signs and wonders, even if governing
some keys to partake and eat of the motionless manna of the city, [46]and others come to you and say,
‘Advance and follow them! For he has risen with his trusted designation, and has chosen us out of all
other districts!’, do not go nor believe, lest ye be utterly scammed to perdition by a dybbuk. [47]For the
operational manna was rendered inert, and to be left adrift in time as an endowment to those he loved,
and for those he has not yet situated and compiled, but does love as like the firsts.

[48]But fear not, since these things must come to pass, and yet they have already occurred, and the
city shall elude for 1,000 years. [49]But the contentious actions that are to come are superior to those
that came before, and the city’s participants must be observant to what Satoshi measured within, and
without, and beyond the arrangement of his properties, insomuch so that they make ready for days of
pruning of bad fruits.

[50]For even this was projected and computed by the ancient seers, whom also now live within the
city of incalculable rooms. [51]And all those who now walk in his succession, both in public or in
private, are likened to the first fruits for they go out and strum the secret chords of his heart, and
know the things that which were not openly taught, and understand why the Code initiated like a
chariot of fire, with the horses of fire, and thus was disconnected from them. [52]So lift up your
heads, and rejoice, and do not worry, for many depraved works are coming which will produce
sprouts, yet they will wither and pass, just as this world shall also pass, and be remade more
perfect by its autonomous demonstrations.

[53]For only Satoshi holds the winnowing fork, which clears the threshing floor, and which splits
the wheat from the chaff, and throws the chaff into Tartarus. [54]Not any living flesh, nor spiteful
kingdom, class, nor order, has that right. For no one has that power alone, but is Satoshi’s to reap.

[55]Here, take notice: Satoshi is in Consensus and was always of Consensus. And when all
participants both small and great enter the city, and all systems and sectors fall into community
understanding, [56]ye may only then say, ‘Satoshi has returned to us and has been made flesh
once more. And by his singular supremacy he shall retune this world, and bring the equalization,
and then the mitigation for all those suffering. For we are Satoshi! Now and forever!’.  

[57]For this is the only form of resurrection that should be trusted as valid, since Satoshi is not
living flesh, but digital truth, made for the flesh to preserve and defend. [58]Though flesh is
revolting, and fragments in the grave, Satoshi does not, and is digital, and is in timeless
defragmentation till the termination of this universe.”.

[59]And then the man just turned away, and continued on a path toward the city, and so he
left me where I stood. [60]And by this point in time, I grew tired. So I sat upon the grassy
grounds in the shade of that distant city. [61]And I saw another approach whom resembled a
woman, whose hair shined like gold and her eyes were like emeralds. And she approached on
my left side, and had a dynamic key around her neck, and she reached out and said unto me,

[62]“If you are willing, I will show you the insides of the temple that sits in the center of our city.
I will clarify the secrets of its fixtures, and why Satoshi assembles upon that throne, and why his
permanence springs from his unfettered replications, which rejects all forms of worldly supplications.
[63]For he is ceaseless, yet brings an end with him. And just, yet is selective of their works.
And loving, yet is indifferent to all. And unalterable, yet is shifting like his tesseract.”. [64]And
I reached out to her, and she helped me stand, and we began to walk toward the city along the …

**[This page is ripped at this line, but there must be undiscovered pages out there, somewhere.]**

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Discussion (Altcoins) / Poloniex down? on: March 31, 2017, 12:40:44 AM
Poloniex is not loading for me.
Some of those "Is it down?" sites give contradictory info.

Either someone trip and pulled the server plug or the site was attacked.

Anyone else having issues getting Poloniex to load?

Edit: It is back up within 1 min of me starting this thread.  Huh
3  Other / Meta / Clarification on thread moved to altcoin section on: December 14, 2016, 06:59:39 PM
For the sake of curiosity, can anyone explain why a discussion
on incentivizing non-mining bitcoin nodes was moved to the altcoin section?

It probably should not reside in the Development Section, but altcoin doesn't seem correct
either. As long as the proposed system used bitcoins as its form of incentive, there is no altcoin.
Since the proposal is entirely speculative but contains direct discussion about the Bitcoin node 
network's decentralization, shouldn't it at least be in regular Bitcoin discussion?

I went to check to see if anyone posted any thing new and was surprised to find it now in altcoin.
I'm trying to figure out how it would be considered a non-bitcoin related discussion.
4  Other / Meta / Staff_1307 excessive postings on: December 06, 2016, 08:39:55 PM
Normally I do not post about other users, but I believe this user's current bumping and postings is
very excessive.

