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1  Economy / Gambling discussion / Anti-Public NBA picks Challenge - Bet against the public. 54W 47L. Day 16 on: October 16, 2017, 08:14:48 AM
I wanted to do this challange for a long time, And now with the beginning of the NBA season I will finally do it.
I will bet every day against the public opinions through the data at
The Idea behind this challange is that as we know, the bookies always wins becasue people bet on "easy" matches and in the end we see a LOT of surprises. I believe that play against the public in EVERY match will give me a profit.
I will summerize the result every couple days.
I place a bet of 0.001BTC on EVERY match
Every bet will be placed at NitrogenSports

The NBA season begins in 2 days.
Lets see what will happen.


Total after day 9
36 Wins VS  27Loses
Profit: 0.0065BTC
2  Economy / Games and rounds / CarlesPuyol & NitrogenSports are giving away 0.04btc to bet on sports!! on: August 06, 2017, 01:02:25 PM

Hi friends and followers,

As I promised, I would like to give you a chance to recieve a free bet on NitrogenSports.

The rules are very simple, all you need to do is:

1. Match a wager from any of my betslips (at least 0.003BTC wager and a recent bet, within the last 24 hours)
2. Post the betslip in this thread
3. Post your NitrogenSports account ID
4. You will receive the 0.002 free bet by Monday or Tuesday next week

I am giving away 20x 0.002BTC free bets and this giveaway will start today August 2  to August 6 Sunday only. Only one account is allowed to win a free bet.  

If you make multiple accounts you might be disqualified to win the free bet.
We will also review the free bet betslip so anyone trying to attempt to post betslip that is not original theirs will not receive their free bets

The pick you should follow is:

Rogers cup

Reilly Opelka v Ernesto Escobedo
Pick: over 24.51.897


Join now to the NFL survivor pool. There is a free entry to one of the pools so you can try to win without investing a penny.

3  Economy / Gambling discussion / Wimbeldon Special Challange & free tips thread Sponsored by on: July 02, 2017, 04:24:43 PM

Hi friends
In the next 2 weeks I will post here my best tennis picks in Wimbeldon tournament.

Moreover, I would like to make a challange to you guys.
The entry is completely free. All you need to do is to guess the answers of those 8 questions. For each correct answer you will get the amount of points near the question

1. Who will last longer? Roger Federrer or Andy Murray? (2 points)
2. Who will last longer? Gael Monfils or Alexander Zverev?(2 points)
3. Who will last longer? Milos Raonic or Novak Djokovic(2 points)
4. Who will last longer? Dominic Thiem or Kei Nishikori (2 points)
5 Who will win the tournament?(5 points)
6. Who will eliminate first from the tournament? Djokovic or Nadal or Federrer? (3 points)
7. Who will win the womens tournament (5 points)
8.  Novak Djokovic will lose more than 5 sets in the tournament? Yes or No?(2 points)

The 3 first winners will recieve a certain amount of BETOPS - and will be a part of share holders in the sportsbook -
The exact amount will be announced when the ICO will end - 16.7.17

The participants who will buy BETOPS through the ICO will DOUBLE their prize if they wins the challange

 To buy BETOPS click HERE
For more info about the ICO click Here
* the prizes will be shared by admins
4  Economy / Gambling discussion / Secrets of sports betting on: May 27, 2017, 09:59:24 AM
Hi guys,
I see here planty of topics about sports betting but none of them really helps us in making conclusions about picking the right winning picks.
I would like to try something in this topic:
I want you guys to write here your decision making while you choose a pick.

I will constanly update this post with the best ideas and tips of yours so all of us can see and maybe use it to choose their picks.

