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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / AMD Mem Tweak XL - Read/modify timings/pp/straps on the fly on: March 22, 2019, 11:48:49 PM

Releasing AMD Memory Tweak XL (the extended version :p)

link: Here

Got Vega's? Check out TeamRedMiner for a boost in performance! (i write this at free will, no one asked me!)
link: TRM

  • GDDR5 Based AMD GPU's (ADL & MMIO)
  • HBM / HBM2 Based AMD GPU's (ADL & MMIO)
  • Vega10 (PowerPlay & Strap Control)
  • Polaris (Powerplay & Strap Control)
  • Navi10 might come later.. dunno .. we'll see
  • Windows

  • MMIO Register Control (Read/Write) GDDR5/HBM/HBM2
  • ADL Overdrive (Read/Write) Latest Overdrive Versions supported
  • PowerPlay Control (Read/Write) Polaris & Vega10
  • Strap Control (Read/Write/Decode/Encode) Polaris & Vega10
  • Import/Export all values
  • ....

more info on github.. Smiley

Initial post
Hey all,

It's been a while since i've been active here, that however doesn't mean that i wasn't active behind the scenes Wink

I have done a lot of debating with myself whether i would share this.
Well, i decided to do so and on top of that, open source it.

What is this?

Well, with this tool, you are able to change memory timings on the fly.
Yes, you read that correct, you can modify almost any value while the GPU is running.
(kind of comparable to the ETH Pill but open source and without forgetting to mention the person who figured out the huge speed increase in the first place Wink)

Some examples from users what this tool is capable of from users: (this might not be ideal for your own GPU's)


PBFarmer Vega

Video From Buriedone
Video From BitsBeTrippin
Video 2 From BitsBeTrippin

Short list of some of the timings and a bit of explanation
more soon..

Current support:
- AMD GPU's with GDDR5, HBM and HBM2 memory. (check code for more details)
- Linux only
- Windows supported

As of now, also a GUI version (Windows)
Can be found in the releases section on github.
Link: Github
Direct Link for latest GUI version: GUI
Direct Link for latest CLI version: CLI

Some shots:

Check Readme for some additional info and how to build.

BTC: 3FEMi7FxD6dTKyhmvd3pRBPFBn3DuPmbvd
ETH: 0x8C77C212da3e12cad1AfB8824CF74b1CC04d2F7C
XMR: 49qsZpFA79B85a8UeNNg6sgHzJrrrCQwLa8vUb5s5PG14aNKK1kKZgT2fQ87CWFvWCA135WDos6odYQ UER6XKhfWPEKe8kv

In the unlikely event of not owning either BTC, ETH or XMR and you do want to be an amazing person and tip, shapeshift, changelly, simpleswap, ... are great ways to solve that "issue" ;-)

Enjoy and have fun tweaking! Smiley

2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Announcing OS on: January 18, 2017, 05:09:06 PM
Update (3 Nov 17):

Seeing that this thread got some attention lately, i saw it necessary to write something quickly.

I decided only to support large operations.

This isn't something i decided today or yesterday, has been going on for quite a while now.
This is also the reason for my inactivity lately.

Again, only supporting large operations/farms.

For all the others out there, you have plenty of other alternatives to choose from....  Ethos, Pimp, etc..

Regarding VBIOS modifications, that is something i can still do from time to time Smiley


3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Pandaminer -> Linux -> Modded Roms on: January 02, 2017, 04:07:34 PM
Edit: For updates and more info -> Here and scroll down..

Hey guys!

As i've mentioned earlier, i also ordered a pandaminer.

It arrived today! Yey.

I took the time to boot the original ssd into that awesome Chinese Windows 10 and it took me around 10 minutes to turn it off again and to replace that ssd with a new one.

Of course i played around with it and installed linux on it Smiley (ps. i also fixed both the hdmi outputs, both are working fine now)

Here are some pictures.

