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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / Question!! What is the best signature campaign available? on: June 11, 2016, 12:33:17 PM
I am wondering what the best signature campaign is so that I can promote positive projects in Crypto world Smiley

Please post me some here
2  Bitcoin / Project Development / Need a shapeshift wallet on: October 11, 2015, 03:21:09 AM
I am looking for someone that can build a shape shift wallet for Dreamcoin.


( so we can use DRMs in places that only accept BTC and we can easily set base to Dreamcoin and can set a % fee structure integrated in Dreamcoin wallet so conversion is possible in wallet itself)

Some currencies we would want as basics are Litecoin, Dogecoin, Darkcoin, Bitcoin.

It has to be a good bid since prices of Bitcoin is down and cryptocurrencies are temporarily illiquid. Contact me through message for an offer and more questions please post here.
3  Bitcoin / Project Development / Looking for a BTC/Altcoin Trading Bot on: March 17, 2015, 05:24:35 AM
Looking for a BTC/Altcoin trading bot.

It has to have API Tradeability via Bittrex, Cryptsy, Poloniex, Bter, Okcoin, and Bitfinex.

This bot must be able to multitask with around 5 bots each using different APIs (basically 5 bots combined into 1 trading bot.)

This bot must have really high frequency trading and be able to move/change orders of 1 satoshi, and be able to compete with other Bitcoin traders.

This bot should also be able to dump/pump coins and create fine graphs, while hiding orders thru the technique of spreading.

This bot should be able to detect Head and shoulder, Elliot waves, and other trading patterns when it is trading BTC or Altcoins for that matter.

It should be able to act as both fish and whale in trading.

Please send me PMs about the price/bid you can arrange it for and thank you!
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Funding DRM's Anonymity project on: May 22, 2014, 04:15:12 AM
Let's put out an offer for someone really skilled, but give him insane deadlines and pay him one fifth of the bounty if he missed this deadline.

What a brilliant idea. If I were a programmer capable of implementing ring signatures in a satoshi based client within such a ridiculously short time, I sure as hell wouldn't make it for a random coin.

I'd make my own.

We're going to increase the time to 1 month. I myself know 1 week is ridiculous after contacting few pro coders. Still waiting for MyFarm. Please respond proactively thank you. Honestly why would u make your own when u cant handle it later? Scam a few peps that what ur saying?

If someone is capable of integrating ring signatures into the satoshi client, they are way more capable than you are anyways, so why would they do it for you instead of creating their own altcoin? Dreamcoin is looking to be the next big pump, that's it.

Because marketing is hard. If there's a **well distributed** community of motivated stakeholders **both big and small**, then it's WAY more lucrative for me to give the community something it wants than to go create yet another altcoin that might be technically interesting but has no active users. Besides, I don't learn anything releasing code that nobody runs.

Scamming is for bitcoiners. I'd like to believe this community has a dream of something better

See this guy is a hero for us, i love the fact that he doesnt just want to "make a new coin" as theres already hundreds rotting away and give DRM a new life as the first ever POS anon currency.

So here's the deal... You, the Dreamcoin community, have to make some hard decisions, and tell me what's really important. Cause I can do development fast, but to do that, I need to US dollars to pay my bills and possibly hire other people.

But I'd rather do **high quality work** rather than another quick pump-and-dump. That is NOT going to come quickly, and might involve dramatically changing some coin fundamentals, because there are a lot of broken fundamentals in different places because someone grabs something derived from the Satoshi bitcoin client, makes a change, and doesn't fully understand what they are doing.

Satoshi had a brilliant concept with blockchains, and Bitcoin was a great first implementation. Proof of stake was a pretty interesting addition. Now we have Dreamcoin, which has a great name. But you don't achieve your dreams without making a few mistakes, and learning from them along the way. So here's an idea.. wouldn't Dreamcoin be the ideal coin for a fully distributed crowdfunding system, like ?

I could probably implement (and most importantly, test) some sort of ring signatures and/or darkcoin-like anonymity protections for $50k to $100K USD in a couple of months. If there's no money, and I'm doing this in my spare time, it might be 6 to 18 months. It might be a lot faster if there is a community that comes together out of something more that just the 'next big coin'.

Excellent post, looks like you will do the break test and etc yourself by the looks of it. Dreamcoin can become really professional through this quality work. Yeah man im sure we raise a atleast $5000 in the beginning and hey we have MyFarm. I sure aint looking for a shit pnd but a long term potential coin here. I understand that POS cryptonote is a different algo all together and it will be much harder if thats what you are aiming. I will try getting BTC and DRM addresses started later hopefully. Is there any chance you maybe commit full time to this at some point? I sent an email addressing ETA, could you state the processes you will be doing as well?

Hello everyone, it is unlikely many of you know Dreamcoin but we are aiming to be the most rarest and innovative anonymous coin in the ALTsphere. Dreamcoin current stands at 1.8mill total coins, with 15% annual POS interest.

What we want to do is transition Dreamcoin from a satoshi client to a monero and darksend client in order to become anonymous through both ways. This will make Dreamcoin to be the first Cryptonote/Darksend POS coin resulting in a new algorothim all together that will generate a lot of demand through the masses.

We are looking to achieve a goal of 100BTC in whatever form you can donate, here are the addresses:

1. DRM address: D67tnkGnibd1fe3gPLdmrsnRx2hhYYQh6g
2. BTC address: 1DoEFszLXdt6PB4nLEno4HtgvcTzqhFB34
3. Dogecoin address: DPaqvjVaLmo81ek29RPGqPzdys2MTxcrVD

Currently it is being traded at Poloniex as well:
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Dreamcoin 10BTC and 10,000DRM bounty READ Super coders ONLY on: May 18, 2014, 06:26:12 AM

I will pay 10 BTC and 5000 DRM to any developer (including the OP) who successfully integrates ring signatures into DRM.  It must be committed to Github and on a testnet so we can test it by May 25nd.  If by May 27th it is on mainnet, you get the 10 BTC.  If you miss the deadline but successfully implement them by June 10th, I'll provide 2 BTC.  You must accept the challenge by 10pm pacific on May 19th and update us with your progress no less than once every 18 hours.  Failure to do so nullifies this offer.

I will pay an additional 10 BTC and 2000 DRM to any developer who integrates DarkSend Anonymous technology into DRM within 5 days of DarkCoin open sourcing it as long as the first bounty above was claimed.  If ring signatures were not successfully implemented then this offer is null and void.

If DRM has ring signatures (BEFORE Darkcoin) and Darksend not long after, it will be an excellent competitor, especially as POS.

If these two technologies are successfully implemented, I will happily fund additional bounties to make DRM a top tier coin.

The source code for both Monero code and Dreamcoin is here:

message me if ur interested.

heres the bitcointalk as well:
6  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / TAKcoin new thread on: March 13, 2014, 10:13:55 AM
TAKcoin will be taken over by a new team and this will cause it to spike over 800 in value again. I would buy in now as TAKcoin is one that is being thought very seriously over.
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