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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][Masternode][ICO] Touch Coin - New coin for an existing crypto service on: June 05, 2018, 01:05:02 AM


Many Crypto Projects have a Chicken and Egg problem; In order to have a userbase the coin must have a usable function and in order to have any actual use the coin must have a userbase.  Many of the thousands of crypto projects have coins that have no reason to exist outside of exchanges. In the case of TOUCH Coin, we solve this problem by having the coin instantly have a real world utility use as the coin of choice of an existing auction and game service while allowing for continued growth.

For the past 2 ½ years, has been providing game-ified crypto auctions with a variety of crypto currency coins. Over 59,000 auctions have been conducted to date and have proven the concept with many recurring users participating in the auctions. The most common format for these auctions is the Top Two auction, an entertaining bidding process that encourages multiple users to participate.

Recent site enhancements have worked with the concept of crypto skilled gaming, players pay to play a simple game of skill and the most skilled player wins the pool. This is not gambling; this is skilled gaming along the lines of other skilled gaming online services. The market to allow players to compete head to head with other players while playing for crypto winnings is relatively untapped. Also an API will be created to allow other devs to tap into the userbase for web based games.

Initial ICO Pre-Mine Coins: 125,000,000
POS Rate: 7.5%
Coins Required for a Master Node: 50,000
BlockTime : 1 Minute
Total Block Reward : 18 Coins
MN Percent : The see saw calculations aims to encourage a dynamic between both stakers and MasterNodes
Payout events : 1440 a day
Total Coin Rewards per day : 25920

The site will start transitioning to using the TOUCH coin as the primary utility coin for all activities.
Listing on exchanges and services like
Community outreach will also begin to attract more users.

TOUCH is listed on its first exchange by the good folks over at

Windows 32 :
Source :

Mac coming soon
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][Seeking Comments] Scoutcoin on: February 07, 2018, 08:14:26 PM
PHILANTHROPIC BASED SCOUTCOIN TO LAUNCH IN 2018 is developing a philanthropic based cryptocurrency to benefit the scout* community worldwide.

Scoutcoin is a decentralized, peer to peer, cryptographically secure electronic token that may be used for many purposes. In the tradition of scout organizations worldwide, Scoutcoin will help the community in an open, honest and inclusive way.

Scoutcoin is derived from Bitcoin. What sets Scoutcoin apart from other crypto currency coins is its focus on the millions of young adults in scouting, and the Scoutcoin Fund that is established at the start and continues to be funded with an ongoing 10% fee of the Proof of Stake Interest.

This Fund, overseen by an advisory board of diverse individuals from numerous backgrounds, will distribute value as it accumulates to Scout driven projects. Furthermore, the original Fund will also reach out to scouting organizations to explain crypto currencies and the potential benefit as well as offer some of the initial Scoutcoins to regional chapters that oversee millions of scouts.   

Scoutcoin started as an idea created by 16 year old Michael Willis, a scout of 11 years. The idea was a good one and went from planning to actual development. The original goal has stayed the same, allow any scouts to become involved in crypto currencies and also give back to the community.

The advisory board will oversee the Scoutcoin Fund and distribution of value to worthy goals as they are submitted during two funding cycles per each year

Scoutcoin is seeking input and feedback from the community as a whole through Feb 28, 2018 either via forums, or at  to finalize plans.  Scoutcoin will launch in the second quarter of 2018.

Initial coin thoughts :

  • POS to save on intensive mining
  • Mining distribution along the lines of CURE. This allows the mining to benefit the world
  • Send vouchers for coins to regional scout troops
  • Based on an existing coin tweaked to have an automatic share of the interest fees sent back to the Fund

Tentative Roadmap :

Community feedback taken - Feb 2018
Full Advisory Board in place - March 2018
Whitepaper released with full specs  - March 2018
Full Roadmap - March 2018
Scoutcoin website beyond the basic one - Q2 2018
Development - Q2 2018
Coin Launch - Q2 2018

*Scoutcoin is not currently endorsed by any scouting organization.  This includes any organization under the World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM).  Scout is used as the generic term of a person involved in a community oriented organization.
3  Other / Off-topic / Star Trek Discovery still uses .DLLs on: October 03, 2017, 05:04:24 AM
It appears our comp sci doesn't change all that much in a few hundred years. Even Vulcans work on languages that use DLLs