Lets start:

1.  Before I choose my final pick, im trying to get into the bookies head and think like them. Eventually, they try to confuse us with the odds they put. If the odds looks suspicious to me for example -if the odds are too good to be true in specific pick, I believe that most probably its a trap from the odd makers and im getting away from this pick.  (CarlesPuyol)

2. Checking ideas of other people\tipsters and compare (YuginKadoya)

3. Checking previous games of the chosen teams (Skarner21)

4. ALWAYS checking for injuries and missing players before betting (CarlesPuyol)

5. follow the journey of the tournament and the conditions of the teams that will compete (kodes88)
5  Economy / Services / Signature space for rent on: May 26, 2017, 10:38:45 PM
My signature space is now for rent.
- Im commiting on at least 20 constructive posts per week.
- I have a great reputation and many followers in sportsbetting threads.
- I have my own thread with more than 34000 views
- No scams or shady businesses

PM me for more info.

Thanks, Carles
6  Economy / Gambling discussion / BetBaller Gives away More than 0.5BTC to their users. Join NOW! 4 wins in a row on: October 06, 2016, 06:28:26 AM

New month, New Challenge.
I will continue to try the 6 wins challenge this month as well.
Please PM me again  if you would like to participate the HUGE giveaway of about 0.5BTC

How to participate?
Wager on at least 0.1BTC during the month and you eligible for the giveaway.
Please PM your Username.

Hi Everyone,

Many of you know me for my Tennis Tips on this forum. I have just organized a challenge with Betballer to attempt to reach six straight wins on their site. If I do it, I will share 50% of the profit with you!!

What I need to do:

Win 6 bets in row
Minimum Odds of 1.7
Bet All in after each win
Starting bet: 0.02BTC
0.02*2 = 0.04BTC
0.04*2 = 0.08BTC
0.08*2 = 0.16BTC
0.16*2 = 0.32BTC
0.32*2 = 0.64BTC
0.64*2 = 1.28BTC

Once I reach 6 wins in a row, we are done and I will split 50% (About 0.64BTC) with my followers

What you need to do to get the share?
Only one thing - Wager more than 0.1BTC in a month (01.11.16 - 01.12.16) in our sponsor's sportsbook -

all the participants please send me you Username so I see if you eligible for the winning profit

Register Here and start to wager.

7  Economy / Securities / New trading signal service is looking for promoters. High payout. on: June 29, 2016, 08:55:49 AM
Who we are?

Why Us?

8Alert company recruits now affiliates.  We are looking for open minded people with knowledge and connections in the trading market world. We offer a monthly passive income in %. Depends on your sellings (can be up to 2000$ per month)

For more info, conditions, or questions, please PM me
8  Economy / Games and rounds / 0.1BTC givaway by CarlesPuyol on: June 04, 2016, 10:03:30 AM

referral removed

CarlesPuyol is celebrating the Roland Garros finals by giving away 0.1BTC for those who will guess the exact number of games in both matches!
How to participate?
1. Register Here  
2. post here your registered Username
3. Post your prediction
4. The offer is valid until the first game- in 3 hours.
5. If there are 2 winners, the prize will be shared by them.
For example:
Mens final: 38 games
Womens final: 19 games
9  Economy / Gambling discussion / CarlesPuyol Sports picks and reviews. 536W - 120L. Join the winning team on: April 23, 2016, 05:22:13 PM
Hi again my friends.
I will continue trying to publicly build my bankroll.

 Im posting here free pick for pretty long time, and I spend my free time to make my researches on the picks.

For VIP picks just send me a PM

My bankroll is 2.35BTC
Maximum bet will be 4% of my bankroll which is 0.08BTC for now.
I will choose the amount by the system below:[/b]

2% of the amount - Low confident picks
3% of the amount - Medium confident picks
4% of the amount - High confident picks

I will also sometimes bet in live so you need to fast.

Starting bankroll: 0.5BTC
Current bankroll: 2.85BTC
Total profit: +2.35BTC
%ROI: +441%

10  Economy / Gambling discussion / CarlesPuyol Sports Premium Picks. Cashback and winning guarantee. on: March 29, 2016, 04:50:58 PM
Hi friends,
Sports betting is not an easy gambling option.
The bookies are always win.
But when you dig into games and get into the bookies head, the winning rates are much higher.
I dont say that I can win in every bet, but I believe I can make more than 55% wins.
I would like to try my premium picks thread, after years of sports betting, and great profit in the last few months.
The package includes:

6 picks with odds of 1.8+ each pick for 0.01BTC OR 0.03BTC to all 6

If you take the full package and get less than 3 wins- I send you ALL the money back.