Will post power / speed results later. Will also fetch that rom and modify the hell out of it.. "later.. :p"

If this runs smooth for more than 2 days, i will consider making this commercial, i mean: the pandaminer modified with modified roms. (only europe "for now")..

Pictures: (i'm just posting the links because i hate the fact that pictures will make me have to scroll like a madman to get to the bottom of the page..)

They box :p


Messed around with it and running on linux Smiley


More info coming later!

4  Economy / Auctions / [Silent Auction] Popular Domain | (1K unique per day) on: August 22, 2016, 10:25:35 PM
Description: Popular domain name for sale.  |

Reason why i'm selling is simple. I seriously have no time to maintain it.
Source is open and available on my git :

Around 1000 unique visitors per day. (you can check this yourself on many online calculators).

Some examples of the first websites i checked.
This is a little over it.. but still.. :p
Still a little to much i guess.
Perhaps on the low side, but okay..

Registrar : Godaddy (Only domain name)
Expiry : 25/01/2018
Start bid : PM me your offer
Buy now : PM me your offer
Auction duration : 24 hours after last bid.
Payment methods accepted: BTC
Escrow definitely possible.

Google Webmaster Tools is available for statistics if needed.

I'm not interested in selling under it's value.
I'm making this a silent auction, as in only via PM.

I do really hope that the potential buyer will maintain/expand/improve it.
Whatever you do with it, in case of advertisement or whatever is up to you. "obviously..."

5  Economy / Computer hardware / [SOLD] Multiple R9 Nano's for sale! on: August 17, 2016, 11:37:12 AM

I decided to sell some of my Nano's.
I've got around 100 that i can sell, but i don't have to  Wink.

Bought them this year (end of January), so still plenty of warranty left!

They've never exceeded temperatures above 60 degrees because they're all flashed with a custom rom to reduce power as much as possible. (they have dual bios so can easily be switched back to stock rom)

At this moment each one of them is hashing at 23.5Mh consuming around 80 watt.

I'm located in Europe, so for someone interested it would be best if you're from Europe as well.

Price can be discussed in pm.
Buying in bulk will obviously be most interesting Smiley

Send me a message if you're truely interested.

Why do i want to sell? Power cost is more than 20eurocent per kw here. Which is rediculous.

Original boxes are all included, even the atistatic paper is still there :p.
+ i clean them every week.

Here's an image: Link


Edit: should have posted this here:
My bad :p
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / [UPDATE] RX480 (Ref) 31+Mh, Custom Rom - VDDC OFFSET + Custom timing on: August 13, 2016, 12:46:12 PM
VDDC Offset + Basic Custom timing

Here's a nice update for those who have Reference cards.
In the package included, i've put 4 roms with VDDC offset.

1. -50mV
2. -69mV
3. -81mV
4. -100mV

You can of course adjust these however you want, if you want to have an even tighter undervolt you can search the rom for this --> "8D 00 F8(-50)00" and replace the F8 part with EE(-112) for example.

These roms also have a custom timing included. It's a basic one but it will give you a very high increase for XMR.

Greetings and have fun!

Link: Here

Relive 16.12 fix

Atikmdag Patcher

So uhm, yeah, i managed to get my custom rom running on Windows 10 by bypassing that aweful signature check :p
(Kudo's to Gupsterg and Lordkag for that)
Decided to create a new thread because my other threads are becoming a serious mess..

Reason why using claymore's,  couldn't directly get Genoil's to detect my card  Roll Eyes My apologies for that..


First run (no mod): 24Mh+ : Core clock 1275, Mem Clock 2000

Larger image: Here

Second run (modded): 28Mh : Same clocks, so: 1275, 2000

Larger image: Here

Next run (still modded): 30.5 - 31Mh : Lowered core to 1192 and raised memory to the (for now) max of 2250.

Larger image: Here

Then, for my final(for now) run: 31.5-32Mh : Raised core to 1220 and raised memory to 2275  Tongue

Larger image: Here

Will be doing more tests later, i'm sure i'll be able to go over 32Mh.
Great thing about this, when i ran the first testrun with stock clocks, card was at around 60 degrees and no abnormal fan speed.