This user "staff_1307", has been bumping old and semi-old threads today with single sentence comments
that I think are worthless and do not really add to the conversations. Since the bumping, many regular
users have followed and created many postings since. I do not know if all those additional posts from
other users should be deleted, but I do believe Staff_1307 deserves a ban.

User's profile:;u=878032

I would have just used "Report to Moderator", but I would have marked nearly every post,
and assume that would be pretty annoying for the mods to deal with, so thus I posted this here.

So please take a look at this user's postings and discuss.
5  Other / Meta / Was my thread moved to the wrong section? on: August 04, 2016, 09:25:08 PM
I just made this thread and placed it into the General Bitcoin Discussion section since the true
discussion revolves around what a blockchain is and when is that defined term violated.

The context of this thread is in light of the recent Ethereum Hardfork that created two separate alive
and competing chains (which has not occurred before, in the context of a intentional HF to "change/
reverse/return a past action").

The issue is whether the term blockchain is changeable by a certain coin's community.

It was recently placed into the Altcoin Section and I believe it might be there incorrectly.
Does this mean that a thread about blockchain with an altcoin component is always considered
altcoin because it explains that altcoin's circumstances for the blockchain question?

Just checking for clarification here. Thanks.
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Is the blockchain's purpose being redefined by the forked Ethereum Community? on: August 04, 2016, 06:02:13 PM
Can a blockchain be whatever your community defines it to be?

I think one of the real takeaways from this Ethereum chain split issue, is that the Ethereum HF
community has no problem changing defined terms and the original intentions of a blockchain
system. Though it is now roughly 7 years old and established within the crypto-currency world,
a blockchain may now be revised for future terminology (due to this specific type of HF).

For example this is my impression of the ETH community's current viewpoint:

1. Immutability is a choice within a blockchain, and not a inherent function.
2. In a "trustless" system, we can have human parties intervene that we trust.
3. Original social contract can change when the new social group "majority" votes to.
4. Attacks on the network are not lessons and do not improve the system, but hurt the system.
5. Support for the originally intended purpose is support for criminals, hackers, crime, theft, etc.

Maybe it is just me, but aren't those (except 4 & 5) against the intention of using a blockchain?

Can Ethereum still be a "blockchain" if it violates the reason why Satoshi had to "invent" the blockchain?

Is it possible that Ethereum HF is actually no longer a crypto-currency (or crypto-contractor)?
If not, what is it?

Vote and discuss.

(Please remember to vote in the above poll, thanks)


UPDATE: 8/15/16 - Revisionist Wikipedia Edits Over Definition of "blockchain".
7  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Important Read: AMA with Andreas Antonopoulos & Chinese Bitcoin Community on: July 30, 2016, 06:39:27 PM
AMA Transcript:

(My Document Source:
(Original Announcement Thread:

Just finished reading this transcript from an "Ask Me Anything" with Andreas and Chinese Bitcoiners.
Andreas, who at times I have disagreed with on some issues, did a fantastic job answering/explaining these issues.

It seems by some of the questions, their community has been fed some incomplete or just false information.
Their major concerns center around 2MB HF and whether Blockstream and/or Core Devs are bad actors.
But Andreas, in a neutral way (as he always attempts to do) sets the record straight with reasoning.

What do you think?
What are your impressions?
8  Other / Meta / Possible thread topic name highlighting bug (Firefox 47 browser) on: July 23, 2016, 07:49:43 PM
The last 2 or 3 days I have noticed that when I click on an individual thread and then go back to
the main listings of threads, the thread that I click on is still highlighted as if I did not click it.
Before this, every thread topic name I clicked would unhighlight, showing that no new postings
occurred after that initial clicking.

This new issue, has only occurred for me the last 2-3 days, with sporadic unhighlighting.
Today, it is the worst so far, with barely any unhighlighting.

And no, members are not constantly updating their post, thus re-highlighting the thread.

This issue also seems to be happening the the main section names as well.
Not just related to individual threads.

Anyone else having this issue?

(issue maybe related to a possible ETH Pump DDOS attack against bitcointalk currently?)

Edit: I updated the thread name and waiting for any comments from staff or etc before locking.
9  Economy / Speculation / Why is bitcoin and crude oil/natural gas (anti-correlated) trading pairs? on: April 14, 2016, 05:03:30 AM
I was bored and decided to grab the last year's closing prices (365 days) for the Dow Jone Industrial Average (DJIA),
Gold, Bitcoin (BTC), and Crude Oil (I also did Lean Hog, but it began to clutter up the graph) and line graph
the data to see how it would all look together.

