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21  Economy / Gambling / The LuckyBit Affiliate Campaign abuse report thread on: March 10, 2015, 06:43:41 PM
This thread has been closed, because the LuckyBit Bitcoin Talk Affiliate Campaign has been permanently discontinued. I still accept signature abuse reports via PM, but we are no longer paying for signature advertising at all.

What is this thread for?
This thread is dedicated to gathering abuse reports against the LuckyBit Bitcoin Talk Affiliate Campaign. This thread is self-moderated, only abuse reports pertinent to the LuckyBit ad campaign belong here. I hope this thread never needs to be used.

If you see a spam post that bears the LuckyBit signature, know of someone that is abusing the signature campaign system, or have an issue with a campaign participant abusing the forum, this is the place to report it. All LuckyBit signatures (will) carry a link to report spam in this thread. If you are reporting an abusive post, please be sure to include all the required details (see the first reply).

When should I report a post?
In general, you should only report a post here if the post bears a LuckyBit signature, and meets one of these requirements:
* The post is an unconstructive bump/spam post, is off-topic for the thread, or is unwelcome within the topic of discussion.
* The post is clearly inflammatory, begging for coins, disparaging LuckyBit or its competition.
* The poster is artificially inflating post count by replying to his own alts. (evidence required)
* The poster is known to have alts enrolled in signature campaigns. (evidence required)
* The poster has been banned for a period longer than seven days. (evidence required)
* The posting account was bought or sold during enrollment. (evidence required)

What should I not report?
Please don't report contest entries, allowed bumps within a thread created by the same person, auction bids, short but pertinent posts such as "thank you for the information", regular forum violations that don't affect the campaign, low-quality posts, or copypasta. Please only report abusive behavior - I can discount unqualified posts manually.

Should I report posts that also violate forum rules?
Yes - report them to the moderator first, then to me if they aren't immediately deleted.

This post isn't really spam, but doesn't belong. Should I report it?
Yes. The worst thing that can happen is nothing.

What if someone abuses the report thread?
That's against forum rules and will be appropriately dealt with.

Dude, you suck!
That's not what the people in my signature campaign think.
22  Economy / Games and rounds / The New Lucky Bit Signature Contest - CLOSED on: February 27, 2015, 06:25:35 PM

Lucky Bit has reached the glorious milestone of having processed one million valid wagers! To celebrate, I'd like to enter some new signatures into the signature campaign. I'll be creating a few over the coming days, but I want your help!

Contest Information

I'll be accepting potential signature codes to use in the campaign in this contest, and the ones I select as the base for a new signature to add to the campaign will receive 0.1BTC each. I've set aside enough money to pay for up to three winners. Here are the rules:

* Only campaign-qualified members can enter. This means you must be a Full Member rank or higher!
* Each entrant may submit up to three signature codes. Entries may be in a single post or separate posts.
* Entries after the first three from a user won't be eligible to win. Each entrant can only win once.
* By submitting signature code, you agree that I may use some or all of the code in the campaign, even if you don't win.
* You also agree that if you do win, I reserve the right to make alterations to the code before featuring it in the campaign.
* Winner(s) selection is purely subjective, at my sole discretion.
* This contest is not funded or endorsed by Lucky Bit - all payments are coming out of my pocket.
* If only one person participates, the prize will not be awarded.
* There is no guarantee that more than one prize will be awarded no matter how many entries I receive.
* Entries will close on March 5, 00:00:00 UTC. Winner(s) selection will occur within 24 hours after.

Entry example (this example would be two entries of the three allowed)

User: stingleword
BTC: 1WayStGErPLgjrGpK7Ro36ZA2eeraoaMi
[center][size=18pt][url=][color=red][btc][/color] [color=orange][btc][/color] [color=black]The bitcoins rain at[/color] [b][color=#008000]L[/color][color=#299200]u[/color][color=#5DA400]c[/color][color=#9CB600]k[/color][color=#C8AB00]y[/color][color=#DA7C00]B[/color][color=#EC4300]i[/color][color=#DF0000]t[/color][/b] [color=black]every day![/color] [color=green][btc][/color] [color=blue][btc][/color][/url][/size]
★ [url=][b][color=#445845]Make your own game![/color][/b][/url] ★ [url=][b][color=#445845]Official thread[/color][/b][/url] ★ [url=][b][color=#445845]Signature campaign[/color][/b][/url] ★[/center]
[size=14pt][url=][color=black]Play with suspense... [/color][color=red][btc][/color] [color=orange][btc][/color] [color=green][btc][/color] [color=blue][btc][/url][/size]
[right][size=14pt][url=][color=black]... ➫ Play [/color][b][color=#008000]L[/color][color=#299200]u[/color][color=#5DA400]c[/color][color=#9CB600]k[/color][color=#C8AB00]y[/color][color=#DA7C00]B[/color][color=#EC4300]i[/color][color=#DF0000]t[/color][/b][color=black]![/color][/url][/size] [size=7pt][url=](Official thread)[/url][/size][/right]
Play with suspense... BTC BTC BTC BTC

Is there an entry fee?
No. This contest is free to enter.
What can I use or not use in the code?
You can use anything allowed by Bitcoin Talk. Be aware of the restrictions on signatures.
Who isn't allowed to enter?
Accounts that haven't reached Full Member yet, and me.
Do I need to play Lucky Bit?
No, but it probably would help you make a better signature.
Should I include anything in particular?
Yes! A significant portion of the signature should link to Lucky Bit and associated threads.
Can I use part of an existing signature?
Sure! Derivative work is just fine, although originality will be key to winning a prize.
Dude, you suck!
That's not a question.
23  Economy / Games and rounds / ★ The Lucky Bit Millionth Bet Prediction Game! ★ Entries Closed on: February 22, 2015, 01:23:32 AM
★ The LuckyBit Millionth Bet Prediction Game! ★

Lucky Bit is quickly approaching 1 Million Bets! But nobody knows the time this will happen.... do they?

