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1  Other / Meta / Deleted posts on: November 27, 2018, 07:06:45 AM
Three of my replies to threads today were just deleted, I know deleted threads is not much of a big deal but it's suprising for a couple of reasons,

I have previously never had a post or thread deleted before the three today.

I do not consider the posts I made to be off topic or irrelevant to the discussion.

And the posts were deleted couple of seconds after I made them, which makes me think it could be a bug as I doubt an admin would be so quick to find, read, judge a post and delete it in a couple of seconds.
Could there be a bug in the system, did anyone else experience multiple deletion?
2  Other / Beginners & Help / Spotting a scam ICO on: November 02, 2018, 04:59:31 AM
The prolonged bearish market of 2018 has made ICO investments very risky and has exposed lots of scam projects.
There has also been a couple of gems in 2018 which made investing in ICOs worth it.
How can you pick out the diamonds from the stones, Especially when they can all get polished and look shiny?

All every ICO has to offer are promises and a plan to actualize it. But making a ground breaking whitepaper and an impressive roadmap is something anyone can do.
And this makes it almost impossible to tell a good project from a potential scam.

No information is too much or too little when researching on a project. Every detail has to be scrutinized, and once you have any reservations it's best to back off (you'd be right most of the time)
You can also seek the advise of experts or more knowledgeable individuals

I came upon an article recently and it was basically giving tips about how to make your own scam ICO, and reading through, it had similarities with every scam ICO I knew.

And I believe it can be used counter productively by investors to spot an ICO which hoes by the books.
Protect your capital.
3  Other / Beginners & Help / An extra layer of security - Back up your 2FA on: October 29, 2018, 07:11:51 AM
2FA is a measure that serves as an extra layer of security, it requires users to provide added information after the password before gaining access to an account.
There is SMS authentication,
EMAIL authentication, and the most commonly used, google authenticator.

Google authenticator is a security app which is linked to an account using a special code which can be typed or scanned, and it generates 6 digit keys which change every few minutes and without them no one can access the account being protected.
Multiple accounts can be protected using one google authenticator app and there is no way any unauthorized user can get access to the account.

This also means if the true owner for some reason or unforeseen circumstances lost the device where the Google authenticate is installed, even they will not be able to access their personal accounts.

That's why it is advisable to always back up your 2FA by saving the code used to enable it, and hence allow it to be enabled on another device.
If you didn't back up, there's no way of getting the code after it has been enabled.
The best option is to disable 2FA, and then request for another code to enable it (every new code is unique) then you can safely back up your 2FA and have your account fully protected.
4  Other / Meta / QUALITY over quantity! on: October 07, 2018, 06:29:03 AM
Spam mega threads seems to be one of the major problems faced by the forum today, and it is destroying quality interactions in some of our major boards, as it is the first thing you stumble on once you stride into those boards. And not every user is excited to was through tons of shitposts in search of quality.

My question is why is a thread put in the first page of a board simply because it has high comments or views, or it was just recently commented on by any user?

We can't win the war against spam if we keep highlighting this mega threads because they have large views or comments. This goes against the ethics of 'quality over quantity' and this means that such boards will never become old, as the OPs are not willing to lock them.

I propose an upvote and downvote system. Now, I'm well aware this has been suggested severally and rejected, but if designed properly it could effectively end spam in the forum.

If we allowed users to upvote a post, the post could be weighted based on the positive votes it got and would be highlighted on the first few pages of a board. To limit abuse, a users vote could be weighed based on the number of merits he/she has, so legendary member > Hero member > Sr member and so on.
So effectively the forum would highlight posts upvoted by the community, and posts that receive a down vote would be pushed further down and hopefully interactions on them would reduce till they are lost in the mass.
This way posts would be weighed based on its quality and not quantity and interactions in this boards would be encouraged. And users won't have to look to deep in search of quality.

The 'upvote' is just a suggestion, the team could name it whatever it wants to, this is just a prototype am suggesting.
What do you think?
5  Other / Meta / Upvote on: September 30, 2018, 05:49:07 PM
Could there be an option to upvote or like a post made by a user, if you are in agreement with it?
It's against forum rules to post little sentenceos commending a post. So an upvote option to show your approval can help to track the general opinion of a post.

