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1  Other / Beginners & Help / there is absolutely zero gain in spamming on: September 08, 2019, 09:56:33 AM
 Anytime I see a spam post I can't help but wonder what's the gain, spamming is a waste of time and efforts.
Some would say that they spam
1. To get a thread bumped(they might get incentives for this)
2. Get there post count running(example for bounty uses)
And many more I can't mention.

But the real truth is that it's doesn't last(spam post gets deleted all it takes is time) even if it doesn't get deleted it get overlooked and rather exposes the maker of such post and might get you on ignore list or in some scenario get tagged.

There is no account here that can make heads way been known for spamming it's as obvious as that, merit system has tried in putting spammers out.

What you stand to lose as a spammer
1. Will not elevate in rank
2. Will not get into signature campaign
3. Your account would lose credibility and value
4. Hated and ignored by many
I can keep on going on

How can you get out of the spam group
1. Help the forum by clearing your spam history
2. If you have brought in here by a spammer(bounty) you can cut out
3. Start to work hard(read, research, ask people when not clear)

Spamming is never a good thing both to the maker of the spam and the forum
2  Economy / Gambling discussion / How many times have you gone against majority on: September 07, 2019, 05:21:50 AM
Sport betting is strange when it wants to be, it never a sure fact the impossibility can turn possible.
When booking a bet many bets on what the majority had placed before hand.
What am I saying betting site releases games for betting and gives an option where you see what others has selected and very often it's the one with the lower odd that  people place bet on.

Last week Saturday was a Turing point for me as I refused to bet with majority(31-8-2019) and placed a draw on the match between osasuna and FC Barcelona. Most people would see it as an unwise decision but that's soccer the foolish thing can turn out to be wise.

How many times have you gone against the crowd and smiled to the bank
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Attitude that can shape the altcoin sector positively on: September 01, 2019, 07:10:00 PM
The altcoin sector is by far the biggest in terms of numbers of coin in the cryptocurrency market. Ethereum is the most valuable altcoin but it's like the glory day of ethereum is in the past now. Investors are by passing the opportunity to invest in altcoin in preference to the number one coin bitcoin.

Why is there a sharp decline in the altcoin sector? This question keeps coming up in the head of cryptocurrency followers, like two years ago altcoin was a very promising sector which everyone expected more form but fast forward two years on the case seems to be negative.
my answer to the question is attitude yes our attitude can impact either negative way or the opposite.

  What are this attitude we have exhibited that has negatively impacted on altcoin.
1. Selfishness. Most investors are selfish they only care about what they can make but don't give a damn what happens to the coin it self, bounty hunters to have a role to play to they are snappy to dispose of the coin and this sure will decline the price
2. Poor publicity on the part of the developers. Altcoin can very much get into the cryptocurrency market with out being known developers should focus more time into spreading awareness about there project.
3. Poor road map. Developers should not create an unrealistic road map that they know can't be achieved cut your coat according to your size. Be truthful and real to the project.

4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz rematch prediction on: August 12, 2019, 06:58:28 AM
We all saw what happened in their first match how the under dog the man who was seen a fat loser shocked the world and put Anthony Joshua down for the ten count by the referee.
Now there has been huge speculation that we are heading for a cracking rematch between the two heavy hitters around ending of the year.
What would be you prediction on the match would Andy Ruiz retain his belts or would Joshua show the world that it was just a bad day in the office for him in the first match and regain his lost championship belts.
5  Economy / Gambling discussion / The English premier league weekly fixtures, prediction and results thread on: August 11, 2019, 09:01:33 AM
The new season has just kicked off on August 09 2019 bad it never let anyone down with its excitement it was really worth the wait.
The EPL being one of the most watched league in the world be and pound for pound one of the toughest leagues in the world it's right to face attention on it
The first round of matches has started

      *  Liverpool vs Norwich: 4-1

              *  West Ham vs man city: 0-5
              *  Burnley vs southHampton: 3-0
              * C'palace vs everton: 0-0(everton had a red card)
              *  Tot'ham vs Aston Villa: 3-1
              *  Watford vs Brighton: 0-3
              *   B'mouth vs Sheffield wed: 1-1