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN][ICO] WorldTurtleCoin - A modern-day MUD experience [WAVES TOKEN] on: September 08, 2017, 01:45:27 AM
ICO Announcement: World Turtle Coin (TURTL)[/s]
This ICO Has closed.
There's gold nobody is mining

Is it true that content is king? If it is, then someone you know might be sitting on a gold mine. What if the beloved games of yesteryear were created with today's technology? Would people play them? What if the thousands of worlds that inspired Everquest and World of Warcraft were there in a format that would inspire a new generation? Would they capture imaginations? What if there were a platform that allowed the content creators of the 90's to reach out to a new market? Would they find a market? What if there were a way for the free to play games of the past to get their share of the bounty being won by the free to play games of today? Would they make money? What if free-to-play text games became micropayment-enabled mobile games? Would they be as addictive?

What if MUDs were reincarnated as mobile MMORPGs? Wouldn't you like to find out? The platform to allow that is here and that time is now. The  World Turtle platform will mine, convert and take advantage of the content of the past and let it reap the rewards of today. Remember when Lord of the Rings books reached new generations when it shifted its content to movies? MUDs will tap into a new generation by shifting to mobile and micropayments.

There's a lot of valuable game content available to make modern games that hasn't been monetized yet. It's locked inside our beloved free-to-play games of the past.

The World Turtle platform will take advantage of this by allowing people with old text games to ingest their content and adapt their games to today's mobile world where free-to-play games make money. We'll give content holders and content creators like old time MUD admins and wizards an easy way to take their content and monetize it. We'll give old players access to modernized versions of the worlds they miss, we'll give young players access to worlds they never would have experienced, and we'll give savvy people a chance to profit from it.


As the World Turtle Coin (TURTL) will be used to create virtual worlds it is named after the World Turtle, a mytheme of various mythologies. The TURTL coin will utilize the WAVES platform for handling our product. WAVES is an enterprise ready platform designed to handle crowdfunding while being fast, scalable and secure. This frees up the developers from making a new crypto token, allowing them to work on bringing forth a virtual world.

The development roadmap has been broken down into stages that are reached according to corresponding funding goals being met.  
Concept Development : May - July 2017

ICO : September - October 2017

ASSET MINING : Oct - Dec 2017

: Oct 2017 - June 2018

: July 2018 - Dec 2018

PLATFORM ROLLOUT : Jan 2019 - Apr 2019

The first and most basic level would allow the rebirth of the first game, DeadofNight, to be enhanced and playable in any modern browser as a profitable game with micropayments.

Further funding would then allocate resources to enable sticker-based smartphone access, furthering the access of the users to the game and the ability of the game to compete with other mobile, micropayment based games.

Full funding would allow for the designing of a modern gaming backend so other developers could rebuild other text games into sticker-based micropayment-capable mobile games without starting from scratch.

A stretch goal will allow us to create an API to allow stand alone apps to access in-game data, such as a recent chats dashboard app for your player’s phones and to publish an example API game within a game APP (e.g. a 4 in a row game in the style of Connect 4)

How to get in on the token sale

Announcement date

As of the announcement date of September 7th, you can get involved by participating in the pre-ICO sale of tokens on

ICO dates

The ICO begins officially September 14th and will end 4 weeks later, on October 12th.

PreICO information

The 25% preICO bonus will last for one week. Details below.

ICO Details

There are 66,000,000 total TURTL tokens on the WAVES network (Verified asset 7VDRFwm2HbaJCk3U4HQDhLGdSCxZwPe3cHefVXy7ejYe ) that are being sold at $0.10 a piece during the ICO.

The ICO will be handled with 2 cryptocurrencies. As TURTL is a token on the WAVES network, we will accept WAVES. As the ICO involves crypto currencies we will also use the original crypto coin, Bitcoin.

ICO participants will register at the website

Participants will need to enter an email address and create a password.  Email verification will be done to ensure the ICO participant can be reached.  Each user will also have to enter a WAVES address for their TURTL tokens to be sent to once the ICO is finished.

When the ICO sale begins, those wanting to use Bitcoin will see a unique address for them to send their BTC.  Those wanting to use WAVES will see a WAVES address to send to. With any ICO purchase, the website will show the number of TURTL coins the user will receive upon the completion of the ICO. The website will also have a running countdown clock and stats on all purchases.

The ICO sale will end when the maximum goal of $5 million USD equivalent is met, or 30 days pass.

