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1  Local / Biete / schon weg ([B] 13x PDUs 22kW, Abholung Schweiz) on: March 10, 2018, 06:23:25 PM
Hallo zusammen,

mined heutzutage noch jemand im deutschsprachigem Raum?

Ich musste meine Mine vor langem abschalten und habe aus der Zeit noch 13x 22kW PDUs, die ich gegen Gebot zur Abholung in der Schweiz (Zürcher Oberland) anbiete.

Es handelt sich dabei um das Modell NKP-DY-U, welches von Kejia Automation ( produziert wird. Die PDUs verteilen 32A-400V auf 18xC13, also 6xC13 pro Phase, wobei jede Phase von einer C-32A Sicherung von Schneider Electric abgesichert ist. Ich habe die PDUs mit einer Auslastung von 6kW pro Phase 24/7 für etwa ein halbes Jahr betrieben.

Bilder poste ich bei Bedarf, wie das Gerät in etwa aussieht, kann man z.B. bei diesem Produkt auf alibaba sehen. Das Gerät ist mit CE und VDI versehen, Verkauf erfolgt von privat an privat.

Fragen beantworte ich hier oder per PM, Interessenbekundung bis zum 16.03. bitte per PM.
2  Economy / Securities / [CLOSED] Group Buy: AMHash3 +3% bonus for all on: December 05, 2014, 08:29:31 PM
Described in 2nd post.

2014-12-05: offer opened
2014-12-10: IPO opened, offer closed
3  Local / Biete / [B] 10 TH ASIC rig zur Abholung in CH, ab 0.04BTC/GHps on: November 05, 2013, 09:48:03 AM
Biete tonnenweise ASIC rig ab 0.04BTC / GHps zur Abholung in der Schweiz (nähe Rapperswil SG) an, siehe
4  Economy / Computer hardware / [CLOSED] Swiss local ASIC rig garage sale; starting from 0.04BTC / GHps on: November 05, 2013, 09:44:21 AM
Update (2013-11-11): Sale closed

All available rig sold.

Update (2013-11-10): Sale temporary halted

With pending orders for almost all remaining boards the sale us currently halted until the backlog is fully processed.

Thanks for your interest.

Folks and miners,

over time I built up a large mining farm of 30TH, which I am partially offering for sale as follows:
  • 280 214 108 Asicminer BE blades V1
    • 0.5 BTC each
    • 3.2 BTC for 8
    • if you buy a half rack of 32, you get 3x Enterpoint power distribution boards and power cords for free
    • if you buy a full rack of 64, on top of that you get the special hand-crafted customized Ikea GORM wine-shelf for free Wink
  • 128 112 108 bitburner Fury
    • 3 BTC each
    • 21 BTC for a 8-board stack (CAN-bus connected, needs only one USB port)
  • 20 KnC Jupiter all sold to user Menig
    • 22 BTC each

I took some photos of the rig and placed here.

As you can see from the pics, this is a hefty amount of boards which I am not going to pack and ship, but you will have to drive to Switzerland near Rapperswil (SG) and pick everything up. If you happen to buy a full rack, you'll need to come over with a transporter.

I assume those interested know what they are buying and therefore withstand from posting the specs and PR. If you have any questions, please PM me.
5  Bitcoin / Group buys / [CLOSED] Bitmine CoinCraft A1 28nm chip distribution / DIY support on: September 14, 2013, 04:46:05 PM

Update (2014-02-27): chip distribution closed
Update (2014-02-12): 2-chip board reference design available
Update (2014-02-01): chips arrived and re-shipped / update on terms for sample chips supply
Update (2014-01-28): chips shipped to Europe, orders, availability
Update (2014-01-20): chip distribution re-opened (see below)
Update (2014-01-19): first DIY board hashing at 30+ GHps per chip
Update (2014-01-11): chip bring-up mini-howto
Update (2014-01-06): initial tests with real chips
Update (2013-12-31): preliminary findings relevant for DIY designs
Update (2013-12-23): initial A1 cgminer SPI driver released
Update (2013-11-07): Offer halted


DIY Projects

Chip Distribution in DIY Volumes (50+)

Bitmine is offering Coincraft A1 chips in 500+ volumes to the masses, which for DIY folks might be unpractical. Therefore I am distributing some of the chips I ordered for personal use to the scene with non-profit intentions. Take this as a symbolic compensation for 2013's disaster the DIY scene was hit by. I am herein offering up to 5000 chips from the first chips in volumes in lots of 50 chips. The price is what Bitmine asks for the chips at time of order, with an 8% surcharge to cover S&H expenses.

Is this for me?
There was a great confusion with the initial announcement, so to clarify here: this offer is NOT for you if
  • you need more than 500 chips
    => order at Bitmine and you will save the 8% surcharge and even get discounts on higher volumes
  • you want a manufacturer to build your board(s)
    => order your boards at the manufacturer of your choice, he will get better prices with higher volumes
  • you want to organize a group buy
    => please organize your group buy so that you can make a 500+ order at Bitmine directly; I do this at no cost to support the open source DIY scene and don't want to run into multi-party deals and related troubles

How to order
I expect only a limited number of orders and will therefore follow a manual order processing.
  • orders are placed via email to this address (please leave the Gmail alias suffix intact)
  • with the order, please include your shipping address (if possible with phone number for express); if you are concerned about your privacy, please use PGP encryption (my public key is in my sig)
  • chips are offered at Bitmine's price for 500+ chips at time of order +8% (today 3.5$/GHps, including surplus: $4'725 / 50 chips)
  • you will be asked for payment once I know chips are on their way to Switzerland
  • payments will be in BTC only and based on BitStamp exchange rate at time of payment
  • should I fail to ship your chips within 2 weeks after your payment, you will be refunded the exact amount of BTC you paid
  • orders are processed FCFS, no pre-order, no down-payment
  • buyer is in charge for taxes and customs

Good Luck!

Initial Offer (for the records)

With the past BTC exchange rate movement this offer for buyers became not acceptable any more and is therefore halted.

Down-payments collected so far will be refunded in full.

A better offer will be available when chips are ready for distribution.

Folks and miners,

I am glad to announce that I have been selected by Bitmine as exclusive tier-1 chip distributor for the 28nm CoinCraft A1 mining ASIC. I will also provide the interface to the DIY scene and supply everything needed to enable community driven development and production of mining products as open source.

