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1  Other / Politics & Society / What is the most ethical way to reduce the growth of human population? on: August 07, 2018, 08:42:38 AM
what I would suggest is to change the social structure of developing nations while at the same time introducing economical advancements steered toward cultural evolution.

here a few methods

education can help curve fertility rates,but how useful might that be in a male dominant society where forced marriage is still the norm?
the solution:introduce norm that empower freedom and independence, while shaming those infringing on those right as if there committing a taboo, and that it acceptable for couple to have no children at all

2. the senior population might want more grandchildren for various economical and personal reason. diminishing workforce,more retiree then economic supporters,old mcgutget family-owned farm need more child labor etc.

the solution: keep advancing technology to at least substitute for the difference in the job market while the population is in transition for a smaller demographic

3. especially in developing nations, the main reason why people procreate vigorously is to better there odds of passing there legacy and that one will be a success in a poverty stricken area, more children mean better their chances.

the solution: make the opposite true; offer programs for single-children (or that has only one biological sibling) that allow various resources to be accessible to them. I donít think they would want 7 or 8 gosling in a polluted pond if they know that stopping at one will ensure they (under-tale reference) will become a geese thriving in a crystal clear lake (world)

2  Other / Politics & Society / SHOULD CITIZENS WHO DON'T PAY TAXES BE ALLOWED TO VOTE? on: August 01, 2018, 08:40:30 AM
I know will refer to the constitution and human rights on this matter but If a citizen does not contribute to society, how can that citizen have an opinion on it? Ultimately if you do not pay tax, you have no need to affect the political process, and your impact will be negative to others because you will be uninformed on how to vote to improve things.

3  Other / Off-topic / THE IMPACT OF MUSIC ON PEOPLE IN OUR SOCIETY REDUCING? on: July 29, 2018, 11:00:23 AM
I am a geek when it comes to music. I listen almost to all genre of this art. I music not only entertaining but also, the art of musical always adjusts to suit your situation and moods. But with the current trend of our generation and I mean we the "millennials". The message in music is quickly degrading its positive impact in our lives.
Forget about the beats and styles, and lets concentrate on the message. Did our generation lose it on this one?
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