The TURTL ICO will last for 4 weeks. During the ICO, TURTL coins will be sold to the ICO supporters with a value of $1 USD per 10 TURTL coins. The first 7 days of the sale will give all ICO participants a 20% increase of TURTL coins.  $1 USD will receive 12 TURTL coins. After the initial 7 days, the bonus will be 10%, the price will be $1 USD per 11 TURTL coins. The third and fourth week the price will be $1 USD per 10 TURTL coins.

If the minimum $700,000 goal is not met, the ICO will have failed and all supporting funds will be returned to the participants. Upon a successful completion, the TURTL coins will transfer to each participant.

For full details, visit:

This is a proven team. All have worked together on successful projects before.  The two Keiths have worked on projects together since their college days at engineering school in the early 90s. While they both enjoyed running DeadofNight as a hobby, they also worked professionally together on a local Internet Provider which grew into a regional and then national Provider.  During this time they hosted numerous MUDs through the Service Provider.

They also co-founded a business oriented auction service during the dotcom era, which was a PC Computing Best of the Best service.  They both discovered Bitcoin in 2011 and have been involved in various crypto projects since.

With a successful ICO the main developers would focus full time on the World Turtle project.

Keith Kelley is a once and future technologist who was quite enjoying his early retirement writing his little books until this project came along. Keith capped off an 11 year career in library technology by writing the book on the subject. His 21 year technology career included working for some of the early internet providers, software development and project management and budgeting for all manner of businesses from manufacturers to dotcoms both full time and as a consultant. He hadn't planned on coming out of retirement until his former colleague came to him with this intriguing idea.  
Keith Pitcher has been involved with Internet based businesses for over two decades. In early 1998 he founded LocalLink, an Internet Service Provider. Soon afterwards he co-founded ComAuction, a business to business auction site. ComAuction had a diverse range of clients ranging from large multi nationals such as GM and Whirlpool to small local businesses. This effort lead to ComAuction being a PC Computing Best of the Best in 2000. Due to his work at ComAuction, Keith was an Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2000 Finalist. After he sold LocalLink in early 2007, Keith has focused on a variety of development projects, including a number dealing with crypto currencies.  
  Jason Crome is a software and business veteran, with a career spanning more than two decades. As a cofounder of DEVNET, Inc. in 1997, he and his business partners grew their company from nothing into a nationally-recognized provider of software and service for local government. His software at DEVNET has calculated billions of dollars in property taxes for millions of properties across 10 states and one Canadian province. Since “retiring” in 2015, Jason has worked as a developer for HAProxy, as well as a contractor for an MMORPG. In the days of DeadofNight, Jason ran a sister MUD, and collaborated with Keith and Keith on a number of occasions.

The developers will be paid a salary for their work. They will not receive any TURTL coin bonuses or access any excess coins held by the company until each of the 4 major milestones are met. As the ICO process will leave the company with a minimum of 3.5 million TURTL coins, the developers will split a 1/2 million TURTL coin bonus per completed milestone.  


For updates about World Turtle Coin during the ICO please follow us on Twitter: @worldturtlecoin

Public questions about World Turtle Coin: Please reply to this thread.

For private questions about World Turtle or the ICO process, please e-mail: If your question is ICO related it may be forwarded to

For information about DeadofNight, please contact us on Facebook or Instagram:



Visit to get involved

Read for more details.


This ICO is not meant to be a security or a financial investment. All coins are a pre-purchase of tokens which will be usable in games currently under development. Purchasing of a World Turtle Coin will not give any ownership or profit sharing of the company.
5  Economy / Economics / Washington Post Op Ed: Richard Rahn : The innovation destroyers on: August 02, 2017, 08:46:48 PM

Which government agency has done the most to destroy innovation? The American Founders tried to create an environment to foster innovation, because they understood new inventions would increase the well-being of the citizens. And that is the reason the Constitution enabled Congress to create patents of limited duration.

Most politicians say they favor innovation, but at the same time they create regulations, taxes and government agencies that hobble or prohibit that same innovation. One of the most notorious innovation killing agencies is the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), whose mission is to “protect investors, maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation.”

In reality, it far too often denies investors the opportunity to invest in new and promising technologies and in new companies — all which undermine productive capital formation and economic growth.

Last week, according to The Wall Street Journal, the SEC “moved to restrain a hot new fundraising method involving sales of digital coins.” The method is known as ICOs, (initial coin offerings), and more than $1 billion has been raised this year through ICOs. After the announcement, Bitcoin lost 7 percent of its value and Ether (another digital coin) lost 12 percent of its value. So, here again, we have the SEC, in its lust for control and power, not protecting consumers, but destroying wealth for investors in the whole new field of digital coins....

