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News: Latest Bitcoin Core release: [Torrent]
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1  Other / Meta / 10th anniversary troll thread/post contest on: October 25, 2019, 05:20:54 PM
Inspired by and my inspired by theymos' ...

Here's my submission (caution: funny): ATTENTION BITCOIN BBS -->

Top prize: You'll be attending dinner where I'm eating John McAfee's dick.

2  Other / Meta / [Proposal] 10th anniversary BCT mascot contest on: October 19, 2019, 03:29:21 PM
Inspired by theymos' 10th anniversary art contest thread.

This is my idea with hopes of theymos picking up and advancing the endeavor, doling out merits for top submissions.

I'm not an artist so submitting my entry gleaned from the net ...


Bruno (who's having lunch with Charlie Shrem next Monday during Vegas Blockchain Week)
3  Economy / Scam Accusations / 🔴 🔴 [SCAM] Plouton Mining Photoshopped Their Solar Farm 🔴 🔴 on: July 05, 2019, 04:36:06 PM
Image from their site:

Image on their video on same site:

Introducing North America’s newest and largest Bitcoin mining facility located in Mojave California.

Plouton Bitcoin Mining is revolutionizing hosting with clean energy at reduced cost.

You'll love the 5-star review consisting of ONLY ONE Investardz-cum-shill ...

"Plouton Bitcoin Mining is one of the most radical Crypto Mining Operations on the planet"
We are fully invested in Plouton Bitcoin Mining as customers. We applaud the revolutionary crypto hosting operation they run which functions on low-cost clean energy! Simply awesome!

These fuckers don't even know the difference between present and future tense (cuz the bitch ain't built yet, if ever), yet they want you to send them your miners so to host them at their facility not yet built powered by a Fodor-esque solar array, also not yet built, housed in a data center that's ... wait for it ... not yet built, with its backup power supplied by the local utility company when the sun goes down or is cloudy, of which the massive power lines are nowhere near the parcel of land that this pipe dream in located on.

That said, if you're still inclined to invest in this bullshit, send money my way, for me and my Team are going to build the first nuclear power plant solely to be used in the mining of crypto. We're going to call it CherNakamobyl.
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / 🔴 Time to BOYCOTT ALL Advertisers & Conferences associated with FakeSatoshi 🔴 on: June 20, 2019, 04:10:59 PM
EDIT: Thanks for the merits, guys, albeit that wasn't my intent when starting this thread. Again, also thanks for the support for this initiative.

It's time to hit Craig Steven Wright aka FakeSatoshi where it'll hurt him the most - his pocketbook. That goes the same for Calvin Ayre, Dr.(?) Wright's partner in crime and owner of

Before I proceed, I formally invite Cock Sucker Wright PhDgoogol2 to sue my scammy ass for bringing about the financial harm I'm about to unleash on his Aussie ass. My real name is Bruno Kucinskas and I can be reached at 702-981-5600. Now back to the jest of this proposal.

Once this thread gains some traction, a formal boycott petition will be presented here --> (professionally penned, perhaps with help from the community prior to publication).

A list of advertisers will be maintained in the second post of this thread, of which ALL input in welcome (please site proof of advertisers associating with FakeSatoshi et al.).

In the crypto space, there should be reason in hell for an advertiser to directly or indirectly sponsor anything associated with Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, CoinGeek, etc., because of Wright's unsubstantiated claims that he's Satoshi Nakamoto.

<this OP is a work in progress>

Bruno Kucinskas
5  Other / Off-topic / 🔴 Today is the birthday of a famous Bitcoiner - # of years will SHOCK you!!! 🔴 on: June 16, 2019, 01:36:41 PM

Circa 35 (Plymouth)

Circa 57

Circa 58 (DeSoto)

Circa 66

Circa 69 (Toronado)

Circa 79

8 years ago today ...

6  Bitcoin / Project Development / 🔴🔴 [POLL] What top prize tickles your fancy? 🔴🔴 on: June 15, 2019, 11:41:03 PM
EDIT: See this post:

I'm in the process of formulating a venture where its business model is based on a referral program. Although I lean heavily toward the top prize being a 2020 Lambo, I request input from the community to see what they prefer.

Thanks in advance.


PS: @ Mods: Feel free to move this topic if I inadvertently started it in the wrong section.
7  Economy / Scam Accusations / is a ... wait for it ... SCAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on: May 27, 2019, 03:57:56 PM

That's all the proof you need in seeing that NodeBay is a scam. If you're a retard and don't see it, then invest your precious in their venture but DON'T come back a crying to us when you get fuck up the ass sans lube, for we won't hand you a towel to wipe your tears or the blood dripping from your freshly honed asshole.
8  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Craig Steven Wright nominated for an Ig Nobel Prize in Economics on: May 23, 2019, 03:50:12 PM

The Ig Nobel Prize (/ˌɪɡnoʊˈbɛl/ IG-noh-BEL) is a parody of the Nobel Prize awarded every autumn to celebrate ten unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research. Since 1991, the Ig Nobel Prizes have been awarded to "honor achievements that first make people laugh, and then make them think." The name of the award is a pun on the word ignoble, which means "characterized by baseness, lowness, or meanness", and is satirical social criticism that identifies "absurd" research, although, occasionally, such research has succeeded in yielding useful knowledge.

