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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Announcements (Altcoins) / create artificial intelligence and make money from water on: October 16, 2019, 09:12:16 PM

uses for measuring

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Hydrogen as 0 point for electrodes potencial measuring

Hydrogen has zero difference in potential to take and to give electrons to all other materials. Hydrogen pressure of 1 atmosphere and a temperature
of 298K and concentration of H + ions in a liter of pure water of 6*100 000 000 000 000 000 000 000 pieces. When assembling a closed circuit of
hydrogen electrode and determined electrode, the following reaction reversibly occurs on hydrogen electrodes surface:

2H+ + 2e− = H2

so, there is either a reduction of hydrogen, or its oxidation it depends on a determined electrode whether it gives electrons or only takes them.
Measuring the direction and density of electrons flow moving along the circuit, we measure direction and potencial of determined.

A hydrogen electrode is a plate or wire made of metal that absorbs hydrogen gas (usually platinum or palladium). It is saturated with hydrogen
(at atmospheric pressure) and immersed in an aqueous solution containing hydrogen ions. The potential of plate depends on H+ ions concentration
in a solution. The electrode is the standard regarding which chemical reaction*s electrode potential is measured.

Hydrogen as chronometry

The transition time of a hydrogen atom from the energy-saturated state to the energy-depleted state with the accurate identification of emptying
optical signal is taken as oscillatory process*s basis. An oscillation frequency*s error of less than 0, 000 000 000 000 5. With the technological
base development it is gradually decreasing. An accuracy of each subsequent second of 1C 0, 000 000 000 001 5

In 2020, it will be 60 years since the first maser on hydrogen atoms creation in N. Ramsey*s laboratory at Harvard (USA). It originated in course
of work to obtain maximum accuracy in experiments with atomic beams and it is still a device with a high short-term and long-term stability of
output frequency. Hydrogen masers and frequency standards based on them are used to solve a range of scientific and high-tech problems.
They are actively used in radio interferometry with ultra-long base and for time storage. The US Naval Observatory (the United States Naval
Observatory, USNO) uses more than 20 hydrogen masers in its atomic clock ensemble. Today, hydrogen masers have found application in global
positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS and Gallileo). Flights to Mars and near space also need them. A little less than a thousand hydrogen masers
of different modifications have already been produced in the world. Half of them are produced in Russia in Federal State Unitary Enterprise the
Institute of Electronic Measurements (IEM) KVARZ.

Hydrogen as money

Described in the scientific paper "The theory of the hydrogen money standard" ISBN: 977-5-4472-6301-0

Nowadays our civilization is on the fourth industrial revolution threshold, which will be characterized by a combination of technologies that erase
boundaries between physical, digital and biological spheres. With the change in economy*s format, financial system*s format will certainly
change too. The digital economy will not be able to work on paper or electronic money. It will need a new type of digital money, the introduction
of which this project justifies.

ust as space exploration and electronic telecommunications development, radio navigation, radio astronomy forced to develop and implement
the "The theory of the hydrogen standard of frequency and time", mankind*s transition to hydrogen energy and digital economy construction
will force the world community to move to energy standards of monetary circulation, based on the "Theory of the hydrogen money standard."

TThe theory of the hydrogen money standard is a scientific and theoretical basis for digital ecosystem creation based on artificial intelligence
and energy standards. The hydrogen money standard is a metric system for measuring digital money using the physical parameters of hydrogen.
Hydrogen money is the main storage of digital currencies value, having a two-level real supply of digital assets and hydrogen energy.

This platform offers to implement an innovative model of monetary circulation, which will stimulate modernization and renewal of financial,
economic and technological spheres. It is based on the fact that money circulation is a "circulatory" system of the economy, so money, in
addition to its nominal designation, must have the provision of marketable, easily divisible and easy-to-handle assets, due to which their
internal value and resistance to changes in external economic factors are created. It is this model of money circulation that can protect the
world economy from future global financial, economic and social crises, as well as bring humanity to a new, higher and better stage of civilization.

