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1  Other / Meta / action=.xml is disabled due to slowness. If you use this, write a post in Meta on: October 01, 2017, 09:27:37 AM
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Hello, for a couple of days now I am unable to tweet any new RSS items on

WHen I checked my BCT feeds, I found this message. Kindly unlock me? It's a win-win for the both of us Smiley

♥ Devvie

2  Economy / Scam Accusations / Some important feedback removed by #MMXIV #Maieuticoin developer on: December 29, 2014, 09:06:10 PM
Quote from: Bitcoin Forum
A reply of yours, quoted below, was deleted by the starter of a self-moderated topic. There are no rules of self-moderation, so this deletion cannot be appealed. Do not continue posting in this topic if the topic-starter has requested that you leave.

You can create a new topic if you are unsatisfied with this one. If the topic-starter is scamming, post about it in Scam Accusations.

Also I understand that people with wallet version 1.0.3 got their blockchain transferred. Where is that client? Would it still convert the blockchain? Really, your communication levels are below par.


1.) download wallet 1.0.8

2.) backup mmxiv wallet.dat

3.) delete everything in %AppData% mmxiv folder except for wallet.dat

4.) launch wallet 1.0.8 and do clean synch

5.) enjoy the 2014% interest   Grin
That's the problem: that ain't working. Wallet shows no balances, only transactions.

Also, (probably) MMXIV removed a very well-prepared comment by someone else...

Here it is once more. For I agree fully.

A reply has been posted to a topic you are watching by Phosphorous. The text of the reply is shown below:

I don't understand the contempt you seem to have for your customers. The easier you make it for you customers and the happier your customers the more successful the coin is going to be. Over-communication (not to be confused with spamming) is better than under-communication. And "push" notification is far superior to "pull" communication. Imagine if car makers did this and you had to hang out in a forum or chat room or check Ford's website every day to see if they recalled your car that week. Lucky for us they send out mail so I don't have to waste part of my life keeping tabs on the company that made my car.

You both have points. I feel the hard fork was announced adequately but a better job could have been done. For instance, what happened to the MailChimp email list that was started Sept 11? I have yet to get an update announcement via that method. I would have thought that a hard fork announcement would have been made this way.

A few other examples of weak communication can be seen on the first post of this thread. The first thread says that offline staking will end November 1. When I see content like that, I think the whole post is out of date because that was 2 months ago and I wonder about the timeliness of the other content. Not to mention, the main website ( still says, "Sign me up! Great decision. You have just ensured your weekly .96% interest on your Maieuticoin Holdings! Just click here to get started with Virtual Offline Staking. It only takes a minute to get all set up!" when it isn't even offered any more and no mention of the hard fork or 2014% POS.

It also wouldn't hurt to try to gain more users by explaining things a bit more, rather than making them read this 100+ page thread for answers. For example, there are a few bullet points with some of the coin features but "30 day max" deserves a further explanation. Not everyone is an expert in crypto or knows what this means. I can't say I know what "50% yearly" means. But the point is that a FAQ or a sentence or two of explanation might be a little more welcoming to noobs who may become avid users if you can strike that interest by providing enough information for them to feel welcome. What would it hurt to have a FAQ or some other more verbose explanation of the ins and outs of M-coin?


Some feedback on it from
"@devnullius @PurePoS That guy has always been flaky. I personally have him blocked."
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / OrbitCoin (#ORB) info + merchants + downloads + [ANN] on: July 18, 2014, 07:46:42 PM
OrbitCoin (ORB)

One of the first 30 crypto-currencies to hit the world,
At the birth of Orbit we gained much hate/fud calling our society a scam, well I hope a year later we've proven all the fud wrong.

ORB is an advanced POS/POW hybrid, the first in the world to issue a fixed POS reward and fix the entire POS system, thanks to our new head of development Ghostlander, a well respected figure in the crypto community.


