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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] YUKI project on: July 23, 2018, 06:39:08 AM
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YUKI -SNOW from Hokkaido, Japan-


On 10th of July , 2018 YUKI was listed on

And 27th of July, 2018 YUKI was listed on Mercatox.


- About YUKI Project -

There are various social issues according to the each social circumstance in every countries.
Especially, “Food safety” is a common issue in many countries.
The factors of threaten food safety could be due to the economic poverty aspect of the food producer and disparities between urban and rural areas.
Providing trustable food safety through YUKI projects will improve the products value and contribute to economical improvements of producers and rural areas. This rural economic improvements connects to the urban economy, which foster economic improvement of the nation.
Producer’s economic status improvements will encourage to improve production efficiency by introducing mechanization to the primary industries.
However, this movements may cause the next issue "Depopulation" occurring in developed countries. YUKI projects will also propose solutions for this issues.
The solution of developing countries issues may bring social issues of developed countries. This is the issue circulations in the world.
Hokkaido, Japan has both aspects of developing countries issues in rural areas and developed countries issues in urban areas.
Therefore, YUKI project propose new solution approaches with cryptocurrency and blockchain to change such social issue circulations from Japan. We will apply these solution models to developing and developed countries.

Click Here For Detailed Info(In Our Whitepaper)

- YUKI Basic Information -

Token Creation Date: June 18, 2018

Token Standard: ERC-223 (Ethereum based)
Token name / Symbol: YUKI
Decimals: 8
Total supply: 20,000,000,000 YUKI
Contract Address: 0x5AB793E36070F0fac928EA15826b0c1Bc5365119

We adopted ERC-223 standard to obtain better transaction usability on real society than existing ERC-20 standard which is most popular standard now.
ERC-223 is backward compatible standard of ERC-20 standard. This standard solved several technical issues of ERC-20 and introducing following advantage.

- Transaction fee to contract address is cheaper than ERC-20.
- ERC-223 can avoid token loss by sending token to unintentional contract address.

ERC-223 standard can be considered as next mainstream for Ethereum based tokens.

- YUKI Token Allocation -

Total amount of YUKI supply is 20 billion. Details of allocation is as follows.

- Initial market distribution: 9 billion (45%).
- Holder-incentives: 1 billion (5%).
- Development : 4 billion (20%).
- Marketing: 3.5 billion (17.5%).
- Organization: 2.5 billion (12.5%)


Q. Which wallet is suitable for YUKI?
A. We recommend MyEtherWallet or HBWallet.

Q. Is YUKI mineable?
A. YUKI is not mineable.

Q. Did YUKI held ICO / presale?
A. NO. YUKI didn't held ICO / presale.

Q. Any lock-up event on YUKI?
A. We already finished Lock-up 2.5billion YUKI (Organization distribution) on 13th of July.

Q. Any Airdrop events of YUKI?
A. We finished Airdrop of YUKI to 3,000 users (10,000YUKI/user, 30,000,000YUKI in total).

Q. Any additional Airdrop events of YUKI?
A. No. We did THREE incentive airdrops for HODLers as follows.
1st Airdrop: 14:59 GMT on 17th of July (tue) for top 1,000 holders (100,000YUKI/holder)
2nd Airdrop: 14:59 GMT on 24th of July (tue) for top 1,000 holders
 (Total of 300,000,000YUKI/depend on holder’s quantity propotional ratio)
3rd Airdrop: 14:59 GMT on 7th of August (tue) for top 1,000 holders
(Total of 700,000,000YUKI/depend on holder’s quantity proportional ratio)

Incentive airdrops were provided to just top 1,000 in the list of "etherscan".


[Website] [Telegram] [Twitter] [Discord] [Github]

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