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1  Other / Politics & Society / Argentinian president tests positive to covid-19 after being vaccinated on: April 05, 2021, 02:30:59 PM
A couple of Covid-19 vaccines have been produced and distributed already, but sentiments still abound amongst the populace as to if they should or should not be vaccinated, and with the latest development, I think those sentiments surely must have grown stronger as Argentinian president Alberto Fernandez has tested positive to Covid-19 despite having being vaccinated with the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine early on in the year.

What implications do you think will arise from this news? Will it dampen the believe of people in the efficacy of Covid-19 vaccines, and will it also strengthen the arguments of anti-vaxxers that natural immunity could actually be superior to that of vaccine immunity?

2  Other / Politics & Society / Trump promises peaceful transfer of power. on: January 07, 2021, 06:20:41 PM
I'd like to think that some of the violence experienced post-U.S election would have been avoided if Donald Trump had simply conceded defeat from the very beginning and not now, well for people who think Trump is going to hold on to power, whilst there'll be a widespread violence, Civil war, unrest...etc...etc......well that's not going to happen, not in the United States.

Trump has finally 'agreed', not that it depended on him though, to peacefully hand over power to Joe Biden, so I expect a peaceful transition of power from now going forward, there'll prolly be one or two more little violence, but I think all that will be quelled without too much of a hassle.

But having said that, why finally accept to peacefully hand over power after so much bickering and complaining of electoral fraud without sufficient proof, which has and could still lead to violence, that's not what's expected to of a ('ex') president of the U.S., tbh, a lot of things that have happened could really have been avoided if the proper approach was taken, but...errm, 'lets make America great again".

3  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Crypto regulation, a topic of discussion in G-7 meeting on: December 07, 2020, 07:02:02 PM
We have for years now talked about how the governs keep making plans to regulate cryptocurrecies, Bitcoin and most digital currencies eliminates the governments involvement, so I can understand their desire to impose some sort of regulations, most of us (myself included) as Bitcoin users totally object to any form of strict regulations from the government, so I'd like to draw your attention to their latest ploy:
World governments agree on importance of crypto regulation at G-7 meeting
Crypto regulation was a topic of discussion in the latest G-7 meeting and it's not surprising that most governments are in support of the move, I don't know how things will develop, but it's scary and in the next couple of years there could actually be severe crypto regulations all over the world. Here is another excerpt:
There is strong support across the G7 on the need to regulate digital currencies. Ministers and Governors reiterated support for the G7 joint statement on digital payments issued in October.”
From the above, it's clear that the support already rests in their midst, so the question now is how are they going to implement this, and that's were this next excerpt is important to see:
Per speculation, the regulation would essentially forbid users from utilizing personal crypto wallets outside of regulated exchanges.
If this will ever be possible, it'll mean taking away control from crypto users which is why majority of us use Bitcoin, do you think this move is going to be possible and by extension successful?

Full source for better understanding:
4  Economy / Economics / Mexico's billionaire invests in Bitcoin on: November 18, 2020, 02:11:09 PM
This is a big news for Bitcoin, the second richest man in Mexico has just revealed that he invested 10% of his "liquid portfolio" in Bitcoin, the article doesn't categorically state exactly when, he could prolly be a long time investor, but nonetheless, the news is good for adoption and makes Bitcoin more alluring to investors when prominent individuals or corporations join the network. Even as fiat currencies and traditional institutions/economy continually plunges due to inflation and effects of covid-19, Bitcoin is on the road to cross it's ath, which shows btc rising strength and efficacy as a reliable investment and reserve asset. See this excerpt, and what the billionaire has to say about fiat currencies:
The billionaire shared a video captured in “a Latin country” depicting banks throwing out garbage bags filled with paper money into a dumpster. He asserted that “paper money is worth nothing,” adding: “That is why it is always good to diversify our investment portfolio.”
From the above, the 166th richest individual in the world, believes fiat currencies are constantly devaluing and I agree with that, saving money in the bank/holding fiat now feels wrong to quite a lot of people, and I think this will affect the economy negatively; so what do you think will be the foreseeable effect on the economy if a lot of people, both the wealthy, middle class, poor and even companies choose to invest a larger chunk of their funds in Bitcoin and other assets (that aren't controlled by the government), rather than keeping their funds in the bank/traditional institutions?