​You see many currencies coming out claiming to be connected to Gold, well you guessed it ORB is already connected with Gold in a decentralised way :-) the only way!

here are two stores that sell Gold for Orbit already.

Gold and bullion store - Coaex:

Buy Gold/Silver

not only can you buy Gold at these two stores directly for Orbitcoin, but you can also buy Gold from any yes that's correct any! store world wide..

via the service
Picca - Pay In Crypto Coins Anywhere
spend Orbitcoin at any online store world wide!

​Let me tell you some of the achievements the ORB society have made in just under one year,
and how we see the next 10 years going.

in our first year we've gained over 60 merchants/services
in our second year! we plan to double that, giving us 180-200 merchants world wide!

within 10 years our goal is to reach a respectable 5000 merchants taking payment directly via OrbitCoin.

(The list of some of the best services we currently have)

ORB stores/services list,
Coinpayments (main merchant account provider)
Comics and Collectibles

Sexy Pictures for ORB

The Pandashop
Steam Game and Other Items
Packs of Cards games and other items
Gift cards and Candy


Altcoin Dice

Cheap Xbox gold trial codes

Crypto game keys

Retro Towers

Ritz Grand Casino

Crypto Supplies/random item stores

Cryptocoin Stuff!

51 Attack - Crypto Miner Gear / Clothing





ServerBros Limited Website

Brie Host


Investments/Precious Metals

Gold and bullion store - Coaex:

CryptoVest - CryptoCoin Investments

Buy Gold/Silver

ORB copper buying

Misc Products

Buy sports memorabilia

Buy drug paraphernalia

WROL.INFO - Survival Supplies

WaterIdo - Healthy Water Revitalizer

Crypto Alley - The Online Digital Currency Marketplace

BitStickers - Spread the word

Revolutionary Supplies


House Plans with A Point of View

Nothing in Particular Blog & Store


meplus1 (Music Digital Downloads)


Online Services/Tickets

NewsBam Usenet Services

Picca - Pay In Crypto Coins Anywhere
spend Orbitcoin at any online store world wide!


Amazonia Imports - supporting traditional culture in South
America through the sales of Palo Santo Incense and Peruvian


Crowdfunding online game

Just ORB related services listed below, not stores.
just calculator sites and other miscalculation services

Found this service, it's not a store, just a simple service to find out how much your ORB is currently worth in fiat currencies.
you can also use the same service to find out what exchanges take ORB

ORB Faucet

+ too many more to list here



By the time your reading this we might have more exchanges,
voting currently open on


to name a few   Wink

POOLS (1%, PPLNS) (1%, PPLNS) (1%, PPLNS)

But how rare is Orbitcoin, what's the supply?

currently the supply is 1.5 million Orbit, over the next 38 years it will reach a limit of 3.5 million...
but don't fear the Orbit network is ever evolving, and will be alive and well 10,000 years from now,

Hold your horses Mr President!

First you'll need your very own secure personal Orbit bank account.

please download your wallet/bank from the following links


Linux (i386)

Linux (amd64)

Master source
4  Local / Alt Coins (Nederlands) / [ANN-IPCO][PAWN] Pawncoin: Onderpand (escrow) mogelijk en 2.5% bonus voor 1e dag on: March 11, 2014, 10:37:49 AM

Volg op Twitter.
Forum :

Pawncoin is een cryptomunt ontworpen voor pandjesbazen die spullen belenen. Pawncoin zal de belangrijkste virtuele munt zijn voor 's werelds eerste grote online pandjeshuis gebaseerd op de Bitcoin standaard. Beveiliging van uw gegevens, privacy en goederen is onze top prioriteit.