The CoinCraft A1 is Bitmine's first mining ASIC, which is rated at 20GHps at <0.6J/GH. It supports low-energy (down to 0.35J/GH) and high-power (up to 40GHps/chip) modes to allow optimal resource utilization during different stages of mining (please follow above link for more info). Throughout this offer, the rated specs are considered, i.e. one chip is worth 20GHps.

Bitmine offers bare chips to larger customers directly from their web-shop in minimum quantities of 500, while lower quantities are distributed by me in lots of 50 chips (or 1 THps). If you need smaller quantities, please organize a group buy yourselves to reach this minimum size.

I ordered chips from the pilot-run that is scheduled to be finalized by end of November - i.e. the earliest available chips. Those I am herein offering to DIY folks, which will be shipped out before December 13th (W50).

Chip specifications, design documents, reference software, and everything that is required to design mining rig development will be provided through github incrementally, with a guaranteed availability of all required support material by end of October.

The price per chip is 8% above Bitmine's for lowest order quantity, which for December delivery is set to $5/GHps and corresponds to $108/chip. I am operating only in the BTC domain and set the price using BitPay's exchange rates. With today's rate, the price is 42.5BTC per 50-chip lot (1 THps).

I will receive chips in W49 (first December week) and will distribute them no later than December 13th.

Priority shipping is included. Urgent / express is available on request for an additional 1 BTC.

Bitmine provides a Customer Protection Plan (CPP), which fully applies for the chips offered here. The agreed shipping date to be considered for that plan is December 13th.

I have 100 lots available (5000 chips). Chips are distributed in the order down-payment is paid (see below).

Availability ends October 19th.
Edit: Chips will be available at least until their delivery date. A final notification will be made prior to closing the order window.

How to order
Since the number of potential buyers is limited, the orders will be processed manually as follows:
1) Place your buy order via email
2) If not sold out, I'll provide you with a payment address
3) You pay 20% down-payment, which is only refundable if I fail to deliver in time (see CPP)
4) You pay the remainder right before chips are shipped

Addendum (2013-09-17):
Sample Chips
The chips offered here are from the pilot-run and are exactly meant to be sample-chips, i.e. they are the first available ones. Obviously ordering a full lot of 50 chips only to test board designs is a barrier for DIY hobbyists. Therefore the following special conditions to support the DIY scene are added:

1) chips for design verification can be ordered in smaller quantities (1-31 chips, 0.85 BTC / chip)
2) an additional low-quantity fee of 1 BTC per order is charged to make up for S&H expenses
3) down-payment is at least 1 BTC
4) all other rules stated above for lot orders apply

6  Bitcoin / Hardware / [CLOSED] BitFury chip distribution, 0.27BTC/chip (W41 October delivery) on: September 06, 2013, 07:50:33 AM
Folks and miners,

with my Avalon ASIC chip distribution for DIYers slowly ramping down, it is time to move on.

Two months ago I ordered BitFury chips for October delivery, which I am herein offering to DIY folks in lots of 300 chips (1/10 of a reel).

The price is fixed at 108 81 BTC for 300 chips. At a nominal 2.7GHps per chip, this is 0.1BTC / GHps.

Currency Denomination
Since the offered chips are build to generate BTC, this offer is denominated in BTC. Existing sources for BitFury chips sell for fiat, so depending on the BTC/fiat exchange rate you might find my offer better or worse one day or another. Clearly, this is for those of you who got used to think in BTC and do not care much about exchange rate fluctuations on a daily basis.

I will receive chips in W40 (first October week), you should have yours in hand no later than October 15th.

Priority shipping is included. Urgent / express is available on request for an additional 1 BTC.

How to order
Since the number of potential buyers is limited, the orders will be processed manually as follows:
1) Place your buy order via email
2) If not sold out, I'll provide you with a payment address
3) You pay 20% down-payment, which is only refundable if I fail to deliver in time (see below)
4) You pay the remainder right before chips are shipped

Guaranteed Lead Time
In the event that chips are not shipped in time (deadline: October 12th), the final price will be reduced proportionally to the increase in difficulty. That is: for any difficulty increase by X% that happens between the deadline and the shipment date, the price will be reduced by X%. If the total reduction exceeds 60%, buyer is given the right to cancel order and get his down-payment refunded.

Edit: Clarification example: if your chips get delivered late, your price will be:
   initial price * min(1, (difficulty@deadline / difficulty@shipping_date))
That min function ensures that you do not pay more than initial price in the event that difficulty declines - which formally has a non-zero probability (alas, we all know it practically is zero Wink).

I have 30 lots available (3 reels). Chips are distributed in the order down-payment is paid.
Edit: Availability ends on September 19th.

7  Bitcoin / Project Development / [BOUNTY 5BTC] cgminer: add getwork proxy functionality on: July 06, 2013, 03:59:46 PM
Developers, miners and geeks,

I need to have a getwork proxy functionality added to cgminer and am willing to pay 5BTC for its development.

Last year I had 5 computers distributed all over my flat running cgminer to run different types of mining rig. Since each instance operated its own set of pools and work items, I thought it would be a nice feature to have only one of them operating as proxy, i.e. it on one side connects to pools and handles work items and on the other side allow other cgminer instances to connect and get served.

At that time I asked Con how feasible such a feature would be. His response was that it is doable, but since I was the only one requesting it, maybe not worth the work. With the subsequent feature advances in cgminer, I was able to reduce the number of instances to two and gradually refrained from my idea.

Until recently, when it became hot again: I started operating Asicminer BE blades that are interfaced over Ethernet and use getwork as work API. The best way to operate them is to use a Stratum proxy. While generally doable, I miss lots of cgminer features (most relevant: pool backup / recovery, stability, scalability). With that, I realize that the proxy functionality I had in mind before to cascade multiple cgminer instances would also be useful to support BE blades.

I am familiar with cgminer myself and have already a concept of how it could be realized (similar to hotplug_thread()). If I had 5 days of free time in a row, I'd do it myself - but obviously in today's interesting Bitcoin times I don't have it. Therefore I am offering a 5 BTC bounty to the skilled and motivated developer capable to develop that proxy functionality.

From a functional point, the requirements should be clear by the title. I need cgminer to be able to
  • act as a getwork proxy at a configurable port
  • allow getwork based miners to connect (example: other cgminer instances, BE blades)
  • keep track of the getwork clients (identified by username)

Initial testing can be accomplished by connecting multiple cgminer instances to the proxy. If required, I can provide wireshark traces of the communication between blades and Stratum proxy; also I will do qualification testing and performance evaluation with a larger scale BE blades setup myself.

