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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Bounties (Altcoins) / 🚀🔥[BOUNTY] [Finshed] Belifex - 10 Million Token Rewards! 1 Month Duration! on: August 14, 2019, 04:56:03 PM
Bounty is Finished. Thanks everyone

Belifex Bounty Campaign
We Create Solutions Keeping The Good parts and Keeping Out The Trash.


Telegram Campaign: 10%
Reddit Campaign: 10%
Signature Campaign: 15%
Twitter Campaign: 15%
Article Writing: 20%
Youtube Review: 30%

• For general inquiries about the Bounty, you can reach the Bounty Manager in this thread or via Official Telegram Channel.
• Telegram is our main communication channel for general inquiries.
• Use this Bounty thread to discuss opportunities and ideas to spread the word even further about Belifex project.

• All bounty hunters must join our Official Telegram Channel.
• Choose the campaigns in which you want to participate
• Complete the requirements of each campaign you are joining (check each campaign subsection below)
• Fill the Belifex Bounty Form for each campaign (Signature, Youtube, Reddit, Twitter and Telegram, and Article Campaign)
• Write a "confirmation of join" post in the Bitcointalk BOUNTY THREAD with the following syntax

For each campaign you joined:
#Joined CAMPAIGN TYPE   Spreadsheet No
Tell us in a few lines why you like our project Belifex (optional)

• This bounty campaign will run for 1 month only.
• Campaigns stakes allocation will be updated on a weekly basis, latest by the end of the subsequent week.
• Stakes will be finalized at the end of the Bounty Program.
• While we believe everyone will be honest and loyal to the campaign, we reserve the right to remove anyone from any campaign at any time if you are conducting any of the following fraudulent actions and without limiting to spamming, cheating or having multiple accounts. Further, we reserve the final right to remove anyone from any campaign without explanation.  In case we remove anyone from the campaign for any reason, we reserve the right to delete their stakes.
• Reports on activities performed during a given Bounty Week must be posted before the end of the same Bounty Week, ie before Sunday 6:59:59AM GMT using the appropriate form.
• Each campaign requirements needs to be fulfilled, as well as the Bounty participation rule.
• If your entry does not meet the minimum requirements for that bounty week, you will not receive any stake in that current week. But you will still have a chance to participate in the next bounty week.
• You must take action reaching the Bounty Manager for any issues within the bounty week of your activities or we won't be able to review your claim.

Telegram Campaign
Token Allocation: 10%
Joining Telegram = 50 Stakes
Wearing Belifex Avatar = 5 Stakes
Wearing Belifex Website on name ( = 5 Stakes
Referral (every member)= 10 Stakes
Ask an informative question or help a member on the official Belifex telegram channel = 10 stakes
Ask an informative question on an informative crypto Telegram group = 50 stakes

1. Bounty Hunters must be part of our Official Telegram Channel to participate.
2. Avatar must be worn 24/7 during the Bounty Week.
3. Duping on referrals will make the entries invalid.
4. Each account is entitled to up to a maximum of 20 referral entries
5. We reserve the right to invalidate all of your referral entries for no reason.
6. Asking, helping, and sharing on Belifex group is limited to 5 entries per week. You must submit the date of your message.
7. Raising awareness about the Belifex and project on other Telegram groups is limited to 1 entry per group, AND max 5 groups per week. You must submit the date, the link to the Telegram channel and the text of your entries. Group must have more than 100 members, and should not be dedicated to one Blockchain project.
8. You MUST submit your entries before the end of the Bounty Week.
9. We reserve the right to change the rules of Telegram bounty if it deemed necessary.
10. Anyone can participate in the Telegram campaign regardless of the Bitcointalk rank.
11. We will be conducting periodic audits after the date of joining and any violations will be disqualified from the campaign and stakes will be deleted.


Belifex Team would love for you to be an active member. Try to be as active as possible in the main chat by asking questions, helping new members, sharing information about Belifex you already know and etc.

Twitter Campaign
Token Allocation: 15%
200 - 500 Followers = 0.25 Stake per tweet
501 - 1,000 Followers = 0.50 Stake per tweet
1,001 - 2,000 Followers = 1 Stake per tweet
2,001 - 5,000 Followers = 2 Stakes per tweet
5,001 - 10,000 Followers = 4 Stakes per tweet
10,001+ Followers = 6 Stakes per tweet
RT/Like = 2 Stakes
Follow = 5 Stakes

