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1  Economy / Economics / On Crypto Game Business Models on: October 16, 2021, 05:03:54 PM
After a lot of experimentation and testing I have come to a lot of the same conclusions that others have regarding the crypto gaming industry. For the sake of keeping this as short as possible, there are a few points that I want to address as a developer and I’m hoping to get some feedback here because we all want a healthy market for this stuff.

1) Requiring a user to buy anything upfront or at all is the devil.

2) People would rather just play the damn game and if the crypto is cool or earnable, great.

3) Keep-it-simple, I’m a programmer and I get a headache reading some of this stuff. It also just comes off as a scam because it is confusing.

So we know that networked games cost. In my experience, you’ll be paying at least $120/mo in hosting if you roll out your own chain and it’s a (very) small mmo. This figure is based on my own experience developing these types of projects. And for some of you that is cheap but for say, an indie developer, looking to check out this space it’s not really because that fluctuates (typically upward over time).

Now then we need to talk about fundraising. You really can’t, unless you do an ICO (assuming you have your own coin/token) or similar which brings us back to the nuances of #1. Somebody has to pay for these games and mainstream gamers absolutely will not (and largely kind of hate crypto anything) but if you’re lucky they’ll check it out.

This leaves crypto enthusiasts to foot the bill but that actually works because once they buy into any crowdfunding-oriented pre-sale they now have a game currency ready to use and flex on all those gamers. And probably some profit by the time it comes out. Or they can just use it all in the game. I think that’s cool!

Except if you have your own token it’s considered centralized and now the crypto people kind of hate you too. But they might make some…money? It’s toxic and that’s a bad sentiment for the nascent crypto games business. 

In conclusion some developers (including myself) have watered down just how crypto the crypto game is. And nuked our own custom projects to support things like BTC in-game instead. Since it just “looked better” while incurring the same costs with less of the upside. In this case the dev would not have a supply of their own cryptocurrency to reward anyone or fund the game, and instead need to take fees from micro-transactions which nobody really likes in any context.

I’m typing this up because a lot of crypto game developers, including myself, are worried that we are already losing runway and success now seems to be based purely on hype and not solving real problems like these. These hype cycles only attract retail investors who don’t care about these problems. And trying to solve them means running into all these existing issues with no support.  Or so it seems. And so I’m here to get some thoughts on this and hear about what your favorite crypto game is and why.
2  Bitcoin / Project Development / Adult Industry Data Startup Seeking Blockchain/Finance Partners on: July 23, 2021, 12:49:16 AM
I run the least sexy adult startup, building cross-platform analytics and payment processing tools for adult industry professionals. I am here seeking a blockchain/finance partner to assist in establishing the project in the blockchain community as the company does have its own token, LOOD.

An ideal partner would have run one or more cryptocurrency projects or have been associated with one in a community management capacity.  Experience in general finance is not required but a plus as you would be helping me create monthly/quarterly reports for the project.

The entire idea is B2B oriented with the long-term goal of aggregating enough industry data (without selling it) in order to publish regular analysis on interesting data points. Like the Hub and Bate already do. The revenue model is based on currency swaps occurring on the platform i.e turning Bitcoin into some other adult cryptocurrency (or our own).

To be clear we have raised no funds and so this is not a paid position as of yet. However it does come with an allocation of our cryptocurrency.

If interested, the preferred contact method would be Telegram. Feel free to hit me up @KhanJohnson
3  Bitcoin / Project Development / Long-Term Web Developer Partner Needed (18+) on: May 25, 2021, 11:44:34 PM
I recently announced a cryptocurrency.  It has traction within its niche as well as a solid infrastructure I've built over the years.  In addition, I've worked with all my "competitors" in the past to some degree as well and intend to do so again.  As mentioned in the link I plan to roll out a sort of alpha as early as June but I've run into an issue with some CSS and HTML on the post-registration welcome page.

Despite being in the industry for a while - to very modest success at best in terms of finances - which I mention because what I'm looking for is a partner.  Not someone who wants to make $20 to edit an existing and broadly functional CSS file.

I am a solo developer and have been on every project I have ever worked on with the exception of the occasional contractor.  Previous business partners were non-technical and admittedly not very skilled at things you need to run a business. But they were trustworthy. And, to me,  you can't put a price on that.  I'd like to work with a web developer (jr or sr) who is looking for something real to sink their teeth into for the long haul.

