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1  Economy / Scam Accusations / is web site scam i lost 0.01BTC today on: February 09, 2020, 05:33:41 PM
i was scammed in  >>>

i lost 0.01 BTC today..   and   im not received xrp;.   i think,  why this site are existing to scam us
2  Economy / Scam Accusations / POTWALLET.COM (#almost) IS SCAM on: February 01, 2020, 10:59:28 AM
Quote from: PotcoinJoint on October 21, 2016, 04:39:21 PM
Quote from: DeadBirdzz on October 21, 2016, 04:15:04 PM
Quote from: potcoiner420 on October 21, 2016, 01:02:41 AM
To be honest every one knows the safest way to store your coins is on an off line wallet or at least a wallet you have control of so stop moaning did no one use crypsy ?? lost your coins never to be seen again you was robbed on that one

Online services run into problems and are under attack and in Potwallets case to steal your coins so they have to safe guard by suspending services check your wallets im sure all coins are still there safe potwallet customer service may be poor but remember no one is getting paid for their input so im sure developers are busy with solving Potwallet problems and will be up and running A.S.A.P, im sure the developers of are invested in the coin and in time working from day one on this so really dont want things to fail for potcoin total waist of years work and money spent

Remember any one can be a developer for potcoin go develop if you think you can do a better job and if you do the potcoin holders will use your service instead

No body owns or runs potcoin no body is getting paid its been developed use it build things to use it for give it value buy it sell it if you own a business in the industry start using it

If your looking for a quick buck off potcoin good luck it is doable some have im sure but its up to every one who has potcoin to give it value not a dev team potcoin is decentralized no one controls it or is responsible for it

What did or are you doing to add value to potcoin ?

I bought a fuckload on potcoin and put them on

But now I can't fucking access my coins

{{{{{{So please stfu.

Safeguard my coins?

More like they fucking stole them.

These cunts have my coins you faggot.

Your coins are not lost. Please contact our support department if you need to get coins out immediately.

We are safeguarding your coins until we release some updates to the wallet. Security is our FIRST and TOP priority and for that reason, all withdrawals on PotWallet are halted until updates get released

In the meantime. we can definitely help you get your Potcoins out by verifying your identity and walking you through the process.

If you do not need the Potcoins now, you can feel free to wait until the update is rolled out.

Please rest assured, your Potcoins are safe and secure.

Thank You}}}}}}};;;;;;



  yesterday, i stayed knowing over - POTWALLET COM - is scam  web wallet.. (......)....

 yesterday, i stayed knowing over - POTWALLET COM - is scam  web wallet..
 showed/indicated  in  - potcoin com-  and  4 times i deposited a little amount in the same address  ..
 and and when i went send to any exchange to sell ...  yesterday..  !  ;!.    what???
 i confirm email and not..  several times...and Noth..
 i see on block chain pot,  and pot was sended to other addres ...
  but not into my account..
 not response from suport,
 and i can t  sell ...
 i was scammed...
 potwallet on site of potcoin.. i did believ...ohhh... i researshed on web .. and many cases about!!! ohhhnoooo.. is true.. i  was scammed!!!
     ....... ohhhnoooo.. is true.. i  was scammed!!!

should have not trusted online wallets. web wallets are controlled by the owners,..........

......... lesson learned - at least you know next time what to do with your coins.

and one more thing, if you have the proofs, you can post in the scam accusations board to warn other users about the shady activities of this site =


1>   yes, I have proof, so:

           -I elaborated in order to show, that I made some deposits at the same address, in four different days, and these containers were
            moved to another address, but not within my account at <potwallet com>

2>><Potcoinwallet com> scam, proofs!!!

>>> my address stoled>>> in block explorer pot link>>

>>>   <>
_______________________________________________________________________________ _____

3>>>>images  proof links>>>
                ****indicated on official potcoin  site****

>>>  official website IMG1=  https://i.ibb (.) co/Vwqz8Zx/image.png

 >>>   link of page indicating  pot web wallet >>>>   [[[[ https://www.potcoin   (  .   )  com/getting-started#wallets ]]]]  >


 >>I explain about>>>

> sended "Pot", from other place..>>
>> is not i what am  didnt  make that  was  did stoled ...,
 ..  I believ is a dev or hacher, i dont know.
____Withth secret k of this addres.  
and  user like me, not have acces of SK from any addres on this web wallet.

      Inside  my account//web wallet // my deposits,
        my tryed withdraw no succes,
           because i had confirmed many time the verification link,  
             and noth,
              it stayed how like on image, <(pending confirm e mail)>>>>>

                            >>> <<<

>>> link image address<>>
> over explained on block info of the changed coins to other addres.. and is not  did make i this, ;(

                       ;.>>  ))


      _I tried withdraw, confirming email verificaton several times>>
                                                                            and nothing!!!>>

>>>Sending // sended link to email for confirmation>>


>>>   email confirmed several times>>>  


       Need i more proof to post on indicated thread ? Huh

 ..., because i like help and prevent  what  can  persons  fall on scams// injurys..  

8__________________are good proofs?

I got in contact with the support of "POTCOINWALLET" several times, and I didn't have any answer ..

###edit  02   12  2020>> No Answer/ no coins!
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