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1  Economy / Reputation / VOD, TMAN and OgNasty on: May 31, 2019, 02:19:13 PM
Incident one:
Vod left a counter feedback for OG and seems like he is very concerned about risked BTC in positive feedback from users.
Just a friendly counter to the 500 BTC <....>

His logic is that:
"Risked BTC" is how much money you could have lost if the person you're rating had turned out to be a scammer.  <== reference theymos post

Originally it was 1500 BTC negative rating but he seems convinced two members to remove their risked amount and updated the new rating with 500 risked BTC negative feedback.

Incident two:
TMAN left a negative feedback for OG, 110,000 risked BTC

But Vod has no headache here.

Conclusion: Although this risked BTC algorithm is not any more functional but question comes to mind that:
Why Vod finds problem in positive feedbacks left to a person who held 500 BTC for the forum and returned it when asked?

Additional: If a positive countered by a negative then Vod needs to counter the negative of TMAN with a positive feedback for OgNasty. Or Vod personally verified the tx of the 110,000 BTC deal in between TMAN and OgNasty?

Community inputs please also Vod, TMAN, OG, Thule, CH and The-One-Above-All all are welcome. I do not have a local rules LOL
2  Economy / Reputation / teeGUMES, Bill Gator, Rmcdermott927 and others VS Lauda and the gang on: May 29, 2019, 11:32:33 PM
Part one: Mighty DTs - no manipulation LOL | Are you okay theymos?

Part two >>>>>

teeGUMES red tagged the users (later he admitted the reason and removed if I am not wrong) who sent merit to the doxx by Vod. This means, teeGUMES's judgments are not trustable, he must be distrusted.

And he was distrusted by: klaaas, suchmoon, owlcatz, nutildah, bones261, Hhampuz, DireWolfM14
Previous week:

Lauda had him distrusted already.

Even though Bill Gator was brutally honest (I hope so) admitting his account buying long ago and theymos reviewed his history before unbanning him, but the gang thought they had enough. No mercy and he has to be distrusted, not only that, he must have red tag.
He was distrusted by: Vod, TMAN, Lauda, yogg, klaaas, owlcatz, Hhampuz
He was removed by: TMAN,  Hhampuz,  anonymousminer, DireWolfM14
Previous week:

Foxpup had him distrusted already

Rmcdermott927 tagged Vod because of the doxx and his irresponsible behavior but the gang got angry and distrusted/removed him from DT network.
He was distrusted by: Vod, Foxpup, Last of the V8s, Hhampuz
Previous week:

Lauda had him distrusted already.

**** See footnote

In the eyes of the gang the followings are okay hence nothing change for Lauda:
~Vod is afraid to talk against Lauda because she will tag him and 5 years of handwork will vanish
~LFC_Bitcoin excluded Bill because he felt the pressure of Lauda PMed him to remove Bill
~Lauda left feedback for Quickseller that she will tag anyone who will deal with him.
Degenerate scammer and the vilest of liars; use of sockpuppets, and constant shitposting (for and without sig. campaign). If you deal with this user you will get burned, and I will tag you as well.
~Hhampuz is afraid to respond in Quickseller's topic because Lauda said him not to.

When we are justifying/excluding/removing  teeGUMES, Bill Gator, Rmcdermott927 and some others like eddie13, TECSHARE from the DT network then think again, are we doing the right thing?

