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1  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Blocknet Speculation Thread on: January 06, 2020, 06:39:44 PM
What is everyones thoughts on Blocknet?

With this full blown bear market, it's hard to know exactly what to look for, especially if you go down past the top 50 on Coinmarketcap.

Over the last quarter of 2019, moving into 2020 we've seen TONS of exchange hacks, exit scams, and straight up fraud, due to centralization. It's really no wonder why people seem to be so interested in decentralized trading, Dapps, and other solutions with 0 middlemen in between.

Blocknet is interesting, because they are first movers on the DEX front. (Actually running a 4th gen DEX), they constantly work on it, and I think it's safe to assume that most people KNOW about this project already.

What a LOT of people don't realize (myself included, until recently) is that they are working on a decentralized oracle service, called "Xrouter", which will basically be run by service nodes. You'll be able to connect blockchain, and real world data straight through the network, and to my surprise you can already test this on their official discord server.

This project screams decentralization, everything is voted for (including development plans), fair launch, and best of all? It's not an ERC20 token, which is a huge advantage, since it means they don't rely on any other chain (Like Chainlink does with ETH).

You'll be able to profit from: Staking, Service node rewards, Trading fees, Oracle fees and the list goes on and on.

With all the recent talk about decentralization, this project is definitely one to keep an eye on. No question about it! Wink
2  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / 2020 - The Year Of Decentralization. Thoughts? on: January 02, 2020, 07:45:37 PM
What do you guys think? At the end of 2019, we've seen TONS of exchange hacks, and TONS of discussions on true decentralization, and it's advantages moving forward.

We've seen exchanges adding "staking support", making everyone not knowing the dangers of centralized exchanges victims of future exchange hacks.

Moving forward, I believe projects working to eliminate the  "middleman", making truly decentralized solutions and user friendly platforms to be  the best performers.

Blocknet is a good and promising project I've discovered lately, their DEX looks real promising:, but their Xrouter which will solve the oracle problem is interesting as well.

There are tons of projects out there, this is just an example of a project that's worth following, imho  Cheesy
3  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Earning DEX Fees VS Earning CEX Fees. Thoughts? on: December 02, 2019, 07:33:33 PM
For those of you who still remembers the bull run of 2017, I'm sure you remember the hype around 2 projects:


Everyone was SO hyped on the exchange fees that where shared among the holders of these projects, and sure enough the price of these project sky rocketed.
Now, looking forward, with the recent news of exchanges closing down, or worse, hacked. We just had Upbit hacked, and CryptoBridge closing it's doors this month. A TON of exchanges enforces restrictions and KYC making everything a pain in the ass to use.

What's the next big thing? What's the most logical move? => Decentralized Exchange Fees

DEX's is the next big thing in crypto, everyone is talking about it, and it honestly wouldn't surprise me if DEX's becomes multi million dollar trading spots at some point, which will make those running it VERY wealthy

A DEX isn't owned by anyone, so you can't profit on it alone, but if you help with running one, such as owning and maintaining a service node on a project like Blocknet, you'll essentially help move funds back and fourth between users, and take the fees involved.

You'll need to host your own VPS server to do this, but anyone can do it with some practise. Reason why I'm mentioning Blocknet, is because you'll benefit from their trustless oracle solution as well, which will yield you even more income, but overall, you can pick any DEX that allow it's users to participate in running it.

What do you guys think? I'm a huge fan of the idea that you'll essentially run your own "business" doing this. THAT's what I believe will be the next big thing in crypto.
4  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Speculation (Altcoins) / Chainlink VS Blocknet - Comparing The Two on: November 25, 2019, 09:58:40 PM
After reading this thread:

I decided to do my own research, and compare these 2 projects which have similar goals.

Chainlink wants to connect real world applications, data, etc through Oracles, same as Blocknet's Xrouter, just costing a fraction of Chainlinks solution.
Blocknet also developed the first DEX, which you can read more about here:

I know Chainlink is hyped up more, have gotten more partnerships, and recognition, however when you look at what both teams have developed since they started, Chainlink seems to be way behind, yet is valued 200x higher in terms of marketcap, which is kinda crazy.

Besides that, Blocknet also has xBridge, and xCloud, which I wont go in details with here, since my post would be awfully long and most of you probably wouldn't read it anyway Smiley

I'm clearly biased, since I'm an investor in Blocknet as of lately, but I'm really baffled at what drives this market. I thought the hype of 2017 was long gone, but clearly it isn't, which this is a prime example off.
5  Alternate cryptocurrencies / Altcoin Discussion / Blocknet - What do you guys think? (DEX Talk) on: October 16, 2019, 06:47:50 PM
Been lurking around here for ages, never signed up - So yeah, hey everybody, haha. Smiley

Been following Blocknet for a while, since it dipped shortly below $1 it caught my interest since I remember back in 2017, I kicked myself for not investing before the huge run up, (got some decent gains on other projects though, DASH to name one).

Blocknet seems to have climbed down the rankings, but by my recent research, they are still in active devlopment, and after reading their latest dev announcement I was really impressed by how much these guys are working on at the same time.
Don't want to shill the project here too much, as those of you who don't know the project, probably wont care anyway.. But for those of you who actually do, what are your thoughts on this project?

DEX projects popping up everywhere, seems like a "NEW THING", but Block has been around since 2014, probably got one of the most advanced setups, yet nobody talks about them for some reason.

I'd like to know what you guys think, personally believe next year will be a crazy good year due to the BTC halvning, also believe that regulations will be even tighter, making DEX's even more popular.
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