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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / ▲▲UnitedPayments ▲▲↑ Get 500 FREE UP COINS ♥♥♥ on: March 03, 2014, 10:21:40 AM

Sick of Unstable abandoned CrapCoins? UnitedPayments has got you covered, You can Decide what the Future of UP↑ is!
Launching on March ,you can Help develop UP↑ and earn a HUGE share already before it's launched for Public!

1: Register at and claim a FREE 500 UP↑ coins, Refer Friends and earn 500 UP↑ For each member you Refer.
2: Help Develop UnitedPayments and earn one of the 100 MEGA SHARES (each Mega-Share worth 100,000 UP↑)

You can claim one of the 100 Megashares for example by:

-Translating to other languages and/or Posting to related Other forums or even Forums where no1 has heard of cryptocurrencies before
-Building a Game Sites/faucets
-Launching Pools
-Doing offline promotion
-building linux/mac/android wallet and Blockexplorer
-organising giveaways
-promote on twitter/facebook/reddit
-Help get on exchanges
-Make paper wallet
-Again offline promotion,and to people who are new to these CryptoCurrencies
-Being Large merchant and accepting it as one of the payment methods
-Create other different services
-And loads of other things!


PoW Algorithm: Scrypt
Re-target: Every 20 blocks
Block Time: 60seconds
Block Reward: 2500 UP↑
Max Supply: 1 Billion UP↑
Premine: 4% (3% to be given away to Public for registering&referring other members / 1% is going for the 100Mega-Shares)

Before you scream Premine,Premine, Shut up already now, You can be one of those 10000+ people who receive it!
No1 has done this on this large scale yet, even This wouldn't be the First Coin even Built It could be Something Big and go mainstream if there are Enough people truly Supporting it and Working for it!

So If you want to claim A Megashere or 2
-Post here how could you help this, Either it's with Promotion (describe how exactly) ,or either helping developing it or building services around it!
-Go out and do it, and post back when you have done your part,and reserve a Megashare for yourself!
-you can claim more then 1 megashare, if you do more then 1 LARGE task
Only List Things what you are actually ready to do!
Remember You can't receive a share IF you don't actually do your promised part, Or Flake or Do it Half-arsed!
If you do your part and this is success your share could be worth LOADS!

To organize Things better everything is done in Waves

wave 1: Coin name/specs/logo/website.
Wave 2: Translating in Different languages /Various online/offline promotions and preparing pools for Launch
wave 3: BEFORE the coin is launched already make for it games,faucets
wave 4: Finishing the Coin itself,finishing making wallet and source for windows/linux/mac
Wave 5: Actual Launch & Making Block explorer and Launch services
wave 6: Again HARD Online/offline Promotion , translating to different languages and promoting it in your home country
wave 7: getting on exchanges, getting merchants and more services and again More promotion!

We are on Wave 2&3 At the moment (Translations/Pre-launch online-offline promotion/ Creating Pools)

A share will be given this round for:

-First 5 Pools launched
-Posting in very large Forums about UnitedPayments and promoting HARD (you can't receive a whole share if you only post at 1 other forum and that post doesn't gains any interest, shares will be only given for Serious work/promotion done to multiple forums)
-Translating to your local language and promoting in your local area
-Making Games/Faucets ready when coin is launched
-Other Significant Things done

If you are interested to Claim a Share in Wave 2&3 Post below with your ideas/ or when you have done your work and want to claim your share
Remember 1 Megashare is worth whooping 100,000 UP↑ So Do your part and you Can earn A LOT!
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / giveaway done on: January 28, 2014, 08:19:51 PM
giveaway done
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