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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / MeFy ICO has fake team members and is being promoted by a fraudster on: July 15, 2018, 03:17:19 PM
What is this MeFy you speak of?
MeFy is yet-another-medical-blockchain-to-change-the-world(tm), its ANN thread can be found here.

So what is the problem with it?
Well, apart from the shameless incorporation of literally every ICO magical fairy-dust buzzword you can think of (Blockchain, Smart Contracts, AI, IoT), coupled with shockingly poor proof-reading of their ANN graphics, the OP of the MeFy threads, lowbander80, is a liar and a fraud.

Whoa, hold on there! That's very strong language to be throwing around in public, care to explain?
Absolutely, but part of the evidence will be presented in the 'investigations' forum section as it involves personal information, albeit that of a person who already has been reported on in the press, so it might not even warrant being put in that section. I'll look into the rules in that regards.

What issues have you found with this ICO in general?
First up, the domain was only recently registered in April and they posted up their ICO thread in May:

Highly suspect red flags on this yet-another-medical-blockchain-ICO:


Plus, as well as the rushed nature of this ICO, the owner of MeFy, Sanjay Sinha, also happens to be involved with a blockchain lottery ICO:

Sanjay seems to like ICOs so much he's got two on the go at the same time:


Busy guy, but that doesn't prove wrongdoing per se.
No, but the speed at which they have put together the ICO and sought to launch into its token pre-sale, along with the owner being involved in another ICO is a red flag from the outset. The major issue is the fact that at least one member of their team has been proven to not be who he claims to be and that all the evidence points to him being somebody who has already been charged with fraud by US authorities.

How connected to this ICO is this person?
Asides from the fact they are the OP for the MeFy ICO and bounty threads, he is listed on their website as being their 'Blockchain Advisor'

I am Mark Haynes I run a full software company with other C++ devs that have blockchain experience and code in Solidity...I am an MIT grad and also have a degree from Johns Hopkins all in Maths

Ok so forum user lowbander80 voluntarily cited his RL identity for the purpose of asserting his place on this project's team. This means his information doesn't have to be limited to the investigation forum, sure, but where's this evidence of lies and fraud you spoke of?

Well, the thing is, lowbander80 is not Mark Haynes. I have no idea whether a Mark Haynes even exists, but he sure as shit is not lowbander80. No, lowbander80 is somebody else entirely. But before we get to that, let's establish how we know that lowbander80 is lying about being Mark Haynes. Again, because we are posting evidence to show who a user is not, as opposed to who they are, this information can remain, and should remain, in the 'scam accusations' forum.

At the outset it was suspected that lowbander80 was not the original owner of the account. That the account was either bought or stolen and was dishonestly being used to misrepresent itself as a long-standing forum member in order to add legitimacy to the ICO being promoted, a common tactic amongst scammers:

Do you have an explanation for the discrepancies regarding your posting in Greek when the account was made vs. not doing so now.

Do you have an explanation for your statement about not being Greek vs. the one where you said you live in Greece?

I'm inclined to think you bought this account, but before leaving a neg on you I'd like to hear what you have to say.
I did live in Greece but I am not Greek I read and write 5 languages fluently and another two verbally.

Even the fact that the forum had flagged the lowbander80 account as having recently changed its password and email was explained away in order to insist it was not an account being run by a new owner:

My email and password changes about every couple of months that is called a security protocol.

In fact, there are some elements to this which serve to suggest the lowbander80 account is, indeed, operated by its original owner. Up until recently his profile contained references to both a website and a skype account it was the owner of:


Why was the skype handle 'bitsintheclouds' and the globalcryptotimes website in the profile 'up until recently'?

He removed those two elements from his profile when questions about sites they are linked to began being posted:

he did ask me if I would answer any questions regarding the app support via his skype but never heard from anyone again. So really don't know much about it now.

His skype? So why is your skype the contact for the platform?


Also, the whois data doesn't equate to your claim towards having sold this domain 20 months ago:
Registry Domain ID: D47201360-CNIC
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2018-05-30T09:33:54.0Z
Creation Date: 2017-04-24T19:42:03.0Z

Except, while he weakly claims to not be the owner of the bitsintheclouds skype handle now, he was only recently advertising his signature space for rent and asking people to contact him on that skype handle:

I'm auctioning off my signature. I will make on average around 50 posts per month for winner...WILLING TO DISCUSS THINGS ON SKYPE    bitsintheclouds

Starting bid 0.01

Hang on, so you're saying he has recently tried to claim that the bitsintheclouds skype address isn't his and he's now removed it from his profile? But then that would only serve to show he is lying about the status of the lowbander80 account, yes, so why would he suddenly try and throw himself under the bus on that point?

Because the bitsinthclouds reference leads into a rabbit hole which reveals so very much more than issues concerning a simple sketchy ICO.

Also, as well as the skype handle, the mention of the globalcryptotimes website connects to a twitter account which, even now, is promoting the MeFy ICO:

Yes, yes, all well and good, but where's the evidence that lowbander80 is not, as he claims to be, this Mark Haynes?

While I'll save all the personal info for posting in the 'investigations' forum, I can show you that lowbander80 is also forum user coinmaster222 who, asides from their online history adding to the haul of evidence against the RL person behind both accounts, is also exposed as having ripped somebody off on a BTCJam loan.