See the news/article:
5  Economy / Economics / Is Bitcoin the best reserve asset? on: November 02, 2020, 03:44:10 PM
MicroStrategy, Grayscale, square etc, it was a year when companies chose Bitcoin as their reserve asset, if you missed some of the big news, see Fillippone's thread Bitcoin treasuries to keep track of it. That being said I found a good article that seemed to suggest that Bitcoin is the best reserve asset we've got, mind you that I'm not agreeing 100% with the writer, but many of his claims seems to be true, so why not allow the community have their say on this, see this excerpt:
An excellent way to evaluate any investment is to take $100 million and move it forward a hundred years and ask the question what happens. If I had $100 million worth of currency in any of the largest cities of the world in the year 1900, and I went forward for 100 years, and I put the money into the best bank in the city, I have two types of risks; counterparty risks and inflation risk. Regarding counterparty risk, every major bank in every major city around the world failed in 100 years. And that is a 90% probability you lose everything
I personally consider this excerpt the best part of the article and something we all can apply as we make investment plans for the future, but that's Bitcoin v Fiat/traditional institutions on the subject, and I agree that fiat is vulnerable to inflation/devaluation and manipulation and Bitcoin is prolly a much better reserve asset than just leaving your funds lying in your bank account losing its value with every year. Since Bitcoin is a good hedge, it's the better option imo. But what about Bitcoin v Gold or Bitcoin v real estate investment etc, the article has something to say about that, see:
Even gold and other precious metals run into issues when you look at them in terms of 100 years. While they appreciate over time, the logistics of holding them can be stressful. You could use third-party storage services such as commercial banks, but history has taught us that gold can get lost even there, especially during wartime or political upheavals such as revolutions. This has also happened several times in the last century. During World War II, large masses of gold were stolen by both state and non-state actors. Similarly, during the Soviet revolution, a lot of privately owned gold was seized by the incoming government
Do you think Bitcoin is the best reserve asset we have atm? Much better than Gold and others, and can we continually trust Bitcoins value to keep appreciating with the years.

The article: (it's much better you read the article first before commenting)
6  Other / Beginners & Help / Wrong conception on: August 31, 2020, 03:03:26 PM
There is a mistaken belief (misconception) amongst many Bitcoin users, and that's that their coins/funds are stored in their wallets. I know it's a pretty easy term to understand that it's not, but with how many people share their seed phrases on public platforms, write them down on pieces of paper left unattended to on the table or even post them in open forums when seeking assistance, I beg to differ that many people don't understand this. Scammers do also ask for private keys and seed phrases on different kind of giveaways and other patterns they use to steal people's funds.

So i have been thinking that one cause of this could be that newbies think their funds are in the wallet in their possession and if you do not get their PC, phones or their hardware device, then you can't steal/spend their funds. Imo it'll be better for a lot of people to understand this (mis)concept(ion), I think it will help, because it could be confusing for some, notwithstanding the warning the wallet comes with. "How can someone steal my coins with my seed or private keys when I have my wallet on me"? Sounds pretty easy for us to understand how, but it may not be for others, and hell when I started using BTC newly, it wasn't easy for me.

