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1  Economy / Service Discussion / zyado. any experiences with them? good or bad? on: January 13, 2015, 02:51:29 AM
Hi all.

I was looking into the zyado exchange and the website looks, well to put politely "old school".
Has anyone here tried them and wants to share?

2  Economy / Service Discussion / Just got all my funds out of - This my goodbye: on: January 02, 2015, 05:34:55 PM

After locking in my money (a few K EUR) without giving any substantial reason or suggesting any way to resolve the situation, I have converted my EUR funds to BTC and withdrawn them.
I had to do this at a significant loss, but my trust in you to act sufficiently responsibly when handling my money has dropped to below zero.

We had to experience several issues over the past year, but this was the final blow to our business relationship.

Just to sum it up:
-When you started off, there was very heavy orderbook manipulation going on (no correlation between price movements and volume what so ever).
-You never managed to get your organisational shit together properly. With a parent company in a virtual office in Panama city and (in the beginning at least) no registration as a company while you told customers the contrary.
-taking your official thread off of, never did any good and there are already some reports from other customers who tell of posts you deleted on your own forum due to negative content (eg: market makers not being paid)
-I will not go into detail what I make of the meaning of the latin "ullus" in Ullus Corp., catpay and all the other leads all over the place. Greetings to London and your buddies at Normura.

1. Your "compliance officer" can stay on holiday as long as he pleases. There is no need to re-verify any of my bank accounts with you.
2. Your support alias names are ridiculous.
3. This is a public goodbye.

3  Economy / Service Discussion / locking in customer funds. on: January 02, 2015, 12:57:55 PM
An exchange ceasing to allow fiat withdrawals and giving very vague answers when customers ask why they are not getting their money.
Does that remind anyone of a little bit of history repeating?

My guess: has run into some serious banking problems and is now trying to get customers to rather exit their funds in crypto (at well above average rates), then to pay people their balances in fiat.
Either that or they are finally packing things and are getting ready to make a run.

My 5 Satoshi: Hands off - looks like going (m)t(g)oxic.
4  Economy / Service Discussion / is down. any ideas on why? on: November 16, 2014, 07:22:59 PM
just realised that is currently offline.
Support said that some urgent work on the servers is the reason.
ETA thursday midnight (!!!).

As I have some funds there, this is a bit unsettling.
Anyone out there have more info?

5  Economy / Service Announcements / moving off of on: October 10, 2014, 05:39:29 PM
Hi all.
As of today has closed it´s official thread here on

their last post here:

Re: - The most advanced cryptocurrency exchange
Today at 04:06:10 PM
Dear All,

Since October 1, 2014, we have been upgrading our Support and Public Relations service to become a single point of contact.

Now we welcome you on our Forum and Blog. In the Blog, you will find all of the HitBTC’s news and will be able to leave your comments and share the information in the media. In addition, we have launched our own Forum for all the discussions and the live communication will be available afterwards.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!

Yours HitBTC

It is ofcourse understandable that concentrating all customer relations to one single point and also being in sole controll of that venue is much more convenient for hitbtc, but I believe this is a bad move.
Because talking in a "public" place you can not control gives a lot of weight of what you say there.
Generally I believe hitbtc is doing a good job at running their exchange but there have been issues and questions raised over time which should be adressed in public (e.g.: trading volume questions, several technical hic-ups, organisational questions). Sure, these and similar discussions have been had with any other exchange too, but in my eyes every business doing bitcoin related things which require the aquisition and ongoing justification of user trust (aka deposits) should expect to be subject to discussion right here (and on reddit...).

Being able to react to public user issues in one trusted place is a good thing.
Trying to evade this publicity will not work, but just spark hysteria and wild theories as soon as the most miniscule problem is experienced by any one user and posted here because bitcoiners are as nervous as a flock of henns on cocaine.

Any other views on this?

In a way
6  Economy / Service Discussion / kraken - BTC withdraw "Service unavailable" SOLVED. on: September 23, 2014, 10:59:56 AM
Am I the only one who can not withdraw from kraken?