Here lowbander80 is having trouble getting a youtube channel he bought transferred over to him so ends up posting a couple of email addresses of his in this thread:

lets try another please send invitation to think it wants me to sign in with my adsense account

Trouble is, he seems to have forgotten that he posted this email address a couple of years previously, as coinmaster222
Do you want to Advertise your coin or service on the highest paying doge faucet on the internet.Only open 2 days and had 270 users (some multiple times) first day.Once I move it on to my own server after the holidays at the latest I will also have another currency on same page offering high returns,get in before the spaces are filled.Approx $1 a day (0.0022)BTC or $25 dollars a month and your rate will be held as long as you are advertising but for non clients will be higher when the highest paying other currency on the net(not decided what it will be yet) joins the page..PM me or email .Not interested in using adsense its useless

Coinmaster222, by his own post, is an Alan, not a Mark:

I had my account hacked on 20 sept,actually had my computer hacked and lost a lot out of whos 2FA did not work at login.when someone actually got me myself I told them I know nothing about it and took the advert down straight away.As for my account for sale I am more apt to dump it than sell it this forum has lost all its charm and credibility.The hacker is days away from being caught as Interpol are now involved as he tried to steal thousands from my account at till Simon Dodds got the account frozen.
I now live in a hospice and sometimes glad I am away from people who just assume anything on here,as for you writing bad trust I can see the point of the guy who thought he was being ripped off but WTF is VOD sticking his friggin nose into it for.
Write as much red trust as you like I dont really give a shit I have more pressing matters in my life than worrying about that
Apart from the guy who was selling a knife,in nearly 3 years you will find no one that says I tried to rip them off,I am more likely to give you something for nothing as steal from you

Two of the emails between me and Police over Hack***********

As discussed on the phone, please send me the IP address that you believe has been accessing your internet account.
Detective Constable Nicola Crosbie
Borders CID
V Division
Police Scotland
Direct Dial Tel No. 01387 242277

Twitter: @policescotland

Thanks Alan.
I have passed the information to Action Fraud, who are an organisation who specialise in Fraud investigation on behalf of the English Police forces and they will then forward the details to the Met Police as the exchange is held in London. Action Fraud should email you with a reference soon.
If you manage to obtain any further details then please contact me and I will update them.
I wonít be back in until the 1st Oct but I will catch up with you then.
Anything else, then please contact Borders CID in my absence,

Coinmaster222 is not considered to be trustworthy

Ok, so lowbander80 is connected to the sparkpool @starfaucet twitter account which is currently promoting MeFy and you've proved that lowbander80 is also coinmaster222 who has skipped on BTCJam loans and is accused of trying to scam somebody for a couple of hundred bucks on this forum, what is all this about him not being Mark Haynes and, if he is not Mark Haynes, who is he?

Well the information I have posted here already can be clicked through to see that the RL name associated with the lowbander80 and coinmaster222 forum accounts is somebody else entirely, but I'm not sure if I can actually post it here in a machine-searchable sub-forum, albeit the fact there may be an exception in cases where somebody is already discussed in the media. But for now I'll leave it as it is and direct you to the 'investigations' forum thread on the subject of who lowbander80 is.

The 'investigations' thread about who lowbander80 a.k.a. Mark Haynes actually is can be found here:

2  Economy / Scam Accusations / [ICO SCAM] JBox coin - already ran a failed ICO as an articles platform on: November 02, 2017, 09:51:52 AM

Scam ICO thread for JBOX Token sale

Currently attempting to pretend to be a video streaming project, but previously tried to run an ICO promoting 'JBOX' as a written-articles platform:


LOL at the failure to even bother replacing some of the 'Lorem Ipsum' placeholder text while fraudulently claiming the likes of 'Forbes' as partners!

Lazy scammer is lazy.

3  Economy / Scam Accusations / [FRAUD] Centra Tech - The Floyd Mayweather promoted 'Crypto debit card' ICO on: October 11, 2017, 10:16:31 AM
Ok, which ICO thread does this concern?
This 'Centra Tech' moderated ANN thread

Nutshell the ICO for me
Collecting millions of dollars in investment to create a Visa/Mastercard debit card capable of making purchases in fiat which are funded through a raft of cryptocurrency balances held by the user.

So what's the problem with this ICO, are you calling it an outright scam?

It's complicated. One man's cynical-grab-for-cash suspicious vapourware scam is another man's totally-legitimate-it-just-made-myriad-honest-mistakes project. Which is why this thread is titled 'Red Flags' rather than 'Scam' - for now. There is an awful lot to be very concerned about when it comes to this ICO and the people connected to it.

Yes, it has now been proven to be an outright scam.

But the ICO is over, why create this thread now?
It only came to my attention recently. Even if the ICO is over and the funds have already been collected there is value in ensuring information is available to both ICO participants and those considering the token on the open markets in the future. Also, the main reason for creating this thread is that I recently made a number of posts in their moderated ANN thread to raise some of these issues and seek an answer from the people running this operation, which were ignored and deleted. Which leads me to placing that as the first item on the list of red flags.