You can check here my great last days stats, with 13 wins and 1 lose, and about 250$ profit.

All the picks will be sent via PM or skype.
Add me on skype: alex.kim121
11  Economy / Gambling discussion / *UPDATE* Made 286$ in 5 days in sports betting. 18 wins - 2 loses on: March 27, 2016, 12:33:48 PM
Update 30.03

I keep in the winning momentum

5 wins - 1 lose
The lose was VERY cruel!! I missed by 0.5 points Sad
36$ profit in tonight's games.

Total of 18 wins - 2 loses in the last 5 days with odds of 1.8+

Update 29.03

Prefect page.
Total of 11 consecutive wins (my record)
247$ profit in 4 days
The momentum is keep going!!

Did it with 9 wins - 1 lose. Odds of 1.9+
Research is the name of the game.
Dont let the bookies take your money!
12  Economy / Gambling discussion / Joca97 & CarlesPuyol Biggest Challenge made in Bitcointalk forum *Jar* on: February 16, 2016, 06:29:37 PM
Hello friends,
After long discussions, me and the best tipster in this forum joca97 have decided to cooperate and open a jar, with an attempt to make the highest win that were ever been here on the forum.

We will combine our knowledge and pick the best bets we can find.

- The jar will be open for the next 7 days from now until 23.2 - This exact hour.
- After 7 days, the amount that will be in the jar is the amount we play on.
- After the 1st win, each participant can choose to get out with his partial profit
- Minimum entrance is 0.02BTC
- In the end, we devide the profit: 70% for you. 30% for us 85% for you. 15% for us.

Our target is to raise at least 1BTC in this week. If we will do it, there is a bonus for you:
A bonus of 0.1BTC will be given to one random active participant if we will get to 3rd win
A bonus of additional 0.1BTC will be given to one random active participant if we will get to 4th win
(Random number will be chosen by

Examples of the profit you can make:

y put 0.02BTC
z put 0.06BTC
w put 0.08BTC
After 2 bets with odds of @2 w decides to quit. He receives 70% 85% of his partial profit - 0.272BTC
After 3 bets with odds of @2 z decides to quit. He recieives 70% 85% of his partial profit - 0.408BTC

All the bets will be exposed to you and proves will be given by photos

Dont miss the challenge of the year. Get a ticket right away.

Jar Address:  1Gs1MGYakAJDuqH1M6Hsp8Ubrab1fQLoY4

Participant list:
13  Economy / Gambling discussion / Lets try to make 500$ from 10$ *Offer for potential long term profit* on: January 14, 2016, 02:53:47 PM
After few days without interest here, I choose to finish this thread.
I had here some great achievements of 5 consecutive wins (lost on the 6th) and another try with 6 consecutive wins and profit of 0.36BTC
Although I had some great singles and a lot of members here had great profit (Thanks for the tips  Wink)

This thread taught me how to be selective with my picks, and the most important thing is that I learned how to make an effective research for each game, and the results are incredible.

From now, I decided to share my picks only for payment. I don't really wanted it, but I think its waste of my time (2-3 hours a day) to share here my picks for 2-3 members.

I will send you 1-2 of my best picks every day, so it will be about 7-14 picks each week. I pick games with odds of @ 1.8+ most of them are @ 1.9.
I will guide you about the stakes and my confidence of the bet.

The price will be sent in PM. So you are welcome to write me, and be a part of system with potential long term profit.

My last days picks, with more than 200$ profit:

After some fails from the starter of this method, I would like to give it a shot.
The rules are simple- I pick a game and place a bet of 0.013BTC. If I win, I will place another pick with the whole sum of the money - 7 times.
The odds I choose will be from 1.9 to 2
So the scheme will be: (I wrote *2 to easier calculate)
I will pick games after research, and I will review the games.