Fixture for 11/8/19

 *   Leicester vs wolves: 0-0
 *   Newcastle vs arsenal: 0-1
 *   Man Utd vs Chelsea: 4-0

What's your take on this week's matches

Note this thread would be updated weekly and this thread would be self moderated to keep it target focused to avoid spamming

6  Other / Politics & Society / Employment is over rated (build your own empire). on: August 05, 2019, 07:18:43 PM
  The forbes richest men on the planet list composed of self made entrepreneur or business men. For too long people around the world more in developing countries depends on regular employment for survival.
Don't get me wrong or misinterpreted there is nothing wrong work round the clock for another person or government helping them build their dream's while you have not set yours rolling but its more annoying to see individuals when jobs are not available continuing there search without trying to look for alternative to means of surviving.
   Why should you prefer building your dreams to employment.
1. Like I just earlier said countries can have poor rate of employment no country is bigger than this Even the powerful countries and some times staffs can be cut out throwing them into the unemployment line and the whole cycle of job hunt begins
2. Made to retire at a certain age: as life goes on so does responsibilities and when the source of income is Short lived no matter how much you where initially earning can still affect your survival.
3. Controlled and in some cases over used: developed countries has set up measures to protect employees from silly employer's but in developing counties employers take advantage of their workers, like sexual harassment, over labour, low pays
There are other disadvantages of solely depending on employment.

Self employment has been undervalued and over looked every one wants salary seeing building an idea from the scratch as strenuous
Skill acquisition and self employment aids in alleviating poverty. The real deal is fewer people lack the interest to think,learn and build.
7  Other / Beginners & Help / Be careful of BTT account impersonation On and off the forum on: August 04, 2019, 11:29:59 AM
This topic has obvious been touched on but emphasis on it is still important and not only does the impersonation happen in the forum it happens out side this plat form

 Bitcoin talk registration is an open one( kyc is not needed and no stringent requirements) this result to sign ups coming in regularly by people of vast interest.
By now whether anyone tries to refuse it or not we have some very established users on this forum whose reputation are admirable and business oriented deals very often shows interest in such account (for good reasons I would not mention such account and any names I use for demonstration was bore out of wide guess and might not exist)
I have come across accounts(both group and personal account) on telegram with very much identical name with one from the forum and not just that it's a coincidence they do portray themselves to be the authentic person from bitcointalk. Very easily newbies can go into deals with this sort of criminal and have a sore experience.

Just as on other social media where business men/women, product or services, company's, celebrities etc are impersonated so it is with bitcoin talk account. But some social media has managed to be in control of the situation by putting mark on account don't know if such measures has been thought about on the forum like users with high trust getting a symbol or mark attached to their account or their alts( well topic for another day let's not drift away from the topic)
As a newbie you should be careful how you trade, do deals or even recommend something to other(might be unknowingly promoting scam)  and also once you notice impersonation do good by exposing it and reporting as well
8  Other / Beginners & Help / Wrong mindset sucks, not you(newbies) or the forum on: July 21, 2019, 08:06:19 PM
Was doing my normal reading of thread when I bumped into this thread
Although it's long(some newbies do not try to read through long post and they are content with there one-line post as well) but really that post was thought provoking coming from someone who really had nothing to offer at the start of his journey and achieving a good standard.

"Bitcoin" some fancy name giving to an unrealistic money that was what can to my mind when I heard of it for the first time I down played the it at every slightest chance I get in as much as I was interested in business ideas, entrepreneurship and wanting to be self reliance as a person I never got the right mindset of bitcoin at that early stage.
   Last year was the game changer for me I did not necessarily become a millionaire or did I get to mine my first bitcoin but I get to become more knowledge about cryptocurrency and bitcoin than I was earlier(i wouldn't want to bore you with how that all happened)

As a newbie see yourself as more as an intern like
1. Taking close note of relevant topics
2. Being frequent on the forum
3. Dropping your opinion once in a while
4. improving on your initial understand before coming

Just put away the pressure of hitting it big time on your early stage be free to make errors and correct them always. No one is a dummy (even that low grade scoring kid turned out to be Dr Ben Carson) it just a matter of mindset.

