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1  Economy / Reputation / Important Information About TheQuin, Wetsuit, & on: May 08, 2019, 01:14:39 AM
Me and 2 of my friends facinated with Bitcoin joined against my friends uncle advice joined there for the interest.  One friend took a chance with 100 bets on auto bet betting around 10 Satoshis and he said it looked like he won around 100.  When he went back to make his next hourly claim his balance of 2 Million Satoshis had dropped to around 100k.  He really thought his account was hacked.  He wrote support and they told him to look at his history which was impossible to do on a cell phone so he went to a laptop and with each bet 2 Jackpot bets one for 12,500 and 13 Satoshis had been deducted from his balance.  He wrote them and said he never clicked those bets and would never bet on that.  So he went on to make hourly claims and everytime he did multiple jackpot bets would be clicked sometimes as many as 4.  He went to their Facebook and saw others claiming the same thing happened to them.  One said they were threatened by and Ken took that to support and they said he should not believe everything he reads but to address his concern they set a special code to unclick jackpot bets that are accidentally clicked.  This did not make sense to him and he felt some offer of compromise was in order.  They basically said too bad too sad and to take it as a life lesson.  When he revealed he was 14 years old and was in contact with their Government his account was banned.  I was his referral and my deposits of 1.3 Million Satoshis were stolen from me on fake claims of Multi Accounting Abuse when we used our own devices, emails, and deposits.

He came here to create awareness of what happened only to be insulted and called multiple names so I came here in his defense only to be insulted as well by TheQuin.  In a search on the Forum anyone who complains about this site becomes the two time victim first of loss, and then insults.  If you go to Trust Pilot or Lotto Exposed all the complaints are the same.  Those who use it to claim as just a free faucet has great things to say and those who play the games tell a much better story.  Overall their score between the two rating sites is below 50% out of 100%.  All statements of truth is removed as Spam though I feel the information is relavent as it warns others of possible consequences others could face.  See how TheQuinn covers the truth and belittles High School students with needless names and references of needing special education.  To me this just shows he his on the defense and give my stories of facts even more validity.  The right thing he should have done was offered Ken some kind of compromise and refund my deposits which I hold proof of making.  To steal my 1.3 Million Satoshis on false claims of Multi Accounting Abuse when I may of claimed 1000 Free Satoshis from their faucet at best should have been returned but no he is a drama queen and is going to defend his actions to the death of the site and believe me I am working on it.

Quote from: TheQuin on May 06, 2019, 05:59:04 AM
Quote from: cryptokings2019 on May 06, 2019, 03:54:49 AM
TheQuin is a liar that begs people for Merit because he has such a poor reputation.

That reading comprehension deficit disorder you suffer from really is very severe. I already corrected you on this once:

Quote from: TheQuin on May 03, 2019, 03:36:32 AM
Quote from: cryptokings2019 on May 03, 2019, 02:46:50 AM
Look at TheQuin's Trust Score!  He actually begs for Merit, ~

You really are the most outstandingly thick specimen to walk this planet. That's feedback I left people that begged for Merit from me. If you are suddenly interested in how other members of the forum rate the value of my posts have a look at the earned Merit statistics here.

On my trust summary that is listed as "Sent feedback" meaning to anyone with more than one brain cell to rub together that I sent it. I would highly recommend that you get some help with your deficiency. There are schools for people with special needs like yourself. Then you might be able to go back and understand that I have already adequately answered and explained all your complaints. The other people reading these threads have already told you that and also told you the correct place on the forum to post about it.