I'll update newbies here that their funds/coins are not stored in their wallet, but on the Bitcoin network, and with your private keys or your seed phrase, a scammer can import your funds (you feel is in your possession/wallet) in another interoperable wallet and spend your funds, what that means in another form is that your private keys/seed phrase is your wallet, and any other person other than yourself who has it, is at liberty to spend the funds in it. I'll finish this off with a quote from 'mastering Bitcoin':
A common misconception about bitcoin is that bitcoin wallets contain bitcoin. In fact, the wallet contains only keys. The "coins" are recorded in the blockchain on the bitcoin network. Users control the coins on the network by signing transactions with the keys in their wallets. In a sense, a bitcoin wallet is a keychain.
7  Economy / Economics / Economy over health on: August 25, 2020, 05:56:12 PM
The economy was shut earlier this year to accommodate efforts in tracing cases of corona virus and to stop the rapid spread, but from the news I'm about to share, I do not think any sort of wave or spread of the virus can shut down the economy again. Costa Rica as a country is a tourist attraction to people from different parts of the world, but majorly from the U.S., and that's to say the U.S. dollars plays a very important role in the Costa Rican economy.
More Americans travel to Costa Rica than any other nationality. In 2019, over 40% of all tourists to the country were from the United States.
Despite the United States of America having more than five million confirmed Corona virus cases, Costa Rica is opening it's borders to American tourists and to make things sound good, only Americans from six states:
Residents of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont will be able to fly into Costa Rica from Sept. 1.
Mind you this five states combined have had a total of about 694,765 confirmed cases of covid-19, which is about 20 times higher than the number of cases in Costa Rica. So it's obvious this is a move made to stimulate the Costa Rican economy, and can be said to be at the expense of health. This is very risky from the Costa Rican government and it'll cause huge backlash if it leads to a wide spread of covid-19 in their territory, as of course they will put the blame on this decision.

Another thing to note is how important a role they (Costa Rica) are playing in trying to revive their economy, do you think other nations will also follow suit and take risky measures like this one to generate funds needed for the fast recovery of the economy. Some people, in my country for example have been calling for fresh total lockdowns to be imposed as the only option to defeat the virus completely, I don't think any government can take that step again, what do you think?
Read the full news, it's a good read:
8  Economy / Economics / Btc and gold can now be called "safe" on: August 10, 2020, 07:52:08 AM
At the point when the pandemic shed it's milk teeth, investors and individuals became aware of how vulnerable fiat is in a situation of an economic meltdown. After the lockdown, that left the economy staggering, we've seen the printing of more money out of thin air that can create inflation, third world economies and poor countries are as well going to be hit with recession and possible hyperinflation. What all this means is the devaluation of the fiat currencies. But I've been closely monitoring gold/bitcoin prices during this pandemic, in case you didn't know, gold price surged above 2k per ounce for the first time ever last week and analysts think it can get to 4000 in a few years.

Bitcoin has also surged to 11k despite the pandemic, imo gold and btc are somewhat "safe haven" assets, this pandemic is a real test to know how well they can hold up investors funds, when everything is crashing and they have been doing great in the market, the number of people that will turn to these assets as time goes on will continue to increase, to evade inflation and the devaluation of their money in their bank accounts, and it will continue to push their prices up.

P.S. I do not think it's early to tag them as safe assets, people previously said they were yet to be tested in a dire situation, for me, that test came this year, with the pandemic and it's effects.
9  Other / Politics & Society / The U.S need to live with the new normal on: July 27, 2020, 08:37:32 PM
Last week, America issued an order to China to close their consulate in the U.S, China responded with exactly the same order, they also want the U.S consulate shut in China. The two countries have been going at one another hammer and tongs for quite some time now and the situation isn't improving to say the least.

Imo, the United States need to live with the fact that there are some countries that wouldn't be cowed to dance to their music and China is one of them. It's about economic viability and growth, and China has established themselves as one of the best economies in the world, and aren't too dependent; it's easy to dominate when your oppositions rely on you to a large extent. The U.S and China for example, still control many third world countries because of how much money they owe them, and are still heavily dependent on them.

Don't you think the U.S and China war will end if they both cohabit as the two strongest nations, with none trying to topple the other?
With the U.S elections coming up in November, do you think situations will improve between the duo if Biden wins? Majority of the fractions has been due to Trumps strict orders.
10  Other / Politics & Society / Human trials of corona virus vaccine on: July 13, 2020, 03:58:35 PM
There is news emerging from Russia that a covid-19 vaccine being developed in the country has passed the phase of human trial, an excerpt of the news reads thus:
Elena Smolyarchuk, chief researcher for the Russian Center for Clinical Research on Medications at Sechenov University, told TASS newswire on Sunday that human trials for the vaccine had been completed and those test patients will be discharged soon.
This news cannot come quicker for countries that are yet to reach their peak and still losing countless numbers of their citizens to corona virus daily. How reliable can this information coming out from Russia be, and if it indeed is true, what does it mean to the world at large and how do you envisage the commercialization process of the vaccine.

