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1  Economy / Service Discussion / Looking for crypto marketing services from reputable users on: February 22, 2021, 03:51:02 AM
We at x42 Protocol ( are looking for a reputable marketing person with experience to run a marketing campaign focused on attracting new investors to our project.

x42 has been around since 2018 and just a couple days ago we launched our biggest product yet, which is essentially a fully decentralized server system that supports payments and price locks (similar to bitpay).

We would like to find someone who can run us an efficient and effective marketing campaign here on bitcointalk and other cryptocurrency forums and social medias. Other ideas are also welcome.

Here is our whitepaper:
And our discord:

Interested parties can respond here or directly to x42#2508 on discord. Thank you.

This will be a paid service if someone can come up with efficient marketing alternatives for x42.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / [Bounty] x42 Protocol Coding Bounties on Github on: January 22, 2021, 05:02:51 PM
x42 Protocol has been offering several coding bounties on their github respositories.

Look for the green tag 'bounty' and read the details provided on each issue or feature request.


This is a great way to test your skills as a coder and get some payment in return.
We hope to see you there!
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] x42 - Feeless, PoS, Fast, Price Locks, ERC20 Wrapped Token on Uniswap on: August 01, 2018, 07:43:29 PM

  • What is the x42 Protocol (x42)?

    A feeless cryptocurrency that allows users not only to make transactions using the x42 coin but also gives a very large array of tools to the developer or entrepreneur that chooses to use the platform as a developing workspace and publishing service.
    x42 Protocol is a proof of stake blockchain that allows for the creation, distribution and decentralized hosting of applications, it also allows for the creation of off-chains in the xServer layer of x42, they can be edited to allow for any type of desired scalability through different block times, block sizes and near limitless usability in various situations at zero or minimal cost, these off-chains offer a test network that any development team or even single users can take advantage to test and debug the most varied array of software types in a decentralized and secure manner.


  • x42 Key Features

      • Feeless transactions
      • Proof of stake
      • Customizable off-chain solution
      • Control over DApps


    • Coin Specifications

      Name: ........x42 Protocol
      Symbol (Ticker):........x42
      Block Validation:........Proof of stake
      Block Time: ........~60 seconds
      Block Reduction:........400.000 (from 20 x42 to 2 x42, until 42.000.000 coins exist)
      Transaction Fees:........0 (main blockchain), variable (off-chain)
      Private Transactions:........To Be Implemented

    • Coin Distribution

    Core Development 5.600.000 (13.33%)   Strategic Partners 2.800.000 (6.66%)
    Third Party Development and Partnered Exchanges 1.300.000 (3.11%)   Bounties and Airdrops 800.000 (1.9%)
    Unminted (75%)

    Total supply: 42.000.000 x42 coins

    • Initial Coin Offering and Launch

      Traditional launch, no initial coin offering (ICO).
      The x42 core development team and community are working hard, and the value is already observable, the coin price will increase and therefore we will not make an ICO, we want to reward the community by providing a higher PoS reward and bounties for that work. The x42 protocol is already online as of this post, it offers fully functional main and test networks.
      Over two million coins were given away for free in the form of airdrops, faucets and other services in the last two years, all other information regarding the pre-mined coins and their distribution and use can be found on our official website:


    • Zero Fees

      Transactions on the blockchain are a fundamental part of any cryptocurrency project, we felt that full clients getting the fees from off-chain solutions that give them good ROI is much better than charging for each transaction, that is without taking into account the staking block reward of 20 x42 until block 400.000 and 2 x42 units after that point; a block reward is given roughly every 60 seconds.
      A developer that chooses to pay xServers with what they feel is a fair share will get servers owner support and as a community will get to choose what succeeds and what doesnít.
      Non-profit organizations can choose to not share revenue, and the community can host them knowing they are doing good by donating resources to them, while entrepreneurs can choose to run fees as low or as high as they want for their projects on off-chain solutions and other types of decentralized application.


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