Lets get some things straight here.  I do not claim to be an expert at anything.  You have proven you are truly the expert of deception, theft, and the master of insults.  I told you I am a Freshmen in High School that's considered 9th grade.  Your continued aggressive insults only verify everything I say is 100% true.  To tell Ken he lost his balance from a malfunction that was related to his device but you were able to fix it begs to question what else you can fix like odds, contests, lottery, ect.  When he gave you the smackdown you banned his account and stole my balance on false claims of Multi Accounting Abuse.  THERE WAS NO PROOF!  Just your word which cannot be trusted.  Everytime I post proof and facts you admittedly have it removed.  I take Accounting & Business Law in School.  In Accounting your statement of Multi Accounting means a business that maintains multiple ledgers to avoid paying taxes on their profits.  Now in Business Law I was showing the teacher your contest where you are using the Copyrighted & Trademark names and photos of LAMBORGHINI and as a Class Project and extra credit he suggested I report this infringement to the company because he said he was 100% sure written permission was not received, so yeah I am up for that as I have nothing to lose and might even get a free keychain for reporting it and then turn around and sell it for $100 the equivalent to what you stole from me in Bitcoin.  Another thing is people must trust you awarded it, however in the United States which you said is Flea Infested an Independent Company is hired to supervise that the contest prize was in fact awarded.  There is no mention of the winner paying their taxing body for the prize either.  So I am not as "Thick" or Stupid as you think.  Also at least 10 Abuse complaints are also being sent to Cloudflare too, you know the company you claimed to own where I have the screenprint.   So I hope it was worth it to defend your fake honor.  Still don't know what you mean about sucking the piss out of me either you pedophile.
2  Other / Meta / Forum is biased and a connection with Freebitcoin! Watch this be removed too! on: April 14, 2019, 01:04:51 AM
My post complaining how large amounts of BTC were lost either from malfuction or complete confiscation is removed by the Moderator.  So I go to reply to this Moderator about it's removal and they have blocked me from contacting them.  My friend Ken has made posts on this forum and was told by TheQuin that he is an Idiot, Jackass, Blackmailer, Hardheaded, and Thick Skulled like his uncle, and that he does not understand the english language.
InterGlobal Ltd. deposit acknowledgement emails state they operate from The British Virgin Islands and give a fictitious address, yet all indicators from my investigation show they are really located in Belize.  Why the deception?  Is it for tax evasion?  I read that Belize has a flat tax of 25% for businesses, whereas The BVI, there are no taxes at all.  How can they take deposits that were not lost in anyway by means of their games and feel perfectly fine doing so?  Since I, as well as my friends have helped fund the prizes they claim to award I deserve to complain about it's needless loss  Trust Pilot and Lotto Exposed seem to be the most honest sites of reviews.  The "Free" users who make claims from their faucet think that Freebitcoin is the next best thing since sliced bread, however those who play their games say quite the contrary.  The Government from The BVI told us to demand refunds since all forms of gambling within The BVI are Illegal, and especially the operation of such a business and we were all called Blackmailers and alot worse.

Here is my friends uncle's revised review on Trust Pilot.  If you have lost unfairly you are encouraged to make your own review as well.  The only good reviews they have are like I said from Free customers claiming from their faucet., TheQuin, InterGlobal Ltd. Masters of Deception!
Hope this will be read and understood but I used's betting console using a No-Lose strategy from youtube and used exact settings and had my their stop loss set to 1000 Satoshis which Freebitcoin says works with 100% accuracy well guess what? All in all, about 8 Million Satoshis were lost. Not in one sitting of course but before I could stop it bets were reached unbelievable amounts and thought I was being smart taking screen shots of the console setting and game logs and the people or should I say person as I am sure its a one person operation at Freebitcoin offered no assistance whatsoever and went as far as insulting me in emails and when I posted on a Bitcoin forum probably operated by them they referred to me as a Blackmailer. Through mud throwing emails at each other I decided to do some research. They claim to be located in Tortolla, British Virgin Islands so I contacted the Government authorities there and they stated that InterGlobal Limited is NOT a registered business in the BVI, is not authorized to operate such a business in the BVI and want a written statement with complaint forms so they can turn the information over to Law Enforcement in the BVI. It's also illegal to claim to be located in an area and operating from a different area. I have proven at a minimum they are shady. Against my advise my nephew opened an account there and had better results than I did initially. However one day he saw his balance go from 2 Million Satoshis to a little over 100k. It turned out jackpot bets were placed and thats where all his funds went. He went back making numerous claims and would look at the betting console only to find anywhere from 1-4 being Jackpot bets were being pre-clicked. With every hourly claim he made random Jackpot bets were pre-clicked. He visited their Facebook page and saw where a girl from Russia had the same complaint so he conversed with her through messages. She stated when she threatened them they turned the table on her and said they would report her to her Government Authorities in Russia for participation in Illegal Internet Gambling. When he went back to Freebitcoin with this information they told him not to believe everything he reads. They went on to say though the problem of pre-clicked jackpots were on his end they fixed the problem. No compensation was offered to him. Let me also mention he referred 3 people and when he made threats to them to credit him for bets he did not place or he would report them to their authorities they threatened the kid with calling the Police for Blackmail. Then they locked his account as well as his referrals which I forgot to mention they are all "MINORS" and confiscated the deposits with no notifications at all. When one of the referrals with a substancial balance contacted them he was told his account was blocked for "Multi Accounting Abuse" Surely they are stating their "Business Accounting" practices since they are not recognized as a business in the country in which they claim to operate they are probably paying no taxes on their profits. Each referral used their own devices and emails and I don't think they could Wi-fi off a cellphone I had even made the threat one time of filing reports with the FBI and they told me if I did I would be the one getting prosecuted for participating in an Illegal act of Internet Gambling. They use United States businesses such as Cloudflare, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook to facilitate their Illegal Gambling Scheme. If they cannot steal your money through bets they will litterally steal your account balance and say you broke some fake rules. In their FAQ's they mention no multiple accounts but not "Multi Accounting Abuse" So this Government agency in the BVI said to demand refunds of all deposits and since Internet Gambling is Illegal as well as the operation of such a business NO LOSSES could have taken place. So we are all complying with the BVI Government requests which include signed written statements as well as their required Complain Forms for assignment to Law Enforcement for prosecution. They think they are smart locking accounts however screen shots of all account details were captured so Demand is made upon your to return our deposits without fees and you can call the Police on your British Virgin Island Government.
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