Guess the time and date of the 1,000,000th bet placed on Lucky Bit and you could win over 1BTC! Here's how it works:

  • Entries are limited to one per account. Newbie accounts can't enter.
  • There is a 0.001BTC entry fee to participate. Use a compatible wallet!
  • Send entry fees to 1MBets4fvVYbJXCGFZpokgKvRjeYCkxQFF. Money sent is not refundable.
  • To enter, reply here with the TXID of your entry fee along with your guess.
  • Your guess should include a date and a time in UTC.
  • The prize pool starts at 1BTC and half of the money received will be added to the prize.
  • Entries will close once Lucky Bit has reached 990,000 bets.
  • The winner is the person that guessed the date and time closest to the 1,000,000th bet.
  • If two guesses are tied for closest, the earlier entry wins.
  • Lucky Bit staff may not enter this contest. The other half of the entry fees will be sent to the Mod Tip Jar.
  • The prize will be sent to the address that the winner's entry fee was sent from.

Entries are now closed!
Since 990,000 bets could occur at any time, whichever moderator first observes that Lucky Bit has reached the milestone will post here to announce that entries for the contest are closed. This post may come from stingleword, binaryFate, LuckyBitSupport, TheNewAnon135246, hanijackson, seoincorporation, carlaonfire, or BRE. I will update the OP once I'm available to.

camelson20150228 100000a3ff02a7213142f4ee6d8a56d4fdc0b482971326b1b489c70840b331d2e2d436
amiryaqot20150226 042900c1c87a4b3167b33663137c5ff04814c6a9b79978b130dc33761c93e1d7d76557
mocacinno20150228 080000be15c11bc811c1cd132b7e337a382e3ee254543d05c93728d49642e0482361d7
sukamasoto20150226 2000007880f8f907f2826d4525b0adcf45a0f3467a39959ab4cbdc54f0dc7826a1e903
juperos20150303 170000fb27e7d6f38d52c7eb0183d7aea43e38a6e723e10b7831d705784a3ebd59c98b
melody8220150227 0800008280dc6a8c3b3f474974f9f380e1e02ee10ca07a3292d5f5450f24cd71fe8cbb
TriggerX20150225 191900c959f00d9407f8ea657e5e71b844613827628dddd3e7586dc48a8ce94bd752e4
joksim29920150226 050000d1aadcf0beb4c72d222b729962f2429999704af04d8006103d5e8e2aae945400
yahoo2667820150301 2100003c6853a87a750da9869720f47fea2f6b65b01c944f744a98fcf8bcfbace4b7ee
waterpile20150227 200000337fcaf846cc5f5ea5911f3e2d33020ff5c7c8eacb7e5bc38de241ca0389f2e0
orryde20150227 232400be48b3da45de048131af3c0c694f5063759065c0bbb27b679ecb7e1fa01be308
trafficolaa20150302 11000009d23e093dc198e8dae1158ea13466fc10e7235a13282fed65f98be798f7a0a2
darkmind20150301 2240535701bb85c49a232ebf1a60bdc618ec16df4100b0ce894d36a5d25f5decc1a259
BiTJack20150301 163000e77ac034ac79e872a6a16cf3d1e37daf60afdffd88d46503bdd860473f193f8e
masterzino20150227 2345310f003255dc10d5e1582519e4a90b1ae415778ae265c5f9d0fc6afb933400ec15
pokerowned20150228 18000072b1fcfba04ab72f0fb7b1943a140e06f359869b72d7854887b9c7b06f17183b
sakira20150303 17303000bf40cc3968e6c117b9a8967b798248695b5052acce1ee3ffd651012e5185ca
xcapator20150301 102302d84a6439fd176e2c0d3e9ad5947a6606930752a2ba5e06a6c0f4149fd1facec9
Koko120020150301 190000530dfd4e99fe9eb9ee3e97dcc1011818e1fb92ede0cb8280e559d908f307bed1
MRKLYE20150307 120000e747f2d78bdb2f05c2701dd425b07d963e134a7562c059e3595fcea558df840b
egajuarsa20150227 020100c83b2c40f3da0ade9f3754e1ede79f7d1afafb98c4529713085ff8459a1952a4
andulolika20150228 0600004f29e81896dd79fd85a8610fa07c2fdb07ba80583e91f09ab707d9d3d3b19672
BoXXoB20150226 230000c14a07fc95919bec57d547a4a37176cd43bc9c87406aafca7f6ee3229e79bf2a
Southpaw020150227 13454581608ff1321cb960e03cb12930ecd6ec391fc17efe3a130e703fed13485ad434
Havelivi20150301 12345668cf10b978a37728b618705e75d78281897cb506bb4e30624838616685dc848a
edmundduke20150227 2030004e29423ce7fdfd4907876abba5daa4e13dcfd7713574d0a97763e0f4a0724534
resya20150228 025500cd4225075b96f0e941dc0de7464b4c31acea75f5f2c4912e23f63695f9cfefb1
OmarBessa20150302 183000c684ff0c01b4758c9d5c04644c8bd0ed931ec3f6924e5b81e2678640a8dd165c
Vicecity20150227 190500405a401a2a2a323ed1a8d7da9487760bc9ac70296ad879a777b75ad9b0db09b6
kolloh20150227 163000160558fe500d87773080fd5bcb5f4b463af602bf6df7de893fe394c857255e12
arieq20150228 055942ba3348d46512da88e839de17adbfb0136a3881a924b81fa408580410c91d4148
lite20150227 220000f2f9a2e24696bdff8f8941a4b44ccc593d4b6165d575f23288c3b91c6b1ece19
Trevon20150227 1500000c8a1ac775659f34f222f3da7c2f339bbb09371a4fbb4efe9c238a008f1bb3cf
zee1122420150228 0830522cdc5ffc1c930857f0d00ca85dcb776281d50f83e1702c69baf2de71a4fe8047
mishax120150227 213000eeba394679f042a17b493b440898c1a12eb53681171f3c9afd94e6a8dde8ecbd
ronaldo4020150302 1616005bada8b959ec39f4d27801c308e7599d027688408e4872c5a88d95961bc7f0b1
Mewtwo20150228 192800897990cb1319b0ca3faaa86efeebedf3ccd6aac0da7ce85c0b73e0fa9dbe9395

