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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / THEY SAY IF YOU MISSED SAFEMOON, YOU SHOULDNT MISSS PayStac. yet to be launched on: April 27, 2021, 12:31:32 PM

Hi, Missed out on SafeMoon? Then join PayStac!

PayStac promotes digital transformation of both local and international means of transacting using BSChain as a key building block.

Token Name: PayStac
Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 PST
Symbol: PST
Decimal: 9

🔥 PayStac 🔥

100% community project

No dev token💥💥

Fair Launch in less than 3days💥💥

60% token burn

Smart Contract deployed and verified ✅

PayStac is an BEP20 cryptocurrency token created on the Binance Smart Chain in use for market place exchange for goods and services. BSC allows PST smart contracts to secure and transact in an ultra-fast environment with low fees and high performance while maintaining limited fee exposure for our end-users. Wether for profits or for thrills, PayStac holders have unparalleled options on how they want to interact with their rare digital goods.  Amongst also a growing list of use cases such as incentivize RFQs (Requests for Quote) and secure smart contract POs (Purchase Orders) along with supply chain hardware tokenization on the blockchain, participating and partner networks in an expanding ecosystem of interoperability and standardization.
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Tokens (Altcoins) / MINT FINANCE $MIFI AIRDROP and PRESALE on: April 21, 2021, 10:07:14 AM

TOKEN NAME:      Mint Finance
TOTAL SUPPLY:       10,000,000,000 $MiFi
DECIMALS:      9

SMART CONTRACT:   0xd9fa683d13e2ce6fee751dba930cba75d93677da



  1. join telegram
  2. join twitter, like and retweet the post and post your address with #MiFi #mifipresale #bnb #bsc
                               you will receive 100,000 $MiFi

Send 0 BNB to 0xd9fa683d13e2ce6fee751dba930cba75d93677da

and get 10,000


  1BNB = 40,000,000 + 90% BONUS
  0.5 BNB = 20,000,000 + 80% BONUS
  0.05 BNB = 2,000,000 + 70% BONUS
  Solf cap: 150 BNB
  Hard cap: 200 BNB

AIRDROP: To mint 10,000 $MiFi instantly, Send 0 BNB to the contract address

3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / ARTIFINANCE THE NEXT SAFEMOON? JOIN THE AIRDROP AND PRESALE NOW. on: April 13, 2021, 08:27:14 AM

                                                                         ARTIFINANCE The next SAFEMOON?

Arti Finance Presale and airdrop is Live
How to participate in Presale and Airdrop?

Send BNB to the contract address and get your $ArFi instantly

Minimum buy: 0.05 BNB
Maximum buy: 3 BNB


send 1 BNB and recieve 40,000,000+90% bonus

send 0.05 BNB and recieve 2,000,000 + 20% bonus

send 0 BNB and recieve 10,000

Do not send more than 3 BNB!
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / ARTIFINANCE A Defi PROTOCOL WITH ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENT + NFTs on: April 11, 2021, 10:37:45 PM

Website: coming soon




Telegram Channel:

                                                                 Welcome to ArtiFinance

ArtiFinance is the world's first defi blockchain with iNFT (AI+NFT) protocol that turns existing NFTs into interactive and intelligent digital characters.
Through blockchain technology, Artifinance enables liquidation, promotion, and provenance of iNFTs in a global scale.

Join the $ArFi protocol Revolution and explore the galaxy to the smart Artificial intelligence + NFTs

What is an NFT?

The NFT revolution today is in its infancy, and represents a global redemption and courageous rebalancing by the creative working class. However, we risk committing an exponentially larger sin of omission, with greater consequences if we neglect a critical and important dimension of NFTs: Programmability, with a specific focus on programmable intelligence (AI).
NFTs are blockchain-based records that uniquely represent pieces of media. The media can be anything digital, including art, videos, music, gifs, games, text, memes, and code. ó Chris Dixon

Chrisí description serves as an important baseline for V1 of NFTs but is an incomplete vessel to contain the coming Intelligence Revolution. While most NFTs have embedded code defining royalty payouts, we have yet to scratch the surface of the programmable NFT design space as part of the NFT medium.

From ArtiFinance Big Ideas 2021 report.