Beside the functional requirements, I am asking for
  • a cgminer compliant open source license to be used
  • the coding style to be kept consistent (wish: Linux kernel coding style)
  • sufficient code quality to get integrated into cgminer upstream

Alternative: stand alone proxy

If it makes development and testing easier for you, you are free to derive a getwork proxy component from existing cgminer. That is, this component would only use the pool and work management from cgminer, but not support mining devices itself (which btw. equals a hotplug-enabled cgminer with no active devices). cgminer's main source file is not modular enough to really support such an approach, just noting it here for completeness.

Before you start hacking into your keyboard, please contact me for further details via email (visible from my forum profile).

8  Bitcoin / Hardware / Good News: Avalon ASIC Samples shipped, (sorry for the panic over the weekend) on: June 09, 2013, 05:54:46 PM
BitSyncom clarified that this was a miscommunication here and sample chips will be in fact provided per 10k batch.

Sorry for causing panic over the weekend.

Folks, miners and Avalon ASIC board developers,

I just got emailed from Avalon that the sample chips for the ASIC chips ordered are shipped. Even received an EMS shipping number, great news!

But I was also informed that only one set of sample chips will be delivered to one receiver address, which essentially means that you will receive 30 samples, no matter if you ordered 10k or 200k chips.

Given that I did the group buy with 70k chips for almost 300 users and there are at least 10 projects working on mining boards and desperately awaiting the samples for validation, this is disastrous news. It means that only one or two of them will be given the chance to finalize their design before chips arrive.

Very disappointing Sad

9  Bitcoin / Hardware / [CLOSED] 100 KnC Jupiter 1-500 on: June 07, 2013, 11:17:13 PM
2013-07-03: KnC confirmed that our order is at the front of the queue
2013-06-10: 24 Jupters ordered and paid
2013-06-09: Phase one timed up, group buy failed; check here for further processing
2013-06-09: Price adaptation due to BTC/fiat exchange rate drop: 70 -> 80 BTC
2013-06-08: Order will be changed for Device Hosting

Ok, I know I am late with this, but I needed first to get some confidence that KnC is serious.

I placed my order for 100 KnC mining devices with some unproductive coins in April the day before BTC reached ATH of $266 and plumped down to $50. With the current exchange rate and the modified product, I am obviously not going to buy all of those 100 units, but maybe 20 or so. Therefore I offer to everyone who believes in KnC's plans to participate in this group buy.

I checked that I am in fact still in the 1-500 group and entitled for the early products over their order page:

On top of the $713.5k I'll have to pay 10% Swiss VAT and custom handling fees to be paid to courier - so this group buy has a volume of ~$0.8M.

I am offering a participation in this group buy that guarantees to get your Jupiter from within the first 500 units shipped. If you already ordered yours or traded your place from some other early bird, this is not for you.

Also, this is not for you if you want to trade a position in the pre-order queue: the devices will be shipped to Switzerland first and then either forwarded to your address or kept ready for a local pickup.

If you are interested, you agree that my role in this process is limited to act as organizer and proxy. I am not in any way liable for failures of 3rd party - this is especially relevant when it comes to KnC and their ability to keep their promised performance and schedule. Do your due diligence, look at the past stories of ASIC products deployment and perform your own risk analysis.

If you decide to order, you agree with this and accept that my responsibility is limited to the bare proxy functionality, i.e. it starts with the devices being delivered to me and ends when they are picked up by the parcel service (or when you pick them up in person).

There are only three days left to complete the payment for the reserved units, and since this is an all-or-nothing order (see below: Why), I need to collect money fast and collect lots of it.

Blockchain based Accounting
I am going to use a blockchain based registration and payment scheme that proved itself when I collected the funds for Avalon ASIC chip distribution. It is based on two key factors:
  • you vote / register with sending coins from an address you control to a common address
  • you remain anonymous until the point where you want to claim what you paid for by signing with the address you paid from

In consequence, for participating in the following process, it is absolutely necessary that you a) send from an address you control and can sign with (no MtGox, pool address, etc.), and b) you don't delete the related address until this deal is finalized. If your wallet does not allow you to specify from which address to send, you need to be able to sign at least with one of the inputs.

The great deal with this process is that there is no need for additional accounting - the blockchain is our indisputable process log. Note: when it comes to payment ordering (who paid first), the order is given by the block the payment was first confirmed.

Step one: Gather Interest

Before I start collecting coins, I need to check if there is enough interest for the full order (I am not going to do a partial buy). For this step, for the number of Jupiters you want to buy, you send 1 BTC to the common address 1EqJmgTZkiA5u7FaJmbiK9otznpx3G5Qha (i.e. if you want to buy 3, you send 3 BTC there). The first 20 coins represent the 20 Jupiters I am going to order for myself.

I will let this reservation window open until 2013-06-09T18:00Z (this Sunday, 18:00 GMT). If the address reaches a balance of at least 100 coins, I'll start with the funding phase (see below). You do not need to ask if there are devices left - just check the address balance and you know. Also, I will refund all over-payments, so you might want to show your interest even if there are already 100+ registered - in case someone changes his mind you might get in line.

Please note: the coins paid in this phase are
  • fully refunded if you overpaid (i.e. didn't make it into the 100 first to get a device)
  • fully refunded if we do not collect enough to buy it in full
  • not refunded if you change your mind after registration and would be entitled to buy the device(s)

The last point is to prevent people from fake registering and preventing serious takers from joining. Also, it obviously causes quite some work at my side if done with malicious intent.

Step two: Collect Funding
In case there are enough adventurous followers joining, I will start collecting the funds for the order. The process will be the same as for the registration phase above, only the address will change to 1EW13ao9f6nFh51NrdKjLH1DTCgBbcFKH9. Based on the current BTC rate, I will collect 70 BTC for each Jupiter. Again, the first 1400 coins in this address are for my own 20 devices.

The payment window for the final funds will be open for 24h. If your registration was serious before, you should already be prepared to have them ready for transfer from the same address you send your registration coins from by then. I will need to pay the order on Monday, so those who did not pay by then will be replaced by the moving up ones.

Please note: since the prices are denominated in fiat but paid in BTC, there will be an adjustment of the final price to be paid based on exchange rate. That is, if the BTC/fiat exchange rate rises until payment, you will get something back, if it drops, you will need to add some more. In any case, you will pay the exact same price that I will be charged for.