What's a compatible wallet?
Any wallet that you control all the private keys to. Read the warning on Lucky Bit for more information.
Why is there a fee?
Two reasons: first, to increase the prize; second, to support the team that came up with this idea!
How do you stop people from editing their post?
I'm going to quote each entry as they come in.
I sent too much, can I still enter?
Yes, a send over 0.001BTC will cover your entry fee (but not someone else's).
I sent too little, can I send the difference to enter?
No. That would seriously confuse my work. Send it all in one transaction.
I did a mistake send, can I get a refund?
Not only no, but hashtag no.
Dude, you suck!
That's not a question.
24  Economy / Micro Earnings / [IMPROVED] The Lucky Bit Faucet - Win up to 100,000 satoshi - Play free hourly! on: December 31, 2014, 04:56:55 PM

The Official Lucky Bit Faucet!

The Lucky Bit faucet has been overhauled! Now, you can win up to 100,000 satoshi every hour. Not only is this one of the highest-paying faucets out there, every visit is a free game of the special Faucet Edition of Lucky Bit!

Swing by (direct link) - you could get 0.001BTC just for visiting. It's lots of fun, too!
25  Economy / Games and rounds / ★ The LuckyBit "Make Your Own Game" Promotion [CLOSED] ★ on: November 26, 2014, 12:09:11 AM

★ The LuckyBit "Make Your Own Game" Promotion! ★

The promo line was a great success, and LuckyBit is proud to announce its imminent return! We just have one little bitty problem... we have no idea what the line should be, so now it's your turn to tell us what game you want to play! If you make a LuckyBit payline that we like enough to feature as the promo line for a week, you'll earn a percentage of that line's profits - as if the excitement of playing your own line on LuckyBit isn't enough. (I would know - I'm one of the lucky people to have this honor!)

We've created a tool you can use to play with, and discover Lucky Bit games we never thought of. Invent something great, post your entry here and you could see your creation go live on LuckyBit for at least seven days! Oh, is that not exciting enough for you? Okay, how about we also give you 2% of the profits your line generates if it turns a profit? Still not enough? Your name and line will be preserved in LuckyBit history and become a part of the great story that is the evolution of Bitcoin - and if that's not satisfying enough for you, maybe it's time to consider a career change.

Here's how to enter!

First, visit the LuckyBit Payline Creator (original) and create your entry. There's no limit, so make a bunch if you want to! When you get something that you think is a winner, copy the text provided, fill in your line's name and your BTC address, and post it as a reply here. That's all! Every week or two, the admins will pick a new entry and feature it on the site.

Happy creating!


How long will this promotion last?
We're honestly not sure. The initial four-week pilot was a huge success so it'll keep going until we decide it's done.
Will you tell us when this happens?
Yes. We will stop accepting entries before the final week's line goes live on the site (if that ever happens).
How long are my entries eligible to win?
For as long as the contest is open!
What if my line doesn't profit the site?
Bad luck, but at least you won't be liable for the site's losses.
Who picks the winners?
The final decision is admin's alone.
Are there any restrictions?
Yes. LuckyBit moderators and managers may not enter this contest for the first two weeks (this is over now). Admins can't enter at all.
Who won so far?
Week 1: beber456
Week 2: yahoo62278
Week 3: stingleword
Weeks 4-5: ETFbitcoin
Week 6: Dali
Weeks 7-8: DiamondCardz
Weeks 9-11 (downtime line): deadlyunknown
Week ... er, Line 8: siampumpkin
Line 9: egajuarsa
Line 10: andulolika
Line 11: hodoricus
Line 12: lioliomir
Line 13: 9kv
Line 14: Josepht
Line 15: andulolika
Line 16: ianbelada2
Line 17: ETFbitcoin
Line 18: BRE
Dude, you suck!
That's still not a question.
Why is that on the FAQ?
An alarmingly large percentage of the input I get is some long-winded way of saying "dude, you suck".
26  Economy / Games and rounds / The Lucky Bit Big Win Prediction Game! on: November 26, 2014, 12:08:13 AM