I formally nominate Craig Steven Wright for an Ig Noble Prize in Economics for successfully proving beyond doubt that he's Satoshi Nakamoto by obtaining a US patent for the ownership of the original BTC code and White Paper.

Example: 2015 Ig Noble Prize for Biology ...

BIOLOGY PRIZE — Bruno Grossi, Omar Larach, Mauricio Canals, Rodrigo A. Vásquez [CHILE], José Iriarte-Díaz [CHILE, USA], for observing that when you attach a weighted stick to the rear end of a chicken, the chicken then walks in a manner similar to that in which dinosaurs are thought to have walked.

In that vein, prior to when Craig Steven Wright accepts his 2019 Ig Noble Prize in Economics, we ram a broomstick up his ass as he approaches the dais.

"My balls are so big, next week I'm going to apply for a patent for the wheel."

"Dr. Craig Steven Wright's balls are SO BIG ..."
9  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / The Master Numbers (11, 22, 33) and Satoshi Nakamoto on: May 20, 2019, 07:11:10 PM
<read to the end to see the connection else you'll miss it>

The Master Numbers (11, 22, 33) and their spiritual meanings

For a numerologist, they tend to not have a “favorite” number because they simply love them all equally! However, anyone who has a fascination with numbers will be able to find a lot of solace in the face that three very specific numbers seem to stick out above the rest.

They are called Master Numbers, and they are; 11, 22 and 33. What does the master number actually mean? Are these more powerful, or something?

master numbers

Master numbers and their spiritual meaning

Depending on your viewpoint, they tend to hold a lot more significance when they appear within a project or a numbers chart.

It can give you a lot of information that, typically, we would just look beyond in the past but now that the cult of the Master Number has become so apparent, many people see these three numbers as a curse or a blessing.

Master Number 11 (An old soul)

Master Number 11 is the first master number, brings higher intuition and spiritual insight, supernatural abilities, increased sensitivity, as well as empathy and natural intelligence. The number eleven is a sign of enormous power – both mental and physical.

The holder of this life path number is considered to be an old soul. With 11 in your chart, you are able to calmly deal with complex situations – you have general knowledge and know a little about everything. It’s like having a finger in every pie.

Your greatest advantages are respect, empathy, understanding others and their problems, adaptability, steadiness, sense of order and immense ability to see others more deeply.

Famous People with a Master Number 11

Edgar Allan Poe, Barack and Michelle Obama, Orlando Bloom, Madonna, Gwen Stefani, Chetan Kumar, Paris Hilton or Michael Jordan.

Master Number 22 (The Master Builder)

Master Number 22 is the second master number, brings deep spiritual understanding, facilitating the appliance of knowledge in a practical way, which will eventually lead to success, high self-esteem, natural intelligence and ability to work at a high position.

The holder of this life path number is considered to be a master builder. The science sees this figure as an entwining of powers between the number 11 and 4. Number 11 is responsible for a high intuition and visionary thoughts, and the number 4 carries the practical nature.

In other words, number 22 is a powerful combination between these two, which can help achieve a goal in a very rapid manner.

Famous People with a Master Number 22

Leonardo da Vinci, Will Smith, Hu Jintao, Paul McCartney, Sri Chimnoy, John Assaraf, Dale Earnhardt  or John Kerry.

Master Number 33 (The Master Teacher)

Master Number 33 is the last and the most prominent master number. Seen as the “teacher” of numbers, it’s got a massive importance within numerology and is seen as the perfect balance between the first two numbers.

Someone who has the number 33 appearing regularly within their charts is typically an individual who is able to take on projects, regardless of how difficult or impractical they might appear to be. Anyone who finds that 33 continue to arise in their life path will find that they will be extremely emotional people – too. Not only can be they be bundles of creativity, joy and excitement; they can be extremely imbalanced and volatile emotionally, too.

This makes someone who goes down this route an individual who was put on the Earth, via their soul, to create a stronger understanding of love and harmony among individuals.

Famous People with a Master Number 33

Robert De Niro, Salma Hayek, Albert Einstein, Francis Ford Coppola, Thomas Edison, Stephen King or John Lennon.

PLEASE NOTE! Some sources suggest that there is a master number 44, however, there are only three master numbers, and they are; 11, 22 and 33. 44 is not a master number, but life path number 8 (4+4).

What does this have to do with Satoshi, you ask?

Satoshi's last post was on December 12, 2010, at 11:22:33 AM ...

