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1  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] 8GB laptop memory DDR3 SODIMM 0.4 BTC on: March 27, 2013, 12:50:46 AM
I have two 4GB SODIMM modules for a total of 8GB.  These are brand new, but unfortunately my system needs 7-7-7-20 timing and these are 9-9-9-24.  These should work in most laptops, but please double check at
Asking 0.4 BTC for the pair, including shipping within the US.  Please inquire about shipping elsewhere.  Thanks for looking.

Corsair CMSO4GX3M1A1333C9
Memory Configuration: Dual Channel Memory
Type: DDR3
Package - Memory Pin: 204
Package - Memory Format: SODIMM
Tested Voltage: 1.5
SPD Voltage: 1.5
Speed Rating: PC3-10600 (1333MHz)
SPD Speed: 1333MHz
Tested Speed: 1333Mhz
Tested Latency: 9-9-9-24
SPD Latency: 9-9-9-24

Product page:
2  Bitcoin / Armory / Suggestion: hide all data in encrypted wallets on: March 18, 2013, 04:20:12 AM
The way Armory (and the Satoshi client) works is that even before providing the password, anyone who obtains a copy of the wallet file can view all of your transactions and  your balance.  This is a serious breach of financial privacy.  Why not have the option of totally locking down the wallet?  As it is, I have to store the wallet file in a TrueCrypt volume, which totally defeats the purpose of having encryption in the client.
3  Bitcoin / Project Development / Privacy-oriented live OS on: August 25, 2012, 04:20:04 PM
I wonder if anyone here has experience with any of the privacy-based live distros.  I was able to find this list:  The TAILS and Liberte projects look the most promising.  I think the ideal distro would have the latest Tor bundle and bitcoin client, in addition to TrueCrypt, GPG, etc.  This would be nice as you could boot up from just about anywhere, load your encrypted bitcoin wallet from a flash drive, connect via Tor or I2P, and conduct your business securely (assuming the hardware itself wasn't compromised).  I know there was LinuxCoin, but that project seems to have been abandoned.
4  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] 1 X 5850, 4 x 5870 in excellent condition on: April 05, 2012, 01:24:40 AM
I'm selling one 5850 and four 5870s in this thread.  They were well cared for; I never ran them at higher than stock voltage and never tampered with the stock cooling.  All fans work fine.  All original accessories and the original boxes are included.  

One DIAMOND 5850PE51G Radeon HD 5850, $125:

Two SAPPHIRE 100281-3SR Radeon HD 5870, $160 each:

Two SAPPHIRE Vapor-X 100281VX-2SR Radeon HD 5870, $160 each:

I prefer payment in BTC, but we can make other arrangements if you have a good reputation.  If you buy two or more cards, shipping is free within the continental US.  Otherwise, please inquire.  Thanks for looking.

5  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] 5 x 5850 in excellent condition on: March 25, 2012, 05:57:43 AM
I have about 10 GPUs I'm selling, a mix of 5850s and 5870s.  In this post, I'm listing 5 of the 5850s.  They were well cared for; I never ran them at higher than stock voltage and never tampered with the stock cooling.  All fans work fine.  All original accessories and the original boxes are included.  

I have one DIAMOND 5850PE51G:

I have two SAPPHIRE 100282XTREME:

I have two XFX HD585XZAFC:

I'm asking 30 BTC each, plus shipping.  If you buy more than one and you live within the continental US, shipping will be free.

6  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / [CLOSED] Free bitcoins for newbies on: January 26, 2012, 07:21:42 PM
I'm giving away 1 BTC each to 5 people.  To receive a Bitcoin, you must:

  • Have joined this forum in the last 30 days
  • Mention where you first heard about Bitcoin
  • Post a short essay (a few sentences is fine) in this thread about one of Bitcoin's attributes which is attractive to you (example: low fees) and why.  Select an attribute which hasn't already been mentioned in the posts above yours.
  • Supply your receiving address
  • Be one of the first 5 people

Good luck!

[EDIT] Sent out the 5th Bitcoin.  Thanks everyone for your contributions.  Now go out there and spread the word about how awesome Bitcoin is!
7  Economy / Economics / Underground economy set to overtake U.S. economy on: October 29, 2011, 06:52:38 PM
In this Foreign Policy article, Robert Neuwirth describes the growing black market or System D economy and how it not only creates opportunities for those left behind in the traditional economy but how it will soon surpass the U.S. economy in size.  Technologies like Bitcoin, Open Transactions and Ripple can enable even the tiniest System D players to extend their trading sphere to the entire planet.

8  Economy / Economics / Occupy Wall Street Protestor on Federal Reserve on: October 05, 2011, 02:07:54 AM
Listening to this young man gives me hope for the future.

