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1  Economy / Lending / 0.08 on: January 09, 2016, 09:27:17 PM
Hello, i need a 0.08 loan right now in order to pay some expense. I will be able to pay you right away as soon as i sell my s5, so it may be even today, im selling the s5 to some guy in this forum.

this acc as collateral. will give 6% interest rate.
2  Economy / Digital goods / Selling potential hero account! on: January 09, 2016, 08:54:03 PM
Activity 250+
pe: 400+
posts: 300+
escrow: yes

pm me or add my skype coin.boerse,

price negotiable
3  Economy / Computer hardware / [WTS] Antminer S5 on: January 09, 2016, 08:49:24 PM
Selling a 1155gh/s miner, comes with free power supply upon purchase.

Escrow is allowed, prices are upon discusion. my skype adress is coin.boerse

4  Other / Archival / $500 amazon gift card on: January 09, 2016, 07:00:39 AM
i have this gift card for sale, not carded or anything ilegeal

skype: coin.boerse

btc only
5  Economy / Computer hardware / Antminer Shop (S3-S5-S7) - BTC - on: January 07, 2016, 02:32:48 AM
Welcome to my shop. This is Coinboerse, I am currently interested in selling any type of miner. The main reason why I am able to have stock of everything is that my best friend will sell me them for a really cheap price and I will be able to sell to you upon request.
To request just contact me via Skype messege. You can also pm me.

I am able to buy S5s, S3s and S7s.
My skype is coin.boerse

Payments must be funded via BTC, and escrow is welcome.
6  Other / Archival / AntMiner S5 for sale! on: January 06, 2016, 12:24:48 AM
Hello, I am shipping from United States, Arizona. 1155Gh/s , uses 590W at stock speed.
Comes with power supply. (ATX)

You can contact me via Private messege with your price, it is negotiable, but do not come with non-sense. If not, for further discussion just add my skype.

Skype adress: coin.boerse
7  Other / Off-topic / Free burgers and sandwiches from Mcdonald's [Android/IOS Method] on: December 31, 2015, 02:21:42 AM

Proof of it still working today.

First Download This App on The Android Store or Apple Store.  

Second Register with Any email - (They don't require that you check that email which is a good thing this is the reason this is an amazing method)

Third Wait 5-10 mins and a offer will come up for your local McDonalds like this. Make sure to turn your location on!

Fourth Use the Offer to get your sandwich ( Only can use one time per day)

Fifth Now Repeat the process with a random name and email and get the offer again and then wait another day or go to another McDonalds in the area. (Can use from different phones so 3 people can do it at one place)


Can be downloaded for android here:

Enjoy guys, share the love if you guys have benefited from it Smiley

8  Other / Off-topic / deleted on: December 31, 2015, 12:05:40 AM

9  Other / Off-topic / Who is hungry for some pizza? Latest Papajohns/dominos discounts (USA/UK/AUS) on: December 30, 2015, 11:21:11 PM
Papa Johns

Two Large Two Topping Pizzas For $7.77 Each - No code required, sale going on now.
50% Off All Pizzas At Regular Menu Price - 50HOLIDAY - Expires 12/27/2015
25% Off Entire Menu - 25OFF - Expires 06/30/16
50% Off All Pizzas - 50PIZZA - Expires 12/27/2015
2 Large 2-Topping Pizzas For $7.77 Each? - LG777
25% Off Regular Price Items - JB25 - Expires on 12/31/2015
25% Off Regular Menu Price Orders - PENSKE25
Cleveland Only! 50% Off Your Pizza Purchase - Browns50 - Expires 02/04/16 - Cleaveland Area
25% Off Regular Menu Price - PEPSI25 - Expires 12/31/2015
25% Off Your Regular-price Purchase - RETAIL25 - Expires 12/31/15
25% Off Entire Regular-Price Item Order - AARP25
25% Off Regular Menu Price Orders When You Pay With Your Visa Card - 25VISA - Expires 12/31/15
25% Off Regular Menu Price Orders - ESA25 - Expires 12/31/15
3 Medium 3 Topping Pizzas For $21 - POST3M
10% Off Your Order At Richmond Virginia - ESPN950 - Expires 12/31/15
Choice Of Large New Sriracha Meats, BBQ Chicken & Bacon Or The Works Pizza For $12 - PCHOICE
Cincinnati Only! Large, 5-topping Pizza For $13.99 - WHODEY - Cincinnati Area
60% Off Your Order - PJ12DAYS60
Buy 1, Get 1 Free On Any Large Or Extra Large Pizza At Regular Menu Price - Holiday