What are the red flags concerning this project?
They are, in no particular order, the following:

1. Multiple posts deleted in their moderated thread which raised serious issues of concern regarding elements of this ICO and the project purported to be underlying it.
2. The OP of their moderated thread is a bought/hacked account - evidenced by the fact they forgot they were the OP and their post history shows the typical signs of one. Previously was owned by a representative of India's Unocoin website before suddenly shilling for altcoins and eventually Centra Tech.
3. The Centra.Tech website Terms of Service appear to be a slightly modified direct copy of those issued by Bitpay, namely, they concern Merchant services only and are not representative of the business model Centra Tech Inc. purports to be operating under when promoting their operation in ICO marketing material.
4. For a business based in the US, founded by American English speakers, their marketing and promotional material has numerous grammatical errors and phrases entirely inconsistent with Western business English, e.g. referring to their company as 'her'.
5. Their 'whitepaper' is nothing of the sort and consists almost entirely of ICO-based hype and largely irrelevant vagaries and advice on how to buy their ICO token 'CTR'. The core 'engine' of this platform is referred to as the Currency Conversion Exchange module (CCE), yet garners a single small paragraph of, again, garbled-English statements which fail to even describe what the 'CCE' is or how it functions within the technological platform proposed by the ICO.
6. Some of the team members are listed as being responsible for roles inconsistent with their online history, e.g. their 'Blockchain Director' being someone who set up a very poorly-constructed 'freelancer' website, which he then changed to a poorly-constructed 'Bitcoin Exchange', before attempting, and failing, to launch his own vaguely-worded ICO earlier in the year.
under construction
4  Economy / Scam Accusations / [PUMP AND DUMP] Signatum is just another clonecoin scam targeting naive noobs on: September 22, 2017, 08:00:38 AM
Who does this scam accusation concern?

The 'SIGT' Signatum coin project.
Updated: The new moderated thread for the scam 'reboot'

Why is it considered a scam?

Because it bears all the usual hallmarks of every other shitcoin pump and dump operation that has gone before, from forum accounts routinely posting false claims of 'insider news' about major industry interest, to insanely high trading volumes on YoBit exchange which are abnormal for a coin lacking in any useful tech or innovation.

It was launched in July off the back of claimed technical innovation:

But the only feature it apparently has is a supposedly 'ASIC resistant' algorithm which, as any person knowledgeable in cryptocurrency would know, is only relevant for coins which are pure Proof-of-Work (PoW) based. This coin, however, has but a 100-day period of PoW before it is due to switch to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), which means the entire basis for its claims towards innovation are utterly irrelevant.

Its 'whitepaper' is devoid of anything of substance, bar for the repeated reference to said 'ASIC resistant' algorithm and is, clearly, merely designed to fool those new to this field into believing it to be a coin with technical and potential value.

In its OP it also attempts to claim that a 'user' (not a 'team member') has written an article on it, in an attempt to imply again industry interest which doesn't exist. That 'user', however, and their website, is simply just another layer of the fraud:
Very detailed info about Signatum & mining written by user Dan Jensen

Registry Domain ID: 2131504319_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2017-06-07T09:00:01Z
Creation Date: 2017-06-07T08:59:59Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2018-06-07T08:59:59Z
Registrar: PDR Ltd. d/b/a
Registrar IANA ID: 303
Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited
Registry Registrant ID: Not Available From Registry
Registrant Name: Domain Admin
Registrant Organization: Privacy Protect, LLC (

So a private domain sets up a blog only a few weeks before this shitcoin launches and advises how to mine this coin as well as posting 'exploratory' analysis of just why this coin is totes legit and should be mined/bought:

Don't forget to note how this is from a 'user', right?
Very detailed info about Signatum & mining written by user Dan Jensen

But of course it is actually from one of the 'dev team' as nobody outside of scammers and noobs would give this bullshit 'innovative' coin a passing glance

Its ANN thread Is currently being swamped by scammer sock-puppet accounts attempting to bury this information exposing it as an obvious pump-and-dump scam, which of course simply serves to prove it is not a legitimate project.

Avoid at all costs and, more importantly, learn to spot the signs of these scams, they aren't exactly subtle but newbie FOMO and inexperience means that these scumbags are often able to fool many into parting with their bitcoin to buy or mine-and-hold these useless coins.

5  Other / Archival / [for deletion] The account concerned is already locked so this is redundant on: September 18, 2017, 09:03:18 AM
Out of respect for the man, would a mod please lock Hal Finney's forum account which is showing as being last active March 29th 2017, so it is has clearly been compromised.

The date of activity appears consistent with the plethora of hacked forum accounts being hijacked to shill for scam ICOs in the last months and, while any scumbag attempting to use it would be swiftly called out, we don't want them changing any of Hal's posts for shits, giggles, or nefarious purposes.

6  Other / Meta / How to combat the surge in scam ICOs on: August 26, 2017, 12:30:41 PM
There are an absurd number of ICOs being launched through this forum these days, far more than we can keep up with and expose. I don't see it getting any better all the while the scammers have a platform such as this, which allows them to use hacked accounts and bot-posting to set up multiple ICO threads for free.

Somebody came up with an excellent idea on the matter:
If I were Theymos, I would charge 1 BTC to post an ICO. Then I would use some of it to vet the principles. Farm out the leg work to reputable people on here to dig into it.

While it will not 100% eliminate the problem I bet it would reduce it by 95%.

A chance for all to make a bit of BTC and make for a safer investment climate.


Personally I think simply introducing a fee to start an ICO thread would result in an immediate drop in the numbers we're currently seeing. If you've got a legit operation you sure as hell can afford a bitcoin or two in order to collect millions in ICO funding.

