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1  Economy / Currency exchange / Global Bitcoin Exchanges Lists - Anonymous and Low Fee Banking Exchanges [btc] on: March 11, 2019, 07:34:18 PM
We follow beginner bitcoin FAQ's and worldwide bitcoin exchanges for people to buy and sell bitcoin anywhere in the world.

Anonymous bitcoin exchanges and KYC/AML exchanges for every major country are covered with other options to buy bitcoin like ATM's and bitcoin meetups.

Best Bitcoin Buyers

For Maximalists, by Maximalists

Sometimes we troll the alt-coin armies a bit...

Value whatever you want just don't expect others to value it.

We only want to buy bitcoin
2  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Ways to relieve stress from "crypto" scammers when all you value is bitcoin? on: March 05, 2019, 05:01:52 AM
The "next" Bitcoin Myth

Whenever people realize bitcoin is here to stay it seems many start searching for some mythical next bitcoin.

Sometimes resorting to shilling shitcoins that should be illegal in some cases, to pretend have any value.

Trading Shit-Coins to Waste Time (and Money)

This creates a bit of a problem in crypto currency. Many of us understand bitcoin and that it isn't like a startup tech company that can somehow be disrupted.  

There are Economic, Cryptographic, Game Theory, Governance, Psychological and Network Effect properties that WILL NEVER be replicated or modified to create decentralized digital money the world adopts like bitcoin.

To kill time between the $10 million bitcoin and where we are now, trading shit-coins has become a common gambling game.

Many people waste precious bitcoin trying to earn even more bitcoin on low-value crypto that nobody values.

Warning to BTC Newbies

This is a fools errand that plays out the same continually throughout history.

New assets and markets open up, everyone jumps in to make "major gains" and lose their money time and time again.

All while precious assets like gold, or digital gold that bitcoin has become, just sit there storing value and securely transferring it without the need for 3rd parties.

Anyone new to bitcoin, please think twice before placing value on "new coins" that are merely pumped and dumped by the bitcoin traders looking to make even more bitcoin off the newbies. It's a tough new internet trading market out there. It could take another 20 years for proper valuations of crypto and Bitcoin's continued dominance in it to be known to the entire world.

No reason to waste your time and precious bitcoin on Alt-coins when you can troll shitcoiners with memes to remind them how dumb they are daily.

We have to stay busy and productive somehow before Fiats are pegged to Bitcoin!

3  Economy / Speculation / How to BUY BITCOIN at the "right" price on: December 28, 2018, 08:32:54 PM
Looking for strategies/opinions/options people are using for the "CORRECT" time for "others" to buy bitcoin..... this means no "anytime is the right time." That is obviously not true for everyone, especially people new to bitcoin.

Buy the Dip is ESSENTIAL now, so we're recommending people:

1. learn basic technical analysis
2. find a trusted Technical Analyst
3. Plan to buy at a price and amount they don't need for 5 - 10 years

Our original "trading strategy" (if you can call it this) was simple:

From Jen's post on "finding the best price to buy bitcoin for beginners" (YES - it's a joke)

Now that the hedge funds are in it to play around with "shorting bitcoin" and selling their bitcoin, we have to be a little more careful at when our best opportunities to buy bitcoin are for the long haul.

What are others strategies for buying as a noob in the current "market" environment?

We can see "value" in starting with an alt-coin (cheaper and lower cost for entry) then "swapping" to bitcoin at a good time. Otherwise, shitcoins are pretty useless and lacking overall long term value.

4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin vs. Gold, Fiat and Altcoins (Updated: Traits of Money) on: December 14, 2018, 08:35:23 AM
Since we're in a bear market, which many are crediting to alt-coins....

We wanted to update an old image that compared Bitcoin, Gold and Fiat's traits for value

Traits of Money

To include Alt-coins along with bitcoin and get the fundamentals clearer before the coin-sellers start whining next year that another shitcoin is worthless.

Durability and Security are kind of interchangeable (assuming a "new" coin) as it depends what the development team created and who has checked the actual code.

Easily transactable is Moderate as it usually requires purchasing a "new coin" with bitcoin or an existing alt-coin someone owns. It isn't easy to transact if others don't own the alt you do obviously.

Scarcity is obviously not always guaranteed when an altcoin launches as well as decentralization.

This way, when people talk about Bitcoin and Crypto Currency, there is at least some illustration for a complete newbie to separate the differences between the generic term and the store of value.

Article here:
5  Economy / Speculation / Deutsche Bank (Hitler and Trumps Bankers) Raid a Case for Bitcoin? on: November 30, 2018, 12:00:39 AM
We've all seen the headlines by now that Deutsche Bank has been raided yet again for illegal activity

This seems like a game of whack a mole that won't actually end until people start storing their wealth themselves, rather than paying bankers to hold their money.