PoW Algoritme: Scrypt
Re-target: Ieder block met KGW
Blok Tijd: 2.5
Start Blok Beloning: 500
Blok halveringstijd: 84,000
Max Aantal: 84 miljoen
Vooraf gedolven (pre-mine): 2%
840,000 voor IPCO         (Streefprijs na IPCO is ca. $5-$20)
840,000 voor toekomstige ontwikkelingen van Pawn services

Investerings opties
1. Onderpand service is beschikbaar maar alleen via Tomatocage. Minimum bedrag is 0.1 BTC en onderpand kosten worden betaald door Pawncoin. Stuur uw investering naar Tomatocage zijn adres (1P8hf47T1tDqVS8dx8y4G3nV7XLNHz6t1z)
*E-mail TXID , BTC adres en uw e-mail adres waarop u bereikbaar bent naar en stuur een bericht naar Tomatocage voor bevestiging. Vergeet a.u.b. niet uw betaling te ondertekenen!
* 0.5% extra bonus voor individuele betaaltransacties groter dan 5BTC met onderpand service
* Investeringen groter dan 5 BTC zullen 1 week bevroren blijven.

2. Privé investeringen direct met stuur een e-mail naar voor de details.
* Bijkomkende bonus van 1% voor individuele betalingen groter dan 5 BTC met privé investering.
* Investeringen van 5 BTC of meer blijven 1 week lang bevroren.

IPO Start:  Dinsdag 11 Maart  00:001 /12:01AM GMT
Sluiting:      Dinsdag 25 Maart   23:59/ 11:59PM GMT

Huidige investeerders lijst:

Bonus voor vroege vogels (1e week):

2.5% - Dag 1
1.5% - Dag 2
   1% - Dag 3
0.9% - Dag 4
0.8% - Dag 5
0.5% - Dag 6
0.4% - Dag 7


Handtekening (Signature)  0.01BTC of Pawncoin equivalent

[size=15pt][url=][b][color=blue]PAWNCOIN Online Pawn Shop - IPCO[/color][/b][/url]

Vertalingen 0.05BTC of Pawncoin equivalent
Chineese -
Italiaans -
Nederlands -,1147.msg

Doorlopende ontwikkelingen

Online pandjeshuis

Hoe het werkt:
⦁  Voor een offerte vult u het online aanmeldformulier in en u voegt een omschrijving van de goederen die u wilt verpanden toe
⦁   Accepteer een verpandingsaanbod en Verstuur uw goederen veilig en gratis naar Pawncoin kantoor
⦁   Ontvang uw geld in uw Pawncoin portemonnee met een ondertekende transactie in de block-chain
⦁   Alle goederen worden onmiddelijk naar u terug gestuurd als u de lening terug betaald hebt.

ePawncoin Marktplaats met geplande gedecentraliseerde Handelsbeurs ('exchange')

Een gigantische online markt database waar u in contact kunt komen met lokale pandjesbazen ('brokers')

Wij zullen wereldwijd samenwerken met andere grote pandjeshuizen voor de integratie van Pawncoin met hun betalingssystemen.

Online Pawncoin portemonnee, vergelijkbaar met

Fase 1: Pawncoin Lancering
Fase 2: Samenwerking met pandjeshuizen en pandjesbazen
Fase 3: Online Pandjeshuis
Fase 4: ePawncoin Marktplaats

Investeren in de Initiële Publieke Munt Aanbieding (IPCO) geeft geen aandeelhoudersrechten in het Moederbedrijf.
De Onderpand Service Provider is geen lid van Pawncoin stichting en heeft verder geen banden of belangen in dit project.
Pawncoin Stichting heeft alle redelijke voorzorgsmaatregelen genomen om een succesvolle lancering van deze cryptomunt mogelijk te maken. Wij zijn niet aansprakelijk voor enig geleden verlies dat het gevolg kan zijn van een mislukt project. Het is uw eigen verantwoordelijkheid om eerst gedegen financieel advies in te winnen voordat u investeert in de IPCO.
Wij reserveren het recht om de IPCO vroeger en zonder enige verdere waarschuwing stop te zetten.
Door te investeren in de IPCO gaat u accoord met deze voorwaarden.
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