7  Economy / Scam Accusations / [DISHONEST ICO] NATV underlying 'GIG' platform a low-traction one-man-band op. on: August 26, 2017, 11:52:08 AM
Which ICO Scam does this concern?
The 'Native Currency' ICO

Their ICO announcement thread:

*Update* Negative ratings removed following confirmation of the identity of the profile used as being legitimate.

Ongoing discussions taking place in thread seeking to resolve other concerns and issues. See post for details.

Concerns raised have yet to be sufficiently addressed. Jason Hoff is being offered one more chance to respond to the issues properly or the negative trust ratings will be restored.

With the ICO supposedly beginning tomorrow and evidence showing his dishonest representation of the platform as being more substantial an operation than it is, all the while it can be seen that he has chosen to release dozens of promotional copy-pasta articles for the NATV ICO only days before launch, I have chosen to restore the negative rating and scam accusation as there is an EXTREMELY HIGH RISK that the purpose of the ICO is, at best, a cynical dishonest cash-grab for a bare-frame website or, in light of the none-existent traction of the underlying platform, the to-date development costs for which amounts to a tiny fraction of the investment funding he is seeking, possibly an intentional deception to defraud investors through collecting substantial funds for which there is no escrow or oversight and which could then be siphoned off for his personal expenditure.

Our traffic isnít significant
It is next to non-existent for a fledgling platform seeking millions of dollars through a token ICO which was only dreamed up a couple of months ago, Jason. The fan-boi newbies you've got posting in this thread are just the Indian freelancers chasing bounties, they aren't your staff, they aren't even unique to your platform.

The thing is, you haven't been quite as keen to promote gigb2b as you have your ICO and that does not bode well considering your somewhat dishonest spin on the size and scope of your platform.

You've made sure to get lots of copy-pasta articles in circulation promoting a multi-million dollar ICO. Trouble is, they don't really come across as honest when you're spinning the image of your platform to be something it is not, namely, an operation of size, scope and substance.

Iím sorry that you think we are rushing this project...Thereís no reason for us to spend months marketing the project to outside investors
I don't think you are rushing gigb2b's development at all, but you sure as hell are racing forward with a multi-million-dollar ICO sale with barely any time between your flurry of newswire NATV promotional articles and the actual launch date. Many of these articles show they were published just FIVE DAYS AGO and you're intending to launch this Friday?!

There is no justification for doing that other than to take advantage of FOMO while making vague hand-wavy promises about how you'll use the funds. You've got no escrow, no oversight and the fact is you've got nothing really invested in other than a few thousand dollars and a boatload of fake 'likes' on Facebook. What is to stop you misusing those funds? It wouldn't exactly be difficult for you to siphon off 'expenses' into your own pocket, considering you're running the business as the sole operator of it.

Speaking of which, you cite 'Native Currency LLC' as being the commercial vehicle through which you are operating, but I can't find any such incorporated company online. Which jurisdiction is it registered in? For that matter, 'GIGB2B Inc' doesn't seem to be pinging up on company registrar records, either.

We are not going to deceive anyone or try and dump tokens on any exchange.
LOL. You wouldn't have to dump NATV tokens, you're aiming to be in possession of many thousands of ETH. So that promise is just another specious straw-man.

Our community, our time and all of our hard work, and our Business Relationships are worth far more to me than that.
There is no "Our", Jason, there is simply YOU and a handful of freelancers who have registered on your just-another-freelancer-website and, as I said, they're not even unique to your platform as they got there only because they were already active on other freelance websites you were advertising a couple of jobs on!

You have single-digit social-media activity and sod-all traction but you've chosen to frantically ramp up your marketing for a multi-million-dollar ICO you only thought of a couple of months ago. The optics on this do not look good.

The only way you could possibly justify this ICO would be to have in place both an independent escrow to hold the funds AND to employ an independent audit company to oversee their expenditure. Given that you're potentially seeking many millions of dollars, I don't mean some Mom-and-Pop outfit from your former business associations, either, I mean a proper blue-chip firm.

Otherwise you're no different from any other sketchy "Trust me..." promise-merchant.

8  Economy / Scam Accusations / [ICO SCAM] Karbon is just another ICO scam with a bot-posted thread on: August 25, 2017, 03:43:28 PM
What happened:
Yet another ICO scam thread is what happened.

Which ICO scam does it involve this time?
A vague nonsensical 'social media' blockchain-magical-fairy-dust-app called 'Karbon'.

Their announcement thread can be found here

The Bought/Hacked forum account used to post the OP can be found here

Their bounty thread to get people to promote their scam can be found here

This topic uses BOT for increase in messages. They distribute the same messages with 30 on 150 page of a forum. Pay attention.

You look here:

They have written 156 pages in 2 days of the same messages

Damned Russian swindlers

LOLZ the mofo just keeps asking the same question


This bought or hacked account keeps posting the same messages over and over, for example this one:
Is it too late for the bounty/signature campaign, forgot to ask.
Is it too late for the bounty/signature campaign, forgot to ask.
Is it too late for the bounty/signature campaign, forgot to ask.
Is it too late for the bounty/signature campaign, forgot to ask.
Is it too late for the bounty/signature campaign, forgot to ask.
9  Economy / Scam Accusations / [ICO SCAM] D-Wallet is yet another ICO scam with fake profiles on: August 25, 2017, 10:40:33 AM
What happened::
User attempted to start an ICO scam with the usual fake profiles.