At ArtiFinance AI we aim to embed AI into NFTs to fully realize the promise of programmable intelligent scarcity.
We believe that NFTs will eventually become intelligent NFTs (iNFTs), embedded with interactive, intelligently generative capabilities and capable of sense-making and possibly human-level intelligence in the coming decades.
A New Standard

An iNFT is an intelligent NFT that is embedded with a GPT-3 prompt as part of its immutable smart contract. The iNFT generated is not only perceivably intelligent, but has both interactive and animation capabilities as carefully crafted prompts are stored at the smart contract layer. The hardcoded prompts call upon a state-of-the-art Transformer Language model to facilitate generative possibilities only possible through recent breakthroughs in few-shot and single-shot learning.

Characteristics of iNFTs

Embedded Intelligence: A pre-defined or evolving prompt in GPT-X embedded as part of itís immutable architecture creating generative possibilities in interactive conversation

Self-Learning: Accrues knowledge and Unlocks new forms of Intelligence available to the owner, creator and eventually, the network

Permissionless: universally usable and censorship resistant

Metaverse Agnostic: open and available to the internet and integrative with multiple platforms

Valuable and fractionable: accrues value which is accessible to the owner and creator and its communities through fractional ownership

Token-based: An Bsc-based ERC 721or ERC-1155 Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

 The new standard is taking over.

                     ITS  Ai + NFTs era

Token name: ArtiFinance
Symbol: ArFi
Decimal: 9

Token smart contract has been verified by


Send 0 BNB to $ArFi Contract 0xba10e041ea08d69e429f52a31529bbb70d84e841

Receive 10,000 $ArFi


Round 1
Price: send 1BNB and recieve 40,000,000 + 90% BONUS

Round 2:
Price: send 1 BNB and recieve 40,000,000 70% BONUS

 Soft cap: 100 BNB
Hard cap : 170 BNB
Alocation per wallet
              3 BNB Max
              0.05 BNB Min

Listing on
Date: April 15th 2021. 6am EST
Price: 1BNB : 20,000,000 (NO Bonus)
Locked Liquidity:  150 BNB + 30,000,000,000 $ArFi

All contracts have been deployed.

5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / HEAVEN TOKEN A HYPER DEFLATIONARY TOKEN on: July 15, 2019, 11:12:37 AM
Website: : coming soon
Coin name: Heaven Token
Coin type: Hyper-deflationary
Initial supply: 400 Tokens
Supply cut: 5% of every transaction


Distribution: Coins will be airdropped for FREE (meaning 5% of total supply will be cut from the supply very early on)

Contract on the Etherscan:

- Read till the end of this post for a potentially easy 5 coins! -

A new experiment has been sweeping through the Crypto world: Rapidly deflating tokens. These are coins that have their supply constantly reduced when used, making them rarer over time. Coins like $BombToken and $Fuze have been leading the way with experimenting on what happens when a token's supply is cut down with every transfer. Due to the fact that future generations will likely seek a non-inflationary monetary system, taking part in these experiments will help provide data-points for future generations who will be looking for the best implementation of a currency.

 So far, these experiments have had a 1% and 2% cut to the supply amount of any transfer. This will certainty provide for interesting results. But what happens if you cut the supply EVEN MORE savagely?
Enter HEAVEN TOKEN: Where token supply is thrown into the heaven very rapidly.

 With every transfer, HEAVEN TOKEN cuts 5% of the transfer amount and burns it. Every time HVNN is transferred, 5% of the value of that transfer is removed from the supply permanently (Sent into the Heaven!).
 This means the supply of Heaven Token will rapidly reduce as it is transferred.

 What interesting results will this lead too? No-one knows for sure! Heaven Token will simply be another data point in a growing experiment into deflating tokens.
 Heaven Token is not for sale: You can only get it through airdrop!

Why take part in this experiment? For experiment and to see what happens? The coins are free to receive. Send them on to your friends and watch as 5% of the transfer is sent to the HVNN (Burned from the supply).

This project is not being heavily advertised. My goal is to airdrop everything to whoever wants it and just let the tokens go free and see what happens, as a fun experiment. Don't expect the Heaven you receive to be worth any actual money or value, these are just tokens for what amounts to an interesting experiment. Most Heaven is being given away in the airdrop and bounty.

BOUNTY PHASE II: (90 HVNN) for 300 valid entries for new Members

Special challenges:
Huge opportunity to win some FREE Heaven Token.
Jus create a simple and good looking website for HVNN and win 10 HVNN token.

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