★ The Lucky Bit Big Win Prediction Game! ★

Lucky Bit is proud to offer another community game available to the public! This game features an incredible 0.5% house edge, community wagering, and a new twist on the great Lucky Bit game while featuring the transparency and trust our players expect. This game is simple, easy to play, and provably fair! Originally suggested as the "Lucky Bit Lottery" by one of our users, this game now takes its official sponsored form as the Big Win Prediction Game!

Here's how to play:

* Of course, use a compatible wallet. Just like the betting pools and any on-chain game, the address the coins were spent from is the address your win will be sent to and when multiple addresses are used the first one on the list will receive the payment. No exceptions.
* There is a minimum bet of 0.001BTC and no maximum. You can wager any amount you want but your win is proportional to the amount you bet.
* You are always betting on next week's results. This means bets after 00:00 UTC on the Sunday following your wager's confirmation, through the next Saturday at 23:59:59.
* Results and payment transactions will always be posted here. Inquiries should be posted here, not PM'ed.
* Rounds complete at 00:00 UTC weekly. Unconfirmed wagers will be processed on the day they are confirmed, not the day they are sent.
* Ambiguous confirmation times will default to the later week.

The bet is a simple one: you are simply wagering on YES or NO for the following question:
"Will any bet land on the outside pay slot any time next week?"

If a bet lands on the x2/x22/x111/x999 slot any time during the 7 day time frame, the YES side wins. If no bet lands it, the NO side wins. The resulting pay is the total sum of BOTH sides and will be divided proportionally with all players from the winning side, minus 0.5% house edge to cover operational costs.

To bet on YES, send your wager to:To bet on NO, send your wager to:

* If there are no wagers on the losing side, the winners will still split the prize pool as normal.
* If there are no wagers on the winning side, the money becomes part of the next week's prizes.
* Spam-sized payments (less than a standard transaction fee) will not be sent, the money becomes part of the next week's prizes.
* The 0.5% house edge is applied when winnings are sent. Unsent prizes are not edged until they are paid.
* Prizes will not have fees deducted - this is why there is a house edge.
27  Economy / Games and rounds / [ANN] ✻ Lucky Bit One Year Anniversary Gala ✻ Nov 6 and 7 ✻ [OVER] on: October 22, 2014, 04:48:57 AM

Lucky Bit's One Year Anniversary Gala!

The celebration was great! This post will be preserved to archive the event for everyone.

✻ Party Mode: ON! ✻ We got a bunch of decorations and decked out the site for a party!
✻ Happy Hour! ✻ Lucky Bit's legendary Happy Hour was a blast! Congratulations to our winners.
✻ Early Adopter Bonus! ✻ Prizes for the addresses that have the oldest bets on record, that play during the event!
✻ Loyalty Prizes! ✻ Players that play regularly will qualify to win bonus prizes if they play during the event!
✻ Quality Gaming! ✻ The engine and the site have been polished for optimum gameplay - bring on the rain!
✻ Meme Contest! ✻ A contest available to all for the meme creator in you - sorry, entries are closed!
✻ Extra Giveaways! ✻ Stingleword still has a little crazy left - maybe it will spread to all the moderators!
✻ Blue Line! ✻ Some of you guessed it - a new, fourth play line is now available! Try Lucky Bit Blue!
✻ Promotion Line! ✻ What? A fifth line? YES! This line is limited time only - come play!

The power of the dark side compels you: get excited, because it's going to be awesome!

November 6 and 7, only on Lucky Bit!

Meme Contest!

This contest is on now and will run all week. Entries officially close at 00:00 LuckyBit Time, Nov 10.

How To Enter

Simply create a "meme" text-on-image picture, upload it to your favorite image host, and submit the link as a reply to this thread.
Twitter entries will also be accepted, see our official Twitter feed for details (@LuckyBitGame).
The staff will select their top 3 entries and those submissions win a prize!
If you need a tool to do this, there are several on the web you can use for free. Just do a search for "MEME GENERATOR" and you can find a few options.

The best meme will earn 0.3BTC, the 2nd place 0.2BTC and the third 0.1BTC. Good luck, everyone!


Entries for this portion of the event are closed. All addresses that bet on Nov 7 and 8 00:00-23:59:59 UTC will be entered. The entries are being processed but does take a long time as two days' bets must be evaluated.

Early Adopter Bonus!

Do you remember when chat was nothing but lotto spam? Can you name a dozen users that aren't around anymore? This is the contest for you! Lucky Bit is rewarding the loyal players that have been through it all with a prize pool set aside for the addresses that appear earliest in the game logs. If you bet with an old game address, you could win!

Loyalty Prizes!

Okay, so you weren't so lucky to be on the Bitcoin train that early. That's okay! You still love the game and play every day, right? Well, there's another prize pool with your name on it! The addresses that have bet on the most days are eligible to get a share of this one.

Crazy Giveaways!