The system could also lead users to useful, quality post, generally approved by the community. And it can also aid merit sources in finding quality content on the forum.

What's your say?
6  Other / Meta / Controlling Spam on: September 27, 2018, 04:31:28 PM
As a suggestion could we encourage users to self moderate their topics to help reduce spam. I've come across only a few self moderated topics, and I feel it would help keep the forum free of spam, if each user closely watches his/her threads.

When posting (starting a new topic), below the subject, to the left, there is an icon, Additional Options click on it and then the option to self moderate.

You can control the thread, and close it once your query is answered or the discussion has reached a sort of conclusion (closing a thread can be done without self moderating)

NOTE: a thread can't be edited to self moderate once it has been posted.
7  Other / Beginners & Help / New to the forum? on: September 27, 2018, 12:32:43 PM
I would firstly like to welcome you to the forum!??

This is the top destination for cryptocurrency enthusiasts who wish to broaden their knowledge and and join a community with similar interests.
This translates to a large influx of people, the current average being approximately 441 new users per day.

After registering, Now, what next?

- There is a mountain of data, threads, topics and replies. But a new user should first familiarize with the forums rules and guidelines. Endeavour to check for sticky threads on the different boards, and read through them. I could suggest some helpful threads, but we should all read through ourselves as this makes one learn faster and more efficiently.
To get the best out of this community, form the habit of reading. It would spare us all a lot of redundant complaints and queries.

NOTE: There are tips for almost every topic; how to get merits? How not to get merits? Ranking system? Help? Just input the keyword in the search box, at the top right. And always feel free to ask, as the community is always there to help out.

- Do Your Own Research; all contributions on this forum are opinions of others and not facts. Always verify any information gotten, before moving forward with it.

- Quality and helpful contributions is the primary goal; any other personal motive for joining here is secondary. And can also be combined conviniently with helpful contributions.
It would be hasten our personal growth in cryptocurrency, and also the growth of the forum.
Good luck!
8  Bitcoin / Legal / Legalities of Bitcoin on: September 24, 2018, 09:04:45 AM
Governments from most nations have had their say on the legality of bitcoin (cryptocurrencies) in their states.
Bitcoin users should be aware of the status of bitcoin in their countries, and also up to date with any changes made.

The status of bitcoin is not always a straightforward option of it being legal or illegal. Countries have different levels of regulation on the circulation and use of bitcoin in their nation;

- Legal and unregulated : This countries has declared bitcoin legal in its states, with no form of regulation;
Hong Kong
Most of this countries advise its citizens on the risk involved in trading, selling and circulation of bitcoin, and advises against it without putting any restrictions.
In Switzerland, bitcoin is wholly accepted and its growth is encouraged by the government.
Portugal has made no announcements and has not acknowledged or restricted bitcoin. It is this far being circulated.
In South Africa, bitcoin is accepted but can not be used as a form of payment.
In Russia, bitcoin was declared 'legal' in 2016, but there is a level of restrictions, and it cannot be used as a form of payment. And bitcoin accounts can be blocked if discovered.

- Legal and subject to taxation: Bitcoin is legal in these countries but different forms of VAT are paid to the government for purchases made.

- Legal and regulated (also subject to taxation) : This countries have set up bodies to regulate the use of bitcoin in their states, and any establishment utilizing bitcoin has to register under the sector.
United States of America

In USA the regulatory body is the
(in Vietnam it is legal to trade or hold bitcoin, but illegal to use it as a payment tool
In Philippines, cryptocurrency is also legal but regulated. This is an official publication on the status of VC, virtual currency

- Illegal and banned: The sales, purchase and circulation of bitcoin is explicitly banned in this states. And it is a crime to be involved in bitcoin, merchants, traders or investors.
This countries include;
(India is trying to curb the circulation of bitcoin, but are interested in the blockchain technology and it's other applications)
Saudi Arabia

Any information not available here can be found in

The status of bitcoin in these countries is constantly changing so always stay updated on your governments' stance on bitcoin.
9  Other / Meta / Post icons on: September 22, 2018, 10:23:54 PM
I need guidance.
Is there any thread which contains a tutorial on how to use the icons available when writing a post?
Or can anyone give me some useful tips?
10  Economy / Trading Discussion / Basics of Technical Analysis on: September 22, 2018, 10:13:20 PM
Trading is a very demanding and tasking activity. Whether you are trading Digital currencies, national currencies, shares, bonds, stocks. It requires knowledge of that market, and available data and how to utilize information to make correct speculations on future price.