Specialization is paramount I got in here on the idea to know about about bitcoin so I pay little interest on altcoins and specialization goes down to your every aspect, as a newbie see and find what you are comfortable and have passion for (you are most likely to spam when you having a go at something you really don't know or not good at) 
 See your personal knowledge as the real price and merit, ranking up etc as added bonuses this way you would have a great time here
9  Economy / Reputation / Loyce v a gem to the forum on: July 05, 2019, 09:47:32 PM
Every forum is built up by its members and everyone has been contributing some in a not so encouraging way while some in an admirable way( this list goes on)
But loyce v contribution speaks volumes he is well known for his data and infograph analysis that are spot on
I can make one Smiley What information do you want on it? Can you give me a sample line? Example:
313016,owlcatz,DT1,220 Merit

Does he takes payment in return  for his trust
This is a weird request. My Trust (positive or negative) is not for sale.

His a bounty manager that doesn't pay Shit posters and
doesn't encourage it
Many signature campaigns have members posting in Spam Megathreads Those threads are only used (not read!) by spammers, posting the same things over and over again to increase their post count. I've never been in a signature campaign that pays for this, and I encourage all other campaign managers to stop paying for this too.

He is Not a drama queen that's for sure
There's too much drama. I would argue the users who don't like the drama should stay on DT1 instead of leaving. DT1 especially needs level-headed users who dislike the drama.

Yea he loves beautiful women. Like who doesn't
Oh noes, LoyceV likes cute girls Cheesy

An activist of patience and hard work
I see no reason to lower Activity requirements, before the Merit system users had to "wait" for years to earn Legendary status too.

Strong reputable DT1 member
I won't tag an account without solid evidence,

Has got smerit but still maintain a high level ethics and standards so newbies elevate your posting and you could benefit
I've never been out of, so I didn't have to make a list. I even have enough sMerit left to beat qwk's 423 Merit transactions in a day,
Users shouldn't be rewarded for meriting posts. Merit and thus ranking up is meant for users who make good posts, not users who merit good posts.

Although no one person is greater or beyond the forum. His value to the forum is of immense importance and he has used his knowledge in various ways(too much to state down) to benefit the forum

10  Other / Serious discussion / Charity should not be given because it asked it should be deserved on: June 26, 2019, 02:03:30 PM
The rate at which people are seeking for charity is becoming alarming. You see them everywhere on the street, in the news, on social media when ever a celebrity post something the slide the comment box begging that they don't have money for food etc(but have money to get a phone and pay for subscription).
This whole thing has gotten to me has this charity thing been bastardise.

A woman set up a motherless with very few kids  baby home and I made sure I supported her and so did others so I paid her a little impromptu visit just to find out that resources giving to get for this kids where diverted to her  personal interest.

This days every one is begging and demanding charity even those that are physical able to engage themselves meaningfully, I would rather give arm to a person that is struggling by working hard than to a person seeking for it on the road side.
This whole charity frenzy has even giving avenue to scammer, they now set up fake charity site in false pretense to either run a charity organization or sends the funds to charity homes just to defraud people.
Also charity doesn't only mean to just give financial aid but also give guidelines, motivation, encouragement to find something doing or suggest something for them, love and support. We get it wrong by just sending fund just like that to any charity course we should be part of that course monitoring their progress knowing how funds are being used and so on and by so doing can also discover if it's genuine or not.

11  Other / Serious discussion / Rebel groups does more harm than good on: June 19, 2019, 01:46:20 PM
Permit me to throw some light into this. The global world might to have not completely gotten aware of this.
There is a group of militant in Nigeria West Africa popular by the name MEND(movement for the emancipation of the  niger delta)
Niger delta is a very rich oil producing region in Nigeria and it's has become some sort of black gold region of Nigeria.