1. Bounty Hunters must retweet and like Belifex tweets. Retweets must be posted with a personal message or hashtags in order to create a unique link.
2. Bounty Hunters must follow Belifex official Twitter account.
3. Bounty Hunters Twitter accounts must be public.
4. Twitter accounts must have at least 200 followers in order to participate in the Twitter campaign and the Twitter audit should show at least a 90% real follower count. Accounts which do not comply with these rules will be removed from the registration list. The Twitter audit should be less than 2 weeks old.
5. Twitter entries from accounts with less than the declared followers amount will be invalid.
6. We have the right to invalidate entries if a Bounty Hunter duplicates an entry (even if they're posted on different bounty weeks).
7. We will only allow 5 Tweets and 5 RT/Like entries for each account per bounty week.
8. Tweets must include both @ BelifexE and #Belifex #TokenSale  #CryptocurrencyExchange #bitcoin #ethereum #crypto #cryptocurrency with unique content.
9. Retweets/Like must be done on Belifex content not older than 2 weeks to qualify.
10. We reserve the right to invalidate all of your entries for no reason.
11. We reserve the right to change the rules of the Twitter campaign if deemed necessary.
12. Anyone can participate in the Twitter campaign regardless of their BitCoinTalk rank.
13. We reserve the right to not consider anyone’s Twitter account eligible for this campaign, even if the prerequisites are met and to delete whatever stakes offered if we decide to terminate the registration.


Signature Campaign
Token Allocation: 15%
Members: 140 Stakes per week wearing the signature
Full Members: 280 Stakes per week wearing the signature
Senior Members: 420 Stakes per week wearing the signature
Hero Members: 560 Stakes per week wearing the signature
Legendary Members: 840 Stakes per week wearing the signature

1. Bounty Hunters must at least ranked as Member in order to wear our signature.
2. Bounty Hunters who will be caught not wearing the signature in the bounty week they participate will be disqualified for the whole bounty week.
3. Bounty Hunters must at least make 10 posts every bounty week wearing our signature or else their entry for that bounty week would be disqualified.
4. Posting in the following sections (AND ALL OF THEIR SUB/CHILD BOARDS) will not be eligible for the bounty. These sections are: Marketplace; Off Topic; Archival; Marketplace (Altcoins)
5. Poor quality posts such as “Hello”, ”Good Luck”, “This project rules”, and other inadequate posts will not be considered as an entry for the bounty.
6. Posts with less than 100 characters without counting spaces will not be counted as valid posts.
7. Bounty Hunters with red trust scores cannot participate in our bounty.
8. Having multiple accounts is not allowed and will be restricted to participate in all of our campaigns.
9. If you're leaving us for another campaign, please PM the Bounty Manager. Otherwise, all of your entries will be forfeited.

Jr Member:
[center]◆ Belifex Blockchain Solutions is Public Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Project & Fully Open-source ◆[/center]

[center]●● [url=]BELIFEX.COM[/url] ●●[/center]
[center]◆ Belifex Blockchain Solutions is Public Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Project & Fully Open-source  ◆[/center]
[center]◣[url=]Telegram[/url]  ◣[url=]Facebook[/url]  ◣[url=]Twitter[/url]  ◣[url=]Youtube[/url][/center]

Full Member:
[center][table][center][tr][td][color=#01c5cc][size=18pt][font=ARIAL BLACK][glow=white,2,300]   BELIFEX.COM    [/glow][/font][/size][/color][/tr][/center][size=10pt][font=ARIAL BLACK][glow=#00ffff,2,300]    ● Belifex Blockchain Solutions is Public Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Project & Fully Open-source ●    [/glow][/font][/size]
[center]◣[url=]Telegram[/url]  ◣[url=]Facebook[/url]  ◣[url=]Twitter[/url]  ◣[url=]Youtube[/url][/center]

[td][color=#01c5cc][size=23pt][font=ARIAL BLACK][glow=white,2,300]               BELIFEX.COM               [/glow][/font][/size][/color]
[center][size=9pt][url]Belifex Blockchain Solutions is Public Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Project & Fully Open-source[/url][/size][/center][/td]
[td][center][size=20pt]✤[/size][size=16pt]✤[/size][size=13pt]✤[/size] [size=18pt][font=ARIAL BLACK][glow=#01c5cc,2,300]          JOIN OUR COMMUNITY[/glow][/font][/size] [size=13pt]✤[/size][size=16pt]✤[/size][size=20pt]✤[/size][/center]
[b][size=8pt][url]TELEGRAM[/url][/size][/b] [color=#01c5cc]•[size=12pt]●[/size]•[/color] [b][size=8pt][url]WHITEPAPER[/url][/size][/b] [color=#01c5cc]•[size=12pt]●[/size]•[/color] [b][size=8pt][url]LINKEDIN[/url][/size][/b] [color=#01c5cc]•[size=12pt]●[/size]•[/color] [b][size=8pt][url=]TWITTER[/url][/size][/b] [color=#01c5cc]•[size=12pt]●[/size]•[/color] [b][size=8pt][url=]YOUTUBE[/url][/size][/b] [color=#01c5cc]•[size=12pt]●[/size]•[/color] [b][size=8pt][url=]FACEBOOK[/url][/size][/b]