Let's see how many entrusts Lauda have from others: dishwara, gmaxwell, Soros Shorts, EpicFail, qwk, BitcoinEXpress, Anduck, DiamondCardz, Foxpup, philipma1957, KWH, monkeynuts, Gimpeline, Operatr, jimhsu, TMAN, vizique, Blazed, minifrij, yogg, TheQuin, leancuisine, klaaas, crypto_trader#43xzEXrP, Bitze, hybridsole, hedgy73, scutzi128, hilariousandco, Matt9301, Avirunes, iluvpie60, gysca, JayJuanGee, NeuroticFish, whywefight, JohnUser, sapta, BitcoinPenny, txbtc, Zepher, P4ndoraBox7, LFC_Bitcoin, Patatas, Limx Dev, ezeminer, mocacinno, klarki, CanadaBits, Miyslovenic, kken01, psycodad, bones261, The Pharmacist, Funny, PrivacyLock, vCardVideo, tennozer, anakinisme, Joel_Jantsen, Arpetuos, mexxer-3 was chosen, condoras, Slow death, lienfaye, Gunthar, bias, Hhampuz, finaleshot2016, jenia1, crwth, Henkkaa, Kryptowerk, sud, Aerys2, khaled0111, aundroid, JollyGood, Squishy01, roycilik, Halab, GDragon, yazher, Gambit_fr, tweetbit, Silent26, Trofo, amishmanish, icopress, Airtube, BitCryptex, sheenshane, theyoungmillionaire, o_e_l_e_o, AleksandrKosov, catur_072, Maus0728, iasenko, pandukelana2712, gospodin, Heisenberg_Hunter, asche, cabalism13, anonymousminer, nakamura12, Alex_Sr, Coolcryptovator, TalkStar, Strufmbae, ICOEthics, alanst, pirashki, ZeusRecife, S_Therapist, twiki

Part of the gang
Less biased/afraid but sometimes have their own opinions
Ass lickers

I see some people are here not involved with forum politics and I believe they have nothing with the gang however do you see some very common names who are basically ass lickers, some are very afraid to take steps against Lauda? Some are even following the direction that Lauda draw for them, If she tells them to sit then they sits if she tells them to stand up then they stands up.

Let's keep OgNasty away. I do not think there are anything else to prove his dedication for the forum. He returned the 500BTC as he promised. Example of unlimited trust.

one or two above mentions are not gang member but rest are crystal clear. It's easy to make your picks if you are regular at forum politics.

Feel free to add more example of this kind of injustice to regular members (not a gang member). If these people were the part of the gang or the ass lickers then nothing could touch.
3  Economy / Reputation / So you have DTs who do not want you to talk openly? on: May 27, 2019, 11:30:15 PM
This is an ALT by the way. I do not care about the tag however here is a point I want to make.

this is what happen when you talk free speech.;u=2602674

This is what you get when you anger Lauda.

Lauda: I already have explained that this an ALT account you did nothing for me but just proved that you are weak and your judgements are biased. In most cases you tag others who makes you angry.

@theymos, how many times you need proves. This also proves that why others are not excluding Lauda from their network.
The reference of the tag:

Do you still trust her judgements that she does not misuse the trust system for her own benefit? Looking at the inclusions I would say yes, you do. What a shame community.
4  Economy / Reputation / Mighty DTs - no manipulation LOL | Are you okay theymos? on: May 15, 2019, 06:05:41 PM

# The DT system might not be the best system however it could work better if the people are in the network would be more responsible. Shame the DT1 (the most seniors)
# To VOD. This topic has nothing to do with you. I am targeting those shameless DTs and also those sockpuppets, ass lickers who are sucking those DTs asses every time to get mercy (merit, getting added in their trust list, to get positive feedback) from them.

So the recent VOD vs OG event clearly is demonstrating the greedy manipulative shameless DTs true color. Clearly there is a side, a group who are doing everything in their power to protect VOD. May be this is the group which is the most manipulative and effective group in this community. If they manipulate the DT system then no one dare to question it but if anyone else try the same then this same group will shut you down.

VOD trust page (Untrusted feedback)

teeGUMES has taken off from DT
OgNasty not in DT. He was also taken off from DT
Rmcdermott927 has taken off from DT
bill gator has taken off from DT

I am interested to see who will be the next to tag VOD and then they will be taken off from DT? Anyone dare!

VOD trust page (trusted feedback)

Interesting latest positive feedback from Hhampuz, TMAN
By the way there was another feedback left by suchmoon which is missing in this image though.

Anyway, I am interested to see LoyceV's project's next update for the following users:

teeGUMES: |
OgNasty: |
Rmcdermott927: |
bill gator: |

In the next update, may be we will find some of the member of these abusive DT network manipulators. Just find those who distrusted/removed teeGUMES, OgNasty, Rmcdermott927 and bill gator from their trust network.

Who am I? Not important ( may be someone close to an admin Tongue )
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