Any Large Pizza For £8.99 - ECRMBNB2
Buy 1 Pizza, Get 1 Free - AAPJTFT
2 Large Pizzas & 2 Sides For Only £24.99 - APJ68
2 Free Items With Large Or XXL Festive Feast Pizza Orders - AAPJMIDWK
25% Off £25+ - PJFES25OFF
4 Share Meal Deal For £19.99 - APJ64
Any Medium Pizza From The Menu For £9.99 & Upgrade To Large Pizza For Extra £2 - PJAUT250FF


2 For $5.99 Each On Select Items - 9193
Select Locations Only: Medium 2-Topping Pan Pizza, 16-Piece Parmesan Bread Bites And 2-Liter Of Coca-Cola For $14.99 - 3725
Monday-Thursday: Carry-Out Only! Large 3-Topping Pizza For $7.99 - 9174
St. Jude Meal Deal For $19.99: 2 Medium Pizzas, Marbled Cookie Brownie & 2 Liter Coca-Cola - 9186
Medium 2 - Topping Handmade Pan Pizzas For $8.99 Each - 9204
Select Locations Only: Large 3 Topping Pizza And 8 Piece Breadsticks, Cinnastix Or 16 Piece Parmesan Bread Bites For $14.99 - 5131
Select Locations Only: Large American Legends Pizza And Stuffed Cheesy Bread For $17.99 - 5130
Select Locations Only! 2 Large 1 Topping Pizzas And A 2-Liter Of Coca-Cola For $19.99 - 9003
Select Locations Only! Medium 2-Topping Handmade Pan Pizza And 8-Piece Chicken For $13.99 - 3715
Select Locations Only: Three 20 Oz. Bottles Of Coca-Cola For $5 - 8666
Select Locations Only: Medium 2-Topping Handmade Pan Pizza & 16-Piece Parmesan Bread Bites For $10.99 - 3717
Select Locations Only: 2 Medium 1 Topping Pizzas For $14.99 - 3341
Select Locations Only! Two Medium 1-topping Pizzas, 2-liter Coke, 9pm Marbled Cookie Brownie For $19.99 - 4336
Select Locations Only: 2 Large 1-Topping Pizzas, A 14 Piece Order Of Chicken And A 2-Liter Of Coca-Cola For $26.99 - 9173
Select Locations Only: Large 2-Topping Pizza And A Marbled Cookie Brownie For $15.99 In Cincinnati Area - 5910

50% Off Orders Over £20 - IAWESOME
50% Off Orders Over £20 - WQDSYSQL
20% Off £25 - JGPBQAQA
50% Off Orders Over £40 - GELCXPFG
50% Off Orders Over £30 - X50OFF30
50% Off Orders Over £50 - TAKE50CT
Buy 1, Get 1 Pizza Free - BOGOFW50
£10 Off £30+ - PARTYFUN
£20 Off Orders Over £45 - YES20OFF

Any Pizza For $12.95 Delivered - 194588
Any Pizza For $7.95 Pick Up - 971750
20 Pieces Spicy Chicken Kicker Bites For $5.95 - 941430
20 Pieces Spicy Chicken Kicker Bites For $5.95 - 186107
3 Pizza For $28.95 Delivered - 371032
Any 2 Pizzas, Garlic Bread & 1.25L Drink For $27.95 Delivered - 627825
2 Sides For $6 - 220323

10  Other / Off-topic / $1 .com domains at godaddy on: December 30, 2015, 11:04:25 PM
Recently found this while I was trying to find some cheap domains so I thought I'd share it with you, I think it works for every country because it has been tested in the UK, US and Belgium.