What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is trading technique which relies on market actions to predict future market movements.
It relies on combination of factors like, charts, market value, market history, trading volume, and trends.

Basically, technical analysis means using the past to predict the future.

Foundamental analysis is also a trading strategy which relies on project foundamentals, developmental stage, upcoming news and updates, and major annoncements and how this factors impact the market, and attempts to predict the reaction.

When using technical analysis to attempt to speculate on the market, there are key points to consider;

- Charts and Trends: Charts show the market movements. You can set it to your desired time frame, 24 hours, a week etc. You'd need to do more research on this to learn how to properly read charts and use it to predict the market.

Trends shows the market reaction at key points in time. For example, the cryptocurrency market is believed to drop when most traders go for summer vacations during August and the rise when they return around late September. With this you can speculate on how the market would react at specific points in time and to specific events.

- Support and Ressistance : Support in a chart is that point during a dip, where the value doesn't drop lower but rather holds and possibly bounces back. It's mostly caused by my traders who buy at the dip and supports the value.
The ressistance on the other hand is that point in a rise where the value doesn't go higher buy rather holds or drops. It's at this point most of the traders who bought lower down sell of to the late followers and dumps on them. The heavy supply could cause a sharp drop.
With knowledge of this you can predict the price movements at specific points in the chart.

- Moving Average : This is also a very important factor to consider. Moving average is similar to a chart, but it shows the average of the market ride or drop over a longer time, a week or a month. It is the average of the daily closing value over a specific time. I t gives a broader view of the market
They are of two types,
1. Simple Moving Average
2. Exponential Moving Average.

- Trading volume: Trading volume is the amount in circulation in the market. The trading volume gives you an idea of the level of rise the market can support or drops it can withstand.
A large trading volume indicates a stable market which can resist manipulations. A low trading volume is a market which is largely unstable and very subsceptible to market forces and manipulations.

Technical analysis is a very broad subject, and it is invaluable to a trader in his/her quest to be successful.
Dow theory provides a lot of useful knowledge and information in trading

Good luck
11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Satoshis or lots of alts on: September 21, 2018, 09:08:16 AM
So often these days we see people complaining about the price of bitcoin and how they missed the train. And they choose to go for alts and speculations with lower value and lower market cap.

Which matters most, Quality or Quantity?

You can invest in bitcoin with very little money, and you'd be getting a quantity of satoshis. That same amount could give you loads of cheaper coins.
Bitcoin is unlikely to suddenly jump and go 2 or 3X but it's a stable currency and a valid investments for the long-term.
The lower alts and speculations are cheaper and with their low market cap they can easily jump in price. But they are less stable and prone to sharp drops. Unsuitable for long term investments.

I think a few satoshis is a better buy when you have limited capital. Or you could go for cheaper coins high on the rankings on CMC. This gives you stability.
You can also risk a small percent of your capital in speculations and ICOs. And try making profits from trading.
Be flexible on cryptocurrency and always note that your priority is protecting your investments and then maximizing profits.
12  Other / Beginners & Help / Knowledge and Technology on: September 21, 2018, 06:12:03 AM
Prior to the 20th century, the world was mainly focused on natural resources. Humans were still getting aquainted with their environment and what it contained. Natural resources were also the building blocks in construction and it supported economies of nations and was the main source of revenue.

With the advent of internet ( brief history, ) we had a shift in focus, and the world now is geared towards knowledge and technology, or rather the successful parts of the world is.

Knowledge and technology teaches us how to better utilize our natural resource, cars for petrol and use of steel for state-of-the-art constructions.

Digital currency couldn't have come at a better time.
The internet made communication convinient and made the world a global village.
Digital currency attempts to connect that globe on a much larger scale, using a resource everyone is connected with, Money.

Each new innovations come with risks, especially one related to finance, which mostly governs our lives. Those who sought-after knowledge and technology, (or as I like to say, knowledge of technology) took the first bold, tentative steps towards bitcoin and broke out of the limitations set by the government and banking sectors, and most reaped and are still reaping the rewards. This birthed more digital currencies, with varying degrees of success.
And ten years later we have this community of people who are knowledgeable about the blockchain and are interested in understanding the rudiments of finances. People who would have otherwise been limited to their paying jobs and social media.

