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1  Economy / Reputation / Request for permanent ban of user BayAreaCoins on: October 10, 2020, 07:43:44 AM
Trigger for this ban request against BayAreaCoins were the following repeated personal attacks against several members, me inculding, also for desturbing the threads repeatedly with off-topics over the whole screen like here:

Well, I think the forum users just need to take a look at the trust ratings of BayAreaCoins alias Steven Steiner, comment of midnightmagic: "This level of years-long criminal harassment is obviously not a safe trader." Also complaints in front of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission are mentioned there. I'm of the opinion that the community has to be protected from such toxic users. Several warnings got ignored and triggered him to troll around even more. Therefore and due to repeated abusive behavior in several threads he gonna face now consequences, out of this forum as well.

I'll be back!

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Big thank you to the Namecoin fellas willing to put a few Namecoins for sale.  This helps our Swap tool with Namecoin as well.
Nobody is interested in your private fake exchange with 4.50 USD daily trade volume! It's gonna end up in the scam notifications shortly together with your troll account! Unfortunately I was busy today with finishing another exchange with connected scam projects.
Oh, thanks for the reminder, I just forgot to rate your private fake exchange publicly. I didn't consider your website worth of mentioning anywhere so far, but as you're begging for it, I'll catch up on right now. Perhaps worth to mention that you just bought a highcharts template for your fake exchange, offering free Bitcoins worth around 1 USD cent. I've really never seen such a ridiculous marketing strategy! Is that all you got out of your investment of 25,000 USD back in 2016? I feel sorry for the guys you hired to implement your highcharts template, as you yourself unfortunately have no clue about coding... Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

For the public here the best of just out of this thread:

Kill yourself, I'm not wasting my time responding to you.
You're retarded.  I certainly don't believe you.
What a fucking loser weirdo... I'm just going to start reporting their laughable wannabe internet extortionists posts.

The user BayAreaCoins maintains his account here primarily for advertising his crypto exchange at, and, unbelievable, but true, for selling assault rifles, guns and ammunition. Independent from a legal evaluation of the question, if it's legal to sell weapons and ammunition online to undefined destinations, especially in times of international terrorism, I'm of the opinion that the marketplace on Bitcointalk was not dedicated for selling such things. Furthermore, I'm of the opinion that Satoshi Nakamoto's forum was not created to abuse it repeatedly over a period of four years for the advertisement of an irrelevant exchange in countless threads.

According to his press release he took a known fake address as company's address:

8 The Green Suite 6253 Dover, DE 19901, USA

As anyone can find on Google that fake address is offered by Delaware Virtual Office Suites. According to coinpaprika he has not legally registered his Financial Services in any country. Independent from a further legal evaluation one has to assume that he's even simply not allowed to provide those Financial Services. Abusing Bitcointalk for his permanent spam was thus his desperate attempt to attract members to his exchange, without success. In the following the long list of 45 advertising threads and another 5 weapons sale threads:


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To protect this forum and its members from further abuse and to deter the general public from such massive abuse I request for the permanent ban of user BayAreaCoins!
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / Notification: Coinsbit/BTCU project on: September 07, 2020, 01:50:29 PM
Recently a project team was created out of former and active heads from the Estonian crypto exchange Coinsbit, website, announcing a fork called “Bitcoin Ultimatum / BTCU”, registered as “Profit Foundation LTD.” in Singapore, website They announced their project on all known social media platforms and at an investor’s conference on Monaco as well, including an inactive repository on GitHub. Here on Bitcointalk they maintained a thread that nobody was interested in. Therefore they created a whole armada of sock puppets which made here and there some alibi edits in other threads to draw attention and so suggest a public interest. The creator of this thread was called “BTCU_Ultimate”. It seems so that the project should be called “Bitcoin Ultimate” at first, but due to a lack of language skills they called it “Bitcoin Ultimatum”. Who shall issue whom an ultimatum? Already for the Coinsbit exchange they had taken a free vector graphic template from, just modified a little bit with Adobe Illustrator. The same template has been used for the BTCU project, just with some modifications. The creator of the thread was then notified that there were inconsistencies in their announcement compared with their whitepaper from their website. One time the Quark algorithm should have been the basis, what is a mix out of six different encryption algorithms, another time Bitcoin’s SHA256 algorithm. The creator apologized that this might have been just a typo in the announcement and that the Quark would be implemented for sure. After he was made aware of the fact, that Bitcoin’s SHA256 algorithm was pronounced in their whitepaper to be the algorithm, he came up with the explanation that the whitepaper would be the correct version, where you find an undefined mix of the Quark and the SHA256 algorithm. When he came up with technological explanations nearly 100 % was revealed as plagiarism from different sources. Pronounced was further a Bitcoin hard fork, means, that there would be made a change in the Bitcoin consensus rules as it had been done e.g. when forking Bitcoin Cash:

The fork of Bitcoin Cash increased the blocksize from 1 MB to 8 MB so that more transactions could be written in one block, therefore an attempt to optimize the scalability of the blockchain. Further, as consequence, SegWit was removed again, a method of handling the signatures, introduced with a previous Bitcoin soft fork with the goal to increase the possible number of transactions per block, what was no longer necessary for Bitcoin Cash due to the increased blocksize. So Bitcoin Cash can be called a real Bitcoin fork, secured by the known proof of work consensus mechanism (PoW) the miners have to fulfill. The proof of work consensus mechanism was defined under the assumption, that the majority of the mining community would have the higher hashing power than potential fraudsters, verifying the transactions in an honest way without manipulating the transaction history. Further a blocktime of 10 minutes was defined by the creator of Bitcoin with the goal to avoid inflation, because else all 21 million Bitcoins would have been mined all at once. To keep the blocktime at the target of 10 minutes on average the difficulty of the cryptographic puzzle is adjusted automatically by the Bitcoin network according to the Bitcoin consensus rules. Bitcoin’s consensus rules define, that the blockhash calculated by the miners has to start with a defined number of leading zeros. Therefore the miners get a separate data field called the nonce, where a 4 Byte random string has to be added until the blockhash gets the demanded number of leading zeros. According to the available total hashing power the difficulty of the proof of work consensus mechanism is adjusted from time to time (each 2016 blocks) in demanding once another leading zero for the blockhash in case of an increasing difficulty (or one zero less in case of the decrease of the difficulty). At the moment a Bitcoin hash has 19 leading zeros.

Now we look back at the “BTCU”-project. Announced is here a Bitcoin hard fork, but the consensus mechanism would no longer be the proof of work consensus mechanism (PoW). Instead they announced the proof of authority consensus (PoA) originally designed for internal company blockchains, controlled by their own master nodes that decide which transactions are valid and which are not, further which community nodes would be accepted as trustworthy additional nodes, what could easily be just some sock puppets' nodes. Even the undefined mix of encryption algorithms has nothing to do any longer with Bitcoin. For the case they ever would get their controlled and thus in best manner centralized blockchain running it would be a complete new and different blockchain on top of the nearly 300 GB Bitcoin blockchain just for acquiring investors and marketing purposes, urging especially their exchange's members to buy Bitcoin for getting the promised legendary airdrop and thus creating an hype and manipulating the market! After the creator of the announcement was confronted with hundreds of claims of members coming from the Coinsbit exchange he repeatedly defamed them as mentally ill which would need psychiatric treatment. I started then a cyber war against Coinsbit and the BTCU project team over all social media platforms. Meanwhile iGO_Tech's case got resolved thanks to the outside consultant whose name appeared on the BTCU website and at the BTCU announcement on Bitcointalk as well. The consultant helped iGO_Tech to resolve his issue with Coinsbit and they paid him back his original fee of 1 BTC for getting his token listed, worth around 10,500 USD at the moment. Further cases evidently won't be resolved. For details see the quotations below:

What is the Hash Algo now? SHA-256 or Quark?
Because here are you mentioned SHA-256 but in the whitepaper Quark.
Thanks for your question. I will clarify in the technical department. Perhaps a typo in the thread.
A new blockchain of a creator who announces the project with the wrong encryption algorithm? Good joke, ähm, fake! BTW: Why forking the Bitcoin chain if you gonna change the algorithm/consensus rules? Why not simply create a new chain? Atomic trades, what is advertised here as the ultimate revolutionary change, also isn't something new. I'm really wondering what shall be advertized here. Is it a social experiment?

