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21  Economy / Goods / [SOLD]: HP Touchoad 16gb SEALED (will ship internationally) on: August 26, 2011, 09:47:55 PM

DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGES MADE DURING THE SHIPPING PROCESS. I strongly recommend you to purchase additional insurance through the carrier, but that's obviously up to the buyer.

Obviously nothing to hide, you can clearly see the receipt that i bought this for $100 TODAY

I am looking for 25BTC FIRM

Shipping is included for CONUS, for international buyers please PRIVATE MESSAGE me and i'll give you a quote.

please do not bother making me offers, if it does not sell at the asking price, i'll simply give it away to my family.
22  Economy / Goods / [RESOLVED] Another Transaction Gone Sour (dalamchops and Garrett Burgwardt) on: August 26, 2011, 12:38:19 AM
This is the original sales thread.

Here's from the beginning to the end. Garrett can feel free to add in any important details i've missed.

Pretty much we agreed on a sale price of 62BTC (without ssd). 50 BTC upfront, and 12 BTC upon USPS receiving it. That went smoothly.

Garrett received laptop today, sent an email to me saying there are vertical lines on the screen (assuming this happened during postage, i used the laptop up until the moment i took out the ssd and packed it). He sent me some pictures, and he was accurate. He demanded either 30BTC to fix the screen (cost of radiance screen), or a full refund of the laptop + 2 BTC for shipping.

I specifically asked for a picture with a white background.

The reason for that is if you look in the original post, there was a piece of dust under the screen that i specifically mentioned to the buyer, to accurately describe the condition to the potential buyer. I wanted Garrett to find me the dust (very visible in my pictures) so i can confirm we are talking about the same screen. I also added that i was fully ready to pay $200 + 2.23BTC (all i have in btc atm) to help alleviate the cost, but i would not cover the entire cost because I was not at fault because we are still assuming that the damage occurred during shipping (trentzb can attest to how i package things, sold him a laptop).

He then replied saying that he actually opened the screen and tried to clean the dust off. Now that's where the advice is needed.

There's absolutely no proof that he can provide to prove that he didn't damage the screen by trying to clean the dust. He admitted to the screen being tampered with. To me, that automatically tells me that i absolutely should not take the laptop back (which i won't) since it's been messed with. However i am still willing to send $150 (half the cost to fix) to Garrett so he can try to get a screen.

I am asking for advice on what i should do.

23  Economy / Goods / WTB $25 Amazon GC on: August 25, 2011, 11:20:20 AM
I'd like to buy a $25 amazon GC for 2 BTC.

PM me.
24  Economy / Goods / SOLD on: August 24, 2011, 10:32:57 PM
BNIB, Looking for 30 BTC shipped wthin CONUS. Probably going to keep it, unless someone really wants it.

It's arriving tomorrow. Interested buyer can pm me and i'll show you tracking #


and the honest trader thread.
25  Economy / Goods / FS: Intel 80gb X25-M SSD G2 for 12 BTC on: August 24, 2011, 04:41:37 AM
selling an Intel 80gb x25-m g2 ssd. Looking for 12 btc shipped to CONUS

It's used, i've had it for a little over a year. SSDLife still showed 96% life remaining before i sold my hp envy 14.

my feedbacks are on heatware and the honest trader thread here.
26  Economy / Currency exchange / [DONE] Exchange between dalamchops and jakeonfire on: August 24, 2011, 03:30:51 AM
jakeonfire has agreed to send a $5 amazon GC to me for 0.3 BTC.

please confirm when you send the GC, and list an address for me to send the BTC to (non mtgox address)
27  Economy / Goods / FS: AMD Phenom X2 560 | MSI 790GX-G45 | 2x Acer P205h Monitors on: August 22, 2011, 11:29:58 PM
Phenom II X2 560 - Looking for 7.5BTC Shipped for the bare chip. Used in a dedicated bitcoin mining rig, never tried to unlock. $5 extra for heatsink

MSI 790X-G45 - Looking for 6BTC shipped, has 2 PCI-e x16 and 2 x1 slots. Used in a mining rig also. Will come with Box and IO Panel, and some sata cables.

If you want both, i'll do 12BTC shipped.

Alternatively, i also have a GA-MA785G-UD3H motherboard that'll take DDR2, I'll do it for the same price 6 BTC shipped.

I am accepting bitcoins only. Shipping within CONUS ONLY as well.