And you people thought that I was an idiot.  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
10  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / 🔴🔴 [BOUNTY] Earn $72 or more/day for each select YouTuber sent our way. 🔴🔴 on: May 18, 2019, 08:10:06 PM
Although free PAQs are reserved for YouTubers maintaining channels, I'm making exceptions at the nascent stage so to garner tentative support from YouTubers in embracing YuTü

Below the fold is an email for yous to blast to YouTubers via their email address often found on their channel's About page. The only course of actions by the YouTubers is to either ignore it or follow through by visiting

You will earn PAQs according to the following schedule found on the White Paper - - as YouTubers join the platform:

Per the White Paper, Lynspinz will be issued a number of PAQs based on their channel subscriber count at the time of verification, at the following rates:

0 – 99 Subscribers: 2 PAQs
100 – 499 Subscribers: 3 PAQs
500 – 1,999 Subscribers: 4 PAQs
2,000 – 4,999 Subscribers: 5 PAQs
5,000 – 9,999 Subscribers: 6 PAQs
10,000 – 24,999 Subscribers: 7 PAQs
25,000 – 49,999 Subscribers: 8 PAQs
50,000 – 99,999 Subscribers: 9 PAQs
Over 100,000 Subscribers: 10 PAQs

In case you missed it, each PAQ is fully capable of [virtually] mining 1 share exactly every 2 minutes, with each share worth no less than $0.01 (1 cent; 1 US penny) when trading on our exchange, YTC-Sox.

That equates to no less than $7.20 per day per PAQ over the course of slightly less than 3 years.

Doing the math, for each YouTuber who has over 100K subscribers and joins YuTü using your referral code, you'll earn no less than $72 per day. Some of them yAltcoins could easily trade north of $1.00 per share. I let you do the math from there on out.

The following is the email that you'll send to YouTubers:

<Subject Line>

ZERO Fees for YouTubers on NEW Patreon Alternative

<Body of Text (Copy & Paste)>

Introducing YuTübopolis, Inc.'s YuTü Empowering and Re-monetizing YouTubers via Crypto-commoditization. A crypto ecosystem for YouTubers and their fans.

If a zero-fee Patreon-like blockchain platform for YouTubers doesn't appeal to you, then simply delete this email.

But if we piqued your interest, kindly peruse our non-technical White Paper - - and accompanied website's Home Page (

After reading and still interested in augmenting your coffer, head on over to and fill out the simple form using the referral code PLACE YOUR CODE HERE in showing your non-committal support.

Thank you kindly for your consideration.


YuTübopolis, Inc. (a Wyoming corporation)

PS: Please use the referral code PLACE YOUR CODE HERE when filling out the form:

IMPORTANT: Make sure that you include your referral code IN BOLD twice, depicted as PLACE YOUR CODE HERE; the second and last usage of YuTübopolis, Inc. is also in bold (as depicted); and the term non-committal is in italics (as depicted).

Please PM me if wishing to participate in this lucrative referral program, whereupon I'll give you an email address so to send me the email outlined above in making sure that you're sending as designed. I'll also will ask for your referral code of choice or I will provide you with one.

Participants will list on this thread the names (not email addresses) of YouTube channels you've personally contacted so to eliminate double-sends as much as possible. No harm if a few overlaps occur, but I'll document alphabetically all YouTubers who've been sent emails to deter double-sends as much as possible.

Please inquire if you have any questions or concerns.

11  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / I will eat John McAfee's dick if BTC doesn't trade above $100K by end of 2019. on: May 15, 2019, 12:56:09 PM
Feel free to submit recipes. I'm leaning towards John McAfee's Dick Under Glass.

Personal Sandbox


Phinnaeus Gage's User Moniker Manifested Due to Malignant Brain Tumor Removal

For those not versed, here's the reference:

Definitive proof of hospitalization depicted in the images below:

H   h

J    j

M   m

N   n

U   u

Y   y
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Satoshi Revealed in 21 Minutes (James Harris Simons exposed is my guess) on: May 14, 2019, 03:31:43 PM

13  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / NEW Crypto Movie: Satoshi 11 (working title) on: May 13, 2019, 12:50:03 PM
Think: Ocean's 11 meets The Producers (further think: Springtime for Hitler; perhaps actual movie title).

Plot: A person claiming to be Satoshi recruits 11 renowned cryptoers in forming a company designed to conduct the world's largest ICO (in excess of $10B), whereupon once the moneys' raised, they exit scam, but the project takes on a life of its own where the scammers are forced to see the project to fruition in hopes of even a larger payday while the SEC et al. are on their heels.


EDIT: I'm leaning towards Satoshi 11 opposed to Satoshi's 11. That said, feel free to weigh in if you have a better title in mind.

Also, CryptoBry mentioned at an IEO attached to prominant exchange (even if fictitious) would be better than if it were an ICO.

As new sound ideas are presented, I'll present them below, thus keep you input a comin'.