A “spelling mistake” between SHA-256 and Quark while creating an announcement on Bitcointalk for the crypto community! Nice explanation! With other words: The one who wrote the announcement has no idea what he's talking about! Including your whole fake department which is checking the announcement! You surely will come up with a similar explanation how you'll handle the deep hard fork in implementing a complete other algorithm in the blockchain as consensus rule, better to say: a mix of different encodings? There's absolutely no sense to build a complete new and different blockchain connected to a blockchain from a complete another encoding. Everyone who has a little knowledge in crypto related stuff knows that. Even implementing the last Bitcoin hash to the next blockheader would give a problem. You should finally reveal who's the author of this social experiment and how many potential victims you caught with this ridiculous campaign! Or is it a ridiculous attempt of crypto market manipulation in insisting the people to buy Bitcoins? PS: See my rating here!

Shall we ask Nataly Simson from Coinsbit if she got informed that you use her profile pic for your fake campaign? And why don't you try to create an Ethereum fork on top of the Bitcoin chain? I'm sure your "special department" would find a solution...  Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

What I found is this posting on Telegram from an admin of the Coinsbit Telegram group. There a low quality video is linked in 240 p. I was falling several times asleep when Nataly Simson finally started to talk about “BTCU” at 16 min 28 sec. Indeed she seems to be part of the game (well, I stopped the video a few seconds later). So I summarize: You're notifying about the idea of your “coin”, which you haven't gotten to run practical ever. Therefore you want to make a “fork” of the SHA 256 encoded Bitcoin blockchain (for which reason ever) and building a new blockchain with the Quark algorithm (together with a mix of other algorithms) on top of the SHA 256 encoded part from the previous Bitcoin chain. For that announcement you present a video on YouTube in the quality of the last century, and here on Bitcointalk you're advertising your idea, not your running chain, with logos from Forbes etc, hosted on a Russian picture platform (normally used from individuals to post the usual Facebook crap as the daily lunch and so on). But Forbes shall be one of hundreds other international clients. Further your “developing department” hired a marketing manager who confuses the algorithm of Bitcoin with the algorithm you want to build on top of Bitcoin. The reason for the nonsense fork isn't explained (of course the only reason is catching the Bitcoin users attention).

I still have no idea about the real goal of the whole theater, but it's clear that you're selling unlaid eggs, dreaming from the reinvention of the wheel and therefore trying to plant a cactus on a sawn-off tree stump. It's simply ridiculous and the whole thing was for sure the worst advertisement for the Estonian trading platform Coinsbit. Most likely you just want to manipulate the market and stir up the Bitcoin trades on your trading platform in initiating an hype. This is exactly the way how the market is being manipulated. I stand by my assessment of a fake campaign! I really wish you all the luck in the world, but please not in the crypto area!

You forgot to mention in your announcement what shall be the benefit in leasing your stakes to mining nodes (LPoS) instead of just forging yourself. Further you forgot to mention that proof of authority (PoA), where the authority nodes get determined and so controlled in best centralized manner by yourself, is primarily a concept for internal blockchains within a company. And here it's irrelevant, if this “network is still under development”. In the end you still have forgotten to explain the sense of implementing a proof-of-stake-concept combined with a centralized concept of authority nodes of your choice building on top of the proof-of-work-concept of the most trusted Bitcoin blockchain, which will be cut off in the moment of the fork, while you still forgot to mention how this ever shall be technically possible. You’re just throwing around with already known, but never established terms, while you have not even a basic knowledge of what you're talking about. But go ahead, I'm waiting for the next amusement...  Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy Cheesy

Please don't interpret too much! I just want to disillusion the community after you came up with a nice graphic containing some basic terms and bold underlined letters in red color spread over the whole screen size. It would have been your turn to “substantively explain your technology and methods of implementation” when you came up with it in a network of developers and end users. With the combination of PoS and PoA you're announcing a public permissioned blockchain, which is originally designed for internal business blockchains as provided e.g. by the Corda Network. So nothing new at all. If your goal is not just a market manipulation over the Telegram channel of your connected exchange you're trying to open this concept now for the common crypto community. What you didn't mention of course is the fact, that such concept is just a trap as everyone who invests in the project would get immediately dependent from the grace of your authority nodes. In other words: You're trying to create a giant company network without revealing the real nature of your concept, like the rat catcher from Hameln in the crypto community. As I said I was waiting for the next amusement - what comes next?  Grin Grin Grin

Ok, so here once again in clear words: Even if you would get it running from the technical side to create a complete different algorithm on top of the Bitcoin chain - it still would be a fake fork! You could also create a database with the balances of the BTC holders in the moment of creating your genesis block, and then giving all BTC holders their proportional airdrop. But what is the whole thing worth without any ICO? And just for getting the Bitcoin users attention creating a complete new blockchain on top of an existing, nearly 300 GB large chain what would have to be distributed as ballast for nothing within your new network? Who would be willing to participate in such nonsense? And the clear clarification of the implemented encryption method of SHA-256 on page 34 of your whitepaper was also just “a typo” of your marketing manager? Further at your website you're linking e.g. to Forbes with the note, they would write about your project. Looking at the linked site on Forbes Nikolai Udianskyi, mentioned as “CEO of BTCU and co-founder of Coinsbit Exchange”, is just talking about Bitcoin halfing. No word about “Bitcoin Ultimatum”. I call this a fake, as the whole whitepaper with website and (pre-) announcement is a fake, including the pretended Bitcoin fork. Hopefully this was now clear enough. EOD from my side.

Im sorry sir. Indeed, I should have read the first page of your announcement more carefully. It looks like you are about to release something really big: a Bitcoin fork with smart contracts, anonymity and atomic swap.
@BTCU_ULTIMATE: How many further sock puppets you'll let dance here to give the impression anyone would be interested in your fake campaign? Always just repeating your promotion slang in the end. Did your attempt of market manipulation (insisting to buy Bitcoins for getting the promised airdrop) still not reach the scheduled goal? What kind of software wallets you'll provide which would need to get the whole 300 GB Bitcoin blockchain downloaded for absolutely nothing? Why did you fork the original Bitcoin code on Github based on the SHA 256 algorithm (of course without declaration of the source) which you won't use any longer according to your pre-announcement here on the one hand, but what you'll use for sure according to your whitepaper on the other hand? Of course I won't get an answer again, just that I should wait for the unbelievable, revolutionary end result. But I'm just waiting until this thread get's finally flagged as scam! Readers who are wondering about this "revolutionary new coin" should start reading here! According to their website they're located in Hong Kong, so nothing more than a typical attempt of Chinese market manipulation. Perhaps the involved Estonian crypto exchange Coinsbit is in financial trouble and made a deal with a Chinese fake campaign creator. I'm getting sick of the whole fake thread here, kept alive just with a whole armada of sock puppets!

This would mean that you take a full operating Bitcoin code, at least keeping the functions to read out the whole previous chain, which will rise up to 300 GB shortly. This 300 GB data would have to be distributed within your network forever, just for sharing the proportional airdrop in the moment of the fork. This airdrop could also easily be done by just providing the airdrop to the Bitcoin holders on the most common crypto exchanges as it's done usually. Even if it was really just a communication error and the SHA256 algorithm would be used generally after all: Who would download and care a 300 GB data corpse for life time just for your initial promotion? When BCH was forked "just" the blocksize had been increased from 1 to 8 MB and SegWit has been removed, the algorithm remained the same. The goal to increase the number of transactions per block was never reached. Actual BCH blocks remain generally around 120 kB as can be seen at the comparison of the statistics , while Bitcoin blocks have a multiple of transactions per block compared with Bitcoin Cash. One couldn't call this a real breakout. Let's take a look at the most successful implementation of the Proof of Stake concept: NXT, created back in 2013 and called the Next Generation of Cryptocurrency, one of the most trusted and serious crypto currencies on the market based on the PoS algorithm. Three years later the Jelurida team came to the conclusion, that the size of their blockchain would be too large for a modern crypto technology and created the Ardor multichain platform, where the users can create child chains just for not being dependent from the main chain for keeping the blockchain size small. The NXT chain is around 4 GB today, the Ardor main chain around 2 GB. Both databases fit on a cheap USB stick. This is a real trendsetting concept. Now you really think a hard fork for promotional purpose only would have success ever, compelling the users to distribute the fake fork with 300 GB data ballast just for your initial advertisement? Even if you would get running a quasi-fork in cutting off all historic data and just creating a new chain on top of a snapshot of the BTC chain, what would generally be possible - it still would be a fake fork with a complete other concept what the community never would accept as real Bitcoin fork. Your project just abuses the name "Bitcoin" for promotional purpose, even if you ever would get a blockchain running.