[td][color=#01c5cc][size=22pt][font=ARIAL BLACK][glow=white,2,300]            BELIFEX.COM            [/glow][/font][/size][/color]
[center][size=7pt][url]Belifex Blockchain Solutions is Public Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Project & Fully Open-source[/url][/size][/center][/td]
[td][center][size=20pt]✤[/size][size=16pt]✤[/size][size=13pt]✤[/size] [size=18pt][font=TREBUCHET][glow=#01c5cc,2,300]          JOIN OUR COMMUNITY          [/glow][/font][/size] [size=13pt]✤[/size][size=16pt]✤[/size][size=20pt]✤[/size][/center]
[b][size=8pt][url=T.ME/BELIFEX]TELEGRAM[/url][/size][/b] [color=#01c5cc]•[size=12pt]●[/size]•[/color] [b][size=8pt][url]WHITEPAPER[/url][/size][/b] [color=#01c5cc]•[size=12pt]●[/size]•[/color] [b][size=8pt][url]LINKEDIN[/url][/size][/b] [color=#01c5cc]•[size=12pt]●[/size]•[/color] [b][size=8pt][url=]TWITTER[/url][/size][/b] [color=#01c5cc]•[size=12pt]●[/size]•[/color] [b][size=8pt][url=]YOUTUBE[/url][/size][/b] [color=#01c5cc]•[size=12pt]●[/size]•[/color] [b][size=8pt][url=]FACEBOOK[/url][/size][/b]


Article Campaign
Token Allocation: 20%
If the content is up to our standards, you will receive a minimum of 150 stakes. Additional stakes will be granted based on follower count and/or views.

1. The content must be unique, high-quality, and proofread.
2. The content must be publicly posted and indexed.
3. Plagiarism is not tolerated and will result in removal from the bounty program and lost of stakes.
4. Each article or blog post must contain a minimum of 500 words.
5. Must include a link to our website and our whitepaper
6. We reserve the right to reject any content.
7. We reserve the right to change the rules of the content campaign if deemed necessary.
8. Anyone can participate in the content campaign regardless of their BitCoinTalk rank.


Reddit Campaign
Token Allocation: 10%
2 stakes per 1 post/comment.

1. Make 5 posts per week about Belifex project
2. Posts about Belifex should be made on one of the following subreddits:
3. Your account must be relevant to crypto/ ICO.
4. All comments should be constructive.
5. All Bounty participants are required to join Belifex Telegram group and the bounty group, stay until the end of the campaign.


Youtube Campaign
Token Allocation: 30%
High Quality: 500 Stakes
Good Quality: 300 Stakes
Normal Quality: 100 Stakes
Poor Quality: 0 Stakes

1. You must have real subscribers. We will disqualify you if we find that your subscribers are fake.
2. You must have 2k or more subscribers.
4. You shouldn't copy and paste the content of Whitepaper, Website or ANN thread. You need to create your original content of the video pertaining Belifex project.
5. For youtube channels with only 2k subscribers, you can only submit 1 video.
6. Channels with 50k+ real subscribers can submit up to 3 videos.
7. Participants must subscribe to Belifex Youtube Channel:


2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] Belifex (BEFX) Vision on: July 24, 2019, 08:15:30 PM
Belifex Technical Details:
Name:   Belifex
Ticker:   BEFX
Max Supply:
Decimals:   8
Contract: 0xb91c2a2b953d72f3ef890490669a0a41b0add5f7

**_The Vision Of BELIFEX_**

Belifex blockchain is a blockchain database that supports and encourage community building and social interaction thanks to the payout of cryptocurrency rewards. Belifex blockchain it’s main focus will combine all concepts from social media, advertisement and Artificial Intelligence and a platform for mass adoption. Donations and Charity’s are the key for mass adoption. An important key to inspiring community’s in participating would be a currency or free market economy with a system build to support this. Each person’s contribution, would become a source of revenue. Belifex would be the first cryptocurrency that attempts to accurately and transparently reward individuals who make subjective contributions to its community, charity’s and donations.

What is Belifex (BEFX)?

Belifex is an Ethereum Based token that enables fast and private transactions on the blockchain. With the creation of its own Decentralized Social Media Platform and Exchange it will start creating its own ecosystem.

Focus Area:

1.1.   Social Media:
1.2.   Payment Gateway’s:
1.3.   Advertisement:
1.4.   Donations and start-ups:
1.5.   Artificial Inteligence:
1.6.   Healthcare:
1.7.   Exchange Platform CEX and DEX

Expected Products:

Social Belifex:
This is a platform what makes people able to receive BEFX coins for the content they write or made

Payment Platform:
Payment platform for website/webshops to easily implement BEFX on there platform, some sort of database what stores Plugins

Belifex Ad Service:
Advertisement and donations platform for company’s and start-ups

Create’s a place where you can buy and sell goods.

Machine Learning Apps and Tools:
Data Learning Apps, they will bring more marketing incentives and human dynamics

Augmented Reality:
Games that use VR

Social Health Application:
Performance apps, users would be rewarded when reaching bounties. For instance, you have run 5miles at once. This would be good for getting sportive people on the train.

Belifex Exchange Platforms:
Belifex will create 2 exchange platforms for its community. A centralized and decentralized platform. This will be done to enable trading of both erc20 tokens and coins.

Telegram :
Twitter :
Website :

Exchanges :
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