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1  Other / Off-topic / [Released] Learn Bitcoin, play a game, Bitcoin: Unbiased, Unprejudiced, Fair on: October 14, 2020, 11:26:43 AM
When you are new to the bitcoin world, it looks chaotic. Packed with hundreds of algorithms coming at you every second. Behold! Bitcoin: Unbiased, Unprejudiced, Fair will make it easy. You will learn how blockchain technology works under the hood while playing a game!

Features of Bitcoin: Unbiased, Unprejudiced, Fair -Episode 1:

-Explain the systemic corruption of the Government and the reason why bitcoin is needed.

-Illustrate cryptographic hash functions with examples

-Explain properties of hash function in details, such as determinism and non-collision.

-Illustrate Merkle tree and Merkle root with examples

-Explain Merkle tree verification process in details.

Purchase link->

Itch store didn't index my game for some reason, the game doesn't show up in their store even if you search for it.
2  Other / Politics & Society / art of self correction: eugenics, epstein, morphic resonance & QM on: September 16, 2020, 11:25:26 PM
have you heard about morphic resonance theory by rupert sheldrake? If you are familiar with rupert sheldrake and others like him, they believe in morphic resonance theory. which states when you do something, it is kinda stored in the spiritual level of the universe. He believes in telepathy, other biologists believe in remote viewing and esp stuff.

he claims that people have a collective consciousness, training rats in england will make rats in africa smarter. there is no proof for universe to be completely mechanical. mechanical universe could not have dark energy which makes universe still to be expanding. universe could be an organism.

Gregg braden is not really as reputed as rupert but he focuses on heart. heart is the source of consciousness, human organ or blood donation can transfer the memory and character. he focuses on meditation and prayer to let heart have it's time etc.

establishment is after rupert for decades now, tried to defund him many times but he has some independent rich fundraisers. same with weinstein brothers. they are actively trying to censor bret, because he is too politically intelligent biologists. eric is saying that if we are waiting for somebody from traditional secular physics community to find the next foundation of physics we will be disappointed.

if you know quantum mechanics, QM double slit experiment depends on observation by a CONSCIOUS entity. simple observation by a computer can't really be fully trusted. you need conscious observer, preferably a human. now connecting the dots to eastern mysticism, it depends on your heart.

we also don't know why particle will always form interference pattern. A particle going through double slit experiment, will tell later particles how to form interference. This is a FACT not fiction.

small particles can see through time dimension, predict the future for a certain duration. just google it, copenhagen; many world; pilot wave interpretations, there are a lot. the duration it can see through time depends on the whole experiment.

if you know delayed choice quantum eraser, you can force the particle to see the future thousand of years if necessary. however, even though particle can go back in time and give other particles information, we cannot transfer information in that way.

Particle also has low but nonzero chance to penetrate thick walls. This is because particles are waves, they canít really be localized. They are waving through time and space. Their frequency will allow them to go through walls.

Everything is a frequency, everything is resonating because everything is made out of tiny particles which are itself nothing but frequency. And this also means everything is interfering with each other because constructive and destructive interference is a nature of waves.

why is rupert being persecuted? why is the establishment trying so hard to censor bret weinstein? only because he is trying to create a third party? or is it because he is on to something elemental about neo-atheistic biologists? I believe there is a corporate conspiracy to suppress fringe science and spirituality/humility. Why is the D.I.S.C. suppressing andrew yang? joe rogan? eric?

is everything connected? does the establishment depend on patent, big pharma, vaccine, wall street, censorship, racism, military industrial complex? are these seemingly random incidents connected? everything is connected into one, isn't it? isn't that the definition of intelligence?


now my self correction theory of everything comes in. why can't virus do quantum tunneling. i admit that chance of quantum tunneling of an electron is low and virus is already way bigger than a electron, so the chance is almost non existence. Still, virus should be at least able to do spiritual quantum tunneling when they are being tortured inside lab?

if they are self correcting, meaning they are being humble, praying/meditating, can they transfer information like a telepath? mass is ego. if i let go of my ego i can go anywhere, i can see the future. only if i dont let me ego to grow. particles have low/zero mass, and tiny size. virus are slightly bigger, has million time more mass than electron. patent laws=bad intent= bad heart=bad conscious observer. And in double slit experiment, bad conscious observer is troubling.

morphic resonance supporters also claims that prayer/meditation can make your heart bigger and make you a better CONSCIOUS observer. it can make you a better telepath in the spiritual realm? eastern mysticism, which rupert sheldrake is into, warns about having an ego, every eastern religion/philosophy tells people to be humble, and emphasizes on the importance of mediation/prayer, widening your heart and thus empowering your spirit etc. this is has to be the foundation of para-physics, self-correction(wave) to be united spiritually, sending information through thick walls like telepathy.