@BTCU_ULTIMATE: Let’s hold on a moment. I still hadn’t the time to file my complaints to ACRA and the TLD registrar as I’m busy with coding per night and day. I want to take the opportunity a last time for seeing if a civilized discussion is possible here. We explained you several times that the BTCU project, if fake or not, is irrevocable associated with Coinsbit. Now some members got it that you are representing former and active heads of Coinsbit. You have no chance to deny the direct connection to Coinsbit as they are explicitly listed on your website as partners. The reason why I’m writing here the last time in a friendly matter is that we don’t know, if Nataly Simson is personally responsible for scams or if other staff members are responsible. Because I don’t want to be responsible for harming permanently the reputation of Nataly Simson without knowing the internal interdependencies and responsibilities, thus as I don’t want to judge prejudiced, I’m coming up with a simple question. You are in direct contact with Nataly. You got also confronted with evidently very angry members of Coinsbit. As you seem to be psychological trained you should know that it would now be time to change your role play and tactic. Therefore my question: Are you willing to talk with Nataly about the shown issues these two members posted repeatedly and are you willing to find a solution for them? I tell you now in a friendly manner that this would be the only option to save Nataly Simsons reputation as well as Coinsbits reputation, the reputation of your “BTCU-team” (if fake or not) and your own reputation as well. Do it now and most likely the two members (and perhaps others as well) will be calmed for now. I’ll hold on then as well with my official complaints until we’ll get a positive result.

I don't know who uses which graphics. It's just not interesting to me and I don't have time for it. Even if we hypothetically assume that Nataly Simson brought a designer with her (although I cannot assert this since I do not have this information), then what's wrong with that?
And what is the best - for the "BTCU" logo has just been taken a free template from, modified a little bit with Adobe Illustrator, done in a few minutes. And therefore the victims' coins were abused?

@BTCU_ULTIMATE: I'm not happy the things are going here and I don't want that anyone could say afterwards I wouldn't have tried it, so I'm asking here once again: Would you please - as representative of the Coinsbit heads - so kind and take a look at iGO_Techs case at first please? He's not a little brat, he's a real inventor and engineer! At the moment the whole story here still hasn't left this forum from my side and I'm not interested to let it go viral. So please clarify it in the name of this community why his token has been delisted and why he hasn't gotten his investment back. When we found a solution then we'll head over to the members out of bitbottrader's list. This list is frightening and you won't tell us that all this members are just trolls. Please note that this is a recovery plan, a recovery plan of the victims' funds as well as of your personal reputation and the reputation of Coinsbit and their team, including Nataly Simson. It's now in your hand. Hold on a moment and think about it until it's too late! We are your community! We are not your enemy! Most likely all of us are willing to remove your flags when you start trying to resolve all the open issues. If all issues are resolved and there are no complaints left from your community, I offer to delete my scam alert and all negative postings here as well. I'll hold on as well until I got your response. @iGO_Tech and @bitbottrader: Please confirm if you could support this recovery plan as a constructive solution!

What are you doing here? Busy with posting when you actualy should talk with your the attending physician psychiatrist.
Until now I have been very diplomatic and this whole theater hasn't left this forum. But since you have opened your cheeky mouth again in attacking your victims personally it's now going to get attention in front of a broader audience, especially in front of all potential victims and investors you caught already in your channels and social media!

I'll be back!

Meanwhile iGO_Tech's case got resolved thanks to the outside consultant whose name appeared on the BTCU website and at the BTCU announcement on Bitcointalk as well. His appearance was misinterpreted as he would somehow be related to Coinsbit and their Bitcointalk account, but this is definitely not the case. Moreover, the consultant helped iGO_Tech to resolve his issue with Coinsbit and they paid him back his original fee of 1 BTC for getting his token listed, worth around 10,500 USD at the moment. Bitbottrader's case will be resolved as well and his list of other member's open issues will be submitted as well for getting a constructive solution. Therefore I don't see any need to keep any scam alert. I've not filed any complaints in front of the authorities or the domain registrars as I was waiting to get the accusations resolved. My technological considerations remain untouched from this and thus I'll keep them as notification together with one or another comment as an expression of freedom of speech. The flags for the thread creator BTCU_Ultimate will remain due to unacceptable attacks and serious insults against the community!

Meanwhile iGO_Tech's case got resolved thanks to the outside consultant whose name appeared on the BTCU website and at the BTCU announcement on Bitcointalk as well. His appearance was misinterpreted as he would somehow be related to Coinsbit and their Bitcointalk account, but this is definitely not the case. Moreover, the consultant helped iGO_Tech to resolve his issue with Coinsbit and they paid him back his original fee of 1 BTC for getting his token listed, worth around 10,500 USD at the moment. Bitbottrader's case will be resolved as well and his list of other member's open issues will be submitted as well for getting a constructive solution. Therefore I don't see any need to keep any scam alert. I've not filed any complaints in front of the authorities or the domain registrars as I was waiting to get the accusations resolved. My technological considerations remain untouched from this and thus I'll keep them as notification together with one or another comment as an expression of freedom of speech. The flags for the thread creator BTCU_Ultimate will remain due to unacceptable attacks and serious insults against the community!

Unacceptable attacks? Serious insults against the community!? Are you serious? What are you talking about, bro?
You agreed, unite and attacked the BTCU thread. You messed up the Bitcoin Ultimatum thread with your statements about Coinsbit, although I have nothing to do with Coinsbit. Marked my trust, raised the flag - although I am not a swindler or a thief. You are talking about freedom of speech ... So conduct the discussion with dignity, without using "heavy artillery" in the form of help from friends with high-ranking accounts.

Believe me bro, I'm not a conflict person. I propose to bury the ax of war and no longer spoil each other's mood with attacks on each other.
For my part, I propose to remove all posts and stop all accusations against you. I apologize if somewhere I was harsh or impudent. Believe me, it was nothing more than a defensive reaction.
That was good that you wrote this comment, because after your previous comment I wanted to recommend urgent again to keep silent, otherwise I would restore my previous scam alert:

Unacceptable attacks? Serious insults against the community!? Are you serious? What are you talking about, bro?

If you still ask about the why, just read this last examples for the case that you have already forgotten it:

You represent where the BTCU stands for. Your tone of voice is far from professional.
You have no idea how much effort I spend to restrain myself in words in relation to you. Your actions are iinadequate. You behave like negligent children: you are rude, grimace and say all kinds of nonsense. A normal parent in this situation would at best make a remark, at worst would spank him on a soft spot. but fortunately I am not your father and you are not my son.
I dont understand why not atmitting, instead of always defending when the things are obvious!
I see no need for either defense or attack.  I try to bypass mentally ill people and not pay attention to them.
What are you doing here? Busy with posting when you actualy should talk with your bosses.
What are you doing here? Busy with posting when you actualy should talk with your the attending physician psychiatrist.

The cyber war against Coinsbit/BTCU had just begun after your last quoted comment above and they were already frightened! As I told in the internal conversations:

      if ( they start a honest business and recover the member's funds ) {

            I'll let them go; }

      else {

            I'll destroy them; }

I'm wondering why they still didn't locked you out of this forum after the whole disaster you've caused on your own in always having the last word! What you've shown in this forum is the behavior of a teenage girl! I have no friends here despite some thanks and merits that I was fighting for some members here! The cyber war is over from my side. I have to resolve other cases with several ten thousands of lost Bitcoins. Do not force me to come back here!

Well, he/she made already two times a general, but not an individual apology. About the Al-Qaeda comparisons I didn't consider it intended as a personal attack but more as just trolling. Of course not the behavior of a company representative. @iGO_Tech, please note that the Al-Qaeda bullshit was made before your deal with Coinsbit. I wouldn't let it escalate further here. @BTCU_ULTIMATE: I really recommend that you delete all your postings and quotations done during that battle here after we did the same already. As you can see those postings are still active mines for the community!
You are absolutely right. You are a really wise and sensible person. I will follow your advice.
@BTCU_ULTIMATE: I'm really sorry for quoting another thread here, but what do you have say to all this?

Holy shit! I wasn't aware of such incredible dumb and continuous cyber harassment coming from Coinsbit resp. Dennicex alias BTCU_ULTIMATE! Exact same hate speech as of BTCU_ULTIMATE. Just the continuous insults against iGO_Tech would be enough for criminal charges! I'm really shocked and speechless:

Coinsbit doesnt care at all about international law you piece of thief, you are a bunch of scammers and providing here support to your other Fake account, what do you want to show to the outer world?Huh

You stole money, we are victims, you talking about registration issues here and ignore all the other issues???

