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1  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / How to drop a transaction? on: January 18, 2018, 02:19:07 PM
Hello everyone,

I've got 3 stucked transactions that don't seem to go through even after waiting more than a week.
In the end I don't really care if they reach their destination, I'd even prefer to cancel the transactions.

How can I withdraw the transactions? I want the network to abandon them but I don't know how.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / TheCoinDude TEAM - Altcoins speculation thread on: July 03, 2017, 06:22:41 PM
Hello everyone!

We're a few bitcoiners (me, m0gliE, craked5 for now) who all have our specialities. We decided to create a community named The Coin Dude (website under construction) to group all our skills and knowledge to help you out as much as we can!

We'll be more active in Telegram as m0gliE is really putting his energy in managing this network, but we'll all try to keep active on the forum too.

In this thread we'll try to help you getting your way in the altcoin jungle... Which isn't something easy to do as you all know!

Follow us on telegram to have instant notifications and much more details:
3  Economy / Lending / Need a FAST big loan with a "not so valid" 1000€ colateral on: March 07, 2017, 12:18:03 AM
Hello everyone.

Short version: I need a big loan, as close as it can be to 1BTC
collateral: an account in an exchange ( with 1000€ but I'm not exactly sure it's valid because I guess you can somehow take it back through support :/

As you can see in my trust rating and here:
I'm a paypal btc reseller.

Now I've got a huge problem. I've got plenty (actually 3) clients which I highly trust (already made about 500$ of deals with them) who want to exchange about 800$ with me since Saturday.

Problem is that they're becoming a bit impatient as I've made them waited for already 4 days. Why? Because my freaking BTC is blocked on my exchange --'

I've made a 1000€ deposit on through bank wire and the security makes them unavailable for 1 month unless I provide certain documents. I did, but the problem is that btc-e support is SO FUCKING SLOW ><
So I'm still hanging here with all the money on the account and I can't do business which is extremely unsatisfying.

Hence I'm looking for a big loan to close those deals as fast as possible.
I can provide the btc-e account as a collateral but I'm sure it's not exactly a valid collateral, first because money is on hold until they finally answer.
I can provide ANY DOCUMENT you might ask me in a few minutes. We can even meet on Skype so you can check ID live or things like that.

Again, I'm aware this is not exactly a classic loan request so... Well I'm just trying. The support should finally answer in the week but I don't want to make my clients wait. The loan request is opened of course only until btc-e finally react which, I hope, should be done fast.

PM me if interested, and don't hesitate to ask for proofs/precisons or whatever if you need so.
Oh and of course no need to add that I won't share private informations if you haven't proven that you have the money (at least 0.5BTC) and that you're willing to deal with me...


Edit: oh and I can provide huge amounts (about 800€) of Paypal as I'm a Paypal reseller. I can send as f&f or gift, Paypal policies say they don't refund f&f and gifts and I've never had a problem BUT everyone here says to be careful with such payment so... Your call here, but as soon as I've made the Paypal payment you can withdraw it or send it to another account thus you can secure the funds (I believe, at least that's what I do)
4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / How to make a transaction goes through network? on: March 02, 2017, 11:58:49 PM
Hello people,

I've sent some btc to someone without taking into account the number of inputs it seems, and transaction is stucked in network.

6 Inputs and 2 Outputs for 0.4 mBTC fee
Do you have an idea on how to make the transaction still goes through?
5  Economy / Currency exchange / [WTS][WTB] BTC PAYPAL and SKRILL and OKPAY already 1.5BTC exchanged [TRUSTED] on: February 28, 2017, 08:09:13 PM

I have trouble with my Paypal account. I'm currently creating a company in order to be able to make those trades in a safer way and without problem. But for now I will no longer take trades, at least not until my Paypal account isn't back on track.

Thank you for your understanding!

Hello people,

I'm ready to change your Paypal funds into BTC! (Or the contrary)

Already 467$ and 1070€ worth of BTC exchanged!

Rules are simple:
-You send in business or friends and family as you wish. Remember though that in business you'll also pay a huge fee (around 5%) for paypal.
-I send you the amount whenever the money is AVAILABLE on my account which means I can withdraw it. In friends and family it's nearly instant but in business it can take longer
-I accept escrow if you pay the fees

Here are my rates:
If you pay in $ rate is preev + 19%
If you pay in € rate is preev + 15%

I can lower the rates if you're a regular client or if you exchange huge funds  Wink

Why are the rates different? Because my bank account is in euros and Paypal takes a 4% conversion fee if I withdraw dollars.

I'll also take your OKPAY and SKRILL funds for 14% rate.

Don't hesitate to ask any question you might have  Wink

Trade history
580€ with paypal to DavidGermany
490€ with paypal to Zaizoun
450$ with paypal to gameristo
17$ with paypal to sebungkus
11€ with paypal to FruitsBasket

If you want to buy BTC with another mean of payment, don't hesitate to ask here or PM me, I'll do my best to do it with the best rates Smiley
6  Economy / Services / [FREE] Benchmarking and marketing study for BTC sites!!! on: January 23, 2017, 09:34:15 AM
Hello all,

I'm in a team of young commercials and engineers more and more interested in the BTC world.

As a start of activity we'd like to establish a photo of the current state.
We are looking for people who started a business in BTC to make together a huge marketing study. The deal is pretty simple: you accept to take a bit of your time to give us answers on precise aspects of your business and in exchange we will make a compilation of the data to, in the end, sending you a complete marketing study on the BTC start up ecosystem.