In this phase, coins are
  • not refundable once the payment was made
  • fully refunded if we do not collect enough for the full order
  • fully refunded if KnC refuses the order for any reason

After Sales
Please note that once the devices are ordered and you registered your shipping address, it can not be changed after. This is important to keep in mind, because nearly everywhere people start to trade ordered mining rig long before they got it delivered. I will not be able to support this, so those who want to trade need to organize it privately.

Registration window opens effective immediately and closes 2013-06-09T18:00Z.

Funding window opens as soon as there are interests for 100 devices, but no later than 2013-06-09T18:00Z. If the threshold is not reached, the order will not be placed and all funds are returned to sender.

As you noticed, I am not asking for any premium, commissions or other charges - you basically will pay the exact same amount that you would pay if you place yourself a 1-500 order. I am doing this because I am generally a nice guy Wink, but my main motivation is a promised discount given by KnC personally if I buy all the 100 devices.

That is why this is an all-or-nothing deal. And this is also why I reserve the right to abandon the group buy in case KnC refuses to keep their promise. You for sure can imagine that handling this amount of orders is a PITA workload to do, and you for sure understand why I can't do this for free.

Whom are you going to send millions for a naked promise? Well, I won't keep the coins for long and move them to KnC. As initially stated, it is solely your decision to trust this company, but if you are still reading, you maybe made up your mind. Then of course there is a risk of me taking all 100 Jupiters and run with them. While there are various logistical problems for the practical implementation with that, I reached some level in the Bitcoin world that allows me make a better living the regular way than with anything I could potentially pull out of this stunt.

You can check some of my references from my forum signature, here are some I want to link directly:

I live in Switzerland and check forum and mail at least twice a day. Please be patient if you do not get your request responded immediately, most probably it is because you are living in the wrong time-zone Smiley or I got some RL things to do.

That's all. Good Luck.
10  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / [RFC] coins blocked by unconfirmed input - potential DoS on: May 02, 2013, 06:30:39 PM
Dear Bitcoiners,

I ran into a stupid situation that prevented me to spend the coins from an address, since one input failed to get confirmed.

First I might need to say sorry if I missed to RTFM or it is a known fact. Otherwise this might turn out to be a reliable way to lock funds in an address and render them unspendable for some time.

This is how I ran into it: I am buying Avalon ASIC chips in 10k batches and distribute them to DIY folks in smaller volumes to support the de-centralization of ASIC mining. I use the blockchain for accounting, i.e. there is one common address (162HWpt9njiDsk5nwGixw7fDPuNy55Kh9X) all buyers send coins to and approve their order by signing with their sending address. As soon as the final balance in that address reached a threshold, I ordered the next batch and paid with the collected coins.

I process payments with piuk's MyWallet and everything went fine for several chip orders, but failed badly with my last payment. After sending all remaining coins (500+ BTC) for a partial payment from that address, several hours later I noticed it was still not confirmed. Investigated and found that one single input (out of 100+) was pending unconfirmed, holding the transaction in limbo. 24h later my payment transaction was canceled, but since I still see the problematic input pending unconfirmed, I am not able to sweep this address.

As the inputs to be used for an output are not selectable (at least in MyWallet), isn't this an easy and reliable scheme to prevent addresses from being swept: just send a small amount with no tx fees and get it stalled for 24h?

Any advice how to prevent this (other than waiting inputs to confirm)?

11  Bitcoin / Hardware / [CLOSED] Avalon ASIC chip distribution on: April 16, 2013, 08:18:10 AM
Status updates:
2013-09-23: Remaining Chips distributed
2013-09-14: Remaining Batches shipped, partial Refund Offer
2013-09-05: Refunds processed
2013-09-04: Refund window closed, refunds being processes
2013-09-02: Batches 6, 7, and 8 refunded, further refund processing notes
2013-09-01: Refund Status and Deadline
2013-08-29: Refund Processing
2013-08-28: Endgame
2013-08-23: Batch 2 delivered
2013-08-14: Shipping & Handling fee structure defined
2013-07-23: First batch delivered
2013-07-22: First batch shipped
2013-07-03: Test-run passed, website open for all
2013-07-02: Website for handling shipping addresses open for a test-run
2013-06-29: Final order window closed, no more chips available
2013-06-29: Some spare sample chips available
2013-06-28: More sample chips received and forwarded
2013-06-22: Order window for chips to complete boards opened
2013-06-15: Sample chips for 1st batch received and forwarded
2013-06-09: First delivery of sample chips spotted, let us finalize the distribution
2013-05-26: Initial sample chips distribution plan
2013-05-20: Please help preparing the sample chip distribution as described here
2013-05-10: Avalon released the initial version of reference docs, to be found on GitHub
2013-05-03: rough schedule set up and clarified after sales processing here
2013-05-01: order window closed, please do not send any more coins
2013-04-30: 6th batch sold, 7500 chips left in 7th batch
2013-04-30: batches 6 and 7 ordered and paid
2013-04-29: 5th batch sold, 6th batch piling up
2013-04-28: batch 5 ordered
2013-04-24: all chips ordered are guaranteed to ship
2013-04-24: 4th batch sold, 5th batch piling up with 7740 chips left
2013-04-24: 4th batch ordered, 790 chips left
2013-04-22: 3rd batch sold, 4th batch piling up with 7050 chips left
2013-04-20: 3rd batch ordered
2013-04-19: 2nd batch sold, 3rd batch has ~3300 chips left
2013-04-18: 2nd batch ordered
2013-04-18: 1st batch sold out, 2nd batch has ~2500 chips left

Next Steps
After finalizing the batch orders, all further processing steps are depending solely on Avalon's actions and responses.

The rough schedule I am pulling out of thin air looks as follows
  • beginning of May: wait and see
  • second half of May: Avalon releases reference design and documentation
  • end of May: first chip samples get shipped
  • beginning of June: developers finalizing their designs and ordering sample chips
  • mid of June: developers assemble and demo their mining products
  • second half of June: I collect shipping information for the chips ordered
  • beginning end of July: first batches produced and shipped to me
  • mid end of July: chips get delivered and I start distribution shipments <-- we are here

This is the ideal schedule based on the numbers provided by Avalon. We all know that realistically each step will be delayed by some non-predictable amount of time, so let us sit and wait a while. I will post updates as soon as they are available - no need to explicitly ask for them.

