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1  Local / 山寨币 / [ANN]-[游戏代币] -Gold是基于区块链的游戏金币管理平台值 on: June 12, 2019, 09:16:56 AM
Gold游戏代币是基于区块链的游戏金币管理平台Gold chain是基于区块链的游戏金币管理平台。作为采用分布式智能合约和去中心化的结构的游戏生态平台,它直接将整个游戏生态链上的组成分子有机地链接起来,实现个体价值的直接对接、无损流通和安全存储。每一个平台玩家和用户都能参与其中。


2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / ✅[ANN][VIPchain][ICO][AIRDROP USD500000$]VIPChain:blockchain investment platform on: December 27, 2018, 08:21:18 AM
VIP Chain

VIPChain is a blockchain-based enterprise

investment and financing platform

🍬🍬#VIP Chain:  VIPChain is a blockchain-based

enterprise investment and financing platform.

USD500000$VIP #airdrop Pool,66 VIP Tokens #airdrops still continue.

Comment your ETH address, 66 VIP send within 24hours.

VIPchain is a platform based on blockchain

technology, specializing in lending and loan management, and investment and financing as

well. It is committed to building an efficient, fast and convenient information-match

decentralized platform for enterprises and investors. For investors participating in the

platform projects, we will give the same amount of VIP chain, investors can use these VIP

chain to purchase the products and services provided by all financing projects in the

platform. For the project parties that need financing, the VIP chain can deduct the

financing service fee of the platform, and it can be used for the mortgage of the platform





VIPChain Smart Contract Address Migration Notice:

New VIP contract address:

Old contract address:

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / ✅[ANN]-[GENES]-[AIRDROP USD1000000$]GENES Chain:Blockchain-based genes databas on: December 13, 2018, 07:57:39 AM

Blockchain-based genome-wide database service platform

🍬🍬#GENES Chain:  Blockchain-based genome-wide database service platform.

USD1000000$GENES #airdrop Pool,5 GENES Tokens #airdrops still continue.

Comment your ETH address, 5 GENES send within 48hours.

GENES Chain is a blockchain-based genome-wide detection database service,

dedicated to the establishment of an open, transparent, and co-governing

decentralized ecosystem for genetic testing data collaboration organizations.

While obtaining the corresponding GENES in accordance with the established mechanism,

each participant on the platform can enjoy the genetic testing collaborative organization data service,

and can enjoy the value of the genetic testing database platform too.

Big Data Of Life

Looking ahead to the present, let us believe that the accumulation, sharing, and

in-depth research of genomic and health data can contribute to the effective extension of

human life and the elimination of all diseases.

2B4DóBig data of population life group

2B Coverage Big Population, Big Data

4D Interpretation Follow the law of life center, starting from DNA, from micro to macro,from life to death;

Large amount of panoramic life big data interpretation that spans scale, multi-dimension, multi-mode and all-round full cycle.

Create Genetic Big Data

Large groups of pioneers share health data on gene combinations

Large-scale and systematic storage of health data of human gene combinations

Researchers share all existing data equally and efficiently

In the production, transmission, storage, sharing, mining and application of

life omics data, the infrastructure and ecological system based on block chain and cryptography will be built

The data generation Comprehensive production records were collected

Data transfer The whole communication message is encrypted

Data storage Query access log real-time monitoring

Data sharing Consensus rules can be monitored and audited

Data mining Trusted verifiable computation execution

Data applications Contracts define ecological value flows

We provide a distributed storage system and ecosystem based on

blockchain technology for gene combination of human health data.

Large-scale data sharing and token incentive mechanism in the system,

Users will be encouraged to continue to share data related to gene combination health,

users will receive individualized health advice from ecosystem health service providers,

and researchers will receive sufficient scientific research data sharing.

Privacy Protection
Deform data from its source
Or data desensitization such as data privacy,
Decoupling user ID information from its health data, Protect users' privacy

Share Incentive
Based on the unique consensus mechanism,
Coin-based acquisition system can encourage users to share early All kinds of health data,
including but not limited to genomic data, Exercise data, diet data, case data, etc

Based on customized data storage mechanism Make each category, each health data
unique Data fingerprinting and ensuring deweighting of ecosystem enterprises Assist in
verifying the reliability of data

Product Package
The flagship version of comprehensive test of individual genome - enjoy

personalized whole-genome sequencing service

Activity blast price: 80000 GENES

Whole genome sequencing is the process of using a new generation of high-throughput DNA

sequencing instrument to sequence the whole genome of an individual with a coverage rate of

more than 30 times, and then comparing it with the accurate map of the human genome to

obtain the complete whole genome sequence of an individual and decipher all the genetic

information of an individual.

Complete Examination Of Individual Genomes

Ancestral Source Analysis, 7 items    Sports Genes,17 items   Nutrition Metabolism, 9 items   Health Risks, 108 items

Hereditary Diseases, 59 items    Drug Guidelines, 14 items    Genetic Characteristics, 14 items    Skin Characteristics, 8 items    

Token Sales Plan

●Token symbol: GENES  ●Type of token: ERC20  ●Token supply: 8 billion GENES

●Foundation: 60%       ●Pre-sale:20%        ● Team: 15%       ● Others: 5%

Category   Presale(Phase 1)   Presale(Phase 2)   Presale(Phase 3)

Date   November 15, 2018 GMT+8 -- November 30, 2018 GMT+8   December 1, 2018 GMT+8 --

December 15, 2018 GMT+8   December 16, 2018 GMT+8 -- December 31, 2018 GMT+8

Rate   1ETH=3500 GENES   1ETH=3200 GENES   1ETH=3000 GENES

Bonus   30% Bonus   20% Bonus   10% Bonus

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