Some of the moderators (myself included) are giving away bonus coins in chat. If you happen to be there, you could win! These prizes are paid out of our own pockets - yes, really! - so if you feel like chipping in for the party, send to the tip jar!

New Lines!

Lucky Bit Blue is now available! Try your luck on this new payline that features profit pays on all three center slots and less than 14% chance of losing. Play up to 25BTC at once on this exciting game!

For a limited time, Lucky Bit has a fifth promotional line to play! This line features scattered x0.2 payouts making every bet full of suspense until the last turn. This game has a maximum pay of 52BTC! Don't miss out - this game will only be around for a few days!
28  Economy / Games and rounds / Lucky Bit Bet Browser API Tool - for Java [SOURCE] on: October 07, 2014, 11:19:37 PM
Hello again, Lucky Bit fans! I've taken the advice given to me concerning my last post, and I am proud to present to the public..

The Lucky Bit API Java Wrapper!

This utility library is built on the Java library and interfaces directly with the Lucky Bit API to retrieve game information.
It's a pretty simple library to use, you should be able to drop the package directly into your project and depend on the automatic JavaDoc feature of your favorite code editor to guide you the rest of the way. Of course, you could just read the commented code.

Anyway, enough babbling, here's a link for you programmer types. Remember the only important term in the software license: This Software shall be used for Good, not Evil.

Meanwhile, I'll be using this library to build some tools I can use to provide bet history analysis for players in chat. Feel free to ask me!
29  Economy / Games and rounds / Lucky Bit Bet Analysis Tool [SOURCE] on: October 05, 2014, 08:32:48 PM
Hey there, Lucky Bit fans! I've taken a moment to put together a useful tool that expands on the power of the Lucky Bit Bet Browser. This small Java app will analyze your betting history and provide a breakdown of your results. You can see what color you've been lucky (or unlucky!) on, how many times you've hit the rare wins, and the app also discovers your largest win and best result.

It's 160+ lines of source code, and since I don't think it's a good idea to be casually tossing around JAR files I've decided to not provide a pre-compiled version at this time. Once the code is a little more polished I may do this but for now I'd like to release this code to the public. So yeah - the source code provided in this post is offered with no claim of ownership and no instruction manual. It also has no comments. Enjoy!

package it.luckyb.demo;

import java.util.LinkedList;
import java.util.List;
import java.util.Locale;

import org.json.JSONObject;

public class LuckyStatsApp {
public final static String API = "";
protected enum Color { GREEN, YELLOW, RED };
protected class Bet {
protected double amount, result, payout;
protected Color color;
protected boolean isValid;
private String binary;

public Bet(JSONObject txo) {
if (!txo.getString("type").equals("VALID_BET")) {
isValid = false;
isValid = true;
binary = txo.getString("binary_string");
amount = txo.getDouble("bet_amount");
result = txo.getDouble("multiplier_obtained");
payout = txo.getDouble("payout_amount");
color = Color.valueOf(txo.getString("game_name").toUpperCase(Locale.US));
public String mult() {
return String.format((result < 2 && result != 1.0) ? "%-1.1f" : "%-1.0f", result);
public int slot() {
int r = 0;
for (char c : binary.toCharArray())
if (c == '0') r -= 1; else r += 1;
return r<0?r*-1:r;

private String address;

private LuckyStatsApp(String address) { this.address = address; }
private JSONObject getData() throws IOException {
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
HttpURLConnection conn = (HttpURLConnection)(new URL(API + "/getbetsbyaddress/" + address).openConnection());
InputStream is = conn.getInputStream();
try {
BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(is));
String line = null;
while ((line = reader.readLine()) != null) sb.append(line+"\n");
} catch (IOException e) {
throw e;
return new JSONObject(sb.toString());
private void go() {
List<Bet> bets = new LinkedList<Bet>();
try {
System.out.println("Fetching data... Please wait!");
JSONObject o = getData();
for (String txkey : o.keySet())
bets.add(new Bet(o.getJSONObject(txkey)));
} catch (IOException e) {
System.out.println("Data retrieval failed. Is the Lucky Bit API down?");
System.out.println("The actual error encountered was:");
if (bets.size() == 0) {
System.out.println("No results received.");
System.out.println("Either [" + address + "] has never played a bet,");
System.out.println("or that isn't a valid bitcoin address.");
double betT, betG = 0, betY = 0, betR = 0;
double wonT, wonG = 0, wonY = 0, wonR = 0;
Bet topWin = null, topHit = null;
int plays, playsG = 0, playsY = 0, playsR = 0;
int slots[] = {0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0};
int slotsG[] = {0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0};
int slotsY[] = {0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0};
int slotsR[] = {0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0};
double slotsP[] = {0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0};
for (Bet bet : bets) {
if (bet.isValid) {
switch (bet.color) {
case GREEN:
betG += bet.amount;
wonG += bet.payout;
playsG += 1;
slotsG[bet.slot()] += 1;
case YELLOW:
betY += bet.amount;
wonY += bet.payout;
playsY += 1;
slotsY[bet.slot()] += 1;
case RED:
betR += bet.amount;
wonR += bet.payout;
playsR += 1;
slotsR[bet.slot()] += 1;
if (topWin == null || topWin.payout < bet.payout) topWin = bet;
if (topHit == null || topHit.result < bet.result || (topHit.result == bet.result && topHit.payout < bet.payout)) topHit = bet;
betT = betG + betY + betR;
wonT = wonG + wonY + wonR;
plays = playsG + playsY + playsR;
for (int i = 0; i < 9; i++) {
slots[i] += slotsG[i];
slots[i] += slotsY[i];
slots[i] += slotsR[i];
slotsP[i] = slots[i]*100.0/plays;
System.out.println("Bet analysis for [" + address + "]");
"Total bet %-1.3f BTC - Total won %-1.3f BTC - Net P/L %-1.3f BTC", betT, wonT, wonT - betT));
"Biggest win was %-1.3f on %s, hitting x%s for %-1.3f BTC", topWin.amount, topWin.color.toString().toLowerCase(), topWin.mult(), topWin.payout));
"Best win was %-1.3f on %s, hitting x%s for %-1.3f BTC", topHit.amount, topHit.color.toString().toLowerCase(), topHit.mult(), topHit.payout));
"%6s %6s %6s %6s %6s",
"", "Green", "Yellow", "Red", "Total"));
for (int i = 0; i < 9; i++)
"Mid +%1d %6d %6d %6d %6d %-2.2f%%",
i, slotsG[i], slotsY[i], slotsR[i], slots[i], slotsP[i]));
"%6s %6d %6d %6d %6d",
"Total", playsG, playsY, playsR, plays));
public static void main(String[] args) {
if (args.length != 1) {
System.out.println("Specify your address, please.");
LuckyStatsApp theApp = new LuckyStatsApp(args[0]);
30  Economy / Services / ★ LuckyBit Bitcoin Talk Affiliate Program ★ [CLOSED] on: June 30, 2014, 07:49:32 PM
The LuckyBit Affiliate Program is now closed. Thank you to everybody that participated! Please check the LuckyBit Community Hub for more LuckyBit promotions.