All that said I am offering 1 of 69M (of the total supply) and a small stipend for someone to come on board and flesh this thing out with me for a month and then we'll see where it goes.  Feel free to contact me via Telegram @KhanJohnson for immediate consideration.  The ideal person uses Telegram and Discord as a primary means of communication as I like to move quickly and these have done well for that in the past.  Thanks in advance!

4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] LOOD - An Adult Cryptocurrency By Industry Pros on: May 04, 2021, 09:08:44 PM

I would like to announce the development of LOOD.  A cryptocurrency by the adult industry, for the adult industry.  This project encompasses multiple ideas related to fintech and analytics. We are developing a payment processing and resource platform for adult industry professionals to plan and view the combined analytics of their content. As well as send, receive and swap Bitcoin for Lood and other adult cryptocurrencies regardless of chain and protocol.

Also, in partnership with the blockchain game development studio RogueMicro, our project is intended to integrate into the upcoming Triple X Tycoon: Online for use in a new interactive platform intended to recreate the adult industry in a 2D fictional world.  In which performers will be generated and assigned unique IDs with special attributes that can be traded.  Like cryptokitties for adults!

The overarching idea is to turn the performersí contracts into our version of ďsmart contractsĒ that increase and decrease in value over time and as a result of in-game events.  Each individual contract also contributes overall to the default values of all newly generated performers.  As newcomers are just as likely to follow the trends as they are to lean into a certain niche in hopes of cornering the market.

Links & Resources

Smart Contracts for Performers in Triple X Tycoon

LOOD One-Pager

LOOD on Telegram

LOOD on Etherscan

LOOD on Uniswap

Website: Lood.Cash

Monthly Reports

July 2021

August 2021


Not Another Adult Cryptocurrency.. [Medium]

Outhouz Introduces new Cryptocurrency Lood [AVN]


For business inquiries only: support[at]
5  Economy / Services / Game Seeking Twitter Posts on: March 13, 2021, 06:40:19 PM

Well I have a Medium post that I'd like to get more hits on via Twitter shares.  Not looking for artificial hikes just real folks willing to post it to for their crypto-minded following to decide if they'd be interested or not.  Feel free to shoot me a message on Telegram (@KhanJohnson) if you think you can help.  Willing to pay of course, Cashapp preferred with crypto being an option of course!
6  Bitcoin / Project Development / Non-Technical Co-Founders Needed for New Blockchain Game Studio on: February 19, 2021, 09:09:27 PM
Hey everyone,

I am looking for non-technical co-founders who are well versed in project management to join a new blockchain game studio.  I myself am a developer who's founded and exited a successful blockchain company in the past. This new studio already has a product as well as some search authority on Google for the project in development (down to the genre).  Now I am looking for some people to help join and plug away at business administration while assisting in the rollout of new projects.

The ideal technical applicant will be familiar with launching new cryptocurrencies and building communities.

We're talking about a hyper-minimalist mmorpg (see: classic roguelikes) alongside a new cryptocurrency that functions within and without the game.  Our long-term plans include multiple pieces of software that will help expand wallet capabilities across multiple devices. Compensation at this phase will be made in the form of ROGUE with vesting terms due to fiat cash being limited. But our goal right now is to focus on packaging the overall idea and presenting it in preparation for our launch on Steam next month. Feel free to get in touch if interested!

You can find me on Telegram @KhanJohnson. Please do not send me a PM as I may not see them.
7  Economy / Lending / Seeking Small Loan of $15 No Collateral [resolved] on: October 29, 2020, 08:03:09 PM
Hi, Iím hoping to build my rep here a bit more.  Late yesterday I had my power knocked out by hurricane Zeta which means I canít do any freelance and Iím really just hoping to pick up some dinner for later today.  Iím looking for about $15 in Bitcoin. Willing to barter, maybe do some dev work for someone who could lend a hand.  Can build bots, scrapers, websites etc if need be.  Feel free to contact me via Telegram @KhanJohnson.

My address is: 133xMzoAS6XXCas5Xq9FRbGXRn19EMmJ26

I understand that this sort of thing is typically a tall order but again Iím more than willing to do some work (as soon as the power comes on) in exchange for the help. Thanks!

Edit: can pay this back in about 3 days (11/1).
8  Bitcoin / Project Development / A Blockchain Based Multi-User Roguelike Game on: October 18, 2020, 06:51:56 PM
The stasis chamber hisses softly around you. Artificial fluids built up inside your ears begin to retreat as the cryoplasm drains slowly. Breathing comes naturally, at first. And then the tickle of a hundred nanites filtering your oxygen forces a cough or two of surprise. Beneath new skin, a fresh infusion of blood pulses with the cadence of tribal drums. Your thoughts cascade and it all makes sense again. You open your eyes to the dull interior of a starship.

