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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / 10 REASONS YOU MUST BUY ZURCOIN (ZUR) NOW on: December 16, 2017, 04:17:44 AM
Zurcoin is a POW 2013-made crypto traded on Yobit: and a few others. CMC: and ANN is here: and Telegram here:

Here are the 10 reasons you would be literally crazy not to buy Zurcoin now. Another OP here suggested it in a post some weeks ago and since then I am at least 300% and possibly more over my invested amount in the green. My aim is to tell others so like me they can benefit:

1. Since August, all indicators for Zurcoin are up thousands of percent and are only looking stronger by the day!
2. The average daily volume of the coin is up 88,648% from $37 to $33,000 average    
3. The average opening, high and closing price are up over 12,000% and the the average low is up over 10,000%  
4. Following the same line ZUR should hit $1bn market cap by Dec 2018 ($9/ZUR) with volumes rising to $45m daily    

5. Zurcoin is now forming a Foundation and forking its coins twice next year and the forks look awesome

6. Zurcoin has undergone rebranding after 4 years of next to no trading and is now basically a virtually-untouched BTC at a time BTC is nearly over $20k

7. Zurcoin is going to get a counterparty upgrade with EOS-style token making facilities on its Blockchain and has a token TX time of 2 secs at a time BTC is $20k and slow as ^&%$ and Ethereum is clunky and hardly better

8. Zurcoin is currently 1 cent per ZUR

9. Zurcoin is gonna be on all the news over the next months now that they signed a huge PR (apparently - this is speculation I think) and have Coin Telegraph massive feature coming up to open the way with the new website launch

10. Some crazy dude who runs a hedge fund who not everyone likes and with some good reason too seems to have bought up a PILE of it earlier in the year and although detestable these sorts of speculators like Carl Ichaan, George Soros etc never EVER lose so it is often worth betting behind their hand
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Zurcoin is the next BTC; 4 yo, up 3500% in 6 months, 3 forks coming in 2018 on: December 14, 2017, 08:14:33 AM
This coin: is a 4 year old Crypto will a completely unused Blockchain, powerful transaction processing and 2-second speed, a building community of miners POW mining the coin, and a large and bubbling number of project initiatives that the devs are working on.

I bought this coin a little over 2 weeks ago and I am up about 280% or so. I see this as just the beginning - almost everyone I know in Crypto who finds out about this coin buys it (see some reasons here: I honestly think this may be the next BTC event - the Roadmap is clear, sensible and well-articulated and the market has only been progressively building on the back of a nice publicity feed the last weeks.

They have a new website under dev and a video out here: plus there is a WP (search the Bitcoin talk threads) that will be on the site when it is soon up I assume.

How high could Zurcoin go? I honestly think you could be looking at a dollar by January and it is currently 1 cent. 100x return is not unrealistic for late catch-up Crypto; remember this is not an ICO, it's real POW Crypto with a proper aged blockchain and hence an expansive network of coin holders and miners. This largely overlooked coin is well worth your attention.
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