Public attempt:

1. Let's start.
Milwaukee vs Boston
Pick: Milwaukee+4.5 @ 1.9 WIN
10$ => 19$

2. 2nd pick:
Eurocup Group M
Maccabi Tel-Aviv V BC Nizhny Novgorod
Pick: Novgorod +8.5 @ 1.85 WIN

3.Pick 3
Detroit vs Denver
Pick Detroit -5.5 @ 1.96 Lost

Social Experiment #2

1. Memphis VS Sacramento
Pick: Memphis-3.5 @ 1.94 WIN
Bet: 0.18BTC

2. Portland VS Toronto
Pick: Toronto+0.5 @ 1.94 WIN
Bet: 0.349BTC

3. Washington VS Philadelphia
Pick: Phili+8.5 @ 1.94 Lost
Bet: 0.515BTC


1. Bet: 0.013BTC
Phoenix VS Atalanta

Phoenix doesnt have any chance to get to the playoffs, and coming  with 4 injured players tonight, will meet Atalanta, that fighting on the higher place in the east.
I cant see Phoenix score more than 90 points against Atalanta's strong defence.
In Atalanta, their best player Poul Milsap will miss the game. I cant see Atalanta scoring more than 114 points.

Pick - Under 204 @ 1.9  - WIN

2. Bet: 0.025BTC  
Denver VS New England pats.
After their last win on Kansas, and after their key players - Amandola, Edelman and Gronki returned, I can't see any scenario that Tom Brady and his friends will not be in the superball this year.
Denver looked terrible in their last game against injured Pittsburgh, and won the game only because of stupid mistake by Pittsburgh in the last quarter.
In addition to this, 10 of 12 ESPN NFL experts picked the patriots.

Pick - New England Patriots -3 @ 1.94 LOST

3.Bet 0.049BTC
  Toronto vs LA Clippers- Toronto -2.5 @ 1.98 WIN

4. Bet 0.049BTC
 New Orleans Vs Houston - Houston+4.5 @ 1.94  WIN

5. Bet 0.073BTC
GSW vs San Antonio - GSW -4 @ 1.94  WIN

6. Bet 0.08BTC
Indiana Vs Clippers
Pick: Clippers -1.5 @ 1.95 WIN

7. Djokovic vs Federer
Even the in his best day, federer cant beat Djokovic in 5 sets. The bookies gives us a gift. Let's take it.
Pick: Djokovic -1.5 sets handicap @ 1.73 WIN WIN WIN
Bet: 0.1BTC

More picks

Dominic Thiem vs David Goffin
Dominic (20) is the next name in top tennis players meets Goffin (16), very stable player, and in very good shape now.
Both players have great % of serving points (Thiem 81% Goffin 76%.) We will see only fee breaks today, and I can't believe one of those players can win 3-0 in sets today. Both players are fighters. And I believe we will see over 39 games today.

Pick- Over 39 games @ 2 WIN

2. Last warm up pick before opening the second jar:
 ULEB cup
Jerusalem Vs Strasbourg
I see here tough and close game, and the generous line is playing role here

Pick : Strasbourg+5 @1.87 WIN
Bet: 0.015B


1. Bet: 0.013BTC  WIN
New England Patriots vs Kensas Chiefs

Interesting game is in front of us, in the first game of NFL playoffs. Patriots, the last year NFL champions are meeting the Chiefs, in their first game in playoffs since 1994.
Patriots are getting back their runners after injury in the middle of the season, and of course the superstar QB Tom Brady will play today.
Patriots are much better team than the chiefs, and in this part of the season, they should win today.
Pick- Patriots -5 @ 1.96
Final score: 27-20 pats