11  Other / Politics & Society / Is Kanye joking on: July 05, 2020, 07:10:40 PM
Today Kanye announced that he will be running for president of the United States, i thought we'd have a thread on it here by now, but here it is, this is his tweet today:
We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States,” the 43-year-old musician wrote on Independence Day, using the hashtag “2020 vision.
The election is in November, that is four months from now (July) and Kanye West is declaring that he is in the race today, how serious can we take him? Social media has been buzzing and shocked with Kanye's tweet. We all know of Kanye West's support for Donald Trump, so why the sudden change and decision to run against him. There have been so many opinions on this:
Many on social media have dismissed the announcement as a publicity stunt, though others questioned: How did West go from being a vocal ally of President Donald Trump to announcing a run against him? Is this an attempt to draw some Black voters and young voters away from presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden?
What do you think?
12  Economy / Economics / What opportunity costs will governments take. on: June 07, 2020, 09:01:06 AM
It's no longer news that the corona virus pandemic has rocked every national economy, it's lead to inflation, recession, economic meltdown, hunger etc. We have been discussing it's impact (mostly on the economy) for more than two months now and I beg to change the discussion slightly...

As the government seeks a way to reopen their respective nations, I've been thinking what is going to be the opportunity cost to ensure that this 'operation' goes according to plan, bearing in mind that there is little or no funds to be disbursed to all sections of the country. Opportunity cost can be defined thus:
The New Oxford American Dictionary defines it as "the loss of potential gain from other alternatives when one alternative is chosen."[2] In simple terms, opportunity cost is the benefit not received as a result of not selecting the next best option. Opportunity cost is a key concept in economics, and has been described as expressing "the basic relationship between scarcity and choice".
The EU, World Bank, IMF and other world organizations have come out to aid various countries with loans, grants etc to raise fundings in their respective countries, so what areas of the economy or what sectors in the country do you think requires (and will likely get) more attention and what's going to be the opportunity cost.. Of course with less money, the more there is a need for a scale of preference, you can use your country, major world powers or developed/underdeveloped as a method of categorization; What sectors will likely be top and bottom (opportunity cost) In their scale of preference to propel the economy out of recession.
13  Economy / Economics / Can microeconomics help macroeconomics after the pandemic on: May 24, 2020, 09:06:01 AM
How essential is microeconomics going to be to macroeconomics after this pandemic?
Many countries have hitherto payed little or no attention to small scale businesses, private owned firms, subsistence agriculture and industries owned by individuals, the government hardly supports this businesses with loans to boost their growth and provide employment on a small scale through their businesses.

Some developing countries who have exportable natural resources have concentrated solely on foreign trade(macroeconomics)abandoning other small scale areas in their country that can also generate income and improve the economy; now with corona virus pandemic hampering foreign trades to an extent and also creating inflation and recession, most of this exportable resources no longer have the value they use to have before, microeconomics can be the first step in seeing the economy through the recovery process.

Finally, imo microeconomics can speed up the economic recovery process of many countries, if the government can support this small scale businesses more, they will grow faster and can provide more employment, money cash inflow and more individuals will be encouraged to start up small businesses, and with all this the economy will be much better. With foreign trades, import and export and small scale enterprises/businesses booming all at once, national economy will be stronger and can withstand recession, especially in the future.
14  Other / Beginners & Help / The halving Gusto on: April 29, 2020, 10:35:02 AM
Alot of newbies fall under the influence of "the halving gusto" and I think it good they be forewarned/corrected. Just today I was contacted by two of my friends(total novices on bitcoin)at the University of their desire to buy bitcoins(they've heard me say one or two things about bitcoin)because they read somewhere on the internet that there's something called halving that's about to happen and bitcoin is going to rise to more than fifty thousand dollars(this friends of mine are actually planning to buy bitcoins with far more than they have, so they're going to most likely borrow/take loans)I did advice without discouraging them on bitcoin anyway.