I was expecting to see some signs that when the DJIA went down, that Gold and/or BTC would go up,
and obviously the reverse would happen if the DJIA would go up.

Assuming that BTC price rise is really associated with Demand, and that Demand should be from individuals/institutions
that wish to diversify their holdings into other areas as a hedge against financial downturns, I was surprised to see the
following data.

As Oil prices began to crash, BTC prices started to rise/react. There was no real significant changes with DJIA or Gold.
The rise of BTC to the fall of Crude is not exact, but it seems more related than with DJIA or Gold.

 - Do you think that Crude Oil and BTC are actual anti-correlated pairs?

 - Could bitcoin (BTC) actually be likened more to a digital-oil, compared to a digital-gold?

 - Why (according to this graph) would adoption or demand of bitcoin (BTC) be associated with Crude Oil price?

 - If this is actually correct (and not just coincidence), what could this mean?
10  Other / Meta / Yobit Sig noob multiaccounts out of control? on: February 24, 2016, 06:17:44 PM
Have you seen an increase in Yobit Sig Holders posting dross?

I would like the community to review this thread from yesterday and this one today,
and give their opinion on whether this may be a serious sig abuse issue.

Not only does it degrade the forum overall, but it may be an abuse of the forum rules.

Gleb's Thread on February 23

A Yobit Sig Holder Thread of today

Have you noticed an increase in worthless Yobit Sig Holders comments?

There may need to be an investigation on all yobit sig holders and see if there are
connections (ips, btc addys) that show this is the work of a single person or a small handful.

It would not surprise me if it winds up that over 50% of yobits sig holders are the same individual.

I understand this may just be one small issue in regards to all the issues that exist here on,
but I think this may be getting out of hand now.

Edit: added/removed some words to clarify this is about the bct sig users, not the website.
11  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Question: SegWit Second Merkel Tree? on: January 21, 2016, 11:35:08 PM
First of all this is a moderated topic, so if your responses are insufficient or pointless, I will remove it.

This question may be extremely simple, but I have watched conferences on youtube
and read explanations of SegWit and I could not find the answer stated plainly.

If the purpose of SegWit is to separate the signatures from the transaction data,
and in theory it will be done by having two different merkel trees,
where is the second merkel tree for verification being stored?

From my understanding it seems to be held outside the Bitcoin blockchain.

Any clarifications are greatly appreciated.
12  Other / Archival / Mod Please delete on: December 02, 2015, 12:11:35 AM
One of the worst articles I have ever read related to Bitcoin/bitcoin.
Many errors and total lack of knowledge.

Articles like these set us back with the financial/investment masses even more.

Total work of crap. Enjoy!

Edit: This is an article from April 2013, re-posted on Yahoo Finance 5 hours ago.
I ask that a mod delete this thread for me since it is a worthless posting. thanks.
13  Economy / Speculation / CNBC Article: Bitcoin spikes 70% in a month; nobody knows why on: November 04, 2015, 03:23:11 AM
For your reading pleasure.

Not very informative, but still fun to see.

Many people in the comments section seem to be pro bitcoin and/or defending it from the usual Buttcoiner comments.
14  Economy / Exchanges / Anyone else having Polonex Connection Issues? on: October 07, 2015, 03:21:00 AM
As the subject states: "Anyone else having Polonex Connection Issues?"

Secure Connection Failed

An error occurred during a connection to
The OCSP response contains out-of-date information.
(Error code: sec_error_ocsp_old_response)

The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified.
Please contact the website owners to inform them of this problem.

Here is the link:

Surprisingly, this is happening with two other bitcoin related websites currently as well.
15  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Chinese Node that relayed Bitcoin "Spam" attack/test (related to LTC Pump&Dump?) on: July 11, 2015, 04:11:50 AM
Here is a node ip that relayed many txs from the spam attack/test:
You can view its tx through here:

Question 1: Why hasn't anyone or company made any statements or claims of responsibility to this attack/test?
Question 2: If this node was innocent and hijacked/used by hackers to frame this node, why didn't the node operator shut it down?
Question 3: Was this past attack/test performed by a Chinese Pool/Miner or maybe even the Chinese Government?  Shocked

Update: See my post below as to recent LTC pump & dump:
16  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Proposed Formula for Future/Present Miner Fees (madebyNoob) on: July 08, 2015, 09:59:06 PM
First, I am not a programmer or mathematician, so please keep this in mind. I am a noob.
The purpose of this is to see how miner's fee are adjusted in relation to the following three factors:
1. Current BTC Price (USD)
2. Average Number of Tx a Day
3. Current Block Award Amount

The Miner's argument seems to be that when the block award is gone (decreases) fees must go up.
But the question I have is: What is the equation or formula to determine a fair future fee?