This is their scam thread
This is their bounty thread

This is their new, moderated, scam thread

This is their new bounty thread

And this is the proof of their fraud:
All Pictures are fake on your website.
Im pretty sure that you are the same guys from the Lust Scam
None of the images related to D-WALLET platform is fake. D- WALLET payment services is a registered platform and in adherence to global payment services regulations.

There are some facts that make you looks like those Lust Scammers.

Beware of those guys

10  Other / Archival / delete [RESOLVED] on: August 09, 2017, 02:31:52 PM

Issues raised were resolved and scam accusation thread archived and flagged for deletion.

11  Economy / Scam Accusations / [FRAUD] TX3 Arbitrage is an investment scam using fake credentials on: September 21, 2016, 06:42:39 AM
Excuse the rushed layout, I was just replying to somebody in this scam's thread and thought I'd better put up a scam report so the intertoobs can find it and stop these douchebags from conning too many people.

There are elements to this which are quite intriguing, from an analysis point of view.
If it is a scam, there's been some interesting work put into it.
Will have an in depth look soon.

It is and there has.

This is a new spin on the 'UK Incorp' scam. This time the scamming douchebags are using somebody else's company details and fake facebook walls.

Firstly, have yourself a search for "TX3 Arbitrage" in quotes and you'll see the grand total of one and a half pages of search results. Sure the first page looks like there are more but that's just Google messing with you because they don't like to show limited results. Click on page 2 and you'll see there are no more to be had beyond that point apart from repeated instances of the same domain results. The majority of which occur only within the last few weeks.

Any results which are dated prior to 2016 are either hits from old forum threads which are nothing to do with TX3 where you'll see a 'new' thread in the list below the aged post about TX3 dated within the last few days, or they are from the scammers own website.

As for, "Adam James Cornwell, Founder/CEO of TX3"

Let's take a quick look, shall we?

First, the company claims Mr Adam James Cornwell to be the Founder/CEO of:

Versus the actual directors:

Secondly, claiming themselves to be a five-year operational Bitcoin arbitrage/investment company, versus what they actually do:

Do not be fooled by the facebook timeline, it can easily be faked and if you look through it there's very little in the way of likes and most seem to come from the same people.

BTW, 'TX3' we've already called you out on your crap English, but just as a point, with regards to your obvious stream of fake historic posts, it isn't "Mr Obama" because he was already President and was re-elected, you should have referred to him as "President Obama". Something all educated Americans would know.

The use of the Columbian .co address, couple with the slick use of fake historical hits on Google makes me think of Roman Parra, the Recyclix scammer who just had his Columbian Bitcoin exchange shut down.

12  Economy / Scam Accusations / Megacrypton multiple clonecoin ICO scam exchange with fake coin dev accounts on: September 19, 2016, 09:44:42 AM

New exchange running multiple coin ICOs for coin project created for the purpose through sock-puppet 'dev' accounts

Exchange [ANN] Thread:

Website operator's forum username:


Sock-puppet 'dev' accounts operated by megacrypton:

Shitcoin scam ICO threads:
asianrupee [ARP] ICO thread posted by megacrypton "We are MegaCrypton got full authorization to handle its whole process" from the brand-new asianrupee 'dev' account

mpaycoin which got panned for having 'paycoin' in the name so was rebranded as 'multipoolcoin' for ICO purposes

zlotycoin [ZLC] yet another scam ICO for a coin dev account created that very day

Evidence that user 'megacrypton' is actually ham-fisted clonecoin creator 'mpaycoin'

1. The domain was created on 14th July and has not been updated since that day, meaning it is still in the hands of the person who registered it:

Registry Domain ID: 2043045964_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Registrar WHOIS Server:
Registrar URL:
Updated Date: 2016-07-14T13:53:25.00Z
Creation Date: 2016-07-14T20:53:00.00Z

2. megacrypton user account was created after the first instance of mpaycoin user advertising exchange

Mega Crypton  is  prime broker for trading in Crypto Coin, Mega Crypton is choice for different type of traders who ends up positively. With high liquidity from Tier-1 banks and liquidity providers, Mega Crypton serves the sophisticated trading solutions. The company enables a environment for Traders in Mega Crypton that they acquire tailored services that suits all levels of traders.

Current Pair:

Instant withdrawal
Real time trade engine
official site:

3. User mpaycoin offers the exchange package for sale on the 21st July
I got script of for sale, Price only 0.5btc

4. User megacrypton account is created 26th July;u=881707
Name:    megacrypton
Posts:    127
Activity:    70
Position:    Member
Date Registered:    July 26, 2016, 07:36:35 AM

5. . . .and immediately sets about creating the megacrypton [ANN] thread promoting the same exchange on the same domain
Trusted & Crypto Trading Platform

Mega Crypton  is  prime broker for trading in Crypto Coin, Mega Crypton is choice for different type of traders who ends up positively. With high liquidity from Tier-1 banks and liquidity providers, Mega Crypton serves the sophisticated trading solutions. The company enables a environment for Traders in Mega Crypton that they acquire tailored services that suits all levels of traders.

Notice how the promotional bullshit text is the same for both mpaycoin's post and megacrypton's.

There are some other proofs I can post but this will do for the OP of this scam accusation thread.

13  Economy / Scam Accusations / JOLTcorp American Mining is just another HashOcean-style ponzi scam. on: July 04, 2016, 11:55:01 AM
Known Russian Ponzi scumbag denchik7 is now trying to con people into signing up to this bunch of shit:
Start: 03.07.2016

American Mining. Start without attachments!
10 KH/s BONUS!