Overall, awesome card Smiley

Power usage tests will follow later when i'm done tweaking my rom to the sweet spot Smiley




7  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / R9 Nano Modded Rom on: April 03, 2016, 12:15:26 AM
Domain is down, all links here are down.

I put everything i shared here and in other threads (kind of) in a small package.

Link: - Here -

Rom update for Zcash
Zcash Nano Rom  Wink

This one is heavy, you'll need to have a killer nano to be able to handle this.
Link: Here
Reduced core voltage, raised memory voltage (which is needed)

Second one: A little softer

Link: Here
No reduced core voltage, increased memory voltage (+25mV)
Stock memory clock is 550 with the option to raise to 600max.

Have fun!

Rom update
For more information check my post regarding this.
Link : -Here-

Small update (got a pm from someone with issues.)
For those with problems, this package "here" includes -106mV, -112mV, -118mV and -125mV memory clock.
Core clock is still 800 stock, memclock 300, core voltage -100.

If you still have problems with one of these roms, pump up your core voltage (+6mV), some cards just won't do -100mV with a monitor attached.

New Update

Details rom usage.
Ethereum tests:

134 Mh/s 140 Mh/s @ 2.25A, 495watt (6 Cards) stock settings rom

185 Mh/s @ 4.8A, 1050 watt (6 Cards) 1020 Core, 300 Mem

Details package
-175mV(memory) rom
-200mV(memory) rom (only for the silicon lottery winners!)
Atiflash (command line flash tool)
AtiWinFlash (Gui version)

Details ROMs
Core voltage is set at -100mV
You can go lower with software like afterburner.
Do this in steps. F.e. +6mV, if stable, try +12mV.. and so on..

I noticed that -100mV is the most stable for all cards (i have 100 so i know..)
Some will even do -125mV without issues.

Memory Voltage first rom is set at -175mV
Works perfectly when mining Ethereum, other more memory intensive algo's could be a problem though.

Memory Voltage second rom is set at -200mV
This will work just fine with this rom when mining Ethereum or any other algo that isn't so memory intensive Smiley
Please try the -175mV one first before you try the -200mV one, it's even better to try the -125mV one to see if your system is stable or not!
Link for the -125 package is on top in the last update.

Core clock is set at 800 stock for both rome but can easily be raised to 1000 or higher.
Memory Clock is set at 300 stock, also on both roms, this can also be raised but i would advice not to. IT has not point anyway....

I use this one because i just like it and has never given me any issues.
It is NOT possible to use a version of atiflash when your system is loaded with a bootable drive (ex. Win 98 USBboot)

1. Unpack everything to a folder of your choice.
2. Run cmd as administrator, go to where your folder is located.
3. To flash enter atiflash -p -f 0 DPM-200mV.rom, wait until atiflash tells you to restart.

!!!: Do NOT have HWiNFO , GPU-Z, MSI AB, etc running in the background when flashing card!

Run as Administrator.
Easy does it...

OCN Fiji Bios Editing

I would advice everyone, after you flash your card(s) to remove your driver with DDU
and reinstall your driver. This always works! It takes some more time but it's worth it.

You can however just restart (don't just restart, completely shut down your system) "Power off!",
go to crimson preferences and reset everything.

Remove any profiles you have in afterburner (Program Files(x86) - MSI Afterburner - Profiles)
Remove settings from Trixx
Idem for any other OC tools.

You can always contact me with questions!



Link: Here

Some old info and blabla:


As we all know, the R9 Nano is one of the most energy efficient GPU's out there at this moment.

In the past months i've done numerous of tests on how to get this card as stable and as power efficient as possible.

I've been thinking about sharing my results and tests and came to the conclusion to keep it short and as helpful as possible for every Nano owner out there.

I modded my Sapphire Nano rom to the point that it almost dropped 50% in power usage at the same speed  Grin

And i would like to share that.