Promo code:

Enjoy guys  Wink
11  Other / Off-topic / Anyone here ever use Kratom? on: November 01, 2015, 11:52:43 PM
For people that do not know kratom is "Mitragyna speciosa is a tropical deciduous and evergreen tree in the coffee family native to Southeast Asia in the Indochina and Malaysia floristic regions. Its leaves are used for medicinal properties." Anyone here use it as their coffee replacement in the morning or replace their pain meds with this?
12  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] Thousands of Facebook Fanpage Likes on: September 25, 2015, 04:14:34 PM
I recently picked up a new client for marketing, and they want me to get the fanpage to over 50k likes. Looking for someone or a few people that can help complete the job without charging me an arm and a leg. Feel free to PM or skype me: franksimone82

Edit: To protect both parties I will only do the transaction with escrow. Thanks
13  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] BlackHatWorld established account on: September 24, 2015, 04:39:55 PM
I would like to buy a account that has a good amount of post. Please add me on skype: franksimone82
14  Economy / Digital goods / [WTB] Facebook AD's Accounts on: September 20, 2015, 08:31:51 PM
I am looking to buy Facebook ADs Accounts. Typically looking for $500/day spending limit or higher accounts. My skype: franksimone82
15  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] N/a on: November 10, 2014, 11:20:39 PM
Nothing to see here move along!
16  Local / Deutsch (German) / Beta-Tester für deutschen Handelsplatz gesucht on: June 16, 2011, 06:57:13 AM
Hallo Community!

Da die Entwicklung eines deutschen Handelsplatzes nahezu abgeschlossen ist, werden enthusiastische Beta-Tester gesucht, die das System mal so richtig unter die Lupe nehmen.

Die Einschränkungen bzw. Erweiterungen im Gegensatz zur dann kommenden Live-Version:
- alle Email-Adressen und TLDs werden bei der Anmeldung zur Beta akzeptiert; das wird in der Live-Version anders sein
- der bad words-Filter für Usernamen ist noch nicht aktiviert; da Usernamen nicht angezeigt werden, ist das aber auch nicht weiter tragisch
- alle Teilnehmer sind sofort aktiviert und verifiziert
- alle Teilnehmer starten mit 10.000 EUR und 1.000 BTC
- für die Beta wird es mit den Multi-Accounts nicht so ernst genommen; wer unbedingt Millionär spielen will, darf sich auch viele Acccounts anlegen (gilt nur für die Beta!)
- "echte" Ein- und Auszahlungen sind natürlich nicht möglich; die Auszahlung kann aber auch mal mit (kleineren) Beträgen getestet werden; wenn die manuelle Bearbeitung erfolgt ist, werden statt echter Auszahlungen die Beträge dem Account wieder gut geschrieben
- es gibt noch kein Zertifikat (ist beantragt), deshalb noch kein https, das aber kommen wird
- Grafiken zur Kursverläufen fehlen noch
- eine API für "Skript-Händler" ist in Vorbereitung
- die Beta ist vollständig von einer späteren Live-Version unabhängig und könnte sogar parallel weiter laufen; wichtig ist dies, weil alle Anmeldungen zur Live-Version erneut erfolgen müssen und somit auch neue Referal-Codes erhalten (also nicht mit den Referal-Codes aus der Beta werben!)
- aktuell ist kein Kurs-/Preis-Limit eingebaut; dies wird in der Beta wohl wilde Kurse produzieren. In wie fern Beschränkungen für eine Live-Version sinnvoll sein könnten, wäre interessant zu erfahren.

Da der Support vorerst nur über Email laufen wird, müssten Meldungen, Meinungen und Vorschläge auch per Email erfolgen.

Der Start der Live-Version ist für den 21.06. geplant, da keine grösseren Fehler erwartet werden (es wurden schon reichlich Tests durchgeführt). Kann dieser Termin eingehalten werden, wird auch eine gültige Bitcoin-Adresse eingestellt.

Wer bis hier gelesen hat, scheint wirklich interessiert zu sein Smiley
Ich hoffe, dass sich viele Interessenten finden, die "nur mal so" einen Handel simulieren wollen und auch ihre Meinungen und Vorschläge oder auch Fehler per Email melden.

Hier geht es zur Beta: CoinBoerse beta

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