Post of interest:
14  Other / Meta / Thanks to theymos' April Fool pranks, THIS --> [updated] on: April 01, 2019, 06:24:15 PM
<the other prank which theymos most likely contributed to:>

15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / 🔴 [ANN] 🔴 Get Your FIXZ !!! 🔴 Over-collateralized Stablecoin on YTC-Sox 🔴 on: March 30, 2019, 07:40:54 PM
NOTE: Follow the link - - to take advantage of the limited lucrative FIXZ bonus offer.

Note: Unless additionally warranted, first use of neologistic terms indigenous to YuTü rendered in bold (as depicted). yALT (yAltcoin) and yaltz (shares) are dissimilar terms, the former penned in bold throughout for distinction purposes. Glossary of Terms at bottom of OP, of which this body partly contains content sourced relatively verbatim from YuTü Embodied images within - selectively cited/linked - gleaned from the Net [to further illicit emotions].

Note: There are no bounties or campaigns associated with this offering. Translators are welcome to apply.

Get Your FIXZ !!!

Empowering and Re-monetizing YouTubers via Crypto-commoditization

Honesty, accountability, integrity and fairness are the
foundational principles on which YuTü is built.

Recently, Ethereum cofounder Vitalik Buterin called for blockchain developers to think proactively about how their work can build new systems for organizing society, instead of just tools for privacy and independence. The speech was delivered at RadicalxChange, a conference co-conceived by Buterin and economist Glen Weyl to expand the ideas in Weyl’s book Radical Markets.

Buterin, who is an advocate for blockchain innovations, said the best approach was to collaborate as a strong community and harness technology to create new, innovative systems which benefit society.

YuTü yells BINGO!

LINK to Vid Portrayed Above on Our YouTube Channel

FIXZ: Join our Telegram Group HERE

FIXZ is YuTü's ERC-20 compliant native stablecoin available ONLY on our proprietary exchange, YTC-Sox, having trading pairs with every yAltcoin (yALT) - neo-asset class crypto-commodity pegged to a participating YouTube channel. FIXZ will initially be backed by hard assets of YuTübopolis, Inc., prominently [purposed] 622-acre YuTübopolis Center; futurely, in the spirit of over-collateralization, will ALSO be pegged at no less than 125% to viable yALT yaltz (shares) sourced from the Retention Pool (linked to below the fold) on an ongoing basis.

Entrance to YuTübopolis Center
4009 Carters Creek Pike, Franklin, TN
(image incorps link to complementary YouTube vid)

Hodlers of ≥100 FIXZ will NEVER incur fees when trading in, out or laterally on our exchange platform, YTC-Sox.


FIXZ Distribution Schedule

Pre Sale


Pre Sale Total: U$200,000 (U$200K)


Hard Cap: U$28,200,000 (U$28.2M)

(Unsold FIXZ - 25M max - Reserved for Onboarding Influential YouTubers as Lynspinz)

Not a single FIXZ held by principals et al. of YuTübopolis, Inc.
ALL doled accordingly, verified by the YuTüFoundation.

I, Bruno, will be speaking, and presenting YuTü at the IOHK Summit at Miami Beach Convention Center.


One PAQ (virtual miner/dowzer; follow LINK) rewarded for every U$25 worth of FIXZ (sold in lots of U$100 ea.) purchased during the pre-sale offering while supplies last. Thereafter, 1 PAQ rewarded for every U$50, U$75, U$100 ... worth of FIXZ purchased. Mirroring THIS, precise [fair and reasonably balanced] bonus schedule forthcoming, expanding upon the incremental U$25 increases.

Visit to view, and take advantage of the Early Bird Special consisting of twice as many PAQs rewarded for ONLY the first 125 lots purchased. ALSO, 2,000 YTC (YuTüCoin) will be rewarded per U$100 lot purchase (500 lots/1M YTC maximum; priced @ pre-ICO rate of U$0.05 per YTC).

ALL FIXZ lot purchasers will receive PAQs, albeit the earlier one purchases, the more PAQs they'll be rewarded, in turn effectually recognizing a more substantial ROI.

Each PAQ is capable of dowzing (mining) no less than U$2,628 worth of crypto-commodity yALT yaltz per year based on the generation of one block exactly every two minutes (262,800 yaltz per year per PAQ). Yaltz will trade for no less than U$0.01 (1 U$ ˘ent) on our totally transparent exchange, YTC-Sox (audited quarterly).

Illustrating, verified well-esteemed YouTubers like DataDash, Ryan ToysReview or Jenna Marbles could feasibly have their tokenized shares (yaltz) trade north of U$1.00 each on YTC-Sox IF registered as a Lynspinz on YuTü

Mentioned YouTubers' proposed stylized Ticker Symbols (TicSyms) on YTC-Sox: DataDash, RYAN and JennaM (respectively) - inspired by their logos depicted in images below, linked to reciprocal YouTube channels.

YuTü's YTC-Sox trading platform could, conceivably, act as an IPO proving ground for the most successful YouTubers' yALTs, exemplifying their carryover TicSyms (Ticker Symbols) for eventual inclusion on legacy non-crypto exchanges or the likes of Patrick Byrne’s security token trading platform - t0 (tZERO Group's logo as depicted).