This theory implies a necessity of introducing a new universal energy unit for unlimited financial calculations. The main difference between
proposed currency from existing, or ever existed-strict compliance with the physical quantity in a form of a certain amount of energy.
The unit of currency on Hydrogen money standard basis will combine two properties: energy as a physical property and a security tool,
and money in a form of a data carrier. Due to this, it will become a universal tool of trade turnover. Such a currency unit has the ability to be
compared with a benchmark at any calculation point, which will contribute to stability and sustainability of economic and financial systems,
as well as provide reliable protection against abuse, speculation and fraud. The cost of any product will acquire a reference price in a form of
its own energy content and energy consumption for its production.

Organization and stability of any social system is achieved only by understanding human nature and the rules of social system. People should
clearly realize that the most important thing for achieving material well-being is the energy principle. Its efficiency is indicated by the following
data on values of specific energy consumption per person in archaic, primitive societies and modern societies. It is energy that is of paramount
importance for culture evolution, since there are three determining factors in any cultural system:

The energy amount per person each year.
Efficiency of technological means and methods of energy extraction.
The volume and quality of manufactured items and services to meet human needs.
It is scientifically established that this kind of value usually reflects the living standard in a particular social system. For example, in the US
the specific power consumption of non-renewable fossil energy resources per person each year exceeds 10 kW/person. In industrialized
countries, this value varies from 3 to 7 kW / person.

The average power consumption per person (heating, lighting, industrial production, transport, agriculture, etc.) is just over 2 kW.
However, 75% of the world*s population consumes only 0.5 kW of power, and 8% of people consume only 100 watts per person.
This corresponds to consumption of primitive man, which inevitably leads to hunger and deprivation.

From all the above we can conclude that if society wants to have a prosperous life, it must first maintain a certain level of energy production
and consumption. Moreover, energy sources should be renewable and not cause harm to the world. And hydrogen, in this regard,
there are no competitors. It won*t!

All great civilizations known to mankind relied on a basic energy resource in their development to some extent, and at the same time entirely
depended on it. This is the main feature of the ordered structures - they degrade and disintegrate very quickly without stable energy flow
from the outside. The future Earth civilization must provide themselves with the necessary and sufficient amounts of energy and create a
universal system of its transmission and distribution in order to be able to develop and grow steadily.

Evolution of hydrogen*s added value:

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1 gram of WATER = 0 $

9 grams of WATER + TECHNOLOGY = 0,01$ for 1 gram of HYDROGEN

1 gram of HYDROGEN + TECHNOLOGY = 30 thousand $ for per 1 gram of hydrogen isotope TRITIUM

1 gram of TRITIUM + TECHNOLOGY = 60 billion $ for 1 gram of ANTIHYDROGEN *

The goal
1 HRS = 60 USD**

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Primitive man needed 100 Watts of energy to maintain life every day, and modern man needs a total amount of energy at a current cost of 60$:
for housing, food, transport, communication, entertainment. The rate of 1 HRS = 60 USD reflects a value of the basic energy resource necessar
 to maintain a prosperous standard of living in the modern social system during the day.

How you can earn:

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buy-sell HRS

digitization of material and non-material objects

creation and training of artificial intelligence

investment in the development of hydrogen energy

production of hydrogen assets

How it works?


Authorization- Enter your e-mail

  • Enter your password
  • Log in to the HRS management system
  • Bind your Ethereum wallet

Creation and training of artificial intelligence

Invest opportunities:

  • o take and to buy HRS tokens
  • To give and to sell HRS tokens
  • To pass KYC verification and get 1 HRS for free


Creating- Create a name

  • Bind digital information
  • Define goals
  • Choose behavior
  • Equip with methods

Objective capitalization of digital identity

Get 2 HRS for free

And earning opportunities:
  • Creating and teaching artificial intelligence
  • Buying and selling of digitized values



Enter into the system:
  • Photo
  • Fingerprint
  • Retinal prin
  • ID

Full capitalization of digital identity

Get 5 HRS for free

And opportunities for:
  • Purchases on credit of goods and services
  • Making bank payments
  • Participation in financial services
  • Receiving 5 HRS for work of the first level of competence


Full digital identity

Digitize and add all your assets and ownerships
  • State of health
  • Personal movable property
  • Personal real estate
  • Personal ownerships


Get 10 HRS for free

And opportunities for:
  • Purchase and sale of digitized property
  • Health insurance and digitized property
  • Full access to financial services and banking services
  • Receiving 10 HRS for work of the second level of competence




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