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1  Economy / Web Wallets / Need help opening old wallet. blockchainbdgpzk.onion problem. on: June 25, 2019, 04:38:08 AM
I put in the identifier and password. It then says that further authorization is needed, check email. I open up the email to confirm and get this message.

This site canít be reached

blockchainbdgpzk.onion refused to connect.

Then I tried to open in a TOR browser and that didn't work either. Any help would be appreciated.
2  Economy / Gambling / Any interest NCAA Bracket Contest? .1 BTC entry fee and a sportsbook will escrow on: March 17, 2015, 05:52:06 AM
Anyone have any interest in a Bracket Contest? We can hold it here I'll set up a league with a first place prize 80% and second 20%.

I'm sure a book will agree to escrow the funds. It would be fun if players and books entered. If there is interest just post "in". If we get enough I'll ask a book to hold the funds.

3  Economy / Gambling / #1 RATINGS of BITCOIN SPORTSBOOKS : poster book discussion on: July 30, 2014, 10:26:00 PM
Please post comments, reviews, praises and complaints here.

Although this is a player's thread, books are encouraged to post. The only rule for books is to keep their conversation to their own book and not that of another book.

"A" rated books A+ (2013 Nitrogensports) A+ (2013) A- (2019)        

"B"rated books B (2017) Horse racing.. B- (2019) sportsbook, (2014) casino.

"C" rated books C+ (2019) sportsbook, (2014) casino.  C (2011)  C (2016) C- (2013) C- (2015) C- (2020) C- (2019) C- (2021) C- (2021)


"D" rated books D+ (2020) D+ (2019) D+ (2015) D+ (2022) D+ (2019) D+ (2019) D+ (2019) D (2016) D (2020) D (2021) D- D- (2021) D- (2022)

Not rated. (2022)


Exchanges (2022) (2019) (2014) (2017) (2019)

Prediction Markets (2015) (2014)  (2013)

Mutual Betting

Brokers (2014)

Criteria used to rate a book.

1. Security - getting paid is by far most important.

2. Working with the forum. This is a player's thread and books are held responsible for their actions. Questions are asked of books concerning number of employees, time in business, experience, poster problems, etc. If a book is going to ignore a player's thread, they will be severely downgraded. Most books are very easy to work with.

The following cannot be quantified as to importance since being highly detrimental in one category may supersede other criteria used.

3. Poster review - poster review is much more important at bitcointalk than other forums, but other forums are also read. A high review from a new book will weigh less than the review of a book that's been in existence 2+ years.

4. Anonymous - one of the reasons that bitcoin books are used is to stay anonymous. There may be times where it is necessary to question players but it should be a minimum.

5. Margins - If players are going to have a chance to beat a book the margins have to be tight enough to give us that chance. If the margins are larger than -110 (1.91) that's a big blow to a book's rating.

6. Payout speed - If the average is longer than one hour, a book will be downgraded. One hour is sufficient due to possible grading errors. A large book is dealing with a significant amount of money along with a huge player base.

7. Markets - The more betting options, the better.

8. Traffic  - time in business along with amount of players that a book has gives us a large sample size.

9. Currencies used - It's easier on the player if we are allowed to deposit and withdraw from alts.

Miscellaneous - Books accepting fiat currencies are omitted from the guide. Other forums are read to make sure the ratings here aren't significantly out of line with the average of other books.

"F" rated books or out of business
1x2coinsportsbook (2018)
Betja (2021)
BetCas sportsbook closed Nov. 2018. closed 2018. (2020)
Bitcoinlivebets (2017)
BTCBonusBook (2015).
Casinoco (2015).
Coindrafts (2014) (2020)
Ghostbook (TOR)
Gobetgo (2013) (2020)
Malubit (2019)
Match365 D (2020)
Powerbet (2016)

email: and support ticket........Reduced juice: Yes
email: and support ticket.................Reduced juice: Yes
email: juice: Yes.
email: Reduced juice: No
email: juice: No
email: .............................................Reduced juice: No
email: ......................................Two sets of lines.
email: .......................................Reduced juice:Yes

* Reduced juice is better than 1.91 (-110).



KYC requirements comparitively
0 = never
5 = mandatory

"A" rated books


"B"rated books
1 Horse racing..

"C" rated books

Maximum grade based upon time in business:

A - 2 years
B - 1 year
C - 3 months
D - 1 month

4  Economy / Gambling / Free March Madness BTC contests. Nitrogen has a 3 BTC one. Post of others on: March 05, 2014, 06:47:37 PM
Directbet free 1 BTC . Starts now and ends March 16.
Casinobitcoin free 1 BTC for March Madness squares.

Post any others that you know of. Books go ahead and add to it.
5  Economy / Gambling / #1 RATINGS and REVIEWS of SPORTS BOOKS thread. Poster input appreciated. on: February 04, 2014, 08:49:03 AM
"A" rated books
Anonibet A (2011)

"B"rated books
NitrogenSports B+ (2012)
Betcoinsports B- (2013)
Casinobitcoin B- (2013)

"C" rated books
Cloudbet C+ (2013)
SBObitcoin C+ (2013) *
Jetwin C (2013)
BetOWI C- (2014) *
BetVIP C- (2014)

"D" rated books
Coindraft D+ (2014)
Roadbet D+ (2012)
Webetcoins D+ (2014)
Gobetgo D+ (2014)
Bitbm D

"F" rated books
BetCas F
Bitcoinsport F
Bitcoinlivebets F
Coinbet F F


* longer accepting cash deposits

Maximum grade based upon time in business:

A - 2 years
B - 1 year
C - 3 months
D - 1 month
F - reserved for books that are slow paying or stiffing players
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