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1  Economy / Securities / PetaMine now 60% Cheaper than CEX! on: July 12, 2014, 08:39:42 AM
So CEX's price per GHS is currently ~0.00627.  Since PetaMine is now pretty much equivalent to CEX in operation, the current price of ~0.0025 for a Peta GHS is a bargain at ~60% cheaper!!

The Peta maintenance fee is lower as well:
CEX = 20c per GHS / Month
Peta = 16.4c per GHS / Month (Based on $625 / BTC)

You also stand to gain up to another 8-9% your hash rate as well, as the GHS split gives you 1 GHS minimum, with total hash rate fluctuating up from there on a regular basis.

What am I missing here!?
2  Economy / Securities / CoinReturn - Discussion of Current Issues and Possible Future Actions on: June 25, 2014, 08:03:30 PM
Please note: This thread is for CoinReturn Shareholders to discuss the current situation and what to do about it.  If you are not a CoinReturn shareholder, please be respectful and refrain from posting unless you have something of useful substance to add which may help the situation.  Polite, constructive arguments, opinions and discussions are welcome, trolling, abuse, baseless accusations, personal attacks and general BS is not, and posts containing such will be deleted.

10 July 2014 Update:
I have confirmation from a PI in Rhode Island that there is no record of 'Tom Mica' in the DMV records and therefore the license is fake.  This proves that CoinReturn was a fake from the beginning and all other theories are wrong.  Therefore I have removed my own invalid theories from this post as not to cloud the issue.

I have a couple of minor leads to follow up on, but I don't hold much hope that they will lead anywhere.  In any case, I'll keep you all posted on how I go.


3  Economy / Service Announcements / I have no idea how this happened... on: April 30, 2014, 05:48:11 AM
...was posting to another thread and somehow I've created an entirely new topic!! 

Spooookyyyyy!!! Cheesy

I can't seem to delete it either...
4  Economy / Reputation / SamboNZ Reputation / Trust Thread on: April 20, 2014, 05:44:01 AM
So, I've become more active in the Crypto community over the last few months, and have some ideas about areas where there are some gaps in the market for various services, so I thought I'd better start building up my rep a bit!  Also, I am about to start leasing my rig on so this thread will act as feedback for that service as well.

Here are some links which will help to establish who I am IRL:
Workplace (that's me in the picture at the bottom of the page in the centre rear)
A long running forum thread that I started a couple of years ago
Proof that it is my account on the Geekzone forum Cheesy

If necessary, I am willing to provide more official proof of who I am, but this will only be given privately on an 'as needed' basis.

In terms of my background, I am 38 years of age, married with kids, and am a native New Zealander, currently living in Auckland, New Zealand.  I am an IT Engineer by trade and have 19 years of wide-ranging experience in this field.  While I have been aware of the Crypto scene for a while, I have recently recognized that there are potentially some very good opportunities in the market, so I have really been digging deep into all things Crypto in recent months.  I have to say, I have really been enjoying the fast pace, excitement and opportunities that I have been discovering, and I hope that I can further contribute to the marketplace and community in future.

In any case, I'm a pretty easy going, friendly guy, so if you want to ask me anything, go right ahead! Smiley
5  Other / Beginners & Help / Do people find my username (SamboNZ) offensive? on: April 19, 2014, 01:07:18 PM
Hey everyone,

I have recently become aware that part of my username (Sambo) is a racist term for people of African decent in some countries.  This was obviously not the meaning I intended when I created this username, and in fact, the name Sambo was given to me by the father of a very close friend of mine when I was a child (my real name is 'Sam') and it has stuck ever since (no, I am not dark skinned or of African decent).  The NZ part is because I'm from New Zealand Smiley

In addition to these points, Sambo is also the name of a Russian martial art and a Japanese restaurant in the Philippines, so one could take it in a number of different ways.

However, all this is moot if the name offends people anyway.  Look, I'm not the kind of person who tip-toes around others because of some perceived offense I may cause, but I don't want to put people off and have them avoid dealing with me because of this.

The other side to this is that it's my username, ie; I'm calling myself a potentially derogatory name, so that may influence people's perception of it as well.

I could start a new account with a different name, but then I will have to re-build my (albeit limited) reputation from scratch.

What do you think?

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