2. Bet: 0.025BTC WIN
Memphis Grizzlies(-5.5) v New York Knicks(+5.5)

New york are in a good shape in the last games and showing recovery.
In the other side, Memphis are stable with 22 wins vs 19 losses this season.
Carmelo Antony is out at New york tonight. without him the Knicks will not able to win tonight. and not even stand the line.
Pick- Memphis -5.5 @1.93
Final scor: 103-95 Memphis

3. Bet: 0.049BTC WIN
OKC vs Miami
The line today is too high, and its very suspicious.
Miami gets today +9.5. Why?
OKC are in great shape with 5 wins out of 6 last games.
Westbrook is on fire with triple-double in the last game.
In Miami- Henderson, Dragic are out for today. Dwane wade is probably out also.
The bookies believe here in OKC win, without any doubt
The line is tricky, but I believe OKC will win in double figures tonight.
Pick- OKC -9.5 @1.9
Final score: 99-74 OKC

4. Bet: 0.084BTC WIN
Putting 0.01BTC aside
Atalanta vs Orlando
3 reasons why I pick Atalanta:
1. Orlando are in awful shape with 6 loses in 7 games.
2. Orlando's key player Oladipo will miss the game tonight and without him Orlando are much weaker.
3. Atalanta, at home, with full squad should make here a double figures win.
The line is high, and the bookies made their job- make us bet on Orlando.
Let's beat the bookies
Pick- Atalanta Hawks -7.5 @ 1.91
Final score: 98-81 Atalanta

5. Bet: 0.15BTC WIN
ULEB cup
Maccabi Tel Aviv - Unics Kazan
Putting another 0.01BTC aside. So the next bet will be on 0.15BTC

Tel Aviv was couple years ago one of the best teams in europe.
Their current season is terible: They didnt pick the right players, They disqualified from the Euroleague, and has troubles in their league.
Moreover, Tel Aviv has some injured key players- (Smith, Ohayon, Rendel, Bender) and their superstar Jordan Farmer who has two NBA championships with the Lakers just cut out from the team because of problems with the couch. His substitute in the team, former NBA player Gal Mekel, is not registered yet and will miss today's game.
Kazan are in great shape, with 11 consecutive wins, and 2nd place in the VTB league after CSKA.
Langford, is the league point per game leader, with 22 PPG.
Tel Aviv gets (-4.5) today. Why? to confuse us.
I believe Kazan will win today.
Pick- Unics Kazan +4.5 @1.87

Final score: 92-82 Kazan

6. Bet: 0.28BTC LOST
Houston VS Detroit

In this game, the offence will play high roll. Houston has more offensive tools such as Dwight Hawred and fantastic James Harden
Houston has been solid at home and has more firepower offensively than Detroit.
No special injuries in both teams.
Statistic score: 103.5 - 108.5 to Houston
Play smart, Play Houston

Pick- Houston Rockets-3 @1.93


I would like to try here a social experiment, where the most of the profit will go to you.
Most of picks are coming right before the game starts, and most of you don't follow because you don't see the pick. I would like to try this solution:

1. Im opening a jar and giving 24 hours to fill it.
2. After 24 hours, the amount that will be in the jar is the amount we play on.
3. After the 4th win I will poll a vote to all the participants- If you want to continue, or to stop and get the profit.
4. If we stop, Im dividing the profit relatively to your investment.
5. 70% for you. 30% for me.

x put 0.001BTC
y put 0.002BTC
z put 0.004BTC
w put 0.008BTC
We won 1BTC. So: 0.7BTC devided:
x get 0.047BTC
y get 0.094BTC
z get 0.188BTC
w get 0.376BTC

Hope I was clear enough.
All the bets will be exposed to you and proves will be given by photos

The Jar is open until tomorrow, the exact hour- 10:05AM
All participants please write your name and your playing in PM, or here in the comments.  