The original post has been retained for archival purposes.

ALLERGEN WARNING: This program is managed by a person that also handles customer complaints. Some posts may contain traces of sarcasm.

★ Earn record-breaking amounts just for posting normally!
★ Rolling availability slots for Member ranked users and above!
★ Flexible enrollment options to suit your style!
★ One years' worth of trusted business you can count on!
LuckyBit's ever-popular signature campaign is BACK! Please be sure to read all information before you apply. There's a lot of ground to cover; pull up a cup of coffee and read carefully please.

How to enroll

(0). Make sure a spot is available - check the top reply for current slot availability. This program is limited!
(1). You must meet all the requirements to enroll in a slot. Different slots have different requirements.
(2). Adjust your account settings to match your enrollment. This means Signature, Personal Message (PM), and Avatar.
(3). Post your application in this thread!
(4). If your application is confirmed, you're enrolled. All applicants should get a reply.
(5). If your application goes unreplied, quote it to call attention. The forum is glitchy.
(6). At the end of your term, you will be evaluated and the spot will open up for someone else (or yourself) to claim!


Your application post must meet this description to be evaluated. Always include:
- Slot you are applying for, and optional fallback slot if the one you applied for could be full
- Your address that was used to place prerequisite bets
- Your current post count (not including application)

Enrollment Slots
NOTE You must be whitelisted for any slot except Supporter. Successful completion of a Supporter enrollment will get you put on the whitelist. Users that have previously participated in the LuckyBit Signature Campaign are already whitelisted.

There are four enrollment slots to choose from. Select the one that best suits your needs.
You must have made the Wager Requirement within the past 7 days, using your application address! If you're not sure, use the History Analyzer to find out how much you've wagered.

AvailableSlotTermPosts RequiredWager RequiredMin RankPay
unlimitedSupporter7 days10 posts0.002BTCMember+0.01BTC
9Affiliate14 days20 posts0.01BTCFull Member+0.05BTC
5Advertiser28 days40 posts0.05BTCSenior Member+0.15BTC
1BADASS7 days7 posts0.2BTCFull Member+0.05BTC
Each Bitcoin Talk user may only take one BADASS slot per 35 days; each Bitcoin Talk user is also limited to one Advertiser slot per 35 days. This allows for a cooldown period during which others can apply for the valuable, hard-to-get slots. This equates to a 28-day cooldown for BADASS slots and a 7-day cooldown for Advertisers.
The signature codes, PM codes, avatars, and current enrollments, including availability, are always updated in the first reply to this post.
LuckyBit staff members always have the option to use the "red" avatar we already feature instead of the required one, are not required to change their PM, and may sometimes have special staff signatures during promotions that are not available to other enrollments.

Details and Important information
Only qualified posts made during your enrollment will count. I do peruse all history during evaluation.
I maintain a blacklist. If you are on this list your applications will be declined.
I reserve the right to refuse or terminate enrollments at my discretion.

Qualified posts mean any post that isn't there to flood, bump, spam, or draw attention to another non-LuckyBit post. Generally speaking, any post will qualify except for blatant bumps, +1 posts, obvious spam, competitors' advertising, or forum abuse. Auction bid posts are qualified. Contest and giveaway entry posts are not qualified. Posts containing no original content (e.g. copied articles from offsite, direct pastes of content from elsewhere, etc.) will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis; sometimes pasted content is appropriate, and other times it is not. Counterproductive activity will be disqualified at my discretion.