You are a voyager. A human, mentally and physically augmented for a new life in deep space. Your mission is to carve out a place for humanity among the stars. A largely hostile environment. Build outposts with resources found at the farthest reaches of the frontier itself. Survive, create new economies from scratch, earn cryptocurrency and recruit others to join you.

Borrowing its likeness from the classic depiction of a player-character dating back to the original Rogue. RogueSpace (stylized @Space) is a game engine and social network. Built for speed and security by geeks for geeks who have a love for the command-line. Rendered in a sharp colorful ASCII style for the purist in all of us. Join the conversation!

- Post, comment or subscribe to things you find most interesting.
- Create a page. Invite others, share privately or with the world.
- Earn cryptocurrency, create or join a Frontier Company, employ others and build an empire!
- Toggle in and out of gameplay sessions with ease.
- Email registration optional.

For more information about this project and its native (and new) cryptocurrency ROGUE check out my post on Medium.

V5.2 is currently open to Linux testers.  Check the link above for more links and broader project description.

9  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / [ANN] ROGUE :: A Cryptocurrency For Minimalists on: October 16, 2020, 12:47:41 AM
ROGUE was built on the idea that simplicity is the key to adoption and that people prefer software that just works.  This project aims to simplify the blockchain.

RogueMicro is a blockchain game studio developing flexible server technologies that connect multiplayer games to cryptocurrencies.

Here's the plan. ROGUE is derived from Litecoin and will be stripped down to just its core mechanics. This includes removing QT and other non-critical components. Which reduces installation time and technical overhead on desktop. Some parts will be rewritten in C for efficiency and a new lightweight text-user interface (TUI) cloud wallet and message board, the Rogue BBS, will operate separately from the default CLI daemon.

Now you might also be wondering why an '@' symbol represents the logo and why the word "Rogue" is so prominent here. We borrowed the idea from the classic depiction of a player-character dating back to the original Rogue video game. Which has since spawned an entire sub-genre of titles under the label "roguelikes". One of which we've made and ROGUE already plugs right into it!

Play. Earn. Play!

Players will be able to earn ROGUE by simply playing one of various games on the Rogue BBS platform. The platform takes no fees from ROGUE deposits or withdrawals nor does it deduct from transactions taking place in the #Marketplace board. Each new account generated is assigned a unique wallet address. Since it will not be required for new users to register with an email, withdrawals and swaps may be limited to those with 2FA enabled. The reasoning being to eliminate instances of users locking themselves out of accounts with funds in them. Since all wallet functions (transactions and balances) take place in the cloud.

Click Here for more information about or project.

10  Economy / Services / [Service] Discount Bot Development 🤖 on: July 13, 2020, 02:47:36 PM

Iím an American software engineer who has been very much out of work since COVID and Iíll be doing bot work for the rest of this month at a capped price of $50.  Anything larger than that I wonít have time to do and canít accept but this shouldnít be an issue.  I have a track record for being a fintech specialist (news clippings, interviews etc) and wonít exactly shy away from some of the more interesting jobs you might have for me.

My preferred languages are a combination of C and R.  All interfaces will be CLI (command-line interface) oriented.  Another thing Iím pretty decent at, having written some very huge applications in a similar manner.  Bitcoin payments preferred, all work will be completed within 1 week.  I typically ask for a $15 retainer since bots take time and people tend to disappear. Feel free to find me on Telegram @KhanJohnson if interested.
11  Economy / Lending / Small Loan Needed w/Collateral on: March 08, 2020, 08:44:29 PM
Hi, Iím a developer whoís just waiting to get paid for some work at the moment.  Although Iíve still got to eat! I have 12 ZNN (Zenon) worth about $18 and change right now.  Iím seeking a loan of $15 in BTC.  Feel free to contact me on telegram if you can fill this @khanjohnson. Thanks!
12  Economy / Economics / Blockchain Game Economics on: February 12, 2020, 09:06:24 PM
In my career I have found that studying virtual economies is a fun way to understand the ones we deal with everyday, in the real world.  Well over the past few weeks I have found myself faced with a project requiring a game economy to interface with a cryptocurrency in a way that makes sense.  There are some good ideas floating around this board so I am hoping to have some of you weigh in here.

Quick note, the game functions on top of a sort of social layer platform which is what people use to trade, chat, post on a forum etc.  Think Steam or Origin but with a focus on social features.