7  Economy / Service Discussion / depositing to bitstamp would be faster with a donkey on: August 21, 2014, 01:05:03 PM
Since the deposit times on bitstamp are giving me some unexpected free time, I did a little math.

I know my deposit arrived yesterday afternoon (checked with the banks TARGET 2 system).
I live in Vienna (Austria) and Bitstamps (new) bank is in Maribor (Slovenia).
The distance is about 190 km (roughly 118,5 miles).
A donkey can travel at an average of 8-10 miles per hour.
Let´s say I would go easy on my long eared friend. We´d take breaks every now and then and do some sight seeing on the way.

We would have been at the bank this morning, maybe had some good lunch (hay and fish at the Novi Svet Pri Stolnici for instance) and would be back across the border by now.

Well, I didn´t take the donkey (mostly because I don´t have a donkey), I used the internet.
And get entertaining support replies from bitstamp staff like:

thank you for contacting us. According to our logs your deposit has indeed arrived and it should be credited to your to your Bitstamp account in the next few hours.

Should you require any additional assistance, please feel free to ask

Best regards,

I think I will have to invest in a donkey after all.  

It seems a donkey can be bought for somewhere around 400 USD.
If (when the finally credit my deposit) they use todays Euro to USD conversion rate and not yesterdays when the money arrived at their bank account, I will have lost value of about 45 USD (0,5%). So after latest 10 deposits my new donkey would have already paid for itself.

edits edit:

Maybe bitching around and offering to nail dead cats to peoples doors helps or bitstamp just got their shit together again, BUT I did a little deposit race today

Kraken vs Bitstamp

both several k euro, both via TARGET 2
and both managed to credit the deposit on the same day within a few hours.
So I´d say I got two winners.

Kraken still was a bit faster, but I was actually expecting to wait for bitstamp to credit the deposit by tomorrow.

This is a HUGE improvement and a great argument to reconsider stamp for daily business.
Please keep beating the donkey.

edits edits edit:
tried again with a little more fiat and "boom" back to the poor standards which sparked this post in the first place.
Next round going to the donkey.

8  Economy / Service Discussion / bitcoincharts missing some exchanges (huobi, hitbtc, et al) - where now? on: August 07, 2014, 03:19:59 PM
does anyone know where to find a btcoincharts style overview (with 30day average prices, volume, etc) which includes huobi and hitbtc (which have been dropped by bitcoincharts for some reason)?

as it seems that the most basic display of 30day and 24h averages is only found at bitcoincharts, I believe to have found found a work around with and the SMMA (30) indicator - smoothed moving average that is.
This is a bit more clicks to get the data, but at least they have huobi on the radar. still looking for a solution for hitbtc...
9  Economy / Service Discussion / cant get no confirmation - anyone else? on: May 09, 2014, 01:16:41 PM
anyone else experiencing confirmation delays?

another maleability on the run?  Undecided
10  Economy / Trading Discussion / Orders Order? trader question. on: May 08, 2014, 07:29:26 PM
I have a simple question to the experienced traders here:

is there a general rule across the exchanges as of the order in which orders at the same price are are executed when they are matched?

I noticed that when I placed a buy order on bitstamp it was the best one. Then more orders where placed at the same price. When the price was met by sellers my order was executed last. So it obviously is not relevant placing an order first (at least at stamp).

11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / getting my head around ripple - please correct me. on: March 27, 2014, 02:03:51 AM
After a few weeks I am starting out again on the quest to understand what ripple is about.

As far as I can see all you can really do is trade ripples xrp for other currencies (on a rather small number of exchanges).

The "trust lines" seem to be something like the relationship between customer and bank/exchange.

But what can you do with it?

As most exchanges are not ripple gateways you can not transfer anything but XRP between them (and pay their fees for that).
If you could transfer USD or EUR between decent exchanges that would be a real gamechanger.

But at the moment I dont see any point in using it, if you anyway already have a btc hot wallet.

