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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / [Moon3D] Seeding Event for our Newest Provably Fair Crash Game on: April 18, 2019, 04:23:32 AM
Hello Captain, Welcome to Moon3D's Seeding Event!

Purpose: The purpose of this post is to demonstrate that our game is indeed provably fair, i.e. our game's hash chain (which generates the randomness used in the game) has been chosen in a provably fair way.

1. Server Seed

We have generated a chain of 10 million sha256 hashes, meaning we started with a server seed and hashed it repeatedly 10 million times, i.e. serverSeed -> sha256(serverSeed) -> sha256(sha256(serverSeed))... The last hash of the hash chain is: c913d01f75b686d401213722c8b3b618157c84e3eb73409e8fd86689f89a79bf. Making this public prevents us from picking a different sha256 chain.
2. Game Progression

Moon3D will progress through the above hash chain in reverse order and use the hashes to determine the crash point in a provably fair manner.

3. Client Seed

To make sure we don't have control over choosing a desired hash chain in one way or another, each hash in the chain will be salted with a client seed, which would be the block hash of a future Ethereum block that has not been mined yet: Block 7589650.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / [Moon3D Pre-Seeding Event] Why we didn’t get the Bustabit License — Moon3D Team on: March 26, 2019, 10:37:15 PM
To start, we want to thank the BaB team and RHavar Smiley for building out such a cool game to begin with! We also want to thank our awesome community of players, as we are so thankful to each of you. You won’t regret having picked us!

Why did we make Moon3D?

Much like most BaB players, we were fascinated by the gaming concept the first time we played it. But we soon realized we wanted more and that we could try to take the idea to the next level and manifest it with better UI/UX and features in a way that would appeal to more users. Hence, we decided to mold/modify it to make it our own.

What's different about Moon3D?

In building Moon3D, we took the time and genuine effort to dissect everything we knew of BaB and its open source codebase. In the process, we built new (never before seen) features like our bonus hunting system, profit share referral system, and our clean/futuristic graphics interface -- all in TypeScript (superset of Javascript). On top of that, we host and manage a custom exchange backend that processes near-instantaneous withdrawals! And we have much more to come...

Why didn’t we buy the Bustabit License?

Each week, we have been pushing new features to reimagine and innovate on our game! While we respect BaB's implementation, we don’t believe they own sole proprietorship to all other implementations of the idea. Like most “internet ideas,” it seems to us only the implementation matters. Unlike most “licensed” sites, we took the painstaking effort of upgrading our game beyond the usual v1 features.

And to those that believe that licensing is the only path to legitimacy, here is a recent counterexample -- a not-so favorable “licensed” site by the name of CrashDoge (and more).

If you're so different, why are you on license.txt in such manner?

Well, when we were notified about landing on license.txt, we contacted Daniel (BaB's current operator). And unfortunately we couldn’t come to an agreement that Moon3D was sufficiently different. While we continue to add upgrades to the game (including new crash-style games soon), we would like to open the question up to the community.

Should all implementations of the graph game be forced to conform to BaB's standards?

To Daniel and the team, we are still open to sharing our code with you privately, so you can take a look at all the changes we have made Smiley

What’s next for Moon3D?

To live up to our promise of innovating on the Crash Game concept, we have new (never before seen) crash-style games coming to Moon3D in the future! With new math and new hash chains Smiley

Join our Discord to stay updated and ask for free rolls to check us out on Moon3D!
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Service Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Moon3D - Exciting, Provably Fair Crash Game, Join Discord for 3 FREE Rolls on: February 21, 2019, 04:46:13 AM
Hello Captain, Welcome to Moon3D!

Our team at Moon3D is proud to announce the beta launch of the world’s most exciting, provably fair Ethereum Crash Game.

We are focused on prioritizing our users to deliver a fun gaming experience. We offer promotions for new players, so we encourage you to follow us on Discord and share the fun!


Mission Statement: Take your ETH to the moon! Follow your rocket all the way through the cosmos from the galaxies of Nyan territory to the Moon. And if you are lucky, you'll see Vitalik riding his Pony to the Moon!

The rules are simple:

1. Fuel your Rocket with some good old mETH
2. Set your panel on Manual or Autopilot
3. Cash out in time and Compete with the top 3 players from each round for the bonus pool

Want to Profit Share with the Team?

Simple, refer your friends! No need to waste time and money in the bankroll, just refer your friends. Our Profit Share system is instantly paid out each time your referee bets. Payouts are credited as a percentage of the referee's bet.

The more you refer, the higher your Profit Share level goes:
1. 15% Profit Share (base tier, 0.2% of referee wagers)
2. 20% Profit Share
3. 25% Profit Share
4. 30% Profit Share
5. 40% Profit Share (ultra mega f*kin whales)

For more information, please join our Discord, and message an admin to say hi!

Now, get to it Captain. Go feed your crash addiction with some mETH and Nyan Glory!

P.S. In the near future, Moon3D will enable players to use 100+ cryptocurrencies on the platform. More importantly, we plan to support new exciting graphs that have never been seen before!
4  Economy / Games and rounds / [MOON3D] Crash Gaming Concept Free Giveaways Through Discord!!!! on: February 13, 2019, 09:53:23 AM
Moon3D will be giving away free crypto every single day through Discord!
Shocked Shocked
Join here:

How to win

I have 10 numbers between 1-1000 in mind, and each number is linked to a prize! Guess a number to win!

  • You must chat in the Discord server (in whichever channel) to become eligible to guess and win a prize.
  • You can guess once per hour.
  • Every post must include your full Discord name. Example: MaxMoon#7581

If you correctly guess a winning number, I will check all of your previous posts to make sure you didn't have two posts less than an hour apart in time. Breaking any of the rules above will result in an automatic disqualification from winning a prize. Cool

10 Prizes

1. +$1 (unclaimed)
2. +$2 (unclaimed)
3. +$1 (unclaimed)
4. +$2 (unclaimed)
5. +$1 (unclaimed)
6. +$2 (unclaimed)
7. +$1 (unclaimed)
8. +$2 (unclaimed)
9. +$1 (unclaimed)
10. +$5 (unclaimed)

Once all prizes have been claimed, I plan to reveal the input of the following sha256 hash, which will show all of the ten winning numbers: 75B40E61ADCAFC7EDE2FDA8740C861FC683C94DFFC4C1D91B4F5A284C2788C21

Discord link:
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