Deutsche Bank criminal activities from liquidating Holocaust victims assets, telling customers to buy worthless mortgages, colluding with banks to manipulate interest rates and laundering Russian money are covered in our recent posting

What are your thoughts on their recent scandal?

Is this a case for bitcoins value (removing the cost of banks criminal activities) or something that will be washed away like all of the other scandals banks have had this decade?

6  Economy / Economics / Bitcoin’s Affect on US Banks Money Laundering on: November 14, 2018, 07:12:39 AM
A lengthy response to the claim that "bitcoin was only created to launder money"

Bitcoin’s Affect on US Banks Money Laundering

While the US banks are crying about over-regulation and Fox News reports that crypto increases money laundering to their viewers in America, we thought it would be fun to see how much money American banks have laundered over the last decade.

Since the taxpayers covered the $21bn cost to bailout the banks a decade ago, they’ve surely learned their lesson and changed their ways.

While there is dispute in the press and government about the cost of regulating the financial industry being between $1.2 trillion or $2 trillion annually, the costs could easily be brought down if taxpayers realized how much money laundering is continually being found in the banking system.

Money Laundering and Manipulation by US Banks

When JPMorgan paid $65 million for manipulating the benchmark for interest rate derivatives, it took regulators years to investigate and prove, while the bank was allowed to pay a fine and neither admit or deny the regulators “claims” of wrongdoing. Goldman Sachs paid $120 million for the same fraud investigated by regulators.

Bank of America paid $30m to settle charges it manipulated global interest rates for 6 years on customers purchased products from the bank.

In 2006, when Bank of America admitted to allowing $3 billion to be laundered through a single Manhattan branch, the bank claimed in a statement to “take seriously it’s anti-money laundering obligations.”

Years later Bank of America paid $17 billion in penalties for profiting off loans they knew would never be paid, while mocking the “due diligence” processes regulators required.

Their fine for not following money laundering procedures in 2017 was only $13 million. The “allegations” date back to 2010 and 2011, so the investigation and time for settlement negotiations must have cost the tax payers a lot for that one.

Citibanks Money Laundering Fines

Citigroup puts so much effort dealing with money laundering “allegations,” it’s hard to imagine they have time to manipulate global interest rates.

They still found the time to manipulate interest rates though and overcharge customers back in 2008 and 2009. Citibank paid a $100 million fine this year for the fraudulent activity. That’s almost ten years regulators and lawyers had to negotiate after a crime was committed for a settlement and story to tell the public.

They were also fined $70 million in 2018 for failure to comply with anti-money laundering laws.

In Ireland, Citibank was fined €1.33 million as well this year for loan breaches, we’ll stick to the US fraud with these global banking giants, for the most part though.

In 2015 Citibank were ordered to pay $700 million in consumer relief for illegal credit card add-ons charged to customers. If consumer fraud against 7 million banking customers isn’t a good way to market buying bitcoin, we don’t know what is.

In 2017 Citigroup kindly agreed to pay a $97 Million settlement for laundering money in Mexico after their Banamex USA federal investigation took years to uncover the banks misdeeds.

JPMorgans Illegal Activities

Some might say Citibank is just one bank that had some bad apples, it’s no reason to “bank on bitcoin” in the US. They never followed JPMorgan and their illegal activities over the last few years.

JPMorgan admitted no wrongdoing when paying $2.8 million in 2017, for eight years of lacking proper safeguards for customers.

In 2014 though, JPMorgan paid out whopping $2.6 billion to settle “allegations” that they helped Bernie Madoff rob people for 20 years. Then they settled other “claims” that they assisted Madoff with theft but it was only $218 million and $325 million to settle those.

Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme was estimated to have cost investors between $12 and $20 billion. He was on the board of governors of the National Association of Securities Dealers, now called Finra. He also helped create the Nasdaq stock market, where JPMorgan earned the $3 billion it paid to settled for their connection to him.

That was only a couple of months after their 2013 settlement, where JPMorgan paid $13 billion for selling fraudulent loans to customers.

JPMorgans CEO earned $20 million in 2014, $18 million in restricted stock, for helping the shareholders stop worrying about all the “illegal activities” they were caught for.

Wells Fargo Fraud Scandals

Wells Fargo has been a nightmare since it was caught creating fake bank accounts using their customers details. Their recent SEC settlement for $5.1 million was from 2009 to June 2013 “allegations” (they never admit wrongdoing, ever) they stole fee’s from customers like other banks do.

The $1 billion fine Wells Fargo agreed to pay in 2018 for “bad acts against customers,” along with the $2 billion fine from the decade old mortgage financial crisis.

They were also one of banks that banned buying bitcoin in the US with their credit cards.

Perhaps bitcoin having a controlled supply of 21 million coins conflicts with the banks and federal reserve belief, to create money and never be audited are benefits to everyone who values the US dollar.

Bitcoin wasn't created to help money laundering anymore than banks were created to pay fines and admit no wrongdoing.

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