Am I missing something?
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Where to spend 0.50 Euro worth of bitcoin best? [gambling excluded] on: March 26, 2014, 12:51:57 AM
As my fascination for the experiment of bitcoin has grown to the level, that I feel an urge to convince my real world peers to give it a try. I want to give them bitcoin at value of 0.50 Euro via email from my coinbase* account.
I also want to accompany this present with instructions for setting up different sorts of wallets and a list of places to go first in the world of bitcoin and ofcourse also places to spend them.

So my question is:
Where would you send your best friend to go and spend/donate this small amount?
anything from donating to wiki/ -leaks or -pedia  to wicked adult entertainment** or online games***.

*...if you know of another service with comparably low number of hoops to jump through before being able to actually move bitcoins from one wallet to anther, please say so.
**...criminal activity of any sort is not considered to be "wicked adult entertainment" but as "criminal activity" and as such out of the picture.
*** gambling. it is either unfair or idiotic or both Wink
13  Economy / Trading Discussion / device advice for local transactions - please. on: March 19, 2014, 07:01:29 PM
I am looking for a smartphone to do local btc transactions (buying pizza and selling for cash).
What are the things to consider when shopping for such a device? What OS works best (= reliable and secure)?

My guess would be android, but I am open for others (probably no symbian applications out there? Wink )
What experiences do you have and what would you suggest to your best friend?

I would greatly appreciate if you could point me to a specific device and not be led by emotions for one manufacturer or another.
The quest is:
reliable btc transaction functionality for the least buck.

I will use the device solely for btc things, so fart apps and the like are not relevant to my buying decision.

thanks in advance.
14  Local / Trading und Spekulation / eigenes Konto für Trading eröffnen? (Österreich od Dt. für Österreicher) on: March 15, 2014, 08:40:15 PM
Ich trade jetzt seit ca 6 Monaten und will ein eigenes Konto dafür eröffnen.
Mit meiner Hausbank (BACA Unicredit) bin ich va wegen hohen Gebühren und fehlender Kundenfreundlichkeit unzufrieden.

Hat hier wer Erfahrungen mit anderen österreichischen Banken?
Gibt es Banken, die Probleme machen (wg. hohem Transaktionsvolumen, bitstamp deposits, oder anderem)?
Am liebsten wär mir ja ein dt Konto, was allerdings nicht ganz so einfach zu sein scheint, weil auch bei den Banken die Wohnsitzausländern eine Kontoeröffnung ermöglichen zB dkb ein klassisches Girokonto nicht vorhergesehen ist und ich dann ständig damit rechnen muss, dass das Konto gekündigt wird.

kurz: wo geht online banking flott und zuverlässig und bitcoin geschäfte sind kein Problem?
15  Economy / Service Discussion / phishing attempt aimed at bitstamp users? on: March 08, 2014, 08:59:00 PM
I got an email today claiming to be coming from bitstamp.
It is rather fishy as it arrived at an email adress I never ever used for anything bitcoin related.

Maybe some of you got that same thing or are about to get it.
16  Economy / Service Discussion / not showing recent transactions on: March 03, 2014, 08:00:55 PM
I just withdrew some btc from bitstamp to

the btc left bitstamp and are now collecting confirmations (2 4 right now) on the side, but
(BUT) the transaction is simply not showing up on

any ideas out there?
17  Economy / Service Discussion / Can you imagine to ignore mtgox? on: February 24, 2014, 12:01:02 AM
Leaving mtgox and mk out of the picture. What have we got in the btc community?
Some decent and working exchanges where you can buy and sell btc.
A rapidly growing number of shops and service providers willing to be paid in btc.
Fast paced innovations for any kind of aspect of the btc ecosystem (security/workflows/...)
A number of governments not directly opposed to btc.

Why cant we not just get gox out of the game?

bitcoincharts pages simply dont display it alongside the healthy and functional exchanges.
and a giant warning to all new to the btc world.

All those with funds still locked in:

ok. you might say, I´m a dreamer.
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