Order Status
#11069 May 1, 2013 Refunded ฿780.00 for 1 item
#10149 April 30, 2013 Refunded ฿1,564.20 for 2 items
#10137 April 28, 2013 Sample-chip-shipped   ฿782.10 for 1 item
#10105 April 24, 2013 Sample-chip-shipped   ฿782.10 for 1 item
#10037 April 20, 2013 Sample-chip-shipped   ฿782.10 for 1 item
#9921 April 20, 2013 Chips-shipped   ฿782.10 for 1 item
#9725 April 16, 2013 Completed ฿782.10 for 1 item

Only send payments from an address you control (i.e. you can sign with it). If you send from MtGox or other exchanges, you risk loosing your funds since you can't prove you sent them.

Policy update: Refunds
Your orders are binding after your funds have been used to pay for a batch. Before that (while coins are piling up for the next batch), you can demand for a refund and will get it paid back in full. Note that after you got refunded, I will not accept future orders from you (to prevent free risk-offloading to me).

Folks and miners,

as discussed in the DIY thread, I want to support the open source DIY-ASIC approaches and act as a distributor for the Avalon ASIC chips offered in bulk. I bought a 10k chips batch yesterday and realized how this was the worst timing possible for opening sales: I bought the coins down on their way between $100 and $90, just to see how my $70k investment melted away in half over night Sad

The relevant information about the chips is available from Avalon here
Product Description

    the only payment accepted is Bitcoin.
    the chips being sold are packaged and tested.
    the lead time on the chips is 9 to 10 weeks.
    made to order from TSMC foundry and then packaged and shipped.
    the minimum order quantity is 10,000 chips and the maximum order quantity is 200,000.
    the chips are identical to those in Avalon, clocking 282Mh/s per chip.
    the password is “I understand and agree”.
    communication protocol, reference board design provided in early May.
    everything will be open source from FPGA to PCB design.
    we do not offer technical support of any kind, this is final.
    if you do not know what to do with the packaged chips, please do not purchase.

I am asking for a 9.9% surplus for my nerves (risk compensation). the 10k chips totaled to 782.1BTC, which results to a resale price of 0.086BTC / chip.

On top of this BTC denominated net price, I will add a fiat based component to cover expenses, including
  • tax and custom handling fees (~10%)
  • effective shipping cost from Switzerland
  • flat handling fee of $20 per order

Since these items will be paid in fiat, they will be charged after I receive the chips and before they are sent to you.

A lead time of 10+ weeks in the current sentiment takes ages. We can right now observe the dramatic exchange rate fluctuations, and we might also see some of the competing ASIC manufacturers succeed and flood the market with cheaper solutions. Before you order, please do your risk analysis.

If you still want to buy and are fine with the above pricing model, then you will have to participate in the risk and pay your order upfront. If you understood the risk-factors you should clearly understand why I can't afford to charge you in 10 weeks.

This is no fund raising for a group-buy, since the order is already placed with my own funding (order number #9725).

There is one common payment address: 162HWpt9njiDsk5nwGixw7fDPuNy55Kh9X

To buy
  • select your number of chips N in multiples of 10, max. 2500
  • send the total amount (C = N * 0.086) to the given address
  • post or PM me your order in the following format: <forum nick>; <N>; <C>; <sending address>
    ensure the sending address is under your control, so you can sign with it in case of disputes
    (edit 2013-04-18): if your wallet application does not let you select the sending address and sends from multiple, please post only one of them (and keep the address for a while)

The buying window opens now and closes by end of this month, or precisely 2013-05-01T00:00Z (May 1st 2013, 00:00 UTC).

If there is enough demand to order an additional 10k chip batch, I'll do so (given they are in stock). Those not getting into the queue will get their coins returned (to the sending address).

The chips will be forwarded to you as soon as I receive them and you paid the fiat component mentioned above. Delivery within Europe will usually take less than a week; overseas will take what it takes. You will be given the option to select shipment method on time and resolve custom specific issues.

Yeah right: shut up and give me your money!

If unsure whether to trust me, write down 10 Bitcoin members you respect most and check if they can vouch for me.

I live in Switzerland (TZ: UTC+02) and have a exhausting day-job, which limits me to communicate in my evening hours. So if I did not respond to your email or your post within some hours, it is just because I'm at work. Please be patient.


Edit (2013-04-16): additional clarifications

Who should buy and who should not
Please note that this chip distribution is meant for DIY folks only. That is, if you want to build your own mining boards, either from scratch or based on the reference design Avalon announced to release in May. If you want to buy ready-to-mine boards as developed in the original DIY thread, please do not order chips from me, but instead contact the developer of your choice (burnin, allten, or whoever decides to work on a ASIC product). There is no need to reserve the chips by buying from me, since I will ensure that those developers will have enough chips they need for their products.
(edited 2013-04-17)
You can order chips either if you plan to develop your own mining board, or want to buy a ready-to-mine assembled from other developers / manufacturers. In the latter case, with your order you secure the chips from the current batch and decide where to send them for assembly when they arrive.

I did not offer escrow for a simple reason: as soon as the payments fill up to 782.1 BTC, I'll order another batch. No idea how long the chips will be in stock, but I would like to act fast. BTW, John and Graet escrowed my ASICMINER board seat auction, they can vouch for me.

Reservation, Payments
Some users ask for reservations, since they can't get hold of BTC fast. No need to hurry, you have two weeks time and I'll ensure there will be enough chips for anyone (other than they are out of stock). Also, only BTC payments. The blockhain is the indisputable proof of your payment, let's use it as is and prevent manual accounting.

12  Economy / Auctions / ASICMINER: board seat (equivalent of 5000 shares) for sale on: February 08, 2013, 11:54:05 PM
Folks and Bitcoiners,

inspired by the demand for ASICMINER shares observed in Namworld's auction, I want to provide some more liquidity and offer 5000 shares for sale.

Since you're reading this, I assume you know what you are bidding for, otherwise please go and check the related thread.

In short:
  • ASICMINER will soon start their mining operation and control 1/3 of total network hashing power until other ASICs catch up
  • short term: you will get 0.1BTC per share dividends from mining income, no matter what
  • long term: company will ensure profitable operation and moving forward to next gen ASICs. Each share is entitled for 1/400'000 of company lifetime profits.
  • goodies: if and when HW is going to be sold to public, shareholders / board members get a higher priority in the wait queue

My preference is to sell all 5'000 shares to a single person entering ASICMINER's board. But since I am not sure whether the past fiascoes left enough folks with deep pockets around, I will accept partial buys in blocks of 100 shares.

