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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] STOscope - STO (Security Token Offerings) List on: November 07, 2018, 10:25:22 PM

Security tokens are the future of investing in a cryptocurrency world.
We present a new service that has collected all the information about security tokens.

Couple of words about Security Token Offerings and our website

Not so long ago, the purchase of shares, investments in companies were available only to a limited circle of people - investment companies and accredited investors. Since 2016, US law has changed in a way that allowed ordinary private investors to participate in this activity. The trend toward the availability of private capital has become evident.

And it was hardly a coincidence that in 2017 an incredible flourishing of a new way for investment through ICO (Initial Coin Offering) happened. For the first time in the history, anyone from anywhere in the world, who has the Internet and the minimum amount of money, was able to invest in start-ups at various stages. It was a really big breakthrough, thanks to which fabulous amounts of money began to move from private investors to companies from around the world. This clearly demonstrated that the potential of the investment market is much greater than could be imagined. And what we observed before, even in the period of the popularity for venture investments in start-ups, was just a drop in the sea.

Of course, the new technology had a number of shortcomings, and large amounts of money attracted the attention of fraudsters of various varieties. Thus, the reputation of the ICO was spoiled quite quickly - scams, hacks, frauds - all this sharply lowered the credibility of such investments. And at the moment we are at this point. But it is worth noting that the above problems, oddly enough, were not the main drawback of the ICO. The main reason for the care of many professional investors, including large firms, is the absolute legal insecurity of such investments. Buying a token does not mean buying a company's stock, the right to manage, or getting a share of the profits-all that anyone who invests their money expects. All that investors could count on was the growth of the price of the token due to market fluctuations.

As a result, ICO, while not being able to become an ideal tool for investment, made something more important - set the course, according to which the international economy will move in the near future. Demand for the democratization of finance has been present for a long time, but before blockchain technology, its full implementation was impossible. It was the ICO that allowed testing the technology, popularizing cryptocurrencies, which resulted in the emergence of a new, more sophisticated instrument that embodied all the advantages of ICO and traditional financial instruments - STO - Secure Token Offering.

STO unlike ICO, as one can understand from the title, give investors the opportunity to acquire real security tokens. That is, in other words - a digital analog of shares. The use of Security Tokens is not limited to represent shares of companies, but for example, allow digitizing ownership of objects (art, real estate, and almost anything). Unlike ICO, all such offerings of tokens require mandatory legal registration, identification of organizers and the existence of strictly stipulated obligations of tokens issuers to future holders.

Implementation of such functionality requires new types of tokens are already being developed that will meet the increased demands. For example, there is already the new, ERC-1400 token on the Ethereum platform.

That's why we launched a new project that would allow full access to the entire STO scope, including STO list, services, promotional, news and even more. Welcome to STOscope.


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