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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / ✅✅✅[BOUNTY]✅✅✅Kepler - Confidential Assets Blockchain. Daily stakes!✅✅✅ on: June 17, 2020, 02:42:26 PM
We have to inform you that the mechanism of Bounty requires several improvements. Unfortunately, we have to suspend the Bounty Campaign for Kepler.

Confidential Assets
Unlike other blockchain privacy platforms where only the transaction amount is hidden but not the asset type, Kepler is capable of hiding both. Confidential Assets is an entirely new way of conducting private transactions as now not only will the amounts be hidden but the asset type will be invisible as well. Researchers at Blockstream proposed analysing a technology called Confidential Assets back in 2017 which would be able to hide both amount and asset types.

Confidential Assets can be split into two different categories:

Native Blockchain Confidential Assets (native CA)
This is the first CA feature that will go live in Kepler in an upcoming release. Blockstream first debuted this feature in the Elements Blockchain platform in 2017 by Blockstream, this solution was based on Bitcoin and although the amount and asset types are hidden by blockchain viewers, the addresses of senders and receivers can still be seen by others. Kepler's CA feature will completely hide: Amount, asset types and of course, there's no addresses involved!
Smart Contracts Confidential Assets (contract CA)
Contract CA, also known as Confidential Smart Contracts are being developed for Kepler, these will incorporate Confidential Assets capabilities into Smart Contracts. One of the first use cases for this will be Confidential Assets Stablecoins.

● Bounty Campaign 1 Round 19/06/20 - 18/07/20 lasts for 30 days.
● Tokens will be distributed to participants within 10 days after the end of the Bounty Campaign.  
● Daily stakes! Do tasks every day and make report every 3 days!
● Bounty Campaign Spreadsheets:
● For performing certain actions you will get stakes, after the end of the bounty campaign, the stakes will be converted into tokens, according to formula (total number of tokens/total number of stakes)*number of your stakes.
● Please, read the terms carefully. For the non-compliance with requirements, even with a small one, you will not get stakes or be excluded from the bounty program.
● Using multi-accounts, spam, bots and so on are strictly prohibited, all attempted users will be banned.
● We reserve the right to adjust the conditions of the bounty campaign during the period of IEO. For all the updates, keep an eye on this topic and Telegram chats:,,
● Format for proof of authentication post:

Proof of authentication
- Campaigns applied for:
- Bitcointalk username:
- Bitcointalk link:
- Telegram link:
- Facebook link:
- Twitter link:
- Instagram link:

●  Bounty campaign reward pool: 10 000 000 KMW Tokens, will be distributed through this bounty campaign

● Social Media (Twitter, Reddit, YouTube) - 30%

● Blog, Video, Content creation - 20%

● Signature campaign - 20%

● Telegram Campaign - 20%

● Reserve fund - 10%

● 300 to 999 Followers: 1 stake
● 1000 to 5000+ Followers: 2 stakes
● 5000 - 10000 Followers: 3 stakes
● 10000+  Followers: 4 stakes

● Make 2 posts every day. Use information from official social networks. Your posts should have link on website and hashtags:#KMW #KeplerNetwork #P2PB2B #cryptocurrency #blockchain #decentralization #bounty,  etc.
● Make 2 reposts every day. Use information from official social networks. Your posts should have link on website and hashtags:#KMW #KeplerNetwork #P2PB2B #cryptocurrency #blockchain #decentralization #bounty,  etc.
● Make 2 comments per day in the official thread. Don't use hashtags!
● You must have at least 300 followers.

How to join
1. Submit the registration here:
2. ❗️ Do tasks every day. Make report every 3 days, using this format:

Twitter Profile:
Follower Count:
Tweet Links: 1, 2.
Retweet Links: 1,2.
Comment Links: 1, 2.

●  3 stakes per post
●  3 stakes per comment

●  Subscribe to project subreddit:
●  For a post to be counted, it needs to be posted in the project subreddit,  or cryptocurrency related subreddits, such as: r/BlockChain, r/crypto_currency, r/CryptocurrencyICOs, r/Crypto_General, /r/cryptocurrencynewico, r/NewCryptoinfo, r/ICOAnalysis, r/ico, r/BitcoinAll, r/icocryptoo, etc.
●  Maximum 2 posts per day.  Maximum 2 comments per day.
●  Any kind of spam will not be rewarded.

How to join
1. Submit the registration here:
2. ❗️ Do tasks every day. Make report every 3 days, using this format:

Day: XX
Reddit Profile:
Comment Links: 1, 2.
Post Links: 1, 2.

- 3 stakes per 1 comment

- Mandatory to follow the official YouTube channel: LINK . You must stay subscribed!
- Like all video on our channel.
- Maximum  comments a day. Comments like: "Hi, hello, cool project" and so on will not count.

How to join
1. Submit the registration form here:
2. ❗️ Do tasks every day. Make report every 3 days, using this format:

Day: XX
YouTube profile link:
Comment Links: 1, 2.

● Original article 1 - 5 stakes
● High resolution video 1 - 5 stakes

● The article/review/blog post must have at least 500 words.
● Content must be unique and will be checked for plagiarism!
● Review in your local language is allowed. You must be a native speaker. Google translator is prohibited.
● All posts and articles must be published online and accessible by everyone.
● The audience for the published article/vlog must be crypto/business related.
● Website must have a genuine audience. New websites will not be accepted
● Article/review/blog post/vlog must contain link on website and hashtags:#KMW #KeplerNetwork #P2PB2B #cryptocurrency #blockchain #decentralization #bounty.
● In the description of a video, you have to write 70+ words original text about the KeplerNetwork.

How to join
1. Write a good article, review, or blog and publish it.
2. Publish it on your website, blog, telegram or youtube channel, etc.
3. Submit to the publication here:

● Member/Copper Member: 2 Stakes per day      
● Full Member: 4 Stakes per day
● Sr Member: 6 Stakes per day
● Hero: 8 Stakes per day  
● Legendary: 12 Stakes per day

● Participants with red trust are not allowed.
● Each participant should make at least 2 posts per day 100+ characters length, during their participation in campaign.
● Focus on Bitcoin, Alternate cryptocurrencies, Economy sections! Focus on English language!
● Comply with the terms to avoid problems.

How to join
1. Wear you forum rang signature and avatar.
2. Submit the registration form here:
3. Start to write comments.



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●  1 comment = 1 stake. Ask questions about the project, about the development, be active!

●  Must follow official telegrams:,,
●  Be active in the group, discuss with our team and other member.
●  Mandatory to communicate with other users! Ask questions about the project and development!
●  Don't spam all comments in row! Do not write silly praise! For violation - ban!
●  Maximum 5 comments per day in, 40+ characters long. Comments like:  Hi!, Hello!, Good project - will be not counted.

How to join
1. Submit the registration here:
2. ❗️ Do tasks every day. Make report every 3 days, using this format:

- Day:
- Your @username:
- Telegram comments:
           Comment Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
- The number of friends invited by you: ...
           Screenshot Links: 1, 2, 3...
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / ANN|Kepler Network|First Confidential Asset Platform Based on MW | Cuckatoo31 on: March 04, 2019, 03:38:43 AM

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