Place your bid in the form of
shares @ price
    * shares being a multiple of 100 and max of 5'000
    * price being a multiple of 0.01BTC and min of 0.3

If the auction succeeds, you'll be given 48h to transfer the coins to an escrow account. The shares will be transferred to you as soon as the ASICMINER trading platform starts (which is before first dividends are paid). Since my shares are locked-in with friedcat directly, if all shares are bought by one investor, we might get an instant contractual transfer before the exchange opens.

Do this either
  • publicly in this thread, or
  • via PM if you want to remain anonymous

I will update the list of active bids at least once a day.

Auction starts immediately effective and ends with one of these events happening first:
1) 2013-02-16T20:00Z (Saturday, 2013-02-16 20:00 UTC) && no counterbidding during past 12h
2) ASICMINER pays first dividend

There is an undisclosed reserve price tied to this auction under which I will not sell. ((c) Namworld)

You most probably don't know me, but since all transfers in this auction will be escrowed, you do not really need to.

Holding some ASICMINER shares is maybe the only thing I did right so far in the Bitcoin world Wink  My most visible footprint here is to operate ZETA-MINING (see my sig), a FPGA (CM1) based mining venture. For some time it has been the largest mining node in Switzerland - until the first ASIC device finds its way (which sadly will not be to my location Sad). Although I work silently in the background, some of the most respected community members (Graet, friedcat, Meni, etc.) can vouch for me.

2012 was really a disastrous year for my Bitcoin operations and investments, loosing 8k+ in BTC and 30k+ in fiat.

Simple truth is: I want to limit my losses with this sale, and while I am pretty sure that holding ASICMINER long-term will be more profitable, I need a relieving cut and fresh start.

Happy bidding,
13  Local / Biete / Verkauft: 2*HD7970: XFX Black Edition + Gigabyte OC on: June 03, 2012, 09:44:20 PM
Hallo zusammen,

habe vor weniger als drei Monaten meine alten HD6950 durch HD7970 ersetzt und diese mittlerweile nach dem Wechsel zu FPGA stillgelegt.

Ich habe die Karten dummerweise gekauft, als sie hier in der Schweiz schwer zu bekommen waren und dafür ziemlich viel hingeblättert (je 600 CHF, ca. 500€). Der Neupreis ist mittlerweile um 10-20% zurück gegangen, weit mehr, als die Karten gemined haben Sad Bevor ich die Karten bei ricardo oder eBay hochstelle, wollte ich hören, ob noch jemand mit GPUs rechnet und was er dafür bieten möchte.

Es handelt sich dabei um

Ich habe die Karten im Originalzustand betrieben, d.h. nichts am BIOS geändert oder sonstwie getweakt, da die Karten schon bei den offiziell vom Hersteller erlaubten Taktraten beim Minen an ihre Grenzen kommen (sprich: bei max. Clock läuft der Lüfter bei 90%+). Gelaufen sind sie unter Linux unter cgminer mit autofan/autogpu und einer target-temp von 75°C. Bei der Einstellung haben sie zuletzt zusammen 1400MH/s gemacht (~670 XFX und ~730 Gigabyte) und dabei so an die 500 Watt gezogen.

Die Rechnungen sind von Ende März, d.h. die Karten haben in der Schweiz noch knapp 20 Monate Händlergarantie.

Ich denke, ich bekomme bei ebay momentan noch so etwas um die 340-380€ pro Karte (sind bis zum Erscheinen der 7990er nach wie vor die besten Gamer-Karten von ATI). Für Bitcoiner wären das um die 90BTC als Verhandlungsbasis.

Bei Interesse oder Fragen bitte PM oder Antwort hier im Thread.

Gruss, zefir

Edit: Karten wurden von einem Neueinsteiger gekauft.
14  Economy / Marketplace / [RFC/RFQ] Best way to insure BTC/fiat exchange volatility? on: May 13, 2012, 08:37:54 PM

the IPO of my mining bonds is scheduled for today (see my sig), and if everything goes well, I need to have a better idea on how to preserve the current fiat equivalent value of BTCs over a given time period.

This is the scenario:
  • through IPO I am going to collect ~1.5kBTC that are fully invested in new mining equipment
  • the manufacturer will be paid in ~4 weeks, accepts BTC and fiat via wire, CC and PP

Precondition is, investors expect the mining power to be bought matches at least today's prices (in terms of MH/s$).

Alternative 1: stay with BTC
The most obvious approach to finalize the re-investment would be to put the BTC into a paper-wallet for the month and then send them to the manufacturer to pay the new rig. Also obvious this bears a very high risk of BTC being worth 20% less in fiat than they are today. Since the prices are (still Sad) calculated based on the fiat equivalent, I might fail to pay the order in full at due date. OTOH I might be able to save 20% if exchange rates go the other direction, but the purpose of my mining company is growth and not speculation. To realize this option I'd need to buy some BTC/US$ put options or CFDs that might end up costing me more than the other alternative.

Alternative 2: convert to fiat
Here I'd send the coins collected directly to exchange for conversion and (since I can't wire from MtGox to arbitrary bank accounts) then transfer US$ to my bank, CC or PP account. Expected to loose ~2% for trading, exchange and withdrawal fees. Plus again some fees to wire it from my bank account to manufacturer's - loosing a total of maybe 3%.

Have you guys who already collected money from crowd-funding experience on how to deal this with the smallest loss?

Or you large scale lenders out there, anyone willing to take 1-1.5kBTC from me tomorrow and give me back their fiat equivalent when I need them (with one week advance notification time)? You'll need to guarantee payback in a way that can be legally enforced. Please PM me with your proposal.

Thanks, Zefir

15  Economy / Securities / [closed] Zeta Bitcoin Mining on: May 05, 2012, 03:28:22 PM
Zeta Bitcoin Mining: Perpetual mining bond, previously traded at GLBSE, ticker ZETA-MINING


2013-01-37: Done.
2012-12-04: All claimed shares bought-back; Operation closed
2012-11-25: Investors' list received from GLBSE, Payments restarting
2012-11-12: Claim Process closing, Buy Back Offer
2012-10-20: GLBSE recovery: Claim Process open
2012-10-14: recovery plans after GLBSE closing
2012-10-07: GLBSE closing down
2012-09-08: swaps for ASICMINER shares executed, bonds recalled => 4000 left outstanding
2012-08-24: voluntary offer to investors to exchange shares for physical hashing power or ASIC securities
2012-07-10: FPGA boards delivery
2012-05-28: dividend payments & upcoming expansion
2012-05-19: bail-out period ending & dividend calculation
2012-05-17: GPU deactivation & external FPGA mining contract
2012-05-14: what's next?
2012-05-13: successful IPO
2012-05-13: finalized IPO details & added projected ROI figures
2012-05-05: initial announcement

GLBSE recovery: Claim Process open
Please send me an e-mail to the address given in my forum profile specifying
  • your GLBSE account name
  • number of ZETA-MINING bonds you hold
  • address where dividends should be paid to (paper wallet address or at least one you have the private key of)
  • optional: e-mail address to be used to contact you for confirmation / updates (if not reply-to address)
  • optional: anything you have available to prove your claims (screnshots, trade information, etc.)