Not a single PAQ held by principals et al. of YuTübopolis, Inc.
ALL doled accordingly, verified by the YuTüFoundation.


Use the following crypto addresses for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Steller when submitting payment for your FIXZ purchase; visit and fill in the appropriate fields:

BTC for FIXZ purchases:  1CcjwCK8b3XC3HJAG2zFzPfZ9FRyF14u2B
ETH for FIXZ purchases:  0xf056B577423E9ec8d0e0093440cf70923d9D6982
BCH for FIXZ purchases:  qplkhjpc52v25qkscje83gjyvlypa4gyay44utavdj

Other altcoins considered for FIXZ purchases on a case-by-case basis.

About YuTübopolis Center:

YuTübopolis, Inc.'s purposed YuTübopolis Center property is currently offered by country music's most iconic couple, Tim McGraw and Faith Hill, formerly owned by one of the 20th century's most significant and influential American singers and songwriters, Hank Williams [Sr], listed by Fridrich & Clark Realty (LINK). Our overarching ambition is to outright take deed of the historic plantation for the apropos intentions outlined BELOW.

LINK to Google Maps

Plantation Highlights:

  • 622 Rolling Acres (~1 square mile; gated & fenced; abuts scenic Harpeth River)

Images Courtesy of Fridrich & Clark Realty


  • First and Foremost, YuTübopolis Center (governance) Dually Acts as Our Physical HQ and Multi-use Campus
  • Re the 12-Stall Barn & Pasture: earmarked for pedigree bloodstock alpacas; outsourced to vetted local/regional YouTuber/Lynspinz who's accomplished in said livestock field like Mistletoe Farm Alpacas (website LINK)

    Image Courtesy of Fridrich & Clark Realty
  • Ample Acres Dedicated for Growing Organic Herbs, Vegetables & Berries: outsourced to vetted local/regional YouTuber/Lynspinz who's accomplished in said field; additionally ...

    • Plant Fruit Orchard and Grape Arbor on the Plantation; future expansion may include a greenhouse and/or vertical grow facility on the estate

  • Outdoor Wedding Pavilion and Rustic Honeymoon Cabin Suite

  • Re the 2 Guest Cabins: board extended-stay, non-local august Lynspinz working on projects in our studios
  • Re the 2 Caretaker Residences: 1 housing 2 ground keepers; 1 housing alpaca and garden keepers (2 occupants)
  • Re the Workshop: myriad options available for its usage

    Image Courtesy of Fridrich & Clark Realty
  • Build On-site Fully Furnished Rustic Cabins (approx. dozen) Overlooking Harpeth River to Accommodate Guests: predominantly, luminaries from the YouTube and crypto spaces utilizing or surveying our facilities

  • Provide On-site Parking for Guest-owned RV/MH/Travel Trailers (~12 berths designated)
  • Silo Converted to an Ole-timey Castle-ish Micro-living Quarters for Accommodating Invited Dignitaries

    Projected (homologous)

    Left Image Courtesy of Fridrich & Clark Realty
  • Hire Various In-house Coders Sourced From:
  • Implement a Formidable Indoor/Outdoor Lynspinz Studio, Analogous to YouTube Space, Rivaling the Pop-up Venue in Nashville, TN: catering to renowned and fledgling start-up YouTube channel creators alike; develop an auxiliary, more ambitious Lynspinz Studio located in Nashville, TN, eventually expanding to TBD global locations (think: YouTube House)

    Follow LINK to Source of Image
  • .

    Fully Endow US-based [B&M] YouTubers Hall of Fame (YHoF): naming subject to copyright considerations; inspired by, and [proposed] under authority of New Media Rockstars; YHoF's locale TBD; complete with:
    • Paying-homage Memorial Wing
    • Walk of Fame
    • YouTube-themed Restaurant and Gift Shop (franchisable; reminiscent of Cracker Barrel): name TBD by consensus; offering up mouth-watering entrées et al. prepared as seen in videos uploaded by ACTIVE and DECEASED YouTubers who produce(d) cooking channels; image below incorps link; bonus LINK

      Auntie Fee's Shrimp
      (envisaged, a YouTube-theme restaurant scrumptious entrée)
  • Produce Exclusive YouTube Channels:
    • Besides a Dedicated YuTü Channel, Back Existing or Yet-created Crypto Channels
    • Pedigree Alpaca Breeding/Raising Channel (filmed on-site; cited ABOVE)

    • Organic Herb/Vegetable/Berry Gardening Channel (filmed on-site; cited ABOVE)
    • Music Channels (filmed on- and off-site)
    • Gaming Channels (filmed in our dedicated gaming facility)
    • Cooking Channel (filmed in H. G. W. Mayberry House/Beechwood Hall's kitchen)
  • Sponsor a Yearly Multi-day VidCon-esque Expo at Nashville's Music City Center: headlining keynotes and exhibits by exceptional YouTubers and crypto-based entities, including myriad prominent vendors hawking services designed to further YouTube channel brands; reasonable entry fees for vendors & attendees; dates TBD