This group was created with the goal of rebeling against the illicit actions of the government in that area to promote the interest of citizens living around the area to benefit from there natural resources.

But over the years this has brought more harm than good in that area the introduction of the rebel groups has giving rise to other groups who has been notorious and terrorising the region(stealing, raping, vandalizing pipelines etc)
The nation has lost huge amount of money due to the action of this group over 4billion dollars in 2016.

Another so many other vices has been born like kidnapping, illegal fire arm peddling and so on

Nigeria government are quite corrupt in there practice and that's no doubt but rising a rebel group(who the member are notorious) has not done any good rather it has compounded the problems.
The best approach should be a dialogue

12  Other / Beginners & Help / Don't lose your bitcoin on: June 18, 2019, 06:16:49 PM
I was in a bus with a friend of mine and he was telling how he lost some bitcoin trading it with some people he found on social media platform(instagram to be precise) and just like this guy many people are being defrauded by this type of people

This type of criminals claims to trading in various sectors from selling and buying of bitcoin to also trading Giftcards and iTunes card many of them don't even give there customers an avenue to involve an escrow.

There adverts can be gotten every where showing altered or stolen transcation they claimed to have completed in the past just to entice prospective victims

And even the few once that are sincere still try to get a huge chunk from the percentage they collect from trading with anyone.
Your chances of falling into the wrong hands as a newbie when trading in bitcoin is high so it better to do things in a more transparent way but just to let you know there is no completely safe way.
I would advice to sell or buy your bitcoin from exchanges. There are good exchanges out there do your research and ask questions where necessary then select an exchange register(oblige kyc if asked) keep your details and information safe then this would become yours and you can trade your bitcoin at fast rate and lower transcation fees most of this self acclaimed buyers and sellers of bitcoin do have there exchanges where they trade your bitcoin and then charge you for it.

13  Other / Beginners & Help / Avoid supporting scam project on: June 16, 2019, 11:38:19 AM
Being a newbie is not all about having activities below 30 and having merit below one here on the forum. You can still have requirements above that an still be a newbie. We don't just need to develop your bitcointalk account to increase but you ought to develop your knowledge personally as well.

 What can be considered as a scam project: this are project that mimic the features of a good, legit project in order to deceive people and make away with there funds.
Scam project are numerous it can be a gambling site, exchange, ico,  bitcoin mixer e.t.c.
 This project can not just work alone they need publication that's why they also organise bounty campaigns.
 As a user of this forum you need to know it's unethical to promote or support a scam project.
One can support scam project through various medium from
1. ignorance: unknowingly promoting a scam project
2. Greed and share scam intentions: knowing its a scam project and still partaking in it probably because of they offer enticing packages and some scam project doesn't pay much attention to rules of the forum. like some also allow users with negative trust to partake.

 It's very important not to promote a scam project so before joining any project do some needed check on it and there are already various ways to go about it already discussed on the forum
Going through this link above you would have a good view about scam project.

   Reason why you should not partake in scam project
Scam project has in a negative way effected investors, bounty hunters, potential investors and cryptocurrency in general
Also it can stain your status and reputation and if it's very bad you can get negative tag for it

Yes it's true you can make money on the forum just carry it out  in a clean and legit manner

14  Other / Meta / A simple suggestion (comments of the OP on their thread should appear above) on: June 12, 2019, 09:42:22 AM
 When ever someone starts a new thread not with standing if the topic is about a question, idea, suggestions just name it. The individual is the principal person on that thread no matter the level or rank.
Yes the forum has giving regards to owner of post(OP) they have the option of self moderating there thread in some board and that a good thing I must commend.

But my suggestion is this since the OP is the principal person on his/her thread so far the thread is of quality(if not it would be trashed) the OP has a preference to their follow up reply on the same thread, that is to say any comments or reply the OP makes on that thread should have a position up or just right below the body of the topic.
This would make their reply very visible and easily accessible to the general users( especially on threads with high replies).
  It could be in form of a link stating where the OP has replied on the thread. This could easily help In solving the OP question, accessing their ideas or just simply giving them a bit of an edge in term of regard on their own thread.