Comon, stop acting the clown!

And the scamming continues
It seems to me that throwing such words into the wind you discredit yourself first of all. Your empty accusations look like petty cheap chatter on teenagers in the backyard of a school. The Coinsbit exchange has been working successfully for several years and will continue to work for many years.

So, when are you going to give the money back to your victims?
Coinsbit exchange is officially registered and works completely within the legal framework. I am sure that if in reality and not in your fantasies there are people who have real complaints about the exchange, then they will find ways to communicate with lawyers and will not write 100,500 meaningless posts on the forum.

Your attempts to slander the Coinsbit exchange are groundless and pointless.

After busted Orlova stays silence with her Orlova account and continue switching from her other accounts Cellerec and Dennicex and the other fake accounts. Part of Coinsbit part of Fake HYPE!
Usually I never read this nonsense that you nutildah write in this thread. The same meaningless messages every day. I think that is why you did not risk your main account (Legendary rank) and write from your bots: iGO_Tech and bitbottrader. Don't you have anything else to do?

Yes indeed you are full of bullshit, even if i not corner you you corner yourself with reversing statements and attitude. Your Coinsbit Hype tactic is already long lost.

Everyone looking forward to your next post what is meaningless and full of scamming and hiding words
ha ha ha! I can imagine how your ass burns up that you write several meaningless messages full of anger and bile in a row.
You are angry with your own powerlessness and realizing how meaningless and useless your life is.

In this thread (in other respects, most likely, as in life) you look like a toothless dog that barks at passing cars. She thinks she scares them, but in reality, no one pays attention to her.

It makes you angry that despite all your efforts, Coinsbit lives and develops and becomes more and more popular every day!

And one more little advice: stop using bold type.
Thus, you give out that subconsciously you want to seem that you are saying important and meaningful things, although in fact you understand that this is not so.

Every day a lot of new people find out that coinsbit exchange is stealing money.
The only thing people learn from your posts every day is that you are insane.

How much longer will you hate the Coinsbit exchange?

Anyway, people all over the world know that this is a promising and safe exchange and use it!

The only thing people learn from you is how Fake you are
Do you really think that someone believes in the nonsense that you and your bots write on this forum?

The only thing people learn from you is how Fake you are
People are not so stupid and understand perfectly well that everything that you write here is complete nonsense. Your posts are full of insane hatred and fake stories, but no one believes in them. Everyone sees your fanatical hatred and bias towards the Coinsbit exchange.

bitbottrader and iGO_Tech

Congratulations to both of you for putting these scammers in their place.

Their sock-puppets have tried but failed in their attempts to post propaganda in this thread.

I respect the way you have been on their case for so long without giving them a chance to even try to use this thread as a tool to scam more people.

Much respect to you both  Wink
I sometimes wonder what is your main JollyGood or nutildah account? The fact that you use bitbottrader and iGO_Tech in this thread is logical and understandable, since you publish your posts in violation of forum rules and therefore you do not want to risk your high-ranked accounts. After all, it is obvious that rank on this forum is all that you have managed to achieve in your life.

If you noticed, once Coinsbit is negotiating with new victims (projects) they start their Propaganda here, claiming that we are paid haters, that we give fake news and anything what those scammers get in mind. Once a PROJECT IS SO STUPID ENOUGH to pay Coinsbit they not responding anymore  besides posting their announcement! Its a common trent with this Scammers![ New Projects must be very desperate after long visible scam accusations to list there token at Coinsbit If I k ew what i know now I would never ever  paid and listed my token there, for Free I would consider, as if they have so much volume that means that they have enough income from the trades, as they need the fees of listing they have not other invome then this as there volume are Fake and users as well, only bounty hunters on that exchange! They take 10k and give you 200 usd
How pleasant it is to read your posts. Seeing you freak out in powerlessness is the best reward. Nobody perceives the nonsense written by you and you see how the Coinsbit exchange grows and develops. It makes you angry and you realize that your hate is meaningless.

Coinsbit is on the move again, hiding and denying! Thats what scammers do
Haters team (iGO_Tech, bitbottrader, JollyGood and nutildah) is on the move again, hiding and denying!
They continue to work for 30 silver coins received from a customer who paid them for allegedly negative messages about Coinsbit, in an attempt to damage the reputation of a promising exchange. But we, our dear users, know who is a liar in this situation and who needs to be brought to justice for libel ?!

Attention of the forum administration: a group of hater bots: iGO_Tech, bitbottrader, JollyGood and nutildah.
If you analyze their behavior on the forum, you will see that all these accounts belong to one person.
These accounts are always involved in attacks on projects together. Their tactics are as follows: they imitate condemnation from the community and in every possible way pose as fighters for cleanliness and order on the forum. But in fact, they are corrupt haters.

Coinsbit is a well-known and popular exchange. This exchange is used every day by tens of thousands of people from all over the world, and you are talking about a few cases that you have mentioned for over a year.
Should I keep posting lists of scammed victims which issues are still not resolved?
Publish complete lists with detailed evidence and descriptions of all circumstances. I will pass this information on to Coinsbit security and they will check everything thoroughly. If there is an opportunity to solve something, then I think that the exchange will solve the problems of your acquaintances whom you call victims for some reason. Unless, of course, these are real facts and not fiction.
@Dennicex: Thanks for starting the recovery of the open cases! The first case over 1 BTC has already been solved and the member got his investment back. Please head over to the second case now. The user is missing 0.19 BTC after all his balances has been reset from Coinsbit without reason or notification. Further please make a statement how Coinsbit is connected with P2PB2B. On the other hand I recommend all forum users to hold on with further scam accusations during the recovery process. This will take a time. Thx!
You are a new person in our thread. It is usually not crowded and new people are always pleasant. Plus you are saying the right and reasonable things.
We all expect a deep and heartfelt apology first for all those incredible insults quoted above. From my point of view they are even more serious than missing funds! You should have checked the open issues carefully at first before opening a psycho cyber war in your own thread like the forum here has never seen it before! This is really absolutely incredible and this will permanently go down in the history of the crypto world!

I am not making excuses for my actions. But if you approach the study of this issue critically, you will probably notice that the people who attacked my thread acted very rudely. What is the cost of posting cartoons of the employees of our exchange? Don't you think so? There is no proven evidence of exchange fraud. The Coinsbit exchange has been on the market for several years. has serious partners and a certain business image and reputation in the crypto community. And here in the thread, these people call the exchange itself and all the exchange employees scammers ... this is unethical on their part. My posts are nothing more than a defensive reaction.
As you can see the claims were justified, at least not asserted without an actual loss, without a legal claim or without a previous verifiable contractual relationship with Coinsbit. I got to know iGO_Tech as very indulgent, friendly and technically competent person during the recovery process and I didn't know about such a psycho war started from your side here! Your behavior here was harassment, it was cyber mobbing, it was psycho-war as we know it out of horror movies, against several members, and I got to know all of those members you accused to be sock puppets, in and outside this forum. Normally you would have to pay each member at least 10 BTC as compensation just for the incredible verbal and psychological attacks against them! I'm really sorry, but if you don't see any reason for apologizing then your exchange and all connected services will be finished very soon!

Believe me, it was nothing more than a defensive reaction.

My posts are nothing more than a defensive reaction.


Your position is not clear to me. I don't know much, but you are clearly different from these guys. These people rudely violated the rules of communication on the forum and published for about a year completely identical posts with content discrediting the exchange of Coinsbit and damaging its image and business reputation. But for some reason you see the negative only from my side.
If this would be a criminal case in front of court, considering about a brutal street fight, the question would be: Who got injured at first, who was the initial trouble maker and who had the right of self-defense. If you resp. Coinsbit was the instigator in just delisting the token in the one case and just resetting all balances to zero in the other case and no support ticket was resolved then it was an act of self-defense to head over to this thread, even if those victims started to fight together against you! Coming back to the legal evaluation just of this thread you have committed the crime of continuous cyber-harassment, punishable e.g. under various US criminal law norms at federal and state level. As you are a representative of Coinsbit not willing to apologize Coinsbit as an association of legally responsible operators of a trading portal has committed this crime! Apart from the repeated accusations of commercial fraud. Meanwhile we're getting enough evidence even for an international warrant against the Coinsbit heads and you, @Dennicex alias @BTCU_ULTIMATE as well!

@BTCU_ULTIMATE: I'm really sorry for quoting another thread here, but what do you have say to all this?
I am very sorry that someone else is forced to participate in an unpleasant debate in order to protect their honor and dignity. I do not understand what does this have to do with me and Bitcoin Ultimatum?

