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1  Bitcoin / Pools / [5gh/s] Bonus for current block, no fees, API, LP, Full 8) on: June 24, 2011, 03:27:00 AM

We use a dedicated server in a datacenter, not some whitebox we put together and run on our mom's dsl line, and not some VPS that craps out when 10 people connect to it.  We are geared to GROW and our hardware can easily handle 1000GH/S.  We have a full 100mbps link to the internet so your miners can rest easy knowing that their precious sharez will make it back to the monkey cage unharmed.

For the next four blocks, we are offering a "Pyramid Bounty", the next block is worth 4BTC bonus, the block after that is 3BTC, the block after that is 2BTC, and the fourth block will be 1BTC bonus to the miner who submits the share that puts us in to the promised land.  If you don't find the block, then the monkey will throw poop at you.

BLOCK 1 - 4 BTC BONUS (Block completed 2011-07-10 22:04:21 in only 850k shares!!!  What luck!)

If enough people sign up and we find our fourth block by Friday of next week (7/15/11)....  I will EXTEND the 1 BTC bonus for an additional 5 blocks!

That's a total of 15 BTC in bonuses!!!!!11!!!one!!11!!

Please register on the site, create some workers, and get to mining!

*front end is a work in progress, we are updating and adding features every week.  Please submit any suggestions for features or front end improvements in this forum thread.*

2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Faster bitcoin alternative tied in to bitcoins? on: June 21, 2011, 02:58:24 AM
With confirmations taking minutes instead of milliseconds as typical credit card transactions do, I don't see bitcoin being a viable alternative for vending machines, convenience stores, etc.

How would it be possible to create a new coin, tied to bitcoin (but at a fraction of the value) that is updated more regularly.  Instead of 10 blocks an hour they go for 10 blocks a minute?  Obviously the difficulty would have to be way down.  At least this way a merchant could possibly get 2 or 3 confirmations before releasing any product to a consumer.

Any ideas?
3  Other / Beginners & Help / Missing money from Mt. Gox on: June 13, 2011, 03:19:16 AM
Anyone else have money missing from Mt.Gox?  I tried to withdraw approx $50 USD to my Dwolla account last week (6/5/11) and it never went through.  Funds are gone from my MtGox account, I emailed MtGox about it and they said that Dwolla changed something without telling them and that they would resubmit my transaction that day (6/8/11). 

Still nothing.... Sad

I even emailed them back saying to forget it and just put the money back in the MtGox account so I could just buy some bitcoins instead and still nothing.

I would hope that with the amount of money that Mt.Gox is making they could afford some type of support?  Otherwise why pay fees and why trade if there is a chance of some of your transactions could end up missing?

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