I don't know how many newbies here on bitcointalk are planning on doing the same thing, the halving is well anticipated, and it may(or may not)have a high appreciation in the price of bitcoin; But with that said there are things you should not do.
1)You should not invest more than what you can afford to lose because of the upcoming halving.
2)Do not take loans just to invest in bitcoin(because the halving is close), you could be left with debts to pay.
3)If you do not have knowledge about bitcoin/halving(like my friends), don't just act based on what's on the internet, always verify to make sure you are making the right choice.
4)If you have never invested in bitcoin, you shouldn't just do so now because of the halving, you will be jumping the part you have to learn, and that could mean making mistakes.
5)Do not feel the pressure of investing because alot of people are, it should be your decision and choice to make.
15  Other / Meta / What will become of your BTT account if late on: April 14, 2020, 12:26:06 PM
The support for a custom title for Bruno in this topicThanks Theymos, Bruno has VIP status and custom title was overwhelming and rightfully so, Theymos also did exactly as we requested:
In general, giving titles/badges to users who died is difficult/problematic. It's almost a sort of "KYC", since death is inextricably linked to one's physical identity. It also opens several cans of worms: for example, should the account be locked after the person died? If so, it prevents their heirs from accessing PMs or even selling the account (which is allowed). If not, then you'd have users actively posting while wearing "RIP" badges.

I'm not going to do it regularly, but I'll make an exception here and give VIP status & a custom title to Phinnaeus Gage and Gleb Gamow. However, I know that these accounts changed hands in the past, and maybe arrangements have been for this to happen again in the future; therefore, if either account ever posts in the future, I will remove this stuff from the account.
So I am curious, since there is every possibility that this users have handed down their account details to family members or others to use the forum for whatever activity they wished before they passed on; If a post should ever be made from that account, would it get tagged, as probably a hack on the account or account sale(allowed but frowned upon).

I also want to use this thread to ask: What plans do you have for your BTT account in the face of death, if faced with a life threatening illness or disease, and left with a particular period of time to live, are you going to hand over login details to family members(if so, what would you wish they use the account for)or would you "retire" the account for good?
16  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The first BTC ATM in Nigeria on: April 04, 2020, 03:35:25 PM
African giant Nigeria has set up it's first Bitcoin automated teller machine in the country, citizens of Nigeria are famous for bitcoin trading and investment and they are top in that aspect in Africa. Though this is not the first BTC ATM in the continent(Africa)as countries like South Africa, Kenya, Ghana Botswana, Uganda, Djibouti and Zimbabwe all have bitcoin ATM's in their countries. Many parts of Africa still remains underdeveloped, due to bad government, but bitcoin and cryptocurrencies can help alleviate the condition and state of things over there for the individuals taking the opportunity.
A Bitcoin startup in Nigeria, Blockstale BTM, has installed the very first Bitcoin Automated Teller Machine in Nigeria.
According to the startup, the ATM was installed at Dazey Lounge and Bar in Lagos and the company is planning to install at least 30 BTC ATMs across the nation.
Source of information:
17  Other / Politics & Society / Could this be premeditated on: March 30, 2020, 10:15:25 AM
Yesterday it was reported that a group of scientists in China may have developed a nanomaterial that can combat and absorb the effect of Covid-19 on its victims, with a success rate of over 98%. I do not know how efficient it is or how true the information is, but If it's true, it's looking somewhat premeditated, like a "grand plan".

A team of Chinese scientists have reportedly developed a novel way to combat the new coronavirus COVID-19 disease which has killed over 32,000 people globally. According to a report by Global Times, the new weapon is not a drug or a compound but some nanomaterial...  
"Chinese scientists have developed a new weapon to combat the #coronavirus," the news portal tweeted on Sunday. "They say they have found a nanomaterial that can absorb and deactivate the virus with 96.5-99.9 per cent efficiency," it added.

18  Other / Beginners & Help / Possible red tag offences on: December 24, 2019, 08:16:41 AM
There are some very obvious reasons why users get red tagged or flagged, and with the update by theymos on the trust system, we now understand that a user can only be flagged for being a proven scammer, and not for some other offences. But for the newbies who probably aren't aware of some of offences that can get them red tagged on the forum, I'll love to bring some of them to their notice.