Oh, really, someone else?

Believe me, it was nothing more than a defensive reaction.

My posts are nothing more than a defensive reaction.

Was it big and bold enough this time? I told you: Do not force me to come back here! Unfortunately now you are finished, BTCU_ULTIMATE, and your whole BTCU project together with Coinsbit as well!



Thanks for confirming! But please note that all pages here have been saved in the Internet archive regularly. So just replacing with dots doesn't help!  Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

See also the most ridiculous marketing campaign on Telegram ever! Note: Don't click on any link advertised there! Especially opening the Telegram bot submits your IP and other personal data!

Note also again that estimated 99 % of the group members are automatically generated fake accounts, most of them already dead accounts, deleted automatically by Telegram!

Being able to steal millions of phone numbers [...] is just deplorable.
Well, this can be done with a simple and bloody trick: Every possible phone number is generated by a script. You can use an existing database or create a database for it. Then the so mined numbers are added to the phone and checked automatically, if they exist in Telegram. The same thing can be done in WhatsApp. Afterwards, if you've mined several millions of existing accounts, sorted by countries, you can do with them whatever you want, adding to groups in read only mode, writing automated messages and so on. This kind of data mining can be done with a simple laptop, just let it running a few days... Well, even knowing how to make this, I didn't do it ever... Wink Getting the number of a bot user is also simple: Just create a button with request_contact and request_location option and name it however, e.g. "Start" or "Get your airdrop" - and you got phone number and IP. Grin Grin Grin

And see here how the market manipulation is going on as well as the ridiculous monologues of their sock puppets:

Repeated violation of the forum rules

« Sent to: mprep, Welsh, nutildah, JollyGood, bitbottrader, iGO_Tech on: Today at 07:56:23 AM CET»

Dear moderators,

on this way I want to refer to this post with the request for deletion of the following two threads:

* An <COINSBIT.IO> Innovative Trading Cryptosystem

* 🔥[ANN][BTCU] Bitcoin Ultimatum - a new-generation Bitcoin fork 🚀🚀🚀

For the most relevant citations of the incredible attacks from the sock puppet operator please see this, this and this post. After I revealed the sock puppets as inter-thread-sock-puppets the operator replaced all his last postings in both threads just with dots and disappeared. The threads are more or less abandoned right now. The behavior of the whole armada of sock puppets has to be evaluated as continuous criminal cyber harassment. Keeping the two threads would mean that the victims' rights violations would be perpetuated. The OP violated the forum rules repeatedly over a period of one year in a particularly grave manner. Therefore I vote for their immediate deletion! After the deletion I'll delete the quotes in my notification was well.

Further I kindly request to confirm the receipt of this message, which I'll post also in the public threads. The concerned victims "JollyGood", "bitbottrader", "iGO_Tech" and "nutildah" are recipients of this message as well.

Thanks and best regards,
Trade Runner

Meanwhile the ridiculous sock puppet conversation on Telegram is going on:

These are always the same puppet accounts online there. This is what this thread looked like in the beginning as well...  Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin

Very entertaining to watch, beside my lovely fake alert, is the sock puppet's show, they're performing per night and day. Identifying feature: All puppets' user names beginning with @kst.... And that's just the tip of the iceberg:

What is even more interesting are the repeated complaints about blocked/cancelled withdrawals and so on:

See also my last messages of our new Telegram channel The Scam Removers and the connected group:

At the moment Coinsbit makes false promises that each member mentioning their BTCU fake Bitcoin fork in social media would receive a reward of 100 USD, what is in fact just a contest. They stated nowhere what are the real condidtions, how the winners will be elected or how many winners it will have. For giving the impression there would be interested members they created a whole armada of sock puppets, the goal is of course creating an hype and thus a market manipulation in urging their members to buy Bitcoin for getting a "legendary" airdrop called "BTCU", what will be worth absolutely nothing! There has never been any Inicial Coin Offering and no investor has ever been interested in. For this fake fork they abuse the concept of an internal company's blockchain controlled by their own master nodes, trying to make a giant public permissioned blockchain. This has absolutely nothing to do anymore with Bitcoin and thus it's a fake fork! We highly recommend to see the details on Bitcointalk where we as the real coders and inventors came together, creating this channel and group of The Scam Removers. Stay tuned for the next updates!

As best example how crypto scams are going on we have OneCoin, which had been promoted through all social media to be the next generation Bitcoin: They only target people who are not very educated on cryptocurrency and technology in general. They used the terminology of real cryptocurrencies to appear genuine, recycling similar ideas. OneCoin grew in popularity quickly largely using social media to target the mass public internationally. Why can't I help feeling like I'm experiencing a Déjà-vu, comparing the public announcements of BTCU? Don’t claim afterwards you wouldn’t have been warned!

For me it seems so that Coinsbit has sitting at least one scammer in their office/home office. It got revealed that they are showing manipulated trading charts taken from Binance, masked with own fake trading bots. E.g. a Bitcointalk user accessed the platform with an own bot and got locked out then after his bot made too much win in the eyes of Coinsbit. His balances got reset to zero without reason. Now, as we trying to resolve the case, Coinsbit refuses the responsibility, arguing, the user itself would have withdrawn everything himself. But his withdrawal history shows failed attempts of withdrawals. Everyone knows that a withdrawal can't be initiated without existing funds, and if the withdrawals would have worked it wouldn't be possible for a member to withdraw all wallets complete to zero. A reset to zero happens only if a coin got delisted and the user didn't login for a long time, but this wasn't the case. Further his 2FA got deactivated from Coinsbit, see the whole case on Bitcointalk.

At least I can confirm that their BTCU project is gonna be a fake Bitcoin fork. Buying their coin, for the case they ever get it running, would be a high risk! They also could just give the impression of a running blockchain, check out the OneCoin case which is the biggest scam ever in the history of the crypto sector, faking a blockchain and scamming the whole world over incredible 4 billion USD!  Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / The ℕamecoin Project on: March 19, 2020, 02:20:06 AM
For all users of ℕamecoin as a blockchain service or just as a currency I created the new ℕamecoin Telegram channel! The connected new blockchain explorer at, focused on the domain name research, is still under development and will be announced immediately, once it is ready to be operated publicly. Out of the Telegram channel here a summary of the actual situation:

Previously Jeremy Rand alias biolizard89, claiming to be the “Lead Namecoin Application Engineer” (in the following “J.R.”), insisted the Open NIC project in the direction to shutdown the Namecoin .bit resolution, against the intention of the Namecoin community as well as against the intention of the Namecoin founder. This was one of the most important advantages, or better possibilities, to browse .bit domains. A bunch of 15 guys decided to shut down the service in the mid of 2019! The user vinced, who created Namecoin, wrote on April the 18th of 2011 in his very first public announcement: We need proxies, browser plugins and DNS servers created to act as a bridge between Namecoin and users. The argumentation of “J.R.” was now, “that the operators of the DNS servers could easily censor domains and even spread malware themselves“! So what he just said is, that the most trusted servers of the Open NIC project would be operated by criminals! What he skipped further is the fact, that the possibility of a blacklist of .bit domains, e.g. those which are hosting child pornography sites which were the most relevant reason for the Open NIC project to shut down the service, would have been even the solution to solve the problem with such sites! And this wouldn't have affected the general uncensorable blockchain DNS system for the usage of legal concerns! So changing the DNS entries doesn't work anymore, apps as Blockada DNS got useless and .bit websites got inaccessible for Google Chrome on mobile devices due to missing add-ons. Only possibility to browse .bit domains, at least for normal internet users, who don't want to install a local Namecoin DNS server, are now the known browser plugins at the moment! This was of course and without any doubt a big step back in the development of the Namecoin project as well as of an internet 2.0!

“J.R.” even celebrates it as a success that he got Namecoin experimentally implemented in the Linux developer version of the Tor browser. Everyone knows, that using the Tor network means establishing a connection to the internet over at least three proxy servers. That's why this network is principally used by all criminals of the world - the so called darknet! The implementation of connectivity between the Namecoin blockchain and Tor browsers clearly runs counter to the goal of Namecoin even more diametrically then everything else! The core concept of a decentralized DNS service is the avoidance of any third party services like centralized DNS- or proxy servers, which could be abused for man-in-the-middle attacks. This was even the argumentation of “J.R.” to urge the Open-NIC project to cancel the cooperation with Namecoin! Now at least three, if not up to ten proxies are interposed in a Tor-network, which can also be provided by the criminals and, in contrast to the utmost trustworthy Open NIC project, without any control over the operators. Just everyone can operate a Tor-node! So here are several “men in the middle” able to control and even modify your data connection! In addition, there are enough nodes established that are used by authorities within investigations, I do not know whether this will also cause well-being even among law-abiding users. The interposition of countless proxies is furthermore completely out of the question anyway with regard to the speed of the data connection. Who goes online with a 300 Mbit LTE connection and a Tor browser? Maximum disguise tactic for your own IP? Senseless for anti-tracking measures, here a single at least anonymous proxy is sufficient as a VPN.

