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1  Other / Meta / What if there's a scam website in my signature? on: July 22, 2015, 07:49:01 PM
Hey, I have just two very important questions. What if someone offer to me 0.6 BTC / week for wearing his signature, but the website that his signature promotes is a scam? Can I get default -ve trust ratings like many people did for "Promoting ponzi", "Promoting scam" or whatever?
2  Economy / Economics / Bitcoin as a national currency? on: July 21, 2015, 10:43:22 PM
What do you think? Is it possible for Bitcoin to get accepted as a national currency for any real country? It would be definitely amazing, but I'm sad that governments are scared of Bitcoin, because they can't track it like the banks they own. I heard about "mini-country" ( country in a country ) called Liberland with a cryptocurrency as their main payment method. Please reply here what you think and if you would be happy or not if your national currency is BTC.
3  Other / Off-topic / How many posts did you report and with what accuracy? on: July 20, 2015, 05:48:34 PM
My stats:
( If you want to see yours just click on "Report to moderator" in the right corner of this post, but don't report it! )

4  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / How to export private key from Bitcoin Core? on: July 20, 2015, 05:36:04 PM
Just downloaded and synced Bitcoin core. How to export my private key?
5  Bitcoin / Bitcoin Technical Support / How to speed up: Bitcoin Core sync? on: July 19, 2015, 09:19:41 PM
I really need help from someone. It's taking so long!
6  Economy / Digital goods / Selling Followliker Instagram Edition (Unlimited Accs) on: July 11, 2015, 12:04:45 AM
Followliker is an Instagram Automation Software.

My license allows you to run unlimited amounts of instagram accounts (assuming you have the ram to do so)

I bought it for $97

Selling it to you for .28 ($80)

We can do direct or escrow (check my reps)
7  Other / Meta / It is Wednesday (Activity confusion followup) on: July 09, 2015, 12:50:27 AM
Looks like it's Wednesday.

Whoa! Wasn't my activity supposed to increase yesterday? Looks like I wasn't wrong!

Just wanted to post this here because I knew that my suspicions were right. They'd be even more accurate if it happens tomorrow. I was going to post this on the other thread I made, but it was already locked by an admin.

8  Economy / Digital goods / [WTS] Google Voice numbers (USA) $1.50 - Personal USA Phone Number on: July 03, 2015, 12:02:37 AM
Selling Google Voice numbers made in the US.

$1.50 in BTC ea.

$1.00 each if 10+

pm me.
9  Other / Meta / Activity confusion on: June 24, 2015, 08:35:45 PM
Why is it that it doesn't work in exact intervals?

Not that I don't like it, but the activity seems to increase sometimes on Tuesday or Thursday. Has it always been like that?

I'm now a Hero member because of it : )
10  Other / Politics & Society / Opinions on Nanodegrees? on: June 22, 2015, 10:34:45 PM

Nanodegrees are small 6-12 month courses that build up your portfolio and get you ready to work at a job full time.

At the moment, it's mostly computer science (if not all) classes, but the courses are created by accredited sources like an online tech institute, Google, and such. They're sponsored by different tech companies as well.

Would this be an alternative to a four year college? It's only 200 dollars a month and, compared to a college, that's 10-20x less than what you'd pay for top grade education.

The other claims are of getting a job with a minimum payment of 70k a year and up to the low-mid six figures.

11  Other / Meta / Separate trust lists on: June 21, 2015, 08:16:07 PM
I see one problem with trust and it's that other users may be able to use it to abuse other members and such. The purpose of this thread is to share my own opinions and such as well as other member's opinions as a possibility to be added. Nonetheless, it is up to Theymos if he wants to implement them.

I will add on other ideas to this thread.

I say to make a separate trust list.

One trust list for:

Marketplace buyers and sellers
Software creators

Basically any sub forum that involves trust.

What would happen is that the other trust from other sub forums would carry on to other sub forums, but just as neutral trust; Thereby allowing them to have untainted trust while also allowing them to be able to redeem themselves in other sub forums. One again, if they scam in another sub forum, easy as that to ban them indefinitely.

Any thoughts?
12  Economy / Services / [XBOX 360] Recoveries, Mod Menu Rentals, GTAV Cash Drops on: June 14, 2015, 01:55:49 AM
Hello members of Bitcointalk.

I am here to offer you a service today.