FPGA Boards Delivery
The 50 Cairnsmore1 Quad-FPGA boards pre-ordered at Enterpoint have been delivered. The FW and bitstreams are still in development status and as a result the boards are currently rather used for testing than for mining.

When projected final performance is reached, a total of up to 30GHps will be offered to the public.

Dividend Payments & upcoming Expansion
Since GLBSE has no support for automated pre-scheduled dividend payments, I will process the manual payment early when I am away from keyboard at the defined payment time (Sundays at 13:00 UTC).

Expansion is on the horizon with the Quad boards' anticipated shipment within 2 weeks. 75% of the added hashing power will be offered to the public by issuance of new bonds. The bonds will be priced at market value. Investors interested in buying blocks of 50 bonds please contact me via PM.

Bail-out Period ending & Dividend Calculation
Dividends will be paid Sundays at 13:00 UTC, with the first payment scheduled for tomorrow May 20th. I set up a Google Docs spreadsheet for weekly dividend calculations here.

Right before the dividends are paid tomorrow, I will remove the bid wall I set up for the first post-IPO week to allow investors a bail-out at no cost. I'll be glad if you stay invested with me, but if you feel unsure, do not miss to place your sell order in time.

Replaced GPUs with external Mining Power
Most GPU rig that turned to operate inappropriate in my setup has been deactivated, leaving ~6GH/s (mainly in BFLS) active.

Until the FPGA Quads are delivered, the issued bonds are additionally backed by external mining power. Find it mining with 6.5+GH/s at Ozcoin's Top20 or round-share stats.

Coins Collected - What's next?
With the IPO capital collected, the next obvious challenge is how to re-invest in mining power extension quickly. Besides GPUs that would be available immediately but already had their times and will not be considered for expansion, today any FPGA based mining rig has a lead time of 8+ weeks. Since second hand availability is either zero or only at rip-off prices, there is no practical way for instant expansion.

I have 50 Cairnsmore1 Quad boards ordered from the first batch. Enterpoint promises to have them ready for delivery within June. If they keep up with that (or with even small delays) that is the earliest most occasion to extend FPGA based mining power. The available IPO capital will be invested fully into this order.

Until then, 750 coins are reserved to provide the bail-out bid walls in the post-IPO week and for market liquidity thereafter. The remainder of ~1500 BTC has been converted to fiat and is reserved to fund the expansion.

Sucessful IPO
The IPO was successful, all bonds were sold at IPO-price. Due to high demand from large scale investors 2500 additional bonds has been issued within an hour after IPO.

Thank you all for your trust and your will to invest in a long-term Bitcoin future.

I grant all investors a free bail-out period to get back your invested coins without any loss for one week after the IPO, i.e. I will keep an according bid wall active until 2012-05-20.12:00 GLBSE time.

IPO Details Finalization
  • IPO price: 0.295 BTC
  • availability: 650 bought by pre-IPO investors, available to the public at IPO: 4350

ROI projections
This is basically a do-the-math-for-you of the formula defined by Meni here, based on the IPO price of 0.295BTC and current difficulty of 1.733M:
  • weekly income per bond: 86400 * 7 * 50 * 10^6 / (1733207 * 2^32) = 0.00406 BTC
  • weekly ROI: 0.00406 / 0.295 = 1.38%

Initial Announcement


I've been with Bitcoins for almost a year now. While finding that agglomeration of brilliant people in this community and learning so many new things is exciting, I reached a point where I am investing too much (in terms of money and time) to continue it as a hobby project. With the ups and downs (including the past numerous incidents) we had so far, I gained enough confidence that Bitcoin will survive in the long run and got motivated to extend my leisure-time involvement to a serious business.

As one core component of that business I am going to significantly increase my mining capabilities from currently 7.5GH/s to a target of at least 1% of the global hashing power by the end of 2012. Right now I am negotiating with an established FPGA-board manufacturer for a license program to be able to gradually add FPGA based hashing power at prices competitive to the current best ROI-efficient devices.

The upfront investment to produce 50+ Quad boards and add ~40GH/s with that approach is quite huge and I therefore want to spread the risk and collect some coins for investing with issuing ZETA-MINING bonds  at GLBSE. The contract is basically equivalent to existing ones (sorry gigavps and amazingrando for copy-pasting), i.e. you buy 1MH/s at 100% PPS and get paid with your portion of mined coins once a week. I'm not adding further details here, assuming all potential investors already know. Feel free to ask for additional info you would like to see as part of the contract.

Since my Zeta Bitcoin Mining business is explicitly planned for growth, I add the following statements:

1) Issued hashing power
At any time I will issue no more than 75% of the available hashing power. The remaining portion will be used to
  a) cover operational costs
  b) provide liquidity to the secondary market
  c) fund expansion
  d) cover operation risks (e.g. downtime)

2) Growth
All coins collected by issuing bonds are invested 100% in growth, i.e. used to buy more mining equipment.

3) Sustainability
Long term competitive operation is assured by minimizing operating costs. ROI calculations for new equipment are performed for an operating time of 18 months and assure  to remain competitive with latest generation devices.

4) Operational costs
Initially the operational costs are limited to the electricity that I am going to pay out of my pocket and from my portion of the coins mined. As soon as upon growth infrastructural investments become required, bond holders will have to vote whether to accept fees to be deducted from their dividends.

5) Liquidity provision
I will provide liquidity to the secondary market to some extent by placing ask and bid walls at each side of the averaged trading price. This is not to drive the market but to increase investors' confidence in the bond by assuring they can bail out for a reasonable price.