So that's how i connect paranormal like true dreams, remote view, telepathy etc. with QM's consciousness and particle's decision tree, with morphic resonance and united spiritual consciousness principle (eastern mysticism) with eugenics, epstein, pedogate, royal dyansty, patented vaccines Cheesy

Scientists are claiming that there are clear evidences of covid19 being a biological weapon released to kill all of us? yes and no, it was a biological weapon, created by patent laws and observation frequency(QM) however, it got leaked because covid telepath to other coronavirus in flea market. particle can go through walls. virus has a body and a spirit so can't really go through walls physically, they can go through walls spiritually, it's called telepathy.

3  Bitcoin / Project Development / Announcing a game : Blockchain : Unbiased, Unprejudiced, Fair on: June 21, 2020, 05:55:12 PM
Hi, I am making a 'game' which is works as a tutorial for bitcoin.

Here is B:UUF episode 1, which is only about hash algorithms and merkle tree.


FAQ1: Why is this so incomplete, no music or animation
Well, I am trying to make things actually cryptopunk instead of looking cyberpunk or l33t.

FAQ2: What are your plans
I might end up selling the game on steam, it depends on the feedback and many other factors. At first I thought about giving game for free and waiting on donations... but...
Anyway there is still a long way to go, this is barely a start. DONATE PLEASE!

FAQ3: What is the roadmap? Why should somebody donate you
I don't know... season 1 is gonna be about old bitcoin- blockchain and utxo etc.. season 2 gonna feature BIP44 and segwit, season 3 is ethereum and stuff.
Even season 1 gonna take few months to be completed. It's a long way.

FAQ4: How do we give feedback?
write a post here, but I already have a plan how to gamify many aspects of bitcoin.

FAQ5: Why is this game so political
Dude you are in bitcointalk, i thought you have to declare believing in petrodollar libertarian conspiracy theorists before you come here...
4  Other / Politics & Society / Art of Struggle : Listen or be destroyed on: June 09, 2020, 02:15:37 PM
"The forum is not an 'exam', we are not here to hear the same answers again and again but in your own words.  Make us laugh (or mad!), add something of value, something new or something interesting to the discussion."

Okay, I will do what's called a pro gamer move. I have a plan. "It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan."

I am trying to write a book called Art of Struggle. This book might sound similar to art of war but itís even more scientific and nerdy. I combined many things into one. Humanity will be destroyed if they donít listen to what I have to say. Itís because Satan deceives people thinking they can have a bit of ego. Satan telling people to treat everybody as a number.

This is why we have drone attacks on Iranian and U.S. warships, this is why we U.S warships are hitting each other mysteriously. This is also why we havenít really discovered anything in last 80 years. Tensor calculus is also missing quantum self-correction wave trapped in double-slit experiment.

Spiritual unity is the key. I discussed how Covid19 has been created and spread. Quantum mechanics is missing companion wave and self correction wave.

Virus is always praying, biding itís time, waiting for the perfect moment. When scientists are trying to make patented vaccines, they are changing virus faster than natural virus evolution. This makes the virus outside the lab wall automatically mutate and become deadly against humans. Virus consciousness can breach any walls because they are small, little mass, they have no ego, so they are spiritually united better than humans. They are always self correcting, so their quantum companion wave (birdy-souls) are united.

I also have a plan for fixing political turmoil. We fix nationalism, capitalism and fiat currency based economy but we keep economical purpose. We build a rail network in middle east and Africa, which is blockchainable. So we keep track of oil and natural gas barrels. We plant trees. Tree plantation will end racism once and for all. This will unite Mecca, Morocco, Acre, Rwanda and Tanzania. This will also revive Nile river and protect environment.

For blockchain nonce, I say instead of numeric nonce, create poetrical nonce. These poetry written in Arabic, Shakespearing English and older languages.
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