More at link. Interesting Opinion from a well known economist.
6  Economy / Goods / Girl Scout Cookies @ - limited time on: March 10, 2015, 06:04:00 AM
My niece is trying to earn a Kindle this year by selling 1500 boxes.  So far she's sold over 1100 but she's a few hundred boxes short so I setup a website to help her along.  My driveway is the local cookie supply location so I currently have a trailer with hundreds of boxes of cookies sitting in my driveway in a frozen state (It's Michigan after all)

Shipping is the only downside but it's not that much of a problem with flat rate pricing.

Cookies are $4 a box.
I can fit up to 5 boxes in a mid sized USPS shipping box which ships anywhere in the US for $12.65. 

I've set up a website using coinbase for payments. I'm doing things at cost.

Any questions feel free to PM me.

PS. The local girl scout troop also accepts donations for buying cookies and giving those to the local VA hospital. PM me if you're interested.
7  Economy / Computer hardware / WTS : 42 XFX 290x cards. $325 each, will sell single on: May 27, 2014, 05:50:51 AM
I have 42 XFX 290x cards I wish to part with. I have been scrypt mining since Feb with them and they run fine. However summer heat is getting here and these are hosted in my home. Soon it will get far too warm for me.

I have been using MSI Motherboards with 4 gigs of ram, 2 GPU per system, running linux and they've been rock solid. It's not worth the added expense of sending a complete unit so interested in selling the GPUs.

These are XFX 290x which I'll repackage in original boxes and mail.

I'm in Southwest Michigan, 2 hours from Chicago. If anyone is local and wants to pickup if you buy 2 GPU I'll toss in the system as a whole with MB, CPU, Ram, 850 PSU, and case for $100 more.

I prefer Bitcoin, will escrow.

8  Other / CPU/GPU Bitcoin mining hardware / Cointerra warning paper now included on: March 23, 2014, 11:31:46 PM
I received an early January Cointerra end of Feb. I had to RMA it, got another unit 19 days later.
The RMA unit had something the early January batch did not, looks like an attempt to cover their butts.
It's a one page paper with username, password and networking information.

It also has a bold print box saying This unit performs ~1.6THs and if you plug in the unit you accept that, otherwise do not turn it on and call within 1 day to get a refund.

Wow, bait and switch much?
9  Bitcoin / Hardware / Cointerra CTA1 went down, suggestions? on: March 01, 2014, 06:12:10 PM
Machine showed up Monday.  Today CTA1 is not mining at all making the machine 1/2 dead. I've contacted support... voice goes to a voicemail, email I'm in the queue.

I've rebooted, unplugged and waited awhile to plug back in and no luck.
PSU lights are all green, it sees the board yet shows 0 voltage to the cores.

CoreFreqs7   850
   CoreVolts0   0
   CoreVolts1   0
   CoreVolts2   0
   CoreVolts3   0
   CoreVolts4   0
   CoreVolts5   0
   CoreVolts6   0
   CoreVolts7   0
   Volts3.3   3225
   Volts12   1210

Appears to be running latest firmware.

I see they shipped their 1000th cointerra unit. Am I one of the lucky ones to have a problem pop up? Their moderated forums are slow for any postings to show up and well, they're moderated.
10  Other / Off-topic / Help my local radio station WGTO get a Chase Bank Grant - FB click needed on: November 09, 2013, 09:18:05 AM
My local radio station - a true local station, not some mega corp - has signed up for part of Chase's Mission mainstreet. They're giving away a few $250,000 grants. This grant would allow the local radio station to get new equipment to do live High School football and basketball sport coverage and even stream those over the 'net.  To get a chance to win a grant they need lots of support. If you want to support this station please follow the link and click on like. FB account required.
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / opensuse 11.4 issues with opencl on: June 22, 2011, 06:51:04 PM
I have set up ubuntu for mining before but I needed an opensuse system for work.
The system has dual 6970s with a MSI board. I installed AMD SDK 2.4 and the latest catalyst drivers. As opensuse is a default supported platform for ATI drivers it was a piece of cake.

The system works alright for X, web browser, etc.
aticonfig --list-adapters shows the cards.
clinfo only shows the CPU.  I thought this must be a driver issue so I tried the last few catalyst drivers but same issues.

It's a head scratcher and any suggestions would be helpful.
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