  • Form and Financially Back YuTüFoundation: YuTübopolis, Inc.'s non-influential oversight org.; chiefly embodied by Lynspinz, openly reporting back to their peers that all's well or something's afoot
  • Produce Feature-length Movie Starring Named YouTubers: proffering a conceptualized Neo Sci-fi Noir Thriller
  • Publish FIRST Physical Monthly Periodical Catered to YouTubers - YuTüZine: name subject to consensus; [proposed] outsourced to David Bailey's BTC Media (Bitcoin Magazine, yBitcoin & LTB Network), conveniently based in Nashville, TN
  • Dispense Visa- or MC-backed Debit Cards: depicting image likeness of notable YouTubers/Lynspinzs hand-picked by YuTü member according to [fan's] preference


To become a registered Lynspinz, a content creator will undergo a verification process to prove ownership and control of the YouTube channel being submitted. This will include initially contacting YuTü via the email address associated with the corresponding YouTube channel. After verification of ownership has been confirmed, the Lynspinz will be assigned their own [.URL.] page on YuTü presenting:

  • Customized Vitals About the Owner
  • Channel Summary
  • Featured Videos
  • Conversing With Fan Base
  • Merchandising Information
  • Other Pertinent Details

In addition, Lynspinz will be issued a number of PAQs based on their channel subscriber count at time of verification, subject to the following rates:

  • 0 - 99 Subscribers: 2 PAQs
  • 100 - 499 Subscribers: 3 PAQs
  • 500 - 1,999 Subscribers: 4 PAQs
  • 2,000 - 4,999 Subscribers: 5 PAQs
  • 5,000 - 9,999 Subscribers: 6 PAQs
  • 10,000 - 24,999 Subscribers: 7 PAQs
  • 25,000 - 49,999 Subscribers: 8 PAQs
  • 50,000 - 99,999 Subscribers: 9 PAQs
  • Over 100,000 Subscribers: 10 PAQs

Zero Fees

YouTubers registered as Lynspinz NEVER incur fees when using any of YuTü's platforms.

Lynspinz Referral Program:

A YuTü affiliate, also known as a referrer, has the option of recruiting other YouTube channel owners by using their channel name as the referral code. The affiliate is rewarded the same number of PAQs as the new Lynspinz they recruited, the number of PAQs determined by the new YouTuber channel owner's number of subscribers, as mentioned ABOVE, up to 10 PAQs per successful referral.

Please inquire if you desire to be an affiliate but don't maintain a YouTube channel.


Also known as "virtual miner", a PAQ (rhymes with pack) basically represents permission to dowze (mine) a specific yAltcoin, one yALT at a time. When procured, each PAQ is numbered/timestamped, a lower numbered PAQ generally receiving priority when queuing to dowze yaltz if all other metric considerations are comparatively equal. The more PAQs one has under their control (a prime metric), the more yaltz one earns from the yALTs they're directed towards.

There will be a total of 100 slots for PAQs per each registered yALT (think: scarcity). Thus, if one owns 10 PAQs that are all registered to dowze the same yALT, they will receive 10 yaltz of that particular yALT for each block period they are active. If all PAQ slots for a yALT are not filled, the outstanding yaltz generated in subsequent blocks will be meted to the corresponding Lynspinz, namely if there are 60 PAQs currently dowzing a yALT, the non-allocated 40 yaltz of each block will be gifted to the Lynspinz, complimenting the yaltz dowzed by their appropriated free PAQs.

PAQs are available for purchase at any time directly from YuTü Prices will vary during the different stages of development but will NEVER exceed U$500 per PAQ. Registered PAQs can be deployed to dowze any yALT, so long as at least one of the 100 slots are available. Anyone can become a PAQer upon enrolling as a YuTü member, buy at least one PAQ and register it to dowze yaltz of their preferred (read: most profitable) yALT available.

Distribution/Pricing Schedule:

  • 1 - 20,000 PAQs sold: maxed @ $25.00 ea.
  • 20,001 - 30,000 PAQs sold: $50.00 ea.
  • 30,001 - 40,000 PAQs sold: $75.00 ea.
  • 40,001 - 50,000 PAQs sold: $100.00 ea.

PAQs will continue to be sold beyond illustrated, increasing in price increments of U$25 per every 10,000 PAQs sold, reiterating, up to the maximum price point of U$500 per PAQ, culminating at 1 million assigned PAQs in satisfying the dowzing of 10,000 Lynspinz yALTs at 100 slots per (again, think: scarcity).

Money raised from future sales of PAQs will be used to continuously fund exchange operations, website development, support and security, as well as occasionally acquiring yALT yaltz directly from select Lynspinz in support of their brands, hodling acquisitions for at least a 90-day duration.