Sign up -


His own promo post in another forum with his reflink.

So, let's take a look at

'American' mining company? Yet has a UK address.

Regency St, Westminster SW1P 4AA, United Kingdom - Hide Tower, where they claim to be based, is a residential apartment block, BTW.

No JOLTcorp or similar can be found on UK companies house register.

Website is typical vapid nonsense
Quote from:
We use the best modern equipments, that guarantee high accuracy of profitable mining algorithm calculations.
yet they offer absolutely no information on their supposed mining capability. None.

Nothing surprises me when it comes to how low denchik7 will stoop to rob people of their money, but he's failing hard on this one.

He couldn't even mask his failure to hide the origins of the 'team' photo:

14  Other / Meta / Appeal to admin to introduce posting controls in IBG on: June 07, 2016, 07:33:53 AM
Dear Bitcointalk Administrators,

As you know, the 'Investor-based Games' (IBG) section of this forum is where all the ponzi/pyramid/HYIP scam threads are sent to live or, ideally, die. A community-based action was introduced by a few of us earlier this year whereby both the operators and participants/supporters of these scam threads received negative trust ratings. This has successfully served to all but eliminate the use of purchased sock-puppet senior forum accounts to sucker in newbies to the scam as the negative rating generally destroys the credibility and monetary value of these accounts.

With the small-time con-artists mostly seeing the opportunity to profit from their fraudulent operations rapidly diminishing with the inability to create a fake public image of any substance, what we are now seeing is the emergence of the pre-Bitcoin HYIP scam industry proponents moving in to create larger, more organised threads, often with dozens of new-account sock-puppets being employed to pad the thread daily and give the impression of a viable 'High-Yield Investment Program', or Ponzi scam to you and I.

What we are seeing now is the use of HYIP-scam style promotional terms and methods, such as the following:
New representative joined our program:

Experienced HYIP scammers moving into Bitcoin to run their ponzi is not good for either this industry or this forum.

In order to make it nigh-on impossible for these threads to be created and then padded with new account postings, either by the operators or participants, I propose the introduction of member-level controls for posting in IBG, namely, limiting the right to post or create a thread in IBG to only forum members of 'full' member status.

Where a scammer may seek to create such a thread in another part of the forum in an attempt to circumvent such controls the thread, once moved to IBG by staff, could be rapidly choked off by the use of our PSA's and warning posts, with the OP and shill accounts which may have already commenced in the thread unable to respond further.

I am aware that the new forum software is being beta-tested but we all know it will be many months before it is ready to migrate to. Which is why I ask for this posting policy to be introduced asap in IBG before BCT becomes seen as easy pickings by these organised and motivated HYIP scumbags.

15  Economy / Scam Accusations / [FRAUD] LEOcoin scam making demonstrably fraudulent claims to con general public on: May 25, 2016, 07:07:07 AM
The people shilling for the MLM/Pyramid-Scam-based coin, 'LEOcoin' have claimed since the coin's inception that, unlike the pseudo-anonymous nature of the vast majority of digital currencies, they have developed technology which makes it, "truly anonymous".

Their website, the central point of information on the web for the general public to learn of this coin and its features has long (since 2014 according to LEOcoin Foundation) contained this explicit claim:

Anybody who understand the basic principle behind bitcoin knows it is not anonymous, it is pseudo-anonymous. While addresses within the publicly-viewable blockchain are not named and generally do not carry identifiers of the person who possesses the private key to them, the fact is that every single transaction since the genesis block can be tracked to analyse the movement of coins to and from these addresses.

By simply discovering the information of who owns some of the addresses, usually through their having used centralised exchanges which require users to submit their identity, or through using Bitcoin to make online purchases which may involve submitting personal information or a delivery address, it is absolutely possible to uncover a veritable trove of information on that person's coin transactions, their history and even trace their ongoing activities. 

This is why the concept of a "truly anonymous" digital currency is often considered as the 'Holy Grail' of cryptocurrency technology and very few coin projects seek to specialise in achieving this complex and extremely difficult goal.

While many digital currency websites play fast and loose with the use of the word 'anonymous' when listing the features and specification of their coin, usually simply alluding to the lack of address identifiers, only those projects which are claiming to specifically offer total anonymity list in their coin's features that they are, "truly anonymous".

LEOcoin, which is known to market and promote itself through an MLM/Pyramid scheme to the general public, not only claims to possess this valuable technology, but even qualifies that claim further by comparing itself to regular digital currencies which are anonymous "only on a superficial level".

There is no vague, hand-wavy, stretching of the truth here. They do not simply claim it be anonymous, they specifically claim it to be, "truly anonymous" and, therefore, superior to other coins which are only pseudo-anonymous, like Bitcoin for example. LEOcoin is actually claiming that it offers a feature which even the multi-billion-dollar Bitcoin does not have. It is promoting itself to the general public as offering a function that it simply does not possess.

It is doing this in order to make itself seem more advanced a technology than 'other' coins, like Bitcoin.

It is doing this in order to persuade the general public that it is a worthwhile and valuable investment.

It is committing fraud in doing so.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Brock Pierce and why Bitcoin does not need his skeevy connection on: April 18, 2016, 07:08:52 AM
Many of you are already familiar with the, frankly appalling, history of Brock Pierce, the current Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation.