Call of Duty: Black ops 2

Master Prestige, Unlock All, legit/custom stats - $15 BTC (Zombies double shotgun rank and legit/custom stats extra $5)

I am willing to do other cods including Advanced Warfare. Advanced Warfare recoveries are $20 BTC and all the other CODS are $10 each. (Black ops 1 and MW3 include God Mode and Invisible classes for an extra $5 each)

[GTA V] (Need Extra tools for GTA V. Will get back on this one)

Other than that, I host mod menu rentals.

Each hour is $25 dollars paid via BTC. (You will be Co-Host)

At the moment, still need to grab some extra tools for other cods, but Black ops 2 should be fine with so much players still playing it.

Only REPUTABLE members can ask for a vouch copy. Otherwise, go leech somewhere else.

Price per $100 Bitcoin

13  Other / Meta / Post your PGP here on: May 25, 2015, 07:16:56 PM
Post your PGP address here to see if you're the legit owner of your account.

Remember that when dealing with anyone, make sure to check the date of the signature. Older signs probably are fakes.

I'll go first




This is Somekindabitcoin's address


Sorry if I totally did it wrong. Didn't add those other things that should be underneath, but it's right.
14  Economy / Services / Somekindabitcoin's services! (CoD Mod Menu Rentals, Social Networking, etc.) on: May 20, 2015, 08:49:48 AM
Currently setting up my shop.

Will be able to host Mod menu rentals for 15 dollars an hour BTC (you may also put that in escrow if needed).

Group mod menu rentals: 15 dollars first person, 5 dollars each friend after that. (You receive Co-Host menu and they receive VIP menus. Limited up to 4 players extra.) (Rentals limited to Black ops 2, Black ops 1, MW3, MW2)

Recoveries: AW, Ghosts, BO2, MW3, BO1, MW2.

15 dollars per game. 30 dollars for all games.

Custom stats, Unlock all, Max Prestige, weapons, camos, modded classes etc.

I also offer social media services and will be able to match any Reputable seller on Bitcointalk.

NOTE: I would need money upfront for social media services. Reselling a service.

You could either pm me, or post on this thread and I will get back to you.

15  Economy / Scam Accusations / TO EVERYONE WHO KEEPS ASKING ME on: May 16, 2015, 07:20:13 PM

16  Other / Meta / CPI offers for Bitcoin? on: May 01, 2015, 02:35:44 AM
Could I post a link to a CPI offer in which I will pay people in small amounts of Bitcoin?

I dropped one the other day in Service announcements, but it got removed. I just posted another today thinking that the other was just a system mistake or something.

Nothing happened so far, but I want to make sure I'm on the safe side. Could I post these types of offers/tasks?

If I'm posting em in the wrong section, where do I post them?
17  Economy / Invites & Accounts / Anyone want to buy non phone verified accounts? on: April 19, 2015, 04:48:31 AM
I can make thousands of them on proxies and send them to you.

PM me as it's different for everything.
18  Economy / Services / Real [Targeted] Facebook fan page likes or Organic Traffic to your site on: April 12, 2015, 05:45:43 AM
I can target fans for your Facebook page who are real, active, and will post on your pages. I can also send targeted traffic to your website.

As this can be different in every niche, we can work out a price. I need 50% up front payment as these are targeted ad campaigns that have a lower cost per click due to laser targeting.

You can post on this page, or you could PM me and we could work out an escrow if you want.

I take it only in Bitcoin.
19  Economy / Services / Creating Niche Targeted Facebook Email List on: April 10, 2015, 11:01:37 PM
Can be used to target specific users in a niche with whom you could create your ads for and sell them products.

Usually they would have a higher click through rate and conversion rate and guarantees you won't be wasting your time on ads.

I could also help you setup an email campaign in which you could send direct emails to them that will not end up in their spam folder.

The price for this is different for every niche. PM me.
20  Bitcoin / Project Development / [QP] Quantum on: April 03, 2015, 08:08:13 PM
What I have in development is a new Crypto-currency, but will not be used as a crypto currency per se.

Instead, it will be used as reward points, or Quantum Points. People receive QP's when they complete tasks similar to something like swag bucks or prizerebel, but instead of us paying out such low amounts, we give (at the start) 50% of all profits we receive and gradually decreasing down to 30%

There will be a website as well as mobile apps that you could use.

An added bonus is a surprise and will happen once a day to a random member.

It will be an ICO, so in exchange for the ICO, one could be a hyper affiliate, or get QuantumPoins in a premine.

A hyper affiliate receives 1% of all points received every day forever. There will only be 30 of these.

Quantum Points will be calculated based on possible gross and net profits that we project.

A regular affiliate program will also happen.

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