I hope some creators will be interested, don't hesitate to contact me.
We're looking for starting business but old established websites like an exchange platform would be extremely interesting too!
7  Other / Politics & Society / Do you also think that USA is the biggest plague of the world? on: August 04, 2016, 01:41:54 PM
I just want to know if I'm the only one aware of that.
USA actually brought nothing on this last century but the destruction of the world. The whole middle east situation is entirely their fault. The overwhelming power of oil companies is their fault. The absurd market deregulation is their fault. The nonsense power of banks on the rest of the world I their fault.

But you can also add instability of south America,  consumption society, the absurd (and false) trust in a growth society.

I mean,  USA is probably the biggest mistake of France. As a French I truly apologise, we should have never sent any troops and firepower to the USA when they were at war with UK.  Sorry again people.
8  Economy / Currency exchange / Cash buying of btc on: July 08, 2016, 12:29:54 AM

I'm looking to buy moderate amounts of btc in cash EUR in France. I can move in different places, I'd like to buy around 5BTC in cash.

PM if interested.
9  Other / Politics & Society / Pro gun mom got shot by her 4 years old son on: March 14, 2016, 08:38:42 AM
I won't add anything to the irony of this situation. It's just incredible that she doesn't realize how lucky she was to have a second chance. Most never had it.
30 000 deaths every year by guns in the USA. The highest murder rate of the Western world. Maybe start to think about it?
Anyway, seems at least her son can't aim well!

A MUM who was accidentally shot by her four-year-old son “will never give up her guns”, her family have announced.
Family members said Jamie Gilt will still be pro-gun — despite being almost killed in an accidental shooting in her truck.
Ms Gilt, 31, is in a stable condition and faces criminal charges after her son found a fully loaded .45 handgun next to his child booster seat and pulled the trigger.
The boy’s grandmother Jane Bramble told The Sun the youngster has no idea that he had almost killed his mum.
And she insisted her daughter would not change her opinion about owning guns — and will keep the semi automatic gun fired in the incident.
“This was an accident and nothing more,” said the 71-year-old from Palaka, Florida.
“All the gun control people are jumping on this, but it will not change her opinion about owning guns.
“She is very pro-gun and will not change her opinion about owning them.
“She will keep her guns and I’m happy that she will.”

Ms Bramble said her grandson was unaffected by the shooting.
“He is sitting opposite me eating pancakes and has no idea what he did. It was an accident, that is all it was.”
Ms Bramble refused to say how her grandson got hold of the loaded weapon.
“I don’t want to go into that now,” she said.
“I want to thank everyone for their support and prayers in this difficult time.
“The family wants to remain private and focus on the long road of healing ahead.”
Days before the shooting Ms Gilt had used social media to support the right to own guns and boasted that her son knew how to shoot.
“All of ours know how to shoot too. Even my 4-year-old gets jacked up to target shoot the .22,” she wrote in a Facebook posting.
As well as a personal account Ms Gilt has a Facebook page called “Jamie Gilt for Gun Sense”
The four-year-old boy has not been named and is in the care of his grandmother while social services launch an investigation. Police said he will not face any charges.
Ms Gilt was driving to her sister’s home near Jacksonville, Florida, when the youngster fired a single shot into the driver’s seat.

The bullet passed through her back and exited out of her stomach.
A police officer saw the driver waving at him frantically and when he approached the vehicle Ms Gilt said her son had shot her in the back.
Police found a handgun on the floor of the vehicle and the boy was unrestrained in the child booster seat.
Ms Gilt was flown by air ambulance to the UF Hospital in Gainesville where she remains in a stable condition.
She has yet to be interviewed by police as doctors have said she is not medically fit to make a statement.
The Putnam County Sheriff’s Office said Ms Gilt could face a negligence charge if it was found the boy had easy access to the gun.
However, a former state prosecutor said it was unlikely Ms Gilt would be charged as she had suffered enough.
Harry Shorstein said “You have to put great weight on the fact that the person who is criminally liable is the one who was shot.
“I’d be very reluctant to prosecute in this situation.”

10  Other / Politics & Society / Why voting for the liar? on: March 02, 2016, 10:26:34 AM
Here are the profiles of Sanders and Trump on Politifact.

Tell me just one thing you Trumpers, how do you justify that nearly 80% of what Trump says is at least mostly false?

Is there any justification for that?
11  Other / Off-topic / Need an advice for simulation game on: February 22, 2016, 09:08:40 PM
Hey people,

I'm crazy for management and simulation games.
Don't know if you know "startopia" but omg how I loved this game!
I'm also a huge fan of Europa Universalis games (best games ever) or Civilisation or Heroes.

And I'm short of any new game to play!

I like turn strategy, wargames and simulation games. The best being a combination of the three like Europa Universalis or Civilisation Smiley

Any advice?
12  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Discussion / Bitcoin and porn why? [NSFW] on: February 03, 2016, 02:19:57 PM

I see lots of people using bitcoin for porn as they say.

Call me a child but I don't see why. I never had to pay for porn and I'm rather happy with what you find for free here! In fact I don't understand where you have to pay for that.
So guys (or ladies I'm not sexist :p ) do you have awesome adresses where access is limited to paid users? Cause never needed to pay until now and curious to know if it's because I satisfy myself with low quality p0rn or because I've already found the good practices  Grin
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