But it has been a while since the initial outrage at his appointment to the board and, while history has shown us that he and his paedophile chums prefer the tactic of avoiding responsibility for their actions and just hoping the furore will burn itself out, I think it is time we revisit the known facts which explain why Bitcoin, The Bitcoin Foundation and this industry in general, needs to distance itself from him as fast and as far as it can.


This documentary gives an in-depth look at child sexual abuse in Hollywood. Brock Pierce is first mentioned at mark 26:06 and what follows is a disturbing insight into how he and his associates conducted their business and social lives. He is referenced throughout the documentary, including in legal deposition citing how he and his powerful industry friends were accused of grooming, drugging, using and abusing young boys. Many of these men are convicted sex offenders. Many of them, even after their high-profile convictions, continue to work in Hollywood with children. So it proves that if an industry is willing to ignore and normalise convicted sexual predators operating unopposed, because of the allure of money and power, cryptocurrency, which *is* money and power, needs to decide if it, too, wants to simply ignore the elephant in the room which is Brock Pierce's public and proven past.

I urge all of you who may not yet be aware of the history of the man who is the public and industry face of bitcoin to watch this documentary and gain insight into who Brock Pierce is and how he and his associates stand accused of destroying the lives of young boys. He is the Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation and as much as some might claim them to be irrelevant, mainstream media and commerce sees them as the first point of contact when wanting to speak to 'someone from bitcoin'.

At the end of the documentary a 'rogues gallery' sequence leads to this image:

Watch the documentary and then tell me if you still feel his position as Chairman of The Bitcoin Foundation is irrelevant to the public and commercial perception of Bitcoin.


17  Other / Meta / [Suggestion] Removal of signature display for negatively rated users on: April 15, 2016, 12:27:59 PM
No, I don't mean everywhere, I mean in forums that do not show the trust rating of a user alongside their post.

Hey guys,

What are some methods of gaining bitcoin from scratch? Grin
Preferably not faucets
Join a signature campaign and invest half of your earning into a profitable cloud mining. That is how u make a lot in the long run due to the cumulative nature of this earning+investment strategy.

This scumbag shill for the ponzi 'cloud mining' fraud has taken to regularly posting in forums where his negative rating is not displayed, hoping instead to offer some 'helpful' advice and flaunt the gigantic banner promoting his scam in his signature space.

He and his ilk are having to resort more and more to this tactic because they are finding it harder to rope in new suckers to their criminally fraudulent scams. Seeing as they are gaming the trust rating system by avoiding those forums where it is displayed, I think it would make good sense to at least prevent their signature from being included in their post if they are rated as untrustworthy.


18  Economy / Scam Accusations / Bitmaxer - Obvious ponzi is obvious even when they pretend they are not. on: April 05, 2016, 08:33:13 AM
Self Moderated Thread:

**self moderated thread to remove trolls/off-topic posts as well as neat thread formatting.
**neg trusts in this section are by default. All programs have them. to see if we are paying, simply see happy customers in this thread

Blatantly admits that they only want 'Happy Customer' posts to be seen. - Stable Investment Solutions
Nope, ponzi.

Bitcoin Maxer Offers Investors:
- Generous Investment ROI - 170% in only 7 Days
- Unique Payout Structure - Daily Payout and deposit back on last day*
- 10% Affiliate Program on Approve Commission*

Ridiculously high investment returns? - Check
Ridiculously fast investment returns? - Check
Ridiculous payout structure and promise of lump sum of deposit paid back, when? At the end of the 'investment period' of course! - Check
Affiliate program to encourage the dishonest and greedy to sucker in more suckers! - Check

How does it work? Your profit is paid daily in 10% increments, on the last day, you will receive your deposit back! An example below...
You invest 1BTC, you will receive each day:

0.1BTC + 0.1BTC + 0.1BTC + 0.1BTC + 0.1BTC + 0.1BTC + 1.1BTC = 1.7BTC

On the last day you receive the 7th day of profit AND your deposit back!

Bullshit, it's a ponzi! Cheesy

Didn't receive your commission? Send us an email with your referral link and any suspected missing commission and we will look into the matter for you.

Of course you will!!! LOL. Ponzi.

That is right. We are 100% Transparent. BitMaxer operates from two addresses (shown below) in order to provide a complete ledger of all investments and movements of our funds.

Because bitcoin transactions are always 100% what someone says they are, right? Ponzi.

Every so often, we will also post PROOF of our profit on the exchanges we use to generate your ROI.

HAhahahahahaHAAHAAHAAAaa. Love that one. It's so. Dumb.


Avoid at all costs.
19  Economy / Scam Accusations / User "Cloud Mining" is now deleting posts warning of his ponzi scam in thread. on: March 29, 2016, 10:10:46 AM
User: 'Cloud Mining'

Proven Shill accounts: 'GermanGiant','Vitamin King','HSBC','SolidRate','AlphaNil'

Their moderated thread: High Performance Bitcoin Mining | Starting from 0.0007 BTC/Ghs | Since 2014

Description of scam: Cloud mining service long proven to be a ponzi scheme in the absence of ANY evidence to the contrary.

This scam is actively trying to cover up criticism in this new phase of using their sock-puppet shill accounts to post multiple "Hey I got paid!" posts, suggesting they are desperate to find new victims. This indicates a greatly increased risk the ponzi is about to collapse.

Previously the OP of the moderated thread remained largely silent and did not delete critical posts for fear of triggering a scam accusation which would likely damage their operation more than the posts remaining in the thread.