Yaltz Creation Schedule:

A total of 217,187,500 yaltz will be generated for each yALT over a period of 1,562,500 2-minute blocks, translating roughly to 5.95 years. After the first 781,250 block period (1/2 of the total creation period), the yaltz reward structure will change: 117,187,500 yaltz issued in the first half; 100,000,000 yaltz issued in the second half.

Structure of the 2 periods is as follows:

Period #1 (first half):

From Block 1 to Block 781,250, 150 yaltz will be generated every 2 minutes, consistently, which is roughly equal to 2.97 years. Of these 150, 100 yaltz will be issued to active PAQs, with any remaining balance to Lynspinz if less than 100 PAQs are dowzing; 28 yaltz will be set aside in a Retention Pool to fund FIXZ, development and other functions; an additional 22 yaltz will reside in a Reserve Pool to compensate each yAltcoiner possessing yaltz of closely ranked yALTs pegged to YouTube channels that have been shut down or deleted from YouTube, for whatever reason, or delisted from YTC-Sox for not meeting minimal requirements set by YuTü

Clarifying Apportionments (150 yaltz):

  • 100 yaltz to PAQers (or balance to Lynspinz as outlined ABOVE)
  • Retention Pool:
    • 23 yaltz: FIXZ / Development Pool et al. (after 1st 10,000 blocks delineated below; 13 yaltz prior)
      • 10 yaltz: Faucet Pool (yaltzet) for 1st 10K Blocks Only (100K yaltz meted from each yALT yaltzet)

Period #2 (second half):

From Block 781,251 onward, 128 yaltz will be generated every 2 minutes until Block 1,562,500 (the last block), also roughly equaling 2.97 years. Of these 128, 100 yaltz will be issued to active PAQs (or Lynspinz; see Period #1 above) and the remaining 28 yaltz will go directly to the Lynspinz.

Clarifying Apportionments (128 yaltz):

  • 100 yaltz to PAQers (or balance to Lynspinz as outlined ABOVE)
  • 28 yaltz to Lynspinz


Use the following crypto addresses for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Steller when submitting payment for your FIXZ purchase; visit and fill in the appropriate fields:

BTC for FIXZ purchases:  1CcjwCK8b3XC3HJAG2zFzPfZ9FRyF14u2B
ETH for FIXZ purchases:  0xf056B577423E9ec8d0e0093440cf70923d9D6982
BCH for FIXZ purchases:  qplkhjpc52v25qkscje83gjyvlypa4gyay44utavdj

Other altcoins considered for FIXZ purchases on a case-by-case basis.

Glossary of Terms: (indigenous to YuTü

βasket: Tradeable YuTüFolio (yAltcoin-specific portfolio) on YTC-Sox consisting of more than one yAltcoin (yALT) yaltz.

crypto-commodity: Neo-asset class first introduced [as coined] by YuTü; from Investopedia, "Crypto-commodity is a general term used to describe a tradable or fungible asset that may represent a commodity, utility, or a contract in the real- or the virtual-world on the blockchain network through exclusive tokens."

dowzing: Variant of dowsing (present participle of the verb "dowze"), the virtual mining or "PAQing" procedure for hashing yAltcoin yaltz; other parts of speech - dowze & dowzer (definitions are self-evident).

IYO: Initial yAltcoin Offering, akin to ICO / IPO (Initial Cryptocurrency / Public Offering); tentatively, a week-long timespan prior to the official launch of dowzing Lynspinz' yAltcoin yaltz, allowing PAQers to strategically queue PAQs for the maximum 100 obtainable slots (once again, think: scarcity) according to their timestamps and other key metrics.

jeton: Fashioned token depicting Lynspinz' signature logo which emblematizes a yAltcoin; supplied by a YuTübopolis partisan at nominal cost, an appreciable output from the initial run gifted to Lynspinz, in kind [perchance] gratuitously dispense at sponsored events for the sake of heightening YouTube channel brand awareness; relevant LINK:

Lynspinz: (PN; singular and plural; cf. lynchpin) YouTube content creator(s)-cum-publisher(s)-cum-producer(s)-cum-vlogger(s) affiliated with YuTü

Lynspinz Studio: Analogous to YouTube Space, conceptualized in- and outdoor well-equipped facility located in, and serving surrounding Middle Tennessee (and yonder) where Lynspinz freely film and collaborate with their peers.

PAQ: Port-Able Quaesitor (portable seeker; cf. quaesitor); our designation for a virtual miner hashing yAltcoin yaltz.

PAQer: One who PAQs; moreover, a PAQ purchaser intending to hash (dowze) yAltcoins.

PoP: Proof of Praefui (cf. praefui); protocol for hashing yaltz with transactions recorded on a permissioned blockchain per yAltcoin - acting as its distributed ledger - insuring that only registered PAQs are allowed to dowze; white paper forthcoming.