I also have 2 ACER P205H Monitors for sale locally. Have only used them for less than a year, in a smoke-free environment. LOCAL PICKUP ONLY in Atlanta/Gwinnett 14 BTC or CASH


Feel free to make me an offer in PRIVATE MESSAGE
28  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / BTC Withdraw PENDING? on mtgox? on: August 21, 2011, 11:48:57 AM
This has never happened to me before. I recently just try to pull 10BTC out of my mtgox account, about 7 hours ago, and it still shows up as pending on the account. THe transaction has not shown up on blockexplorer yet. Is there any reason whY??

Sun 21 Aug 2011 04:52:53 AM GMT    withdraw    Bitcoin withdraw pending (to 1N3gnFVWRyN7wwUkUVUwLf7PE6gYTvf2Th)    10.00000000 BTC    
29  Economy / Goods / Sh1337 is a scammer, beware! (UPDATE: LIAR AND A SCAMMER) on: August 21, 2011, 04:15:01 AM
Looking for $250 worth of Amazon GC, will send 20 BTC for it.

30  Economy / Goods / FS: Ipad 1st GEN 32GB on: August 20, 2011, 03:56:56 PM
I am selling my 1st gen Ipad 32gb.

Screen is in MINT CONDITION.

Back has some tiny scuffles, and a slight indention, but it's very hard to see unless ur at a specific angle. Both of which will be easily hidden by a semi clear macally case.

Will also come with original box.

Looking for 36BTC Shipped or best offer

I can either Jailbreak it for you to the latest iOS that can be jailbroken, or restore it to the newest iOS

PM Me if you are interested

I WILL NOT SHIP FIRST take a look at my references and you can see if i am trustworthy or not.

31  Economy / Currency exchange / WTB $100USD Amazon GC ( i have 7.5btc) on: August 19, 2011, 04:57:09 PM
PM me if you are interested.

I have lots of feedback on my heatware

UPDATE: masterbab has agreed to sell me a $100 amazon GC for 8 BTC

I have already received the gift card, but have not redeemed it, and i will be sending 8 BTC to


as soon as he confirms that's the correct address.
32  Economy / Goods / FS: Mining Parts (BUY FROM THIS REPUTATBLE MEMBER WITH REFERENCES) on: August 17, 2011, 04:50:51 AM
I have for sale a Phenom II X2 555 and a MSI Motherboard 790X-G45 (2 x16 and 2 x1 slots) + 1gb ddr3

Looking for 14BTC Shipped

I also have a Sapphire 5830 left. 11BTC Shipped for it. SOLD

Diamond 5830 PENDING

Everything together 25 BTC 21BTC Shipped


Will include original box

Local pickup is welcome north of Atlanta.

I have perfect 28-0-0 feedback on heatware (A SUCCESSFUL TRANSACTION ON THE FORUM)

Please pm me if you want to make a deal.
33  Economy / Goods / [Sold] on: August 16, 2011, 01:56:40 PM

I have a defective 5970 I am looking to sell. It still currently pulls 320mhash on 1 core, and 250mhash on the other. It runs fine initially, but whenever it pass 80C on both cores (currently runs at about 83C on both cores), 1 core drops down to 250mhash. The card has ran like that for 2 months and still performs the same way.

The card actually has warranty up until november this year, but i just dont' have time to mess with RMAing it. I will provide the invoice to the eventual buyer.

UPDATE: I original ran the 5970 along with a 5850 on an 800 Watt PSU, after i pulled the 5850 today due to a sale, the 5970 is running perfectly fine at 340mhash on BOTH CORES. I guess it turns out that i didn't have enough juice to power both cards. But im sure there are still some doubts about its condition, so i'll just keep the card at the same price. Below is a screenshot of its current workload.

I am looking for 45BTC Shipped for the card.

I also have a 5830 left, it's a  Sapphire. I will include them with the 5970 for 5BTC more.

So, it's 45BTC for the 5970 shipped, and 50BTC total with an additional 5830.

Will sell the 5830 by itself for 11btc shipped

This is for peeps in CONUS ONLY.

My heatware: dalamchops

34  Economy / Goods / *SOLD* HP Envy 14 with Radiance Display and SSD 75 BTC on: August 16, 2011, 02:49:19 AM
1) Envy 14

14.5" Radiance Display (1600x900) No longer made, all new envy 14 has a crappy 1366x768 display
Intel i5 520m Processor
Radeon Mobility HD5650
8gb DDR3
80GB Intel X25-M G2 SSD
Slot loading DVD Drive
Backlit Keyboard
Beats Audio
8 cell battery (BatteryBar and HWMonitor show 0% wear)
Will include original box and accessories, including recovery disks