1. Bet: 0.2404BTC
Orlando (20-21) VS Charlotte (19-23)

Both of the teams are coming to this game with very poor shape, both with 2 wins in their last 10 games.
Orlando's key player Oladipo was injured and today he will play - a huge push to them.
Charlotte suffer from a lot of injuries. (See in the photo)
Orlando opened the season very well, and I believe they will win today and cover the line.
Pick Orlando -5 @ 1.92 Lost

14  Economy / Service Announcements / - GPS for traders in the Forex market on: January 03, 2016, 06:29:51 PM
In the last months I was exploring the Forex market and how can I make some money in it.
After long time I found something interesting and I wanted to share with you, while its free.

There are a lot of businesses that provide alerts in the forex and stocks, but here there is something different:

- Reach the user in real time.
- Include explanations and graphic analysis, to help users not only with their decision making, but also to develop and expand their professional knowledge.
- Reach the users anywhere, at their desktop computers and mobile phones, not only when they are at their desk at work, but also when they are on vacation or simply walking in the park.
- The alert is not a stand-alone entity, but also part of a sequence of alerts that creates a process, so that users have the ability to see and examine every transaction and respond to it even as it is taking shape.
- The system of alerts must signal not only when the user is entering a transaction, but must also track it until the user exits from the transaction.
- Ability to allow users to see all the stages of the transaction, from the entrance alert to the exit alert, and in the same window also the history of all alerts in the past week.
- Reach the trader in advance, allowing him enough time to carry out the transaction.

They offer now FREE TRIAL for limited time (according to them- only one month)
I was contacting with the CEO of the company, and advised him to add Bitcoin payment option in the future. He answered that it may happen in the near future.

The app is clean and simple, and for now there are only 1-3 alerts in a day.

Example of how they work:

Huge potential, and super proffesional CEO!!
Try it.
15  Economy / Gambling / Question: how do you play AA (pocket aces) in poker, Pre-flop? on: December 27, 2015, 03:48:02 PM
I'm a new poker player and I would like to know what is your best way to play pocket aces in poker.
In my small experience, most of the time when I played slow, I lost. And when I played aggressive, I won, but a small pot.
What are your opinions?
16  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Live and Upcoming announcements on: September 25, 2015, 03:10:16 PM
Hi there,
Im looking for site or blog or chat where I can read official upcoming announcements of Altcoins.
Im not looking for troll announcements.
Thanks friends.
17  Economy / Gambling discussion / CarlesPuyol Sports picks Thread - Hot Picks with review on: September 01, 2015, 10:28:12 AM
Hello dear gamblers and welcome to my sports picks thread.
I will share with you my best picks every day, and hope you will make some money with my tips.

Most of the bets will be made in   DIRECTBET

Most of the picks will be with odds of 1.4 and more.

My tip jar: 14LEtBHokaBreLJzET9aX2fDrJuspQ1vWY


First Picks for today:
21:00 Hartlepool v Sheff Utd Johnstones Paint Trophy - Sheff Utd @ 1.64
21:45 Port Vale v Carlisle Johnstones Paint Trophy Port Vale @ 1.59
18:00 R Haase v Du Brown US Open 2015 Over 39.5 Games @ 1.87  Both players have great serves.
21:45 Azarenka v Hradecka US Open 2015 Azarenka 2 - 0 @ 1.4 Azarenka will start the tournament very easily.

18  Economy / Gambling / Is there any PVP based on skill games out there? on: July 15, 2015, 07:28:47 PM
There are to many casinos and dices.
Im looking for nice PVP based on skill games, which are not poker.
I know one- "Tappabit" , but its to laggy for me and I cant win there  Embarrassed
19  Economy / Gambling / Who tried on: June 28, 2015, 12:51:02 PM
They offer a betting system tips that guarantee you profit from sport bets.
I was curious about it, until i saw the price- 1000$ for a month!!!
Anyone tried it? any recommendations?
20  Economy / Goods / [WTB] Iphone 6 Unlocked. on: June 23, 2015, 11:29:03 AM
Hi all,
I would like to buy an Iphone 6- 16 or 32 GB.
I accept offers only if you are:
- Full member or higher.
- Do not have negative trust.
- Have a decent offer.
- Accept escrow.
- Provide photo of the phone.

Thank you  Cool
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