Finally “J.R.” turned out to be a troll protector. A while ago a troll with the username “ccomp”, who throws around with swearwords like “ashole”, “pull your finger out of your arse” and so on on Reddit, created a lacy blockchain explorer out of a template within just a week of work with several bugs, misleading links, and the best: filtering out expiring premium domains most likely for grabbing them himself (what he didn't reach anyway in this case). I've been watching this explorer for a while - and there's no technical explanation that just such a premium domain like luxurycar.bit is “coincidentally” not shown in the expiring domain section. Recently “J.R.” opened another useless issue on Github for automatically converting eventual upper case requests in the separate Namecoin DNS application (ncdns) to lower case and celebrated this as success. He still didn’t get it even after I pointed out, how worthless his effort was, as upper case letters and other special characters like ℕ are automatically converted by every browser to standard ASCII lower case characters. Everyone knows, that there doesn’t exist any domain within the ICANN namespace with upper case letters, in the blockchain DNS namespace as well (these are also the Namecoin domain specifications of course). He had already disqualified himself as Namecoin developer on Github and regularly refuses to solve issues there! So far “J.R.” has not only turned out to be extremely aggressive, not able to handle the slightest form of critic, he also just deleted the whole Namecoin-Wiki on his own without any consultation of the rest of the Namecoin community and didn’t know, who owns the Namecoin’s main domain namecoin.bit, until I showed him the ownership with reference to the transaction history on the blockchain.

All we can summarize is: Jeremy Rand didn't get it within years to provide any working .bit email service or just an own blockchain explorer and is therefore collaborating with aggressive trolls. Links to he classifies publicly as spam! He didn't even know, who owns the main domain namecoin.bit, or that uppercase domain registrations on the Namecoin blockchain are just useless. He's leading the whole Namecoin project consequently to a nerd’s experimental study, against the intention of the Namecoin community and its founder. He has taken over meanwhile the sole control over the Namecoin project's website and the social media accounts, speaking there in the first person singular as “incarnation of Namecoin”, unable to keep the list of NMC exchanges up to date. Regarding to the predicate “official” in the social media like Twitter he's creating the impression, he would represent “the official Namecoin project” as company or association. On the website he's presenting fantasy positions like “Chief Namecoin Scientist”, “Lead Security Engineer”, “Lead Application Engineer” and so on. But as one can see the communication between these people is running most of the time on Github. They are just a loose union of individuals without any legal status or white paper. So as logical consequence I have to conclude: The website together with the Twitter account as well as the subreddit turned out as the personal project site of Jeremy Rand and is no longer representing the Namecoin community! According to Whois the domain belongs to domob alias Daniel Kraft, but as one can see on Github “J.R.” is the content creator. The project had already other domains such as, now just redirecting to, according to Whois the domain owner is a private person located in France. Even the self-proclaimed “Namecoin Foundation” at seems not to be a foundation in the legal sense, else they would have to provide a legally correct imprint. According to Whois the domain owner is LearnBest, providing a "Learning Management System". Altcointrader pointed it out recently: Did you know that Namecoin does not have a whitepaper and is not backed by an organisation? The Namecoin project is just a loose collaboration of a few GitHub contributors, and some of them have taken a domain to provide their contributions. There are just missing actual forks e.g. of the modified Bitcoin Core clients on Github, which are complemented by the additional name operations, but that can and will change very quickly!

Meanwhile even Daniel Kraft alias domob, the developer of the actual Namecoin Core software wallet (v. without the name tab of the previous version 0.13.99), has at least indirectly but publicly sided with “J.R.”, see my point-blank response in this thread. I'm really not happy with this way things are going - but unfortunately it seems so that Daniel can't get over to strike out at least his own way. By the way: If we won't get the .bit TDL finally established and widely accepted, then the whole project might come to an end at the latest when someone comes up with the idea to register the .bit TDL in the regular ICANN namespace, with about 200,000 USD you are in! These are peanuts for interested investors! At the moment the .bit TDL is only a pseudo top level domain and just tolerated, but without any legal protection! Just as warning to the nerd “J.R.” squatting on claiming to be the incarnation and “owner” of the Namecoin project! The original creator and developers of Namecoin have left the sinking ship already years ago, so it's finally time to get a new crew before it's too late!

Users of Namecoin Core (built on Bitcoin Core, the most common software wallet, with additional name operations) have to use the outdated beta version 0.13.99 of Brandon Roberts until today, if they don't want to deal with command line interfaces and JSON Code, just using the additional name tab. There would even be the most recent version 0.15.99 from Nov. 2017, but unfortunately the binaries for the most common operating systems have never been compiled. In May 2020 Jeremy Rand took up the work of Brandon Roberts, implementing the GUI (graphical user interface) for the name_list command only at the moment. It should be noticed that this name tab is not really implemented in the source code of the Bitcoin Core, but more appended as an additional GUI just using the internal RPC/API call as it's done over the implemented console or over an external command line interface with the Namecoin Core running in server mode. What Jeremy Rand forgot to mention while announcing this work (on Bitcointalk as well as on his website) is that he applied for and uses several public funds to get paid. Of course one won't find any declaration about the source and the height of the public funds at the website he's squatting on, creating the impression of volunteers of a non-profit-organization! Not to forget the support of the self-proclaimed “Namecoin Foundation” as mentioned above. I wonder if he declares this kind of income at least in front of the tax office. And all this for a blockchain project which still hasn't any practical usage after 9 years of collaborative development, financed by a foundation and an undeclared, publicly unknown number of funds. For details see the thread on Bitcointalk...
4  Economy / Service Discussion / Why telegram groups over 1000 members are getting out of control on: February 27, 2020, 02:36:04 AM
Today I entered the CoinMarketCap Group with 9750 members at the moment. I linked a new Namecoin channel, mentioning Namecoin as a currency and DNS blockchain service. As nonprofit channel and project surely no spam! At first the Combot deleted my posting automatically due to restrictions of new users, where posted links within 24 hours get blocked, even if these links are just internal to other groups.

I repeated the posting without links, noticing, that I opened right now this channel with group, which could be found just searching for "Namecoin". Then the moderator with the troll name "Crypto professor 👨🏻‍💻 CMC listings are free 🆓 I will never Dm you for funds." deleted this second posting manually. The public conversation followed:


Uwe Martens (26.02.2020 11:15:08 CET)
Got deleted manually evidently. I'll leave this group again. Bye!

Crypto professor 👨🏻‍💻 CMC listings are free 🆓 I will never Dm you for funds. (26.02.2020 11:15:28 CET)
We don’t need shillers

Uwe Martens (26.02.2020 11:17:32 CET)
Well, I'm just an admin and web developer within the blockchain sector, but I see that such relevant infos are unwanted here! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Crypto professor 👨🏻‍💻 CMC listings are free 🆓 I will never Dm you for funds. (26.02.2020 11:18:37 CET)
I see you mentioning name coin

Uwe Martens (26.02.2020 11:19:12 CET)

Crypto professor 👨🏻‍💻 CMC listings are free 🆓 I will never Dm you for funds. (26.02.2020 11:19:31 CET)
Check the rules on the pinned message, not allowed.
You were speaking about a coin and people need to Join it.

Uwe Martens (26.02.2020 11:21:37 CET)
The rules don't declare the posting of a new nonprofit channel as violation!

Crypto professor 👨🏻‍💻 CMC listings are free 🆓 I will never Dm you for funds. (26.02.2020 11:23:52 CET)

No spamming

Uwe Martens (26.02.2020 11:24:53 CET)
Ok, that was the best proof that groups with over 1000 members are getting out of control! Bye!

