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1  Economy / Trading Discussion / Bitcoin mine or invest spreadsheet & mining rig comparison spreadsheet on: January 03, 2012, 05:45:28 PM
I have reworked the "Bitcoin mine or invest" sheet orginaly created by SgtSpike.
[Spreadsheet: Invest in BTC or mining hardware?]

And i have created a spreadsheet comparing some examples of current mining technology:

GPU's,FPGA boards,and other technologies.

[Status]: active(15.06.2013)

[Pending]: reworking with current ASIC specs


Bitcoin mine or invest 1.48 (Excel)

Bitcoin mine or invest 1.48 (Open office)

Comparison of mining rig examples 1.0 (Currently outdated, FPGA+GPU only)


-03/01/12 changed download links to dropbox public;Modified sheet for less confusion on data entry.

-15/06/13 reworked mine or invest spreadsheet. Exel and Open office now avaidable.


The Column A contains a description of the input data wich is to be entered into the cell on the right of it (within column B).
Likewise the output data is described and given in E and F.There an input by the user is not intended.

Please report any bugs you might encounter and give new ideas and wishes what you would like to see.
Especially the comparison sheet will be expanded in the future.

If you are a producer of mining equipment you would like to see listed. Please PM me with the data so i may add your setup.

2  Bitcoin / Development & Technical Discussion / Modular FPGA Miner Hardware Design Development on: June 25, 2011, 02:57:20 PM
Hello everybody.

This threads purpose is to develop a modular FPGA board system customised for the demands of the" Official Open Source FPGA Bitcoin Miner "

Basically this system should consist of one "Mainboard" housing the Bus system an the IO connections.
And then a variable amount of daughtercards using a standart format like SO DIMM or similar housing one or multiple FPGA chips.

This daugtherboards should be designed to be variable in the FPGS chips used,  so there might at first be a budget low performance Line ,later a Midrange card and a high performance range in a final stage.

This modular system would allow a wide range of Bitcoin participants to start with a minimum setup with the Mainboard and one FPGA card and increase the number of FPGA cards according to their needs and financial capabilities.

So in order to bring this concept into reality i invite everybody interested to contribute to this development process.

I hope we may be abled to get to a prototyp stage this year.

Status:Design activ

Currently discussed: Layout of the first testboard for debuging.
                                        Firmware for MSP430 IC  

Design features wich have been decided on


(Currently a modyfied layout of Olaf.Mandel is to be used)

- The FPGA used on the prototype is the Xilinx Spartan 6 LX 150 FGG 484

- The current design is going to use  2 FPGA's per DIMM PCB, at maximum.

- The prototype motherboard will hold 5 DIMM boards

Power supply

(Currently Power supply by li_gangyi is to be used)

- Each DIMM board features an wide range input ~11-20V over either a Molex 8981 or a Barrel 2.5/5.5 connector.

- In addition the DIMM socket provides a 12 V rail supplied by an ATX PSU via the Mainboard if in Modular use.

- The voltage regulation providing the voltages needed for the components on the DIMM is located on the DIMM itself.


- Each board uses one USB mini B connection in standalone or the BUS system via DIMM pins in Modular operation.

- The MSP430 IC will be used for BUS (SPI) and communication via USB(both located on Daughter- and Motherboard).

Table of FPGA Performance data (estimated)(by Olaf.Mandel)

New version of the table with lower Altera prices (assuming 1USD=0.6891EUR):

ChipRate [MHash/s]Power [W]Price [EUR]Rate/Price [MHash/s/EUR]Rate/Power [MHash/J]
Altera EP4CE75F23C7N109.29-156.750.697-
Altera EP4CE115F23C7N804.4271.790.29418.2
Altera EP4CE115F23C7N109-271.790.401-
Xilinx XC6SLX75-3CSG484C??67.29??
Xilinx XC6SLX100-3CSG484C??83.86??
Xilinx XC6SLX150-3CSG484C??120.47??
Xilinx XC3S500E-5CPG132C3.1250.7820.380.1534
Xilinx XC5VLX110-1FFG676C120-1126.510.107-

If you have any objections and improvements in mind, please tell me

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