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1  Other / Off-topic / Bullying at school on: June 18, 2019, 10:16:59 AM
  The consequences of bullying can be reduced self-esteem, anxiety disorders, social phobia, post-traumatic conditions, psychosomatic disorders, suicidal ideation. And what we are increasingly dealing with is the aggression of a victim driven to despair.
  Now the word "bullying" is starting to blur in people's eyes. It often happens that any child aggression is called bullying. This is the path taken in some European schools, which adopt protocols of zero tolerance to aggression and violence. And if one child pushes another, then immediately begins the boil with the call of parents and expulsion from school. It's a bad idea. Studies show that the ban on aggression does not reduce the level of bullying, but rather increases. Optionally it is possible baiting without touching hands.
  A common mistake adults to consider persecution a problem of the victim. All this has nothing to do with reality. A victim are completely different people. Kids might say they bully someone because hes ugly, fat. In fact, children bully him because they want to do so. And the explanation will be found.
  Bullying is not a problem between individuals. It is a disease of the group. Take the most wonderful children, create unfavorable conditions and they will begin to poison each other in the most severe way. And the opposit: take already bullied someone children, create for them other conditions and they will cease to do it. It happens that the child is bullied, and then in the middle of the second grade comes another teacher, and for some reason everything stops. Although it does not hold any anti-bullying activities. Like this? After all, children have not changed. Just another adult who set different rules of the game.
  According to very optimistic Scandinavian estimates, 10-15 % of children are in the situation of bullying victims. If you apply this estimate to the United States, it means that we have a million children go to school every day as an execution. And, most likely, there are more. You can say as much as you want that there is no problem. Until then, until something horrible happened, and then a problem at all.

Educate your kids with intolerance to bullying, do not let other people's children suffer because of their children.
Share your school stories on this topic. I know you have them.
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