Your suggestion and idea are highly welcomed
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Don't blame the idea(ico) blame scammers on: June 11, 2019, 09:54:27 PM
Am making this thread because of the numerous wrong perception  seeing. So people are actually castigating cryptocurrency and initial coin offering idea for loses the made through it rather than really seeing the cause of the problem.

Initial coin offering is one of the great ideas in cryptocurrency and we know that it was efficient in 2017. Through initial coin offering some great coins of today where launched people keep overlooking the good attributes initial coin offering has offered but are busy bringing it down the more and making all hope of initial coin offering being as it once was hopeless.

It's too bad Scammers stated getting involved  in initial coin offering and projects without logic and idea also got involved but this doesn't mean good and real project are not involved or want to get it but the stigma had made developers develop cold feets

PS . let's try finding ways to tackle the cancer(scammers, poor project) of the initial coin offering rather than contributing to killing it
16  Other / Politics & Society / Support for the movement against mutilation of a baby girl on: June 10, 2019, 07:25:36 PM

  It might not be a thing in an advance country but girl child mutilation is creating havoc in numerous countries and it's a situation that needs global attention and cooperation.
 To mutilate is to do harm to a body part and this harm is inflicted on a girl baby at a very tender stage the physical damage this can cause to the girl is grievous but what touches me the most is the emotional damage this can last for a life time in some cases.
  Why are mutilation still carried out
1. Superstitious believe
2. Religious believe
3. Share wickedness
4. Poor orientation and more.
What ever motive why this dastardly act is still carried out an never justify the action.
Am using this little medium to reach out to us out there about this situation and the damages it is causing. Am already working towards a wider spread and orientation about this around me. I have drawn out a plan already and assigned teachers under me(i own a little school) to be also spread the word and give feed back about any born child so we can visit the mother with gift and use the medium to encourage and lecture them more.
But every one is needed in this match although there are known organisation doing there best but we all have a part to play no matter how little let's just spread the word the best way we can.
Let's give newly born babies a life to be happy about
17  Other / Beginners & Help / Create a positive status for yourself on: June 08, 2019, 04:12:05 PM
 Achieving a positive status is not an impossible task or does it require you to have learnt all about the forum or cryptocurrency but the very little act you do here can determine which status you would turn out to be.
  There is low or zero segregation by the forum in users. The rules is meant to govern every users thereby giving every one the opportunity to express themselves.

As a newbie you should try to understand you status (are you a troll, do you nag at every rule that doesn't favour you,  are you a unrepentant spammer, are you a selfish bounty hunters or are you here for the mutual benefit of yourself and the forum at large)  this should be on your mind any time you click the logging button.

 Why should you be concerned about having a positive status.

This is really not hard to understand that there are enormous benefits for having a good acknowledgement on the forum I would state a few
1. You get chosen for bounty program.. Like they say "hard work pays off" your contributions and positive attitude on the forum will to a large extent determine if or not you would be selected for a bounty program. Most reputable bounty managers never selects a user with negative trust or a known spammer or other negative attitude

2. You tend to increase your knowledge and understanding...most users are turned down by spammers, or negative users on the forum. some users even go to the extent of ignoring those repulsive users and they get fewer knowledgeable reply's to their post or comment thereby hindering there improvement but positive user not with standing if you are a newbie will get encouraging reply's and contribution from others

3.You get to rank up.. The ranking system states thus on this link so merit & activities are needed and the more you remain positively adding to the forum you are bound to get all the needed requirements to rank up.