You will be disqualified and removed from the whitelist, or possibly blacklisted from the campaign if:
 - you change or alter the signature/PM/avatar during participation,
 - you do not meet the post requirement after your time is up,
 - you have a 7-day period with no activity during a 28-day enrollment,
 - you are discovered to be using a wallet that is spend-linked to another account that is enrolled in any campaign,
 - your account changes ownership or is used as loan collateral during enrollment,
 - you make the majority of your qualified posts in a small time frame, or
 - you cause serious trouble on this forum such as a flamewar or scam,
AND you did not contact me for special consideration* or did contact me and were declined.

You cannot change your payment address during your enrollment. You can re-enroll with a new address once you are paid.

Please leave trust feedback once you have been paid! Lucky Bit is run by LuckyBitSupport and binaryFate; they're the real paymasters for the campaign - I'm just the manager.

*Special considerations
I understand that sometimes life happens and weird circumstances arise that can interfere with eligibility. Therefore, if you post here or PM me and state your case, I will make a special consideration. Specifically, I will either grant an extension to your enrollment to pick up missed posts, or allow you to 'reset' your enrollment and retain your slot, which will allow you to essentially start fresh. You can change your address and your post count will start from that point. Each participant can only use this consideration with my explicit permission. I can be very forgiving if you work with me, but making demands after the fact earns no points. Considerations are at my sole discretion.

Why is this campaign so complicated?
There are tons of signature campaigns and lots of competition within the campaign space. I'm proud to run one of the best-paying campaigns out there, but I'm not looking to just hand out that money to any Joe that posts a lot. Lucky Bit's best advertising comes from the people that play and love Lucky Bit. It's one thing to get the name in public but it's another thing for it to represent something so exemplary in its field, and I reflect that spirit by running a very different campaign. When you run another signature, you're telling the world that you'll take their money to do it; when you run a Lucky Bit signature, you're telling the world that you appreciate a high standard of business, especially in an ecosystem plagued with shady operations. (If you don't agree with this sentiment, you're free to take someone else's money.)

What is the spam link for? Isn't that why the forum has moderators?
This campaign has requirements that are stricter than the forum rules. Some posts that are allowed in the forum may not be qualified for this campaign, and some behavior that is unacceptable to the campaign is not prohibited by the forum at all. Therefore, I have opted to create a system where users can report abusers of the Lucky Bit campaign directly to me. Be aware that the report thread is self-moderated. Please only report posts and posters that are abusing the signature campaign itself - regular forum abuse should be reported to forum moderators first, then to me only if it affects the campaign.

Do you accept applicants with negative trust? What other requirements are there?
Trust is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A negative trust doesn't necessarily reduce the effectiveness of an attached signature; I evaluate post history, visible activity and behavior patterns, trust, and bet history when evaluating applicants. I'm fairly lenient about most things but presence and attitude are always the primary factors in deciding whom to accept and which posts to disqualify. I still reserve the right to disqualify and blacklist people that meet the post count but negatively affect the affiliate program or its competitors, or Lucky Bit itself.

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
It doesn't matter, because even if a woodchuck could chuck wood, a woodchuck would not chuck wood.

Okay, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could and would chuck wood?
None, because even if a woodchuck would chuck wood and a woodchuck could chuck wood, a woodchuck really shouldn't chuck wood.

But if a woodchuck could chuck wood, and a woodchuck would chuck wood, and a woodchuck should chuck wood, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck?
Two cords.
31  Economy / Services / ▶▶ = SELL YOUR SIGNATURE = up to 0.1 BTC A MONTH = ENROLLMENT CLOSED on: May 29, 2014, 04:47:28 PM
Hello again folks! This thread is for the second round of the Lucky Bit Signature Campaign. If you're still waiting on payment from the first round, you want to read the old thread here. If you're here to enroll, visit the new campaign thread instead.

LuckyBit buys your signature!

We are paying for your signature space, advertise and earn some bitcoins!
If you are a Member, Full Member, Senior or Hero Member and want some coins then check this out!

Our offer:
Up to 0.1BTC per month for posting with our signature.
Currently the offer is limited to:
Maximum of 15 hero/senior members @ 0.1 each!!
Maximum of 40 full members/members @ 0.05 each!!

Member Status Or Above!
Not a scammer!
Must sign up on or before June 13.

How to join:
1. Put the code below in your profile signature, you are not allowed to have other signatures.
2. Post here with your bitcoin address and forum post count
3. Do not remove your signature or edit your initial post for 30 days
4. Write 50 posts (OR MORE!) THROUGHOUT the month (NOT only at the end..) to claim your bonus!

Important notes:
Don't cheat, if you modify or remove your signature you will be banned from the campaign.
Don't edit your post, be sure your address is correct when you sign up and your post count is correct!
Don't spam or flame, posts with only 1 word, single random image or things like +1, Smiley, LOL, won't count!
Leave positive feedback after receiving payment please Smiley.