The latest posts to appear were from known shill accounts 'Vitamin King' and 'HSBC' which prompted me to post my PSA warning to inform any newcomers who may be unaware of the fraudulent nature of this purported cloud mining operation.

Public Service Announcement -
This is just another Ponzi Scam
Do Not Invest!

Those who choose to post of their participation
support or encouragement for this scam will
be tagged with negative trust for proving
they wish to help the scammers operate this
Ponzi in return for a share of the funds stolen
from other users. Thereby proving they are not
trustworthy forum members.


As the above PSA appeared at the top of a new page, relegating the latest shill posts to the bottom of the previous page, 'HSBC' deleted his "I got paid" post and reposted it after my PSA so that the new page would not contain the PSA. I followed suit, to which he simply repeated. I then edited my PSA post to one warning of the indications the scam was likely close to collapse.

Having then posted my PSA on the next page, below HSBC's "I got paid" post, it was very promptly deleted by user 'Cloud Mining'.

Also of note is the recent increase in the activity of 'GermanGiant', the likely owner of both the scam and the sock-puppets, who is more frequently posting in threads these days in order to gain greater exposure for that large signature banner he carries.

The frequency with which the shills for this scam are now posting encouragement for this 'cloud mining' scam is suggestive that the scam is extremely close to collapse. Any money you send them is likely to be stolen.

Please quote this thread if you encounter any '' shills currently active around this forum.

'GermanGiant' is maintaining his run of posting in forums which do not display his negative trust rating.;u=311162;sa=showPosts

If you haven't checked it out yet, please review my suggestion here for dealing with this obvious gaming of the trust system by known scammers:

20  Other / Meta / Tagging both operators and participants of Ponzi schemes is extremely effective on: February 29, 2016, 09:27:46 AM
I'm sure most of you decent human beings are sick of the plethora of HYIP/Ponzi scams being churned out on a regular basis in this forum.

I would like to propose a concerted effort by forum members who are on DT to tag with negative trust, not just the OP of these threads, but also anybody who participates in them and posts positive comments in their threads.

This may sound a little harsh, after all it can be argued that people who knowingly wish to 'play' in a ponzi 'game' should be able to do so. But while the, "We're all smart enough to take responsibility for our decisions" argument sounds like a powerful defence, it actually isn't. Firstly, no, not everybody understands what they are joining in with and how it works when it comes to ponzi schemes. This results in stolen coins and more pissed off newbie cryptocurrency users who will simply end up joining the mainstream chorus condemning cryptocurrency as being a criminal industry.

Secondly, and more importantly, while you might shrug your shoulders and think that naive users just have to suck it up and take their whuppin' so that those who do know how a ponzi works can continue to 'play' them, their desire to seek profit through fair means or foul results in these scams being able to function and encourages more scammers to join in with their own ponzis. Without participants, there can be no ponzi.

Imagine that. No more ponzi schemes in cryptocurrency. Well, those promoted through Bitcointalk, anyway.

Negative trust tagging doesn't actually stop anybody from participating, it merely discourages them from shilling for the ponzi they are involved in. Particularly bought accounts which, by way of being senior members of this forum, are very likely to make newbies believe that a particular scheme is worth joining. So their whining about being prevented from doing what they want is false, they are still free to participated, there will simply be the consequence that other users will be able to see what type of person they are, that is all.

If we tag these senior accounts it will also destroy the potential future resale value of them, thereby greatly reducing the demand for these accounts by the scammers as part of their sock-puppet shilling process. If they can't con newbies with 'experienced' members posting their support then they won't be buying them. Two birds, one stone.

It wouldn't have to be limited to just ponzis, either. 'Cloud Mining' is predominantly ponzi-by-another-name and it has its own socks and shills supporting it who encourage newbies to believe it isn't the scam most of us know it to be. Ruining the credibility of these accounts will dissuade naive users from believing their lies and will hopefully drive these toxic operations out of this space.

I propose a two-stage process to enforcement (after the initial tagging of the OP):

1. A red-letter PSA is posted in the scam thread advising users that it is a ponzi scam and their participation in it makes them guilty of being an accomplice to fraud and theft. That by making positive posts supporting a known scam they are demonstrably proving they wish to encourage others to send money in so that they might be rewarded by the scammers for having done so, by receiving a share in the stolen funds. Such behaviour being inconsistent with trustworthy characteristics, they will receive negative trust. That there exists plenty of legitimate gambling, gaming and investment services they can avail themselves of, so there is no excuse to be supporting scams.

2. Posts continuing to show participation, excuse or support for a scam should see that user's account being tagged with negative trust for the above reasons.


[edit] Example cut-and-paste warning for people to insert into scam threads.
P.S. Any participation counts as support, including asking in thread for a giveaway

[size=18pt][color=red]Public Service Announcement -
This is just another Ponzi Scam
Do Not Invest!

Those who choose to post of their participation
support or encouragement for this scam will
be tagged with negative trust for proving
they wish to help the scammers operate this
Ponzi in return for a share of the funds stolen
from other users. Thereby proving they are not
trustworthy forum members.

YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED![/color][/size]

I suggest allowing users to request a negative tag be removed if they delete the post in question shortly after being negatively rated. This should avoid tears and tantrums from those who claim they didn't understand what was going on. But not if they do so days later as, by then, their tacit support will already potentially have encouraged other users to participate.
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