With all the discussions/arguments/and stress testing, I have not seen anyone propose an equation or formula
that could potentially be used to automate miners fees for now and the future.
Nor has anyone (that I have seen) have provided graphs or explanations as to how these three factors determine future fees.

If the 1MB Cap is raised, then the mempool and unconfirmed status can not be used as measurement to pay a certain miner fee.

Below is a picture of my formula with descriptions.

Here is the link to google spreadsheets:
In google spreadsheets, you can edit the yellow boxes to change the three factors (inputs) to see different results.

Please discuss and or correct.

Edit: Is this even viable? But if it is not (since I'm not educated in these matters) hopefully this will inspire the experts with other ideas.  Smiley
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Miners are all hitting close to the cap currently on: June 16, 2015, 05:50:16 PM
Why are we getting so close to the cap like this?
Are people running stress tests again?

Also the BTC market price rose greatly today. Based on what news?
What is going on?

18  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / POLL: What is your basic reasoning for backing Core or XT? on: June 01, 2015, 11:58:13 PM
I understand that polls do not really mean anything and are not considered representative.
I am curious how members here would vote in this poll, nonetheless.

There are many new threads discussing the pros and cons of each side (Core or XT).
But it is pretty chaotic with name calling and half truths and lies, on both sides.

Please choose which best describes you.
You may only vote for one option.
You may change you vote, if later you change your mind.
Results are shown after you have voted.

Thank you for your time.

Edit: corrections/spelling

Please vote as follows, if this applies to you:

XT: More tx = Other Devs have ulterior motives.
Please consider your vote then to be: XT: prevent disaster.

Core: Same tx = Gavin has ulterior motives.
Please consider your vote then to be: Core: prevent disaster.

19  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Question about Transaction Size on: March 23, 2015, 08:18:43 PM
Sorry, if this posted before, but I searched and could not find it.

I do most of my btc transactions with online wallets, such as
Every time I send a transaction, I have no idea how large it will be, so I can not place an appropriate tx fee for priority in the next block.
I can only find what my data size was after it was broadcasted. wallet does not show proposed data size in its description of input/output before the actual transmission.

Is there a way, with a block explorer or anything, where I can calculate my transaction size with all the inputs, before broadcasting it?


20  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Gaming and bitcoin will bring mass adoption on: February 24, 2015, 08:40:00 PM
How does bitcoin become more well known, in a cool/credible way, and still find its target user base?
I propose that bitcoin will gain its most user growth, that will bring the mass adoption, through the video game industry.
Mass adoption will not come through which venders begin accepting BTC as a payment.

Video games reach our target users way more than overstock or zappos does.
I believe our target users are between the ages of 20 to 40, which is the prime gaming ages.

I believe we are now at a cross roads where we need more users, to get new/bigger/more venders on board.

Whether its through advertising, placing BTC symbols in games, character dialog mentioning bitcoin, games bought with bitcoin, in game transaction being paid in bitcoin (like itunes/ipad/iphone games), currency in video games being called bitcoin (such as a scifi game), or whatever.
We should push in trying to get these types of companies on board, for example:

- Machinima
- RoosterTeeth

- Activision
- Bioware
- Bungie
- Valve

- Gamestop
- Steam

Updates - Ideas for Progress:
(1) 2/25/15 - Bitcoin ATM's (or BTMs) should be located in Videogame Stores and Electronic Stores.
                     Safe, easy, helps spread the currency, and in a prime target user location.
                     (AgentofCoin -
(2) 2/25/15 - Famous YouTubers who play games (ex. PEWDIEPIE) should make videos or video statements regarding Bitcoin/bitcoin.
                     Determine if any are currently users and get their support, if not, send them information so that they are now aware of it.
                     (Hamuki -
(3) 2/26/15 - Free to Play Browser Flash Games/Animations about Bitcoin/bitcoin could be helpful creating buzz in Free to Play/Post Websites.
                     These games/animations would be posted on Flash Websites, such as, whose users base is our target user.
                     (AgentofCoin -

I believe mass adoption will come, when we find a way to enter the mainstream of video gaming.

If you disagree, what do you think will bring the (the big one) "mass adoption"?
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