The group rules resp. the introduction of the CMC group are clear: "This is a place where we share and educate each other on different topics in crypto and blockchain." This is exactly what I did! Another moderator with the troll name "☣ ᙢΘℝ฿𝕚ĐỬᏕ ☣️ | CMC Mod | Says Much | Knows Little | BTC Shill | Altcoin Denier", according to the time difference evidently sitting in North America, talked to me in this public chat and posted the screenshot with "All actions" from 4'o clock in the morning his time, shown already at first in this posting. When I left the group, the discussion began in a separate chat. He couldn't resist firing the discussion again and again when I noticed clearly EOD several times after I had also deleted the chat already several times (see time stamps, excerpt):


☣ ᙢΘℝ฿𝕚ĐỬᏕ ☣️ | CMC Mod | Says Much | Knows Little | BTC Shill | Altcoin Denier (26.02.2020 15:27:04 CET)
No, you posted a promotion of something. Whether it was also sharing and/or educational doesnt make it non-promotional That's exactly what promotion is. Go buy promotion on the website.

Uwe Martens (26.02.2020 16:59:49 CET)
Once again: I did this from the group intro: sharing infos. If you classify this as spam or promotion this is your personal interpretation, not the interpretation of the community! But finally I have to tell the community something when it comes to a discussion about CMC! And now EOD from my side! Bye!

☣️ ᙢΘℝ฿𝕚ĐỬᏕ ☣️ | CMC Mod | Says Much | Knows Little | BTC Shill | Altcoin Denier (26.02.2020 17:00:29 CET)
The rules also state its left up to our discretion, yes
What is considered promotion or discussion is a grey area, we have to make judgement calls
There is a suggestions form in the pinned message where you can voice your opinion that the rule/s need to change, et

Uwe Martens (26.02.2020 17:13:00 CET)
I don't see the necessity to change something! "Share infos, but don't spam" is the summary of the intro. That's ok. You just have to learn again the difference between illegal spam and scam on the one hand and infos or other non profit links on the other hand!

☣️ ᙢΘℝ฿𝕚ĐỬᏕ ☣️ | CMC Mod | Says Much | Knows Little | BTC Shill | Altcoin Denier (26.02.2020 23:17:55 CET)
It's not an opinion it's the definition of a promotion you can promote something for non profit
You can promote saving the koala bears you can promote ending scamps you can promote scams it's all fucken promotion

Uwe Martens (26.02.2020 23:18:54 CET)
Anyway: Promotion is not "spamming"!

☣️ ᙢΘℝ฿𝕚ĐỬᏕ ☣️ | CMC Mod | Says Much | Knows Little | BTC Shill | Altcoin Denier (26.02.2020 23:19:30 CET)
Dude what are you trying to win here a court case

Uwe Martens (26.02.2020 23:20:06 CET)
The typical spamming are postings like "earn an incredible money" and so on...

☣️ ᙢΘℝ฿𝕚ĐỬᏕ ☣️ | CMC Mod | Says Much | Knows Little | BTC Shill | Altcoin Denier (26.02.2020 23:20:59 CET)

You were promoting that's what I saw

Uwe Martens (26.02.2020 23:21:40 CET)
It's also a kind of discussion culture! What I want to discuss in my group would definitely burst your group!

☣️ ᙢΘℝ฿𝕚ĐỬᏕ ☣️ | CMC Mod | Says Much | Knows Little | BTC Shill | Altcoin Denier (26.02.2020 23:22:02 CET)
Good then go discuss in your
You were breaking the rules and all this is is being obtuse.

Uwe Martens (26.02.2020 23:23:58 CET)
It makes absolutely no sense to start a general discussion about the internet revolution in such group with nearly 10000 members, where ten discussions are running parallel! As I said in the group: the CMC group is the best proof, that groups with more than 1000 members are getting out of control!

☣️ ᙢΘℝ฿𝕚ĐỬᏕ ☣️ | CMC Mod | Says Much | Knows Little | BTC Shill | Altcoin Denier (26.02.2020 23:25:04 CET)

☣️ ᙢΘℝ฿𝕚ĐỬᏕ ☣️ | CMC Mod | Says Much | Knows Little | BTC Shill | Altcoin Denier (26.02.2020 23:28:17 CET)
No ship it I posted screenshots of the fucken thing To the admin channel you are ridiculous and you know you're being ridiculous

What you see here are socially and technically complete incompetent guys, sitting in the chat at 4'o clock in the morning, evidently with very much free time! Several attempts to differentiate between profiteers spam and nonprofit project discussions failed. Just the comment I would have mentioned Namecoin, for which the members would have to join something, shows the total incompetence, first as entering my newly opened group and channel doesn't require any payment of course, and second, as the whole Namecoin project is originally surely not profit orientated.

The quint-essence of the whole story: Groups with over 1000 members are getting out of control as there are permanently several discussions going on parallel. To declare to which message an answer belongs the original message has to be cited always, meanwhile 10 other fragments out of other conversations in the same thread were disturbing. The so called "moderators" with the minimal administrative rights of deleting messages and banning users are mentally and technically overstrained and the whole chat from the beginning until the end gets pure data garbage just after a few seconds. The only option for such a community is: Outsourcing the threads depending on its topic. But evidently the staff from CoinMarketCap never will get it! I forwarded the chats above to the original creator of the CMC group, a young Chinese girl with the user name "Wisteria (CMC listings are free)", with the clear note if the behavior of that "moderators" won't have any consequence, I'll publish the whole case on Bitcointalk - but no reaction! I can only recommend urgent to avoid such uncontrolled mass group chats!

Hopefully this conversation had at least a little entertainment factor for the community! Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin Grin The new Namecoin project itself I'll present here shortly in another thread.
5  Economy / Exchanges / ☠ Scam-alert: Yobit and BTCsquare ☠ on: April 22, 2019, 05:25:43 PM
Be aware of the Russian scam exchanges Yobit and BTCsquare! I made a test transfer of BTC to Yobit and bought NMC. Very similar to the WEX-Case the withdrawal of NMC (and most likely of other coins) was disabled without previous notification. Also never got any response from the Yobit support complaining about this issue. I sold the NMC again and should have gotten back 3/4 of what I had made as deposit - but what I got back, was just 1/4 of it, and for sure not caused by any transaction fee! Then I sent this remaining amount of BTC to BTCsquare. After making the deposit there (the transaction was already confirmed more then 20 times), the balance at BTCsquare was still zero. After making a complaint to the "support", my account got blocked and the 2FA verification didn't work anymore. A further complaint to the "support" were ignored too. Long time ago I made already an experience with BTCsquare with another account: I used a trading bot, as this scammers offer an API. But always when I caught a new offer and sent a buy or sell request within milliseconds, the request wasn't fulfilled and the offer disappeared. I tested this over several days with the result, that the platform is unusable! As you can read in the terms of BTCsquare, there is written in one line, that "Yobit has the right to freeze the account". Might be, that the scammer behind BTCsquare just took the terms from the website of Yobit and forgot to modify this part, when he opened this platform around one year ago - but I mentioned this already in front of the fake "support" of BTCsquare last year - and they didn't care! By the way: also this previous account got blocked meanwhile, login no longer possible! So what do we conclude: Yobit and BTCsquare are operated from the same scammers, maintaining automated fake trades to make the suggestion of a well running platform. A few trades they let happen therefore too. In fact these platforms are just another scam sites (see also thread about Yobit and similar assessment about BTCsquare). It's unbelievable that these platforms are still listed on CoinGecko and so on!

6  Economy / Exchanges / Be aware of phishing site on: August 16, 2018, 03:19:03 PM
Today has been reported at the crypto-platform (World Exchange Services), that there appeared a fake mirror site at I made the test and registered there (in a sandbox and over a proxy-server)! I got an email to confirm my email from an Ukrainian server with the IP This phishing site isn't working very well (for the scammers), so I got a link to to confirm my mail. I logged in then on the real to confirm it, and then the email appeared also confirmed at the fake mirror site (probably they set it manually). Later I was thrown out of the fake platform and got a message, my account would have been suspended and I should fill out a whole phishing site with copies of my ID-cards and so on (of cause I didn't send any data). Later, as they got my login data, there appeared two logins at the real platform from the Italian IP and the Rumanian IP After they saw, that there are no funds, they deleted their sessions. That IPs don't seem to be open proxies, might be, they use machines by remote control. Anyway, the scammers are sitting all over the world! So be aware of the phishing site!

On the fake news site of, the scammers write (translated from Russian):

WEX.MN - the new domain of the exchange
08/15/18 08:21 by admin
Dear users!
Sincerely I apologize for such a long silence, and we thank you for your patience. In view of some circumstances, only now we can make an official statement.
The main reason for the problems that have arisen are disagreements in the top management and the managing staff of the exchange. At the moment, all problems are settled, the team is updated, and we are ready to fully continue the work.