Support the revolution; donate Bitcoin at
9  Economy / Economics / Does America Really Need More Jobs? on: September 16, 2011, 02:49:25 AM
This is a really good video on the future of jobs and work.  Douglas Rushkoff presents his view of where we're going economically and why corporations and the federal government won't be able to help us much in the future.  He talks a lot about local, peer-to-peer economic activity and local currencies.  He doesn't specifically mention Bitcoin, but I think a combination of Bitcoin, Open Transactions and Ripple could really enable his vision of the future.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Free Bitcoin! on: June 03, 2011, 02:27:35 PM
First one to post a valid address in this thread gets a free Bitcoin!
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Mystery miner at it again? on: April 13, 2011, 07:18:33 PM
It seems we've had a sudden increase in network hashing power.  Mystery miner returns or people reacting to the rise in value of Bitcoins?
12  Bitcoin / Project Development / [CLOSED] OpenCart Bitcoin payment extension (100 BTC) on: April 09, 2011, 03:39:24 PM
I'm pledging 100 BTC for someone to write an extension for OpenCart to accept payment in Bitcoin.  I'm going to use the features from Mike Gogulski's WordPress payment module as a rough specification.  You can find Mike's module here:  Since OpenCart also utilizes PHP extensions, you should be able to borrow a lot of code from the WP module, especially the Bitcoin support library.

Perhaps someone who is an experienced PHP coder could take a look at this and determine what is a reasonable bounty for the project.  Also, I would encourage others to add to the bounty.  I would like to keep the code open source, by whatever license the community deems appropriate (GNU, MIT, BSD, etc.).  
13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Free Bitcoin on: April 01, 2011, 05:57:26 PM
First one to post their address in this thread gets a free Bitcoin.
14  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Poll: your education level on: March 12, 2011, 06:03:39 PM
Disclaimer: I'm not an education snob and have always been pretty much self-taught.  I'm still interested in learning the distribution of forum members though.  Suggestions for additional categories?
15  Economy / Marketplace / HD 5770 mining GPU available on BiddingPond on: February 25, 2011, 04:39:01 PM
I placed a HIS H577FK1GD ATI HD 5770 GPU card on  This card more than paid for itself; I am only selling it because I am upgrading.  This card generates 190 Mhash/s at a core clock of 950 MHz, and you can expect it to find a block (50 BTC) approximately every two weeks with a difficulty of 50,000.  

This is a one-week auction, and I am opening the bidding at 50 BTC.

Item link:

Thanks for looking.
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / 17 blocks in the last hour? on: February 24, 2011, 03:32:36 PM
At this rate, the difficulty will be 100,000 in no time.  I guess it's the end of easy mining profits.
17  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Lost money on Report it here. [UPDATE: funds recovered] on: February 18, 2011, 04:46:08 PM
It looks like I am not the only one who has had money sent to MyBitcoin disappear.  Here are two transactions of mine (51.04 BTC total) which never showed up in my MyBitcoin account:

The first one was a transfer from one of my miners and the second one was a pool payment from slush's pool.  I have been able to successfully send money from my MyBitcoin account (I cleared out my entire balance to a local wallet).  

I have sent them an email using the address on their contact page, but I have not received a reply.  I urge everyone using MyBitcoin to check recent transactions and verify that you are not missing anything.  If you are, please report it here.
18  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Miners returning 71% of expected yield on: February 13, 2011, 05:52:51 AM
I've been mining for about 3 weeks now, so I thought I'd put together a spreadsheet (see link below) comparing expected and actual returns. It is not a trivial calculation since the difficulty keeps changing and so does my mining cluster. I created one row in the spreadsheet each time something changed (difficulty, hash rate, payout) and calculated what should have been expected returns over the previous time period. As it turns out, I initially did as much as 33% better than expected. Recently, my returns haven't been as good, and overall for the 3 weeks I'm 29% below expectation. It's a relatively short time period, so I don't necessarily think anything is wrong.  Has anyone else compared theoretical versus actual returns? Perhaps the spreadsheet will be a useful template for others.

The spreadsheet:
Generation time calculator for arbitrary difficulty factor:
Difficulty changes:

[edit] I'm running m0mchil's miner, and the hash rates in my spreadsheet are simply the sum of the rates displayed by the miner instances.
19  Other / Off-topic / Atlas Shrugged, the movie on: February 12, 2011, 04:52:22 AM

I'm excited about this!  I've moved on somewhat from Ayn Rand's philosophy, but Atlas Shrugged was a very pivotal book in shaping my thinking. 
20  Bitcoin / Mining / Mining behind a firewall on: February 03, 2011, 05:23:23 PM
I have a cluster of miners that is behind a firewall (no incoming 8332/8333).  I have no control over the routing.  Currently, I am running bitcoind on each mining machine, and each one establishes 8 connections.  Are these connection IPs hard-coded into the source?  Anyway, I also have another, remote machine which doesn't mine but which is is running bitcoind and has no firewall restrictions.  

Am I limiting my ability to acquire new transactions in a timely manner by having these miners behind a firewall?  I tried having the miners get work from my remote bitcoind server, but bitcoind seems to hang after a few hours.  Does it make sense to have bitcoind running on each miner or on just one miner?  Should I include my remote bitcoind server on the list of nodes using addnode?  Thanks for any insight/suggestions.

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