2) Used, Warranty just expired. I am going to be as up front as possible about the defects (pictures will also show) There's a spec of dust underneath the glass, only visible when the screen is white, otherwise it is perfect. There is 1 nick and 2 hairline scratches on the front of the lid. All of these can be seen in the picture below, otherwise the rest of the laptop show no sign of wear

3) ImageShack Album - 6 images

4) 90BTC 80BTC 75BTC Shipped

5) USPS Priority

6) Heatware/Ebay: dalamchops
35  Economy / Goods / FS: 4gb DDR3 Sodimm 1333mhz 2x2gb on: August 15, 2011, 02:19:05 AM
Selling 4gb DDR3 Sodimm 1333mhz 2x2gb, they were pulled out of an Envy 14 laptop, made by hynnix

taking 3.5 BTC Shipped to CONUS

36  Economy / Goods / SOLD: Asus Laptop UX50V on: August 13, 2011, 03:30:34 PM

Intel® SU3500
320gb HDD 7200RPM (upgraded from 5400rpm)
15.6" HD Display 1366x768
DVD±RW Drive (Slot loading)
8-in-1 Memory Card Reader
Nvidia GeForce 105M
10/100/1000 Network
Backlit Keyboard
Battery ~ 2 hours
Vista Home Premium COA

The original AC Adapter died months ago, so it's been replaced by a very solid Kensington Universal Charger that includes a USB Charging outlet.

2) I just upgraded my GF's laptop, and took this back from her. After carefully examining this, i'd give this guy an 8.5/10 in condition cosmetically.

There are mainly 2 defects, one is a tiny small crack on the slot loading dvd drive, it happened when i had to disassemble the laptop trying to replace the HDD. It does not affect the structure and functionality of the laptop whatsoever, and it does not move at all.

The 2nd thing i took points off of were a some micro scratches on the top of the lid. If you look at the pictures it's actually very hard to see unless you're looking at it at a certain angle. But they're definitely there because of the glossy nature of the top lid.

3) ImageShack Album - 5 images

4) I am looking for 38BTC 35btc Shipped in the CONUS

6) USPS Priority

Heatware/ebay: dalamchops

Cool Selling cause GF no longer uses this. No warranty, it's been used for less than 18 months. According to this guy you can just simply drop a processor in there (SU9400/SU9600/SU7300) and turn this guy into quite an ultrathin beast.
37  Economy / Goods / SOLD on: August 10, 2011, 01:54:49 AM
Letting go one of my rig

Sempron 140
M4A88TD-V EVO/U (box and io panel)
1gb ddr3
3x 5850 (1060mhash) Will include 3 dummy plugs, 1 xfx (350mhash) 1 visiontek (350mhash), and 1 generic with a vf3000 cooler (390mhash)
1 pci-e x1 to x16 riser
800 watt ocz (powers 3 cards)
40gb sata hard drive

Looking for $650 in btc or USD. CONUS Only.

If you have little to no feedback, payment by BTC only. for FEEDBACK
38  Economy / Goods / FS: TriCool 120mm Blue LED Case Fan 1BTC on: August 09, 2011, 02:20:04 AM
1) TriCool 120mm Blue LED Case Fan

Fan Dimensions    120mm x 120mm x 25mm
Compatible Devices    Systems, CPU Coolers, or Devices supporting 120mm fans
Material    Plastic
Color    Black
Number of LEDs    (4) LEDs
LED Color    Blue
Speed    1,200 RPM; 1,600 RPM; 2,000 RPM
Airflow    Up to 69.59 CFM
Maximum Air Pressure    2.548mm H2O
Noise Level    19.45 dBA to 34.5 dBA
Fan Life    20,000 Hours
Power Connector    4-pin Molex Connector
Operation Voltage    10.2V to 13.8V
Rated Voltage    12 Volts
Starting Voltage    7 Volts
Rated Current    0.35 Amps

Price : 1 BTC each + .5 shipping (flat for any quantity)

heatware (feedback): dalamchops
39  Economy / Goods / FS: 3x Sapphire 5830 $90 shipped each on: August 06, 2011, 09:00:11 PM

PENDING to svojoe

Selling 3x sapphire 5830. Looking to get $90 shipped obo for each. Shipping to CONUS only.

I've been getting a steady 930m/h out of the 3 cards (310 per)

Payment by paypal (would consider btc).

My heatware is under dalamchops. I have perfect feedback and i have also made a couple deals on here. PM me with any questions
40  Economy / Goods / Dirt 3 on: July 29, 2011, 11:12:22 AM
I am looking to sell a Dirt 3 STEAM activation code for 2 BTC. Please pm me if you're interested.

I have perfect feedback on heatware and ebay (user: dalamchops)

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