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1  Economy / Services / Dream's Marketplace ~ ESCROW SERVICE ($2 MILLION+) ~ Buy and Sell with Crypto on: June 16, 2019, 02:47:04 AM
I know that I've already made an ANN post over here for my services.

However, since I've posted that thread my escrow volume has grown quite a bit. To date, I've escrowed approximately 62.5 BTC and 482+ETH (July 26th, 2020)
You can verify for yourself here: BTC Wallet (Our new bot has handled the remaining BTC) ETH Wallet I also have a USDT Wallet.

You are welcome to join my server and type !stats in the bot-commands channel to see up to date escrow stats on BTC/ETH wallets and completed escrow tiers. Gold tier is 5k+, Silver is 1-5k, Bronze is 100-1k. Reputation is left on both parties and can be checked with !profile @username to see their trade history. EDIT: We have introduced a new platinum tier for escrows above 10k USD.

I want to deliver a service that makes it easy for sellers and buyers to complete transactions safely and reliably. My fees are low compared to what i've seen from some other escrows around here. I charge a flat 0.5% fee (amount * 0.005) I currently do escrows for USDT/ETH/BTC but I'm willing to use almost any coin provided the escrow amount is above 10k (There is no minimum if you use one of the three coins I already provide services for). On the discord server, we have dedicated channels for advertising buying and selling hardware, services, hash rate rentals, group buys, etc. There is also a fully functioning order book for users to list buy and sell orders OTC. Majority of my escrows are hardware/services/hash rate related. There are a "standard" set of terms in each escrow trade which is provided by the bot (Update pending) whenever a new trade is opened, you are welcome to modify them as long as both parties agree to it.

I have released a new update to my discord bot which will help automate the process of escrow transactions by creating unique wallets for each trade, confirm the deposit of funds and automatically release the funds to the seller (upon the approval of the buyer). If there is any dispute between the two parties, a resolution will be reached with the help of the escrow and then the appropriate funds will be released based on the agreement. I have also implemented several security features to ensure the private keys remain private during the entire escrow process and after the transaction has been completed.

With that being said I would also like to offer escrow services on Bitcointalk, I check the forums about once a day or every two days. You are welcome to PM me to set up an escrow on here. However, if you urgently would like to create an escrow please contact me on discord at Dream#0003. I get notifications on my phone and usually check them asap.

If you would like to join the discord server, click this link

I can also be reached on telegram @dreamescrow

EDIT: As of JAN 21st 2021, the escrow fee is now 2%
total stats: 363 Trades completed
Total Volume BTC: 66.1493594 BTC
Total Volume ETH: 641.65778 ETH

EDIT: As of APR 3 2021
total stats: 568 Trades completed
Total Volume BTC: 68.0411604 BTC
Total Volume ETH: 732.34051 ETH

EDIT: As of AUG 16 2021
BTC (excluding 10BTC automated volume): 589911.22
LTC: 25302.96
ETH: 701120.84
Stable coin (ERC-20 USDT/USDC): 895166.42

Total: 2,211,501.44‬ USD

These amounts are collected by looking at incoming transactions and adjusting for their approximate value when the transaction confirms on the network
2  Economy / Service Announcements / [ANN] Dream's Marketplace ~ ESCROW SERVICE (500k+) ~ Buy and Sell with Crypto on: April 11, 2019, 03:20:27 AM
Hello, members of Bitcointalk,

I wanted to draw your attention to my Crypto Marketplace Discord server and escrow service.

I invite you all to join

Short version - a Discord group with only 2% flat fee for escrows; over 15BTC in transactions in under 4 months, private chat rooms for transactions, public OTC order book, user reputation system

Long Version
First off, let's answer the question
What is an escrow service, and why would I use one?

Escrows create a safe trading environment between a buyer, a seller and a trusted 3rd party middleman (an escrow). The escrow server I have created is a Discord channel where anyone can list OTC coins, hardware/software/services/hash rate etc. for sale.

Many are using the service to sell their OTC coins - Just because a coin is not publicly tradeable, doesn't mean you can't buy and sell them. (However, OTC is for another discussion though)

OK, so why should I trust you and use your escrow service?

The escrow service has additional features (see below) that make this a truly unique, safe, and time-saving escrow! You can feel safe, knowing that - along with my reputation in other Discord groups, such as the FPGA Discord, my escrow service has completed over 15BTC in transactions in just under 4 months! That means a lot of escrows and successful transactions ? which ultimately means many happy users!

Escrow Main Features:

-   Very affordable escrow service with a flat 2% fee
-   A Fully automated public order book for OTC listings
-   Custom Discord bot that creates private chat rooms between the buyer, seller, and escrow only
-   A reputation system that keeps track of previous trade history. You can view any users' reputation history by simply typing a command!
-   Trusted, and reputable group admin (see other channels such as FPGA Discord -

I hope you will find this service as useful as all the other users have and hope you join us!

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