1)Do not default on loans/do not request for no collateral loan unless the loaner says so/do not request for loans when you have no means to pay back: Many users have had their accounts tagged due to the fact that they defaulted on their loan agreement, if you know you have no means to payback a loan, do not request for one, also as a newbie you can simply get red tagged for just asking for a no collateral loan(no one will give a newbie that)
2)Avoid renting out your account/borrowing your account to friends: We have seen issues like this in the past when users after being caught with plagiarised posts on their account claim they were not the ones handling the account at the moment those posts were made. The user you give your account to, can do shady things that will get your account tagged, you account is your private property.
3)Do not advertise or market a website you aren't sure of its legitimacy: Some users brings some shady website to the notice of others, and a few times they are not even aware that those websites are shady sites, this leaves dt members with no choice than to tag those accounts. We had an issue sometime of a newbie posting websites where one can recover lost btc by paying a particular amount of money, that user was tagged for promoting a scam website.
4)Avoid account buying and selling: Going through many ratings left by dt members, I think this one tops the list: "Account buyers and sellers are not to be trusted", many users here started from the bottom to get where they are today, buying an account is fraud and will get you red tagged, the original owner could even have plagiarised posts, could later come back claiming the account was hacked, or you could even pay and not get the account in the end.
5)Spamming pm's begging for merits/adverting a product: If you want to earn merits, make good posts, it will definitely be seen by sources and other members, and even if you must pm a merit source, let it be to review your post history, do not beg them for merits. Also the services board is there for users to advertise, if a user hasn't requested for a discussion on a product in their pm, do not send one, it can get you into trouble.

Edit: you can learn more from this threads: Trust flags
LoyceV's Beginners guide to correct use of the Trust system
19  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Too many projects is bad on: December 22, 2019, 05:10:47 PM
The thread is self moderated, though I would not be removing posts except if they are really terrible, it has nothing to do with whether you agree or disagree with me.

The other day, I read a post which the poster said:(i am not explicitly quoting the OP though)that if the altcoin market manages one good project out of the many that it produces daily, then it's a success for the altcoin market(i am not against his opinion, but I disagree)
Searching for good altcoin projects is now similar to looking for a needle in a haystack, you either get tired or exhausted and quit looking, or you find it after a terribly long, long time, this is synonymous to what altcoin investors will have to go through/and are going through, and it can only stop when the good projects are the only ones investors are attracted to.

But since the market is decentralized, and you cannot really prevent anyone from creating shitcoins, what can then be done to promote only the good projects, imo investors should avoid new projects for a while, they either are coming out with the same plan as the previous ones and will only fail just as their "predecessors" did, and focus more on the projects that are already in the market, picking out the few that are good and investing/promoting them. If new scam projects are not getting any substantial investors, I believe the good ones that are in circulation in the market already would improve and more good projects could sprout up from them.

Other valuable suggestions are welcomed, let's have a quality discussion.
20  Other / Beginners & Help / I enjoy posting on bitcointalk on: December 22, 2019, 01:31:51 PM
Exactly just as the subject says, it's now fast becoming a hobby posting on this forum for me, well obviously you cannot post continually on this forum and not grow your knowledge on its related areas, except of course if you're a shitposter(i wouldn't want to get into that), so I'm not just posting, I'm learning. I quit facebook few years back, as well as some other social media sites, Bitcointalk in one way or the other has helped me not to miss them even at the slightest bit, rather than scrolling over pictures, risking my privacy, I'll post in here, read voraciously, comment when I feel I should and lest I forget, I also replaced the "like" button with "+merit" when I have some Smerits to give.

As a student in the university, i feel proud discussing with my peers about bitcoin, and being the one the most knowledge about it, and also telling them about bitcointalk when they inquire to know the source of my knowledge, you automatically just get the feeling you're doing good for yourself.
Once you love posting on this forum, you must succeed here, it's a working philosophy, is it even possible to succeed in an area you do not love, just because you want to earn?.
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