IPO details
  • date: May 13th 2012
  • bonds to be issued: 5000 representing 5GH/s
  • price: cut-off will be set at IPO day at (5-day 1MH/s average of other mining bonds) - 10% discount

That's for the details. Apologize if I forgot some important points, but I'm learning (how often do you sell your securities outside the Bitcoin world Wink) and will add them incrementally.

Thanks for your interest,
16  Other / Off-topic / Question to multi-BFL Single miners: temperature and throttling issues on: April 27, 2012, 11:20:30 AM
Hi BFL miners,

received my Singles recently and wanted to hear if someone had similar issues with throttling.

I got 5 of them that I put mining right away (i.e. without opening the housing Wink). They seem to be all Rev.3 ones with no additional bottom fan with the only noticeable difference being one has a passive copper heat sink at the PCB-bottom, while the other 4 have blue heat sinks with fans.

BFL-Engineer already wrote that thermal design is a challenge and every board has individual characteristics. Though, I found it really strange that two of them are blowing 'cold' air out of their case, while the other three exhaust is almost hot air. Since all boards are operating under the same environmental, I'd expect all to get relatively equally hot.

That's the subjective side. The objective values running the setup for 48h with cgminer are:
No.av. Temp °Cav. MH/s

Device 4 is throttling (LED is blinking every ~3 minutes), but it is not the device with the passive heat-sink (that's device 3). My interpretation of the values (as far as I can trust cgminer measures) is that devices 1 and 5 (those with the 'cold' exhaust) have sub-optimal temperature-conductivity to the heat-pipe. Device 4 is worse in that and hits the throttling threshold (~65°C) resulting in a varying temperature averaging down to 60°C. Does this sound reasonable?

Did you had similar issues with multiple boards varying similarly? Anyone already tried to dismantle the heat-pipe and re-apply thermal grease or pads to improve stability?

Generally, the setup is fine and delivers exactly 4GH/s. But while the relative loss through throttling is small, anyone would RMA his GPU delivering 50MH/s less its nominal rate. Also, improving temp-conductivity might not only increase hash rate but also help durability.

Any thoughts or hints? Thanks.
17  Bitcoin / Mining / [SOLVED] increase GPU hashing power by stressing CPU on: April 22, 2012, 01:03:23 PM
Edit: Mystery solved.
P4man had the right idea: as long as CPU frequency management is enabled, stressing the CPU will force it to run at max speed that is also beneficial to miner SW. Additionally, DeathAndTaxes clarified the reliability of mid-term hash-rate measures that need to be considered to estimate the potential improvement.

Hello miners,

I observed something I fail to fully understand and post here for you to confirm and maybe take advantage of.

Recently I had to generate some personalized addresses with vanitygen. I first ran it on my laptop but soon found it not acceptable, since it will take days and generate heat and noise in my office. The only thing keeping me back to offload that task to the miner in my basement were doubts that it might negatively influence the mining performance.

Tl;dr: it did not, stressing the CPU increased my GPU hashing power by ~1%

Mining with Ubuntu and latest cgminer, my long term average hash-rate is about 1732MH/s (2*7970+1*6950). The CPU (Sempron 145) is mostly idling, system draws 750W at wall (not optimized: uses HD for cgminer development, not down-clocked CPU and GPU-mem, etc.).

After about an hour running vanitigen (100% CPU load: 97 for vanitigen, 2 for cgminer), the short term average increases by 1% to 1750MH/s. The power draw is then at 760W.

To eliminate some mid-term fluctuations caused by pool issues or local temperature extremes, I repeated the tests several times, either
  • start and run it without vanitygen for ~2h, start vanitygen and see the average GH/s settling to a +1% average
  • start and run with vanitygen runnng for ~2h, stop vanitygen and see the hashing power decreasing by 1%

I suspect this could be an effect of the CPU power saving features effective when CPU is idling and being disabled when CPU is fully loaded. Also, it might be that the Linux scheduler is more reactive when not entering the idle-task. Or some cgminer related thing that is specific to my setup.

Whatever, YMMV, but if you can reproduce, please share your results. With my low-scale setup the increased power cost roughly matches the performance gain, in higher scaled setups (e.g. 3*5970/6990) the gain might outperform the cost. Plus you can stress the CPU with mining instead of running vanitygen for some extra coins Smiley

Good Luck!
18  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Question: XFX 7970: Core vs. Black Edition on: March 01, 2012, 05:33:10 PM
Hi miners,

anyone out there using the XFX 7970 Core and/or Black Edition for mining?

ATI's flagship cards are still not easy to get here in Europe. I could get the XFX Core edition shipped within one week, while the Black one might take another 3-4 weeks to get.

Just curious if it is worth to wait that long. I'd prefer the BE (FX797ATDBC) for its potentially better OC capabilities and the twin-fan cooling. But if the Core edition can be over-clocked to similar values without running too hot during mining, I won't bother (will never be used for gaming).

Thanks for any feedback or experience report.

EDIT: changed title to indicate this is a question (many reads + no feedback could indicate many others are having same question)
19  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Here we go again: BTCServ hacked, BTC gone on: February 03, 2012, 08:04:08 AM
Dear BTCServ users,

we are afraid to tell you that some hacker gained access to our server and was able to empty out the wallet containing all our Bitcoins.

Please understand that this website will not be available for an indefinite period.

We are deeply sorry for that incident. :[

Still available in #btcserv and in the forums.


Another week's mining reward gone  Cry

I followed the recent discussion on why mining at the major pools is bad and clearly agree on the ideological issues. But as a miner, one kind of is constrained to, as they seem to be more secure. No idea how vulnerable P2Pool is, but for sure people will try as soon as it grows and becomes a valuable prey. Sad.
20  Other / Beginners & Help / Documentation for GPU programming on: July 03, 2011, 08:34:57 AM
GPU developers,

I'm too 'fresh' to post in the mining forums, hope that some seniors are around and help me out with some hints.

Just started gaining interest in GPU programming after my first mining rig is up and producing some bitcents. Lurked around at AMD and Khronos websites and downloaded the documentation I found at [1]. Lots of information, but still it seems the last details are missing.

What I haven't found (yet) is information on the lowest level with cycle times for machine instructions  to figure out why e.g.
  • amd_bytealign((z^x),(y),(x)) is performing better than amd_bytealign((y),(x|z),(z&x))
  • or amd_bitalign(x,x,(u)(32-y)) is faster than rotate(x,(u)y)

For the first case it might be obvious that one logical operation takes less than two of them. But for the second you need to have the cycle count for both instructions to know that one is faster than the other.

Is someone aware of related documentation being freely available?


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