Other benefits are you tend to become someone's role model, enjoy the forum even better, have a sense of safety and boldness,
Note: It's never late to switch from the bad side and over to the positive side.
18  Other / Politics & Society / Africans should channel more energy in being more resourceful on: May 29, 2019, 04:22:06 PM
   I am African woman myself from a rural area in my region where the mostly see women biggest goal in life is getting married but through all the hurdles thrown at me I turned it into energy saw my self through schooling without giving in into unnecessary begging, or selling myself out I rather seek knowledge I was always here and there in one function/small scale investment program  or the other right now I own a little school of my own and am into cryptocurrency and it's at least sufficient for me

Now back to the matter for so long the international world has aided Africa and the big questions are will this continue for eternity? And is this making African less self reliant.

Africa is a very much a blessed continent truth be told early civilization started in Africa (Egypt) but the current developed countries took and made good use of there resources and are enjoying the fruit of there labour now.
   Poverty, war, religious beliefs, bad government, low standard of living and the list goes on are plagues that are afflicting the continent. Aids has been made to at least help by the outside world.
  But I would say rather than giving us cake teach us how to bake. It's time Africans stop getting baby sitted  and start getting resourceful. No matter how little get working. It all start with changing ones mind set. Think positive then back it up with hard work and am very positive those giving aid would be very much interested into driving the aid into very good entrepreneur ideas.

19  Other / Beginners & Help / Benefits of asking questions as a newbie on: May 24, 2019, 12:38:20 PM
  The newbie stage is a foundational stage for everyone and everyone currently in the forum has been at that stage at a certain time here. This stage can to a large extent determine the nature of member you would be in future here in the forum.
  It's an eye sore when seeing a newbie make post that he/she barely knows about,

         Benefits of asking questions
1. To learn: although learning process is endless but the process should be at its peak at the beginners level. There can't be a complete learning without asking questions, as a newbie it's believe that the whole area should be some what new to you. And you can familiarise your self by asking questions( don't be shy about how it's going to be taken by others), your a newbie and not so much is expected from you at that stage.

2. To avoid breaking the rules: in recent time here the massive ban wave was felt by everyone even grey hair members felt the heat as well, they mostly err from activities they did at a lower rank stages which came back to hunt them, so now as a newbie you can avoid the mistake they made but asking questions about the rule of the forum. Here is the rule
And if you go through it and it's still not clear always feel free to ask questions (the embarrassment of asking a question that seems so easy to decipher is better than breaking the rules)

3. Makes you a better poster: After you must have inculcated the habit of asking questions in you and have gained knowledge about things you weren't familiar with, this would help improve you as a person and a poster. You also get to increase in rank by making good post and getting the needed merits and activities.Your post quality would at least be at an average level and you can also be of help to others.

4. Improve your confidence: this might sound little but never play down the value of confidence. This is a forum and it consist of different people some of which are hot tempered and make a meal out of someone that makes a low quality post which makes them to either give up the forum or stay mute. But after series of seeking knowledge through asking questions(it could be a pm or post) you confidence level increase you get to have a say in threads with out having any inferiority complex.

In addition here is a thread about terminology in cryptocurrency and the forum, so it doesn't confuse you when used

Edited:  learn how to browse the internet or seek some information from it.

20  Other / Off-topic / We are all legends on: May 18, 2019, 10:10:45 AM
We are all legends and we might not have the idea that we are. This is bitcoin talk forum and there is no other place that's more respected in terms of bitcoin related issues.

If you go back to how the forum was during the early stages you would observe post, reply and threads paved way for what we have here in the forum and everywhere else now. When discussing some issue we at some time make reference to past post solidifying the importance of the past and how it helps answers questions or settles dispute in the future.

Bitcoin might have not gained the total global adoption but let's say in about 15 years and above from now bitcoin would have gained acceptance, connecting the global world and with that there would be various issues arising globally and just like in modern day physics where we still use formula or statement from past people, there would be a global reference to post from this forum.
Thymos might be the  Aristotle
Loyce v might be the Isaac Newton
Jet cash might be the Pythagoras (just adding a bit of humor).
 and you yes you also can be a great legend all you have to do is contribute positively let's your post be worth it and be of assistance when needed.

We are all prospective legend it's all depends on how we add to the forum now to assist others also in the future
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