Please be careful. (you have a secondary bios switch, so you can always switch back)

For all the *nix users out there. This might be very interesting for you guys because i know what a hassle it is to change voltage in linux. Yeah.. not...

Also, if you want to flash in Linux, that isn't possible right now. You'll need Windows. (And not a bootable version! Won't work on Fiji..)

8  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / Mining Hardware Comparison on: January 21, 2016, 11:11:12 PM

I've been working on a website for every GPU miner out there to make it a bit easier to find/set a configuration of his/her needs.

This because i have been seeing a lot of newer and also older miners out there with lots of questions about what software, config, etc.. is best.

I know there have been and maybe still are similar websites as this one. But i will be keeping this one up to date (+ it looks better as well :p) and possibly connect it to software that will auto input the details in there directly from your mining rig (The idea is somewhat similar to the nice hash software, but with an option to post your config/card and or load a config) <-- still working on this idea with someone else.

For now it is already possible to submit your configuration/card.
(I will need to activate this first before it will be shown in the list "yeah, there are always guys out there with false information")
This will go fast because i will get an email every time someone submits a config/card.

It's still in beta so you will probably find some bugs here and there..

Link: here

So please, do a little effort and submit some configs. it will take you not more than 5 minutes of your time and will be very helpful for others and maybe/possibly for yourself as well!

If you have suggestions or remarks to improve this. Please send me a pm or join #mininghwcomparison on freenode (i will add a contact form later)
Or you can pull a request over at github where i open sourced the project.

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / R9 Nano mining results + power draw on: December 21, 2015, 08:27:33 PM

I have done some testing the past few days with a Nano and i want to share my findings.

First picture is a picture of the power usage of the system without a gpu installed.

So 43watt when running idle (i7 processor with 32GB Ram, Win10Pro 64bit)

Next picture is a screenshot of the Nano running Ethereum.
Stock clocks (1000/500) @ 26Mhz average.

Power draw

102 watt give or take for the Nano running Ethereum @ 26Mhz

Than we have a screenshot of the Nano running X11 (not the newest Nicehash optimized miner)
Again Stock clocks @ 12Mhz average + not even playing with intensity, XI 1024 would have given me probably more.

Power draw

105 watt for the Nano @ X11

Next one is Quark, again, not the newest Nicehash optimized miner.
Stock clocks @ 16Mhz, a little disappointed here..

Power draw is almost identical to Ethereum power draw.

So my conclusion.

Best card i have ever had, Period!

There's no Nvidia card that can beat these numbers (yet).

Although, as mentioned before. It's an expensive card.
But worth every penny and it looks better too!  Cool

Yeah, i'm an AMD Fanboy, i know :p

If there are questions or if someone wants to see another test, just ask.
10  Local / Alt Coins (Nederlands) / [PRE-ANN][ZEIT] ZEITCOIN -- 100 MILJOEN WEGGAVES- 1 MAART 2014 on: February 16, 2014, 08:58:49 PM
11  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Mining (Altcoins) / None of the GPU miners find my GPU on: February 09, 2014, 12:48:29 AM
I've been searching for days now, and haven't found a solution for this problem.

I've got a windows machine here, with a GTX680

I've done a clean install of the graphic drivers, tried with multiple versions..
I've installed the cuda toolkit.

First i've tried to run cgminer which gave me this error:

Started cgminer 3.6.6
Error -1001: clGetPlatformsIDs failed (no OpenCL SDK installed?)
clDevicesNum returned error, no GPUs usable
All devices disabled, cannot mine!

Next try was the cudaminer, again an error:

Unable to query CUDA driver version! Is an nVidia driver installed?

Last try was the bfgminer which gave me this one.

NO DEVICES FOUND: Press 'M' and '+' to add

In other words, it's like my gnu is playing hide and seek.. which is working on my nerves..

I really hope someone can help me out here!
I would "Greatly" appreciate!

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