Unfortunately, it happened that we lost access to the servers, the former domain of the exchange, and some of the data, but most importantly, private keys to cold wallets remained with us, which means that all of your funds are completely safe. Also we inform you that the withdraw is available for all crypto-currencies, so after the balance transfer from to, you can use your funds.

The new official domain of the exchange WEX.MN
The withdrawals of the fiat currencies on ADVCash, PerfectMoney, Payer and Yandex.dengi, with acceptable commissions, will be available from August 20, 2018.
Attention! Since balances have been reset for all users, it is necessary to make a transfer of funds from to
The transfer of USD, RUR, EUR, USDT, ZEC, PPC, NMC and NVC can be done using the WEX-code. Create a WEX-code in your account on, and put it out on (the login data did not change).
So also make a screenshot or photo page with balances before and after the transfer.
The procedure for transferring BTC, BCH, DSH, ETH, LTC and also debt tokens will be announced a little later.
To restore market exchange rates, all active orders on the new domain were canceled; trades on all pairs will be resumed on August 20, 2018.
Thank you for staying with us, with respect, the WEX team.

So the main goal of the scammers is to get your funds in the form of WEX-codes! Second goal is to spy out your login data! Therfore always use the 2FA-Login!

For further infos about the status of (the real) WEX see the threads here and here.
7  Bitcoin / Legal / Status of WEX (World Exchange Services) on: August 07, 2018, 12:01:24 PM
Currently the world is discussing about the crypto platform WEX (, where most withdrawals are disabled since the mid of July 2018. In the Russian tree of this forum at appeared the thread, there would be an insolvency proceeding on/after August the 15th of 2018. So let's check the facts. The company data are:

World Exchange Services Pte. Ltd.
77, High Street, #09-11, High Street Plaza, Singapore 179433

UEN: 201724396N (check at

Insolvency proceedings are exclusively heard by the Singapore High Court (see But at the High Court there is no such proceeding pending, nor at August, the 15th, you can check it online under (select "NEXT WEEK 13 Aug - 19 Aug 2018", then under "TYPE OF HEARING" no selection of "Bankruptcy" is possible, see also or

The only proceeding running was a pre-trial conference on July the 12th of 2018 from a previous member of BTC-e over 2.6 million USD, Case No.: HC/S 568/2018, see uvedomlenie-suda.pdf. Regarding to this trial no further facts and results are available.

BTW, the server of WEX is cloudflare protected, see at, the domain is registered in India, see at, and their mail provider is the "Solar Communications GmbH" in Switzerland, email header is: Received: from ( []), see also So Zurich is probably the server location of the platform, see The server time of is stated as time of Moscow anyway, so UTC+3. The server of the chat history ( is located in Moscow, server IP is (see

In May 2018 Dmitry Vasilyev also wanted to open a WEX office in Columbia, for details see the Google-translation.

Updates: The transfer of the ownership of the trading platform seems to be fulfilled. According to a register excerpt from the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA), dated November the 28th of 2018, Mr. Kapil Kumar Gupta from Singapore is listed as new director of WEX since November the 19th of 2018, as second director is still listed Dmitry Vasilev since August, the 27th of 2017. Further a female shareholder is listed.

Meanwhile WEX changed their domain to and afterwards to doe to complaints to the domain registrar. After the last change of the domain no login or new registration is possible doe to disabled JavaScript on the website. The last, meanwhile probably well known info is, that the newest domain got suspended once again. The server is still running and the platform was accessible with the entry in the host file (a file without filename extension, in Windows located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc, editable with the Editor). Meanwhile this doesn’t work anymore, as the IP of Cloudflare protection is no longer valid, a 522 timeout error message appears for actual requests. This is the first time that the platform is not accessible as no alternative domain has been published.

The previous Telegram group WEX Chat (eng) at  has been deleted the last days through a new moderator. The group was long time without active admin. The member @tfest alias @wexcodes alias cristina of the previous chat, which made a criminal complaint against the CEO Dmitry Vasiliev and which claims to have caused inter alia all the WEX domains getting suspended, opened a new chat and took the previous name and link. Parallel the previous chat member @ainalain alias B opened his Telegram channel Bchannel "The Hive". Further a new public Telegram group WEX Recovery has just been created with the goal to recover the platform in which way ever.

Update 15th of November 2019: This is a list of the known WEX wallets and its actual balances:

Bitcoin1LfV1tSt3KNyHpFJnAzrqsLFdeD2EvU1MK10,000.00007089 BTC85,902,912 USD
LitecoinLeL2tHRhthknc3AxXAQ7U1yTuQYLqCu8vf175,001.04641795 LTC9,479,270 USD
Ethereum0x95cDdecd01856aA896426bd1ee021D87F3A5c19926000.15883 ETH4,760,889 USD
Ethereum0xa32e317F86bA61e87083e3e39BeBBa383769767830000.01559 ETH5,493,302 USD
DASHXs16SXtjBGAVGnTRTXr5qyXj4WNqfZ94Ut6,876.703 DASH473,983 USD
PeercoinPR5KAV1aTkHuscQ6FmdGEM7abGwfAAWwr51,786,301.067 PPC965,091 USD
Total value107,075,447 USD

These wallets have been listed by the Telegram bot "Wex Monitor Bot" @wexmonbot, which is no longer working. Of course one should have been wondering all the time how it can be, that an anonymous person called "Alexey B." could get access to the wallets and control the whole platform in this way. Any founder or owner of a crypto platform would handle over the whole funds to an anonymous person he has never seen in real live before!? Reading through the conversations the conclusion was, that this Alexey B. was/is all the time the real owner of the wallets and the platform. The CEOs evidently were/are just the team for the business administration, but also the recipients of any further profit. According to the latest news the "red admin" is not Alexey Belan, but Alexey Bilyuchenko (by the way indeed from his appearance very similar to Alexey Belan). According to further news and documents 100% shares of WEX as company and technical platform itself, including the future possible profit, were transferred from Dmitry Vasilyev to Dmitry Khavchenko, drawn up by the consulting company Enston Corporate Services Pte Ltd in Singapore. The further consulting company ROYCE TRADE s.r.o. in Prague was then involved by the lawyer of WEX, Viktor Stepanov, for the further consulting of the remaining WEX team. What the investigators and reporters still didn't consider is the fact, that the known cold wallets of WEX are still untouched since months. It is a fact, that all together around 100 million USD are still available at the moment, which depends from the fluctuation of the crypto-chats of course, independent from the other fact, that the wallets seem to be under control of Alexey Bilyuchenko and Konstantin Malofeev, the co-founder of WEX. The 8 million USD estimated by the initiative group "WEX SCAM" needed for the payout of the members are peanuts compared with the other several hundred million USD. The situation could also be a conflict between Konstantin Malofeev and Dmitry Khavchenko.

According to the latest BBC-article Bitcoins in the "FSB fund": how $ 450 million disappeared from Wex crypto exchange (Google-Translate) the Russian FSB shall be involved in the whole case. According to the article the FSB or corrupt members of the FSB shall have seized the cold wallets in form of hardly encrypted flash drives. Further Anton Nemkin, a previous FSB-agent, evidently wanted to use the WEX funds for a new crypto platform "Vladex". The WEX funds with a value of around 350 million USD had evidently been transferred by the red admin to the wallets of the FSB-agents or those, who pretended to be agents. Apart from this the article doesn't write about the current personal and legal situation of Alexey Bilyuchenko, only that he shall be protected as witness in the criminal proceedings (what also could mean a kind of protection in form of protective custody). Further no word about the remaining funds on the WEX wallets in the height of 107 million USD as calculated above, which would be enough to pay out most likely all members! So if they used the ~ 350 million USD for whatever and this was only the profit they made, there wouldn't be to complain about criminal activity. As Anton Nemkin seems to be a person with a good reputation, appearing in public together with Sergey Glazyev, a former consultant of Vladimir Putin, presenting the concept of the new platform Vladex, one has to wounder why the whole world is making investigations and criminal proceedings because of the transferred funds - they should focus on the remaining blocked funds with a value around 100 million USD! Even as the whole world was hunting Dmitry Vasilyev at first: Even if he transferred his profit or a part of it out of the WEX funds, might be in fiat currency, there's no criminal activity to complain about. It seems to be an undisputed fact now, that the cold wallets are under control of the admin Alexey Bilyuchenko and/or Konstantin Malofeev. A criminal act is of course the blocking of the remaining funds and the closure of the trading platform without possibility of the withdrawals by the members!
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