This platform would launch the world into a new era of digital technology and revive our interest in knowledge of technology.
13  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / The concept of Staking and Deflation on: September 20, 2018, 07:34:11 AM
Staking is an algorithm (POF, Proof of Stake) where holders of a currency are rewarded for keeping their assets in a wallet. It's usually within a specific time frame.

This is done to encourage investors and contributors to Hodl, and hence reduce the amount in circulation, and limited supply leads to increase in value of demand increases.
This model is not sustainable, it could keep the vale high for the short-term, but the extra amounts is increasing the assets of holders and when they choose to trade it could cause a massive shift in the market.
Some projects require you own a masternode to be able to stake.
This favours the whales as they get more assets. And their influence on the market increases. (This is a little posts I made about whales, )

Deflationary model us one where a project is built on a platform geared at reducing the supply of a currency infinitely.
In most cases the coin or token is used to fuel the platform, and pay for services. And are consequently burned to reduce circulating supply and drive the price up.
This model is more sustainable and favour investors of all scales, and encourages long-term Hodl. It can be run using DAG algorithm (Direct Acyclic Graph)

Staking can also be successful if the staking and mining rewards are fixed. Like bitcoin where the total supply is fixed. And it alap tuns on the pOW (proof of Work) algorithm
14  Other / Beginners & Help / The Whale Effect on: September 19, 2018, 07:24:40 PM
Who is a whale?

Whales are investors who hold a large amount of a particular currency to be able to manipulate the value using specific strategies to achieve their goals.
They create FUD (Fear Uncertainty and Dismay) and use it to their advantage.
Every currency (and also every sphere of business) has whales who control it and can also manipulate it, in cryptocurrency, their impact is more commonly felt in currencies with low volume.

Can one be a whale without holding large amounts?

A group of traders can also pool funds and manipulate the market, individually they could well be average traders, but together they could cause large disruptions, just like whales.

Do the whales really control the market?

Whales make up very little of the entire community, but could possibly hold more of an asset then the others put together.
Their strategy is dependent on the reaction of the rest of the community.
It's similar to pushing the fire alarm (false alarm) in a building to get people out. More often than not people would panic and rush out, this is where trading skills and abilities come in, making decisions under pressure and putting emotions aside.
If no one leaves the building, their plan is thwarted, same way if traders can discern an artificial FUD they can even profit from the whales strategy.

I am not suggesting you stay in a building when the fire alarm when a fire alarm goes off, by all means get out of there. But in trading endeavour to do your research, be up to date on news and announcements, and try to play the whales game.

Note: Not all price movements is caused by whales, and not all FUD is artificial.
15  Other / Beginners & Help / Scam and ICOs on: September 18, 2018, 07:50:22 PM
In this stage of digital currency growth, a lot of attention is on ICOs, as it presents an opportunity to join a project from scratch and grow with it. This is obvious from the amount of funds raised from ICOs according to ICOs has raised a total of $6.9billion in 2018. This is higher than the amount raised in the entirety of 2017, after carefully studying the chart, you'd also notice a drop over the year, with September being the lowest month so far. This could largely be attributed to the bearish market. And also the increase in scam projects.

A scam project is one in which the developers source for funds without any intention of developing the product or fulfilling any of their promises, i.e they make an exit scam.
I've realized that projects can not be simply divided into scam and legit, there are also poorly organized projects. This would have every similarity with a scam, nothing would ever be done on time and some not done at all. The roadmap would only be reflected on paper. Such projects might somehow get listed, but would probably fizzle out. This gives a little insight in the different types of ICOs

Let's never be too quick to tag a project scam or legit.
Some projects can have a successful ICO and even get listed but still turn out to be a scam as in the case of bitfinex.

While some could have a below par TGE and struggle to get listed, but do well on exchange and could possibly ride the waves to new heights, especially if it is backed by a dedicated team

Investing in ICO is a dicey venture and should only be done if you have enough experience in cryptocurrency. And always with capital you can afford to lose.
Established currencies is a safer option.
Always remember your primary priority is protecting your capital.
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