TicSym: (as spelled) Ticker Symbol of Lynspinz' YuTüStock (yAltcoin/yALT) trading on YTC-Sox.

yALT: Abbreviation for yAltcoin; indicative of yAltcoin, the first letter minuscule; subsequent letters in ALL CAPS (excluding "s" when plural - yALTs).

yAltcoin: Lynspinz' crypto-commodity (YuTüStock), its yaltz obtained via Proof of Praefui (PoP) mining consensus fundamentally trading on YTC-Sox.

yAltcoiner: Term nearly interchangeable with PAQer, contingent on context.

yaltz: (sg. & pl.) Lynspinz' YuTüStock YuTüSharez (share[.s.]) trading on YTC-Sox.

yaltzet: Homologous to cryptocurrency faucet for gifting initial yAltcoin yaltz; join HERE.

YHoF: YouTubers Hall of Fame; a proposed [B&M] building dedicated to memorializing YouTube's most celebrated creators; YuTübopolis anticipates working in concert with New Media Rockstars in order to develop this effort; naming subject to change if bordered on copyright infringement.

YTC: YuTüCoin's unit of account and token symbol on nonpartisan cryptocurrency exchanges [for price discovery] and YTC-Sox, the latter solely utilized for facilitating liquidity in and out of said exchange.

YTC-Sox: YuTü Exchange; our proprietary exchange of YuTü, used exclusively for trading Lynspinz' yAltcoin yaltz (YuTüStock YuTüSharez) and the hard-assets-backed, yaltz-pegged stablecoin - FIXZ; totally transparent and audited quarterly by an independent firm; capitalizing on the scalable Modulus' MyExchange™ framework as our exchange engine:

YuTübopolis Center: (YuTübopolis: governance) Dually acts as our physical HQ and multi-use campus.

YuTübopolis, Inc.: Legal governing body (Wyoming charter) of all things considered YuTü; Why Wyoming: Wyoming Passes New Friendly Regulations for Crypto Assets.

YuTü Copiously dedicated to YuTüCoin (YTC) under the auspices of YuTübopolis, Inc.

YuTüCoin: YuTü's native currency - YTC - its predominant utility saved for the procurement of Lynspinz' yAltcoin (yALT) yaltz, PAQs, and official merchandise of Lynspinz, coupled with facilitating funds in and out of YTC-Sox and tipping Lynspinz on their YuTü homepage (or elsewhere).

YuTüFolio: (think: portfolio) Collection of yaltz held by a YTC-Sox trader or hodler.

YuTüFoundation (YTF): Primarily embodied by Lynspinz, YuTübopolis' oversight organization.

YuTüGurü: A [sponsored] Lynspinz maintaining a YouTube channel dedicated to advancing YuTü

YuTüSharez: (sg. & pl.) A unit(s) - yaltz - of ownership interest in a Lynspinz' crypto-commoditized YuTüStock (yAltcoin) trading on YTC-Sox.

YuTüStock: Term nearly interchangeable with yAltcoin, contingent on context, is Lynspinz' equity stake (crypto-commodity) allotted into YuTüSharez (yaltz/shares).

YuTüYap: (naming subject to consensus) A forum for patrons and guests to civilly palaver all things considered YuTübopolis, Inc. beyond where gregarious Lynspinz can "yap" with aficionados, some expressing interest, or already invested in yAltcoins via garnering yaltz of favorites.

YuTüZine: (naming subject to consensus) Online and [monthly] physical YouTube-themed periodical satiating the diverse sector.

Please inquire if you have any questions or concerns with what's expressed above.

Bruno (founder)

Get your FIXZ NOW before the price increases to $0.10 per and beyond, resulting in fewer rewarded PAQs.


Use the following crypto addresses for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash or Steller when submitting payment for your FIXZ purchase; visit and fill in the appropriate fields:

BTC for FIXZ purchases:  1CcjwCK8b3XC3HJAG2zFzPfZ9FRyF14u2B
ETH for FIXZ purchases:  0xf056B577423E9ec8d0e0093440cf70923d9D6982
BCH for FIXZ purchases:  qplkhjpc52v25qkscje83gjyvlypa4gyay44utavdj

Other altcoins considered for FIXZ purchases on a case-by-case basis.
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Reply to this thread if you signed the Genesis Block as Craig Wright did.
18  Bitcoin / Meetups / IOHK Summit ~ Miami Beach Convention Center (Florida) ~ April 17-18, 2019 on: February 11, 2019, 06:18:26 PM

List of formidable speakers forthcoming, of which I'm one, albeit not of the formidable ilk but close enough cuz Charles Hoskinson said that I'm grandfathered in (whatever the fuck heck that's supposed to mean  Roll Eyes).

Please express if you're planning on attending.

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Charles Hoskinson is seeking a current/valid email addy for BCT user sirius (;u=4).

If anybody has such, please remit here or PM me, whereupon I'll pass the info to Cowboy Chuck (, or you can do such via his Telegram handle thingy @Iohkcharles.

Thanks in advance, guys.

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