Here is the sig code:
[url=][size=18pt][color=green]➫ [/color][color=orange]➬ [/color][color=red]➫ [/color][color=green]➫ [/color][color=orange]➬ [/color][color=red]➫ [/color][color=#445845] Tired of dice? Try [b][color=#008000]L[/color][color=#299200]u[/color][color=#5DA400]c[/color][color=#9CB600]k[/color][color=#C8AB00]y[/color][color=#DA7C00]B[/color][color=#EC4300]i[/color][color=#DF0000]t[/color]![/b][/color][/size][/url]
★ [url=][size=11pt][b][color=#445845]Let the coins rain![/color][/b][/size][/url] ★ [url=] [size=11pt][b][color=#445845]Get free coins on chat![/color][/b][/size][/url] ★ [url=][size=11pt][b][color=#445845]Official thread[/color][/b][/size][/url]

** I WILL ONLY CHOOSE MEMBERS WHICH I DEEM ARE NOT SHILL ACCOUNTS ** eg, has been active in the past few months and making consistent posts around the forum, most if not all people will be accepted Smiley. I reserve the right to revoke payments for accounts which I deem are useless and are in just for the bonus (spammers and those who dont make 50 posts throughout the month but at the end..)

Questions about the Lucky Bit game should be posted to the Official Thread here:

You will be evaluated and paid 30 days after you have signed up.
If you are a Full Member that becomes a Senior Member during the course of the campaign, you will be paid as a Full Member.
There is limited enrollment in this campaign, so check the top reply below and be sure there is an opening before posting.
32  Economy / Services / ▶▶ = SELL YOUR SIGNATURE = up to 0.1 BTC A MONTH = Enrollment closed on: May 13, 2014, 12:40:17 AM
Hello, everyone! stingleword the Lucky Bit moderator here, taking over the highly anticipated Signature Campaign!

Originally, howzar was selected for this job based on his experience; however, for reasons beyond the scope of this thread, he has been banned from Bitcoin Talk and will no longer be able to administer the program. Therefore, the Lucky Bit staff have selected me to pick up where he left off.

For reference, here is the original information which still applies:

LuckyBit buys your signature!

We are paying for your signature space, advertise and earn some bitcoins!
If you are a Member, Full Member, Senior or Hero Member and want some coins then check this out!

Our offer:
Up to 0.1BTC per month for posting with our signature.
Currently the offer is limited to:
Maximum of 15 hero/senior members @ 0.1 each!!
Maximum of 40 full members/members @ 0.05 each!!

Member Status Or Above!
Not a scammer!

How to join:
1. Put the code below in your profile signature, you are not allowed to have other signatures.
2. Post here with your bitcoin address and forum post count
3. Do not remove your signature or edit your initial post for 30 days
4. Write 50 posts (OR MORE!) THROUGHOUT the month (NOT only at the end..) to claim your bonus!


Important notes:
Don't cheat, if you modify or remove your signature you will be banned from the campaign and negative trust will be left.
Don't edit your post, if you want us to send BTC to a different address pm it to me before the end of the campaign period.
Don't spam or flame, posts with only 1 word, single random image or things like +1, Smiley, LOL, won't count!
Leave positive feedback after receiving payment please Smiley.

Here is the sig code:
[url=][size=18pt][color=green]➫ [/color][color=orange]➬ [/color][color=red]➫ [/color][color=green]➫ [/color][color=orange]➬ [/color][color=red]➫ [/color][color=#445845] Tired of dice? Try [b][color=#008000]L[/color][color=#299200]u[/color][color=#5DA400]c[/color][color=#9CB600]k[/color][color=#C8AB00]y[/color][color=#DA7C00]B[/color][color=#EC4300]i[/color][color=#DF0000]t[/color]![/b][/color][/size][/url]
★ [url=][size=11pt][b][color=#445845]Let the coins rain![/color][/b][/size][/url] ★ [url=] [size=11pt][b][color=#445845]Get free coins on chat![/color][/b][/size][/url] ★ [url=][size=11pt][b][color=#445845]Official thread[/color][/b][/size][/url]

THIS WILL GO ON FOR 1 MONTH ONLY CURRENTLY. This may change, but for now you are enrolling for 1 month.

** I WILL ONLY CHOOSE MEMBERS WHICH I DEEM ARE NOT SHILL ACCOUNTS ** eg, has been active in the past few months and making consistent posts around the forum, most if not all people will be accepted Smiley. I reserve the right to revoke payments for accounts which I deem are useless and are in just for the bonus (spammers and those who dont make 50 posts throughout the month but at the end..)

I am not the business owner, do not ask me questions regarding it. Official Thread here:

Now, a quick FAQ:

Can I still sign up?
See this thread to sign up for the second round.

Is the 0.05BTC bonus still on?

If I become a Senior member during the campaign, what happens?
If you become a Senior member before having participated in the campaign for 15 days, you will receive 0.075BTC. Otherwise, you will get 0.05BTC.

Can I become disqualified during the campaign?
Yes. If you are not active during the first half of your 30 days, spam unnecessarily, remove the signature or become banned, you will be disqualified.

How long do I need to keep the signature?
30 days from the day you were enrolled.

Can I stack this signature with other information?
No. Altering the signature or adding other things to your signature will get you disqualified.

Can I make alterations to the signature?
Apart from very minor format changes, no. This can get you disqualified.

I have another question, what's the best place to ask?
PM me, or post in this thread.
33  Economy / Games and rounds / The Lucky Bit regulars betting pools! Back for more! on: March 19, 2014, 06:00:29 AM
The Lucky Bit Regulars Betting Pools - Main information (updated regularly)


Please do not send to the pool, your funds will be lost.
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