So the method I have decided to use requires the introduction of a pegged native game currency called Tetra (T).  The reasoning here being that it would require a lot more capital upfront to simply use the cryptocurrency itself as the primary mode of exchange.  As there would need to be a reserve available (that was purchased) to reward players with in the first place.

By creating a new game-issued currency I can "mint" the initial supply and use them to reward players.  But then how do they earn the actual crytocurrency? By swapping it for Tetra at a fixed rate. 

Say 1000T(etra) had a value of one real USD and our cryptocurrency was worth $2 USD today and fluctuates based on real markets.  Well the player could always sell 1000 Tetras on an in-game exchange for 1USD worth of those cryptocoins (using the broader platform) then do whatever they want with them, including re-invest it back into the game for more Tetra.  But if Tetra is pegged, how will people earn more?  By trading based on the price of in-game goods which are dynamic and may cost more or less than the cost of Tetra.  All of these goods are effected by natural scarcity and other factors that are subject to what's happening in the game world.

Which is to say that eventually, even the people who are only in it to make money will at some point have to play the game.  Or "pay" people to do it for them if they want the markets to move.  They might be able to get to certain resources and own them for much less than they would if they just sat watching the markets. Bringing me to my next point, trade companies. 

These organizations will function like corporations in Eve Online but with better organizational mechanics like being able to buy/sell digital equity in these groups that function themselves like DAO's within the system.  Rewarding "shareholders" and paying out in either cryptocurrency or Tetra on a case-by-case basis based on parameters voted on by the owners.

I forgot to mention that this whole time the developer (me) still needs to keep a crypto reserve on hand in case a player wants to make a trade into crypto. But that's OK because the starting economy will be so small (by design) with the crypto withdrawal limits being on the higher side.  For these i won't ever take fees.  But withdrawals to external wallets and ads may be considered for monetization.

There's more to it but that's the gist of it.  To recap, the game has a pegged native currency that can be used to buy and sell in-game goods only.  This native currency can also be sold for a cryptocurrency to be used on the games platform (think Steam or Origin) to buy perks there, withdraw to an external wallet or reinvested into Tetra.  And if you like game economics and organizing teams let me know via @KhanJohnson I could use your help!
13  Bitcoin / Project Development / Letís Start a Blockchain Game Company on: February 12, 2020, 02:40:36 PM
[Removed by author]
14  Economy / Securities / A Blockchain Based Multi-User Roguelike Game on: February 10, 2020, 04:21:35 AM
In the future, Earth has been relegated to an overpopulated and corrupt refinery in an otherwise barren region of space by the galactic community. Primarily facilitating the transition of imported Tetrazite, an exotic deep space metal, into Zenon (ZNN) ó the interstellar standard. A currency used by every civilization in the known universe.

Weak governments and social upheaval has ushered in an age of dystopianism. A world in which monopolistic corporations make the rules. Having normalized space travel with advancements in genetic engineering and propulsion, humanity set out to champion the frontier in hopes of discovering a new purpose.

Click here to read an overview about this project on Medium.  I am currently looking for partners to help seed this project and double as consultants in regard to further expanding this project on to blockchain and potentially turning our platform-based pegged token into a standalone currency.  Feel free to get in touch via telegram @KhanJohnson if interested.
15  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / Removed. on: December 22, 2019, 12:29:34 PM
16  Bitcoin / Project Development / [Removed] on: November 29, 2019, 07:26:38 AM
17  Bitcoin / Project Development / ICO Consultants Needed for Bitcoin Marketplace on: October 08, 2019, 02:16:25 AM
18  Bitcoin / Project Development / Developing a New Bitcoin Marketplace on: September 21, 2019, 07:01:08 PM
Hey Bitcointalk,

Edit: I found myself better explaining the progress made while in a conversation with someone over Telegram. Here’s the gist of it:

The software operates in a darknet and only interfaces with both Tor and i2p individually via scrapers for search results.  You basically make an autonomous command line crawler that can run tor and i2p, then compile the results into a common index.  I thought it would be cool if it had a search engine that wasn’t traditional given the quirky UI.  I then discovered that the backend had plenty of capacity to autonomously operate user wallets too. At least so long as the chain was based on Bitcoin core. This is due to the fact that the bulk of the code is written in C but because of this, performance is top-notch.

So I’d been shopping for the right altcoin to give this thing an actual purpose outside of its Reddit-esque message board features and decided that Litecoin or Bitcoin would work just fine.  Allowing additional parameters for price setting and things of that nature to